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1 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―15 Antibody responses in blood and saliva post COVID-19 bivalent booster do not reveal an Omicron BA.4/BA.5- specific response Ryan Baker, Rebecca Lawlor, Maeve Smith, Jessica Price, Ashley Eaton, Andrew Lover, et al. (+4)
2 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―15 Immune responses during COVID-19 breakthrough cases in vaccinated children and adolescents Daniela Rivera-Pérez, Constanza Méndez, Benjamín Diethelm-Varela, Felipe Melo-González, Yaneisi Vázquez, Xing Meng, et al. (+19)
3 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―15 The relationship between young college students’ recognition of national COVID-19 crisis governance capabilities and the improvement of national identity: the mediating role of online participation in public health critical events Jun Xie, Na Zhu, Jia Tan, Hong Gao
4 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―May―15 Examining the interplay of teacher well-being, executive function, and adaptability in virtual instruction during COVID-19 disruptions Aileen S. Garcia, Shinyoung Jeon, Kyong-Ah Kwon, Diane M. Horm
5 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―15 Mental well-being and sleep quality among vocational college students in Sichuan, China during standardized COVID-19 management measures Ru Gao, Hailian Wang, Shan Liu, Xia Wang, Xiaomei Xiong, Si-Yuan Song, Yi Wang
6 [GO] Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence 2024―May―15 Statistical learning models to measure the impact of COVID-19 on financial fragility Arianna Agosto, Paolo Giudici, Alessandra Tanda
7 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―May―15 Antimicrobial resistance in intensive care patients hospitalized with SEPSIS: a comparison between the COVID-19 pandemic and pre-pandemic era Katia Falasca, Luigi Vetrugno, Paola Borrelli, Marta Di Nicola, Claudio Ucciferri, Alessandra Gambi, et al. (+4)
8 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―May―15 Preliminary evidence of localizing CD8+ T-cell responses in COVID-19 patients with PET imaging Hans J. P. M. Koenen, Ilse J. E. Kouijzer, Michel de Groot, Steffie Peters, Daphne Lobeek, Evelien A. J. van Genugten, et al. (+7)
9 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―15 Sequencing analysis of SARS-CoV-2 cases in Slovenian long-term care facilities to support outbreak control Rok Kogoj, Manja Grašek, Alen Suljič, Samo Zakotnik, Doroteja Vlaj, Kaja Kotnik Koman, et al. (+4)
10 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―15 Pre-existing cell populations with cytotoxic activity against SARS-CoV-2 in people with HIV and normal CD4/CD8 ratio previously unexposed to the virus Guiomar Casado-Fernández, Juan Cantón, Laura Nasarre, Fernando Ramos-Martín, Mario Manzanares, Clara Sánchez-Menéndez, et al. (+8)
11 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2024―May―15 Clinical manifestations and long-term symptoms associated with SARS-CoV-2 omicron infection in children aged 0-17 years in Beijing: a single-center study Jing Li, Jingjing Li, Ling Cao, Lin Wang, Xiaobo Chen, Wenquan Niu, et al. (+8)
12 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―15 Mathematical modeling of SARS-CoV-2 variant substitutions in European countries: transmission dynamics and epidemiological insights Víctor López de Rioja, Aida Perramon-Malavez, Sergio Alonso, Cristina Andrés, Andrés Antón, Antoni E. Bordoy, et al. (+9)
13 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―May―15 Corrigendum: Case Series: Maraviroc and pravastatin as a therapeutic option to treat long COVID/Post-acute sequalae of COVID (PASC) Bruce K. Patterson, Ram Yogendra, Jose Guevara-Coto, Rodrigo A. Mora-Rodriguez, Eric Osgood, John Bream, et al. (+6)
14 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―14 Two new and effective food-extracted immunomodulatory agents exhibit anti-inflammatory response activity in the hACE2 acute lung injury murine model of COVID-19 Shasha Liu, Baiqiao Wang, Tianran Chen, Hui Wang, Jinbo Liu, Xuan Zhao, Yi Zhang
15 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―May―14 Evaluating qigong as integrative support for COVID-19 and Long-COVID-19 rehabilitation: a systematic review Michele Antonelli, Davide Donelli
16 [GO] Frontiers in Health Services 2024―May―14 Adult psychiatric inpatient admissions and length of stay before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in a large urban hospital setting in Vancouver, British Columbia Angela Russolillo, Michelle Carter, Mejiao Guan, Pulkit Singh, David Kealy, Julia Raudzus
17 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2024―May―14 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on hospital admission rates for arterial hypertension and coronary heart disease: a German database study Benjamin Sasko, Marios Matiakis, Felix S. Seibert, Nikolaos Pagonas, Hans-Jörg Hippe, Nina Babel, et al. (+2)
18 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―14 Public attitudes toward COVID-19 prevention and control in China Wei Zhu
19 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―14 Non-cross-reactive epitopes dominate the humoral immune response to COVID-19 vaccination - kinetics of plasma antibodies, plasmablasts and memory B cells Kilian A. Wietschel, Kevin Fechtner, Elmer Antileo, Goran Abdurrahman, Chiara A. Drechsler, Michelle Kudzayi Makuvise, et al. (+11)
20 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―14 Sharing lessons learned from COVID-19 vaccine introductions: a global community forum for countries Jenny Anne Walldorf, Cindy Chiu De Vazquez, Ana Carolina Barbosa De Lima, Bruce Struminger, Amy Groom, Lauren Burke, et al. (+3)
21 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―14 Effectiveness of different booster vaccine combinations against SARS-CoV-2 during a six-month follow-up in Mexico and Argentina Arnulfo Garza-Silva, Diego Rivera-Salinas, Andrea Rivera-Cavazos, Iván Francisco Fernández-Chau, Andrea Belinda Cepeda-Medina, Devany Paola Morales-Rodríguez, et al. (+9)
22 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―May―13 Angiopoietin2 is associated with coagulation activation and tissue factor expression in extracellular vesicles in COVID-19 Mayck Silva Barbosa, Franciele de Lima, Carla Roberta Peachazepi Moraes, Ivanio Teixeira Borba-Junior, Stephany Cares Huber, Irene Santos, et al. (+9)
23 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainable Tourism 2024―May―13 Remembering for resilience: nature-based tourism, COVID-19, and green transitions Matthew Tegelberg, Tom Griffin
24 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―May―13 Wilson Disease and the COVID-19 pandemic: exploring patients’ mental health and vaccination attitudes in a longitudinal study Ayse K. Coskun, Adem Aydin, Sumeyra Tosun, Uyen To, Susan Rubman, Michael L. Schilsky, Paula C. Zimbrean
25 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―13 Effectiveness of COVID-19 XBB.1.5 monovalent mRNA vaccine in Korea: interim analysis Eliel Nham, Jang Wook Sohn, Won Suk Choi, Seong-Heon Wie, Jacob Lee, Jin-Soo Lee, et al. (+9)
26 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―13 Gut microbiota, inflammatory proteins and COVID-19: a Mendelian randomisation study Yuling Chen, Chang Chen
27 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―13 Microplastics dysregulate innate immunity in the SARS-CoV-2 infected lung Cameron R. Bishop, Kexin Yan, Wilson Nguyen, Daniel J. Rawle, Bing Tang, Thibaut Larcher, Andreas Suhrbier
28 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―May―10 The relationship between sleeptime and depression among middle-aged and elderly Chinese participant during COVID-19 epidemic and non-epidemic phases Chaonan Du, Cong Wang, Zhiwei Liu, Nan Bai, Junhao Zhu, Alleyar Ali, et al. (+5)
29 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―10 Efficacy and safety of Chinese herbal medicine to prevent and treat COVID-19 household close contacts in Hong Kong: an open-label, randomized controlled trial Peipei Du, Wai Ching Lam, Choryin Leung, Huijuan Li, Zipan Lyu, Chun Sum Yuen, et al. (+4)
30 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―10 Metabolic predictors of COVID-19 mortality and severity: a survival analysis Abdallah Musa Abdallah, Asmma Doudin, Theeb Osama Sulaiman, Omar Jamil, Rida Arif, Fatima Al Sada, et al. (+6)
31 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―May―10 Impact of COVID-19 on the primary level teaching-learning process in rural India S. Vivek, P. Rangasami
32 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―May―10 Perspectives of teachers and students on the impact of online classrooms during the COVID-19 pandemic Prathomchai Rattanawan, Sirinthip Pakdee
33 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―May―10 Disparities in accessing specialty behavioral health services during the COVID-19 pandemic and why we need pediatric integrated primary care Ayanda Chakawa, Trista Perez Crawford, Leslee Throckmorton Belzer, Hung-Wen Yeh
34 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―May―10 Malnutrition elevates delirium and ICU stay among critically ill older adult COVID-19 patients Zahra Gholi, Masoud Rezaei, Zahra Vahdat Shariatpanahi, Reza Momen, Mehdi Fallah Bagher Shaidaei, Mostafa Gholami, et al. (+3)
35 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―10 Serum AXL is a potential molecular marker for predicting COVID-19 progression Jianbin You, Rong Huang, Ruifang Zhong, Jing Shen, Shuhang Huang, Jinhua Chen, et al. (+3)
36 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―10 Communities organizing to promote equity: engaging local communities in public health responses to health inequities exacerbated by COVID-19-protocol paper Christina M. Pacheco, Kristina M. Bridges, Edward F. Ellerbeck, Elizabeth Ablah, K. Allen Greiner, Yvonnes Chen, et al. (+11)
37 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―10 Lipidome is a valuable tool for the severity prediction of coronavirus disease 2019 Shan-Shan Zhang, Zhiling Zhao, Wan-Xue Zhang, Rui Wu, Fei Li, Han Yang, et al. (+9)
38 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2024―May―10 Ammonium sulfate denatures transport medium less dependent on guanidinium isothiocyanate and enables SARS-CoV-2 RNA and antigen detection compatibility Ge Liu, Jiapeng Xu, Yuanyuan Huang, Wei Ye, Jieyu Li, Ran Yan, et al. (+8)
39 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―09 Heterogeneous trajectories of perceived stress and their associations with active leisure: a longitudinal study during the first year of COVID-19 Karel Kulbin, Anna-Liisa Jõgi, Aleksander Pulver, Kristjan Kask
40 [GO] Frontiers in Endocrinology 2024―May―09 Editorial: COVID-19 and diabetes: Current findings and future perspectives Pranav Kumar Prabhakar
41 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―09 Effects of the COVID-19 associated United Kingdom lockdown on physical activity in older adults at high risk of cardiovascular disease: a mixed methods perspective from the MedEx-UK multicenter trial Richard J. Elsworthy, Stephanie T. Jong, Sarah Hanson, Oliver M. Shannon, Amy Jennings, Rachel Gillings, et al. (+6)
42 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―09 A bioinformatic analysis of T-cell epitope diversity in SARS-CoV-2 variants: association with COVID-19 clinical severity in the United States population Grace J. Kim, Jacob H. Elnaggar, Mallory Varnado, Amy K. Feehan, Darlene Tauzier, Rebecca Rose, et al. (+7)
43 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―09 Clinical and serological predictors of post COVID-19 condition-findings from a Canadian prospective cohort study Erin Collins, Yannick Galipeau, Corey Arnold, Anne Bhéreur, Ronald Booth, Arianne C. Buchan, et al. (+11)
44 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―09 Multi-dimensional impact of COVID-19 on active mobility in urban China: a scoping review of empirical knowledge Shengchen Du, Hongze Tan, Hua Gao
45 [GO] Frontiers in Veterinary Science 2024―May―09 Assessing concordance between Campylobacter prevalence in broilers and human cases before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in Lower Saxony, Germany, considering fresh chicken meat consumption patterns Tobias Nolte, Fabian Spieß, Anne-Katrin Jacobs, Nicole Kemper, Christian Visscher
46 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2024―May―09 Vitamin D level in COVID-19 patients has positive correlations with autophagy and negative correlations with disease severity Hongna Dong, Yuqiu Hao, Peng Gao
47 [GO] Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics 2024―May―09 Understanding COVID-19 propagation: a comprehensive mathematical model with Caputo fractional derivatives for Thailand Shamil E, Sayooj Aby Jose, Hasan S. Panigoro, Anuwat Jirawattanapanit, Benjamin I. Omede, Zakaria Yaagoub
48 [GO] Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics 2024―May―09 Mathematical modeling of two strains tuberculosis and COVID-19 vaccination model: a co-infection study with cost-effectiveness analysis Raymond Fosu Appiah, Zhen Jin, Junyuan Yang, Joshua Kiddy K. Asamoah, Yuqi Wen
49 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―09 Original article: novelty of Canadian manufacture nasopharyngeal swabs for collection of samples being tested for SARS-CoV-2 in a pandemic setting Sandra Palomino-Padilla, Guillermo Caceres-Cardenas, Rodrigo Calderon, Alex C-T. Ko, Lauren Garnett, Kaylie Doan, et al. (+7)
50 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―09 Co-creation of a novel approach for improving supply chain management for SARS-CoV-2 point of care diagnostic services in Mopani District, Limpopo Province: nominal group technique Kuhlula Maluleke, Alfred Musekiwa, Siphesihle Nxele, Boitumelo Moetlhoa, Langa Makena, Nkosingiphile Nzuza, et al. (+5)
51 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―09 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine effectiveness and clinical outcomes in hemodialysis patients: the NHIS-COVID-19 cohort study in South Korea Young-Ki Lee, Seon A. Jeong, Hayne Cho Park, Do Hyoung Kim, Kyung Don Yoo, Hye Eun Yoon, et al. (+2)
52 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―09 Characterizing health-related quality of life and identifying disease predictors among patients suspected of having long COVID: an analysis of COMET-ICE clinical trial data Heather L. Gelhorn, Parima Ghafoori, Katelyn Cutts, Helen Birch, Yulia Savva, Sacha Satram, et al. (+2)
53 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―08 Exploring the relationship between HCMV serostatus and outcomes in COVID-19 sepsis Dominik Ziehe, Alexander Wolf, Tim Rahmel, Hartmuth Nowak, Helge Haberl, Lars Bergmann, et al. (+21)
54 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―08 Corrigendum: The role of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors in the modulation of hyperinflammation induced by SARS-CoV-2 infection: A perspective for COVID-19 therapy Aliakbar Hasankhani, Abolfazl Bahrami, Bahareh Tavakoli-Far, Setare Iranshahi, Farnaz Ghaemi, Majid Reza Akbarizadeh, et al. (+3)
55 [GO] Frontiers in Physics 2024―May―08 Cost-benefit analysis of the COVID-19 vaccination model incorporating different infectivity reductions Raymond Fosu Appiah, Zhen Jin, Junyuan Yang, Joshua Kiddy K. Asamoah
56 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―08 The single-dose Janssen Ad26.COV2.S COVID-19 vaccine elicited robust and persistent anti-spike IgG antibody responses in a 12-month Ugandan cohort Jennifer Serwanga, Laban Kato, Gerald Kevin Oluka, Violet Ankunda, Jackson Sembera, Claire Baine, et al. (+6)
57 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―08 Heterologous Ad26/Ad5 adenovirus-vectored vaccines elicited SARS-CoV-2-specific antibody responses with potent Fc activities Jéromine Klingler, Shreyas Kowdle, Juan C. Bandres, Rozita Emami-Gorizi, Raymond A. Alvarez, Priyanka G. Rao, et al. (+9)
58 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―07 “The perfect storm”: community worker perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 on New York City immigrants and migrant-serving organizations L. Ansley Hobbs, Dima Masoud, Kathleen Cravero, Elisabeth Manipoud Figueroa, Diana Romero
59 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―May―07 The psychological implications of COVID-19 over the eighteen-month time span following the virus breakout in Italy Ingrid Ropi, Margherita Lillo, Matteo Malavasi, Alessandro Argentieri, Aurora Barbieri, Baowen Lou, et al. (+2)
60 [GO] Frontiers in Nutrition 2024―May―07 Higher rates of food insecurity and stress experienced by food systems workers during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic Emma H. Spence, Meredith T. Niles, Farryl Bertmann, Teresa Mares, Emily H. Belarmino
61 [GO] Frontiers in Epidemiology 2024―May―07 Editorial: COVID-19 pandemic and the social determinants of health Rosemary M. Caron, Ronica Rooks, Mahmoud Kandeel
62 [GO] Public Health Reviews 2024―May―07 The COVID-19 Pandemic as a Public Health Teacher-the Lessons We Must Learn Sofia Lombatti, Avi Magid, Nadav Davidovitch, John Middleton, Mohamud Sheek-Hussein, Henrique Lopes, et al. (+13)
63 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―07 Distinct T cell responsiveness to different COVID-19 vaccines and cross-reactivity to SARS-CoV-2 variants with age and CMV status Jolanda Brummelman, Sara Suárez-Hernández, Lia de Rond, Marjan Bogaard-van Maurik, Petra Molenaar, Emma van Wijlen, et al. (+10)
64 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2024―May―06 Editorial: COVID-19 and vaccination-associated ocular complications Xinyuan Zhang, Rachael Niederer, Kelvin Yi Chong Teo
65 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―06 Musculoskeletal disorders and quality of life for Chilean teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic at the academic year-end Gustavo Vega-Fernández, Carlos Gonzalez-Torres, María Solis-Soto, Pablo A. Lizana
66 [GO] Frontiers in Neurology 2024―May―06 Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the incidence and severity of myasthenia gravis in Korea: using National Health Insurance Service database Sooyoung Kim, Eun Kyoung Lee, Hasung Kim, Hoseob Kim, Eunhee Sohn
67 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―06 Corrigendum: Intelligent diagnosis of the severity of disease conditions in COVID-19 patients based on the LASSO method Zhuo Jiang, Aixiang Yang, Hao Chen, Yiqiu Shi, Xiaojing Li
68 [GO] Frontiers in Veterinary Science 2024―May―06 Sero-epidemiological investigation and cross-neutralization activity against SARS-CoV-2 variants in cats and dogs, Thailand Sarin Suwanpakdee, Natthaphat Ketchim, Metawee Thongdee, Somjit Chaiwattanarungruengpaisan, Siriporn Tangsudjai, Witthawat Wiriyarat, et al. (+7)
69 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―May―06 Urban safety and psychological distress during the pandemic: the results of a longitudinal study Fabio Ferretti, Giacomo Gualtieri, Alessandra Masti, Allison Uvelli
70 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―May―03 Anxiety and fear of COVID-19 as potential mechanisms to explain vaccine hesitancy among adults Fahmi H. Fadhel, Nabil Saleh Sufyan, Mohammed M. J. Alqahtani, Ahmed Ali Almaamari
71 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―03 A cross-sectional mental-health survey of Chinese postgraduate students majoring in stomatology post COVID-19 restrictions Yuwei Zhang, Yue Jia, MaErWa MuLaTiHaJi, Yiying Mi, Yukun Mei, Tianxiang Sun, et al. (+6)
72 [GO] Frontiers in Neurology 2024―May―03 Cerebral hemodynamics and optic nerve sheath diameter acquired via neurosonology in critical patients with severe coronavirus disease: experience of a national referral hospital in Peru Omar Heredia-Orbegoso, Miguel A. Vences, Virgilio E. Failoc-Rojas, Diana Fernández-Merjildo, Richard H. Lainez-Chacon, Renán Villamonte
73 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―03 A murine model of post-acute neurological sequelae following SARS-CoV-2 variant infection Ankita Singh, Awadalkareem Adam, Bi-Hung Peng, Xiaoying Yu, Jing Zou, Vikram V. Kulkarni, et al. (+6)
74 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―02 “Let’s get back to normal”: emotions mediate the effects of persuasive messages on willingness to vaccinate for COVID-19 Krista R. Muis, Panayiota Kendeou, Martina Kohatsu, Shuting Wang
75 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―02 Protecting the vulnerable: addressing the COVID-19 care needs of people with compromised immunity Raymund R. Razonable
76 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―02 Understanding health education needs of pregnant women in China during public health emergencies: a qualitative study amidst the COVID-19 pandemic Xiaojuan Su, Yuezhen Zhang, Meide Chen, Xiangyang Xu, Guihua Liu
77 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―May―02 Editorial: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on dermatology patients: diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis Huining Huang, Ziyu Guo, Danyao Chen, Guangtong Deng
78 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 2024―May―02 State school catering in Italy during the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative study Elena Pagliarino
79 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―May―02 Long-term humoral and cellular immunity against vaccine strains and Omicron subvariants (BQ.1.1, BN.1, XBB.1, and EG.5) after bivalent COVID-19 vaccination Hakjun Hyun, Eliel Nham, Hye Seong, Jin Gu Yoon, Ji Yun Noh, Hee Jin Cheong, et al. (+7)
80 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―May―02 Poor immune response to inactivated COVID-19 vaccine in patients with hypertension Lei Yang, TingTing Zeng, Yang Li, Qiao Guo, DePeng Jiang
81 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―May―02 Time to maximum amplitude of thromboelastography can predict mortality in patients with severe COVID-19: a retrospective observational study Lincui Zhong, Qingwei Lin, Longping He, Dongmei Liu, Lin Zhu, Qingbo Zeng, Jingchun Song
82 [GO] Frontiers in Neurology 2024―May―02 Transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation improves Long COVID symptoms in a female cohort: a pilot study Zhong Sheng Zheng, Ninette Simonian, Jing Wang, Emily R. Rosario
83 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―01 Increases in loneliness among Older Americans Act participants during COVID-19 Heather L. Menne, Jason Osborne, Claire Pendergrast
84 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―May―01 The causal relationship between COVID-19 and ten esophageal diseases: a study utilizing Mendelian randomization Xu He, Yue Li, Jun Liu, Guanqiang Yan, Xiang Gao, Guosheng Li, et al. (+4)
85 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―May―01 Mental health, COVID-19 burden and quality of life of kidney transplant recipients two years after the COVID-19 pandemic Concetta De Pasquale, Maria Luisa Pistorio, Massimiliano Veroux, Noemi Barbagallo, Provvidenza Marisa Cottone, Burcin Ekser, et al. (+3)
86 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―01 Editorial: Antimicrobial resistance and stewardship in the COVID-19 era Ashish Kumar Kakkar, Nusrat Shafiq
87 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―May―01 Investigation of epidemiological and clinical characteristics of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 during the second pandemic of COVID-19 in Chengdu, China Cheng Li, Tao Zhou, Peilin Zhang, Junning He, Yongfang Liu
88 [GO] Frontiers in Sociology 2024―May―01 Older adults' experiences of wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic: a comparative qualitative study in Italy and Switzerland Iuna Dones, Ruxandra Oana Ciobanu
89 [GO] Frontiers in Surgery 2024―May―01 Clinical characteristics and prognosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection in lung transplant recipients Wenping Zhang, Qiangming Li, Zeheng Ma, Zhijun Han, Shuai Hu, Tian Xia, et al. (+2)
90 [GO] Frontiers in Health Services 2024―Apr―30 Demographic differences in access to health/therapeutic services over first year of the pandemic: a SPARK COVID-19 impact survey analysis J.-M. Tsai, A. N. Bhat
91 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―30 The protective role of resilience and social support against burnout during the COVID-19 pandemic Shazana Shahwan, Eng Hong Tay, Saleha Shafie, Yoke Boon Tan, Savita Gunasekaran, Rachel Hsiao Shen Tan, et al. (+5)
92 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2024―Apr―30 Diagnostic testing for chest pain in a pediatric emergency department and rates of cardiac disease before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: a retrospective study Ayhan Atmanli, Kenneth Yen, Amy Z. Zhou
93 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Apr―30 A universal recombinant adenovirus type 5 vector-based COVID-19 vaccine Xingxing Li, Qinhua Peng, Xinyu Liu, Hongshan Xu, Jingjing Liu, Xiaohong Wu, et al. (+3)
94 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2024―Apr―30 Genomic surveillance and serological profile of SARS-CoV-2 variants circulating in Macaé and nearby cities, southeastern Brazil Amanda Cristina Veiga Fernandes da Silva, Carina Azevedo Oliveira Silva, Graziele Fonseca de Sousa, Viktoria Aparecida Gomes Silva Coelho, Lucas Tavares da Cunha, Artur Nunes Paes, et al. (+8)
95 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―30 Severity of respiratory tract infections depends on the infectious dose. Perspectives for the next pandemic Kåre Mølbak, Thorkild I. A. Sørensen, Samir Bhatt, Frederik Plesner Lyngse, Lone Simonsen, Peter Aaby
96 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―29 Mixed methods evaluation of the COVID-19 changes to the WIC cash-value benefit for fruits and vegetables Allison M. Nitto, Mayra Crespo-Bellido, Jackie Yenerall, Elizabeth T. Anderson Steeves, Sarah K. Kersten, Daniele Vest, Jennie L. Hill
97 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―29 Concurrent emergencies: overlapping Salmonella and COVID-19 concerns in public health strategies and preparedness Windra Prayoga
98 [GO] Frontiers in Chemistry 2024―Apr―29 Modulation in serum and hematological parameters as a prognostic indicator of COVID-19 infection in hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and different cardiovascular diseases Muhammad Ishtiaq Jan, Riaz Anwar Khan, Naeem Khan, Syed Muhammad Iftikhar, Sajid Ali, M. I. Khan, et al. (+5)
99 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2024―Apr―29 Evaluation of IFNAR2 and TYK2 transcripts’ prognostic role in COVID-19 patients: a retrospective study Alireza Razavi, Maedeh Raei, Yasin Hatami, Ghazal Saghi Chokami, Yasaman Goudarzi, Roya Ghasemian, et al. (+8)
100 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Apr―29 Venous thromboembolism and severe COVID-19: a Mendelian randomization trial and transcriptomic analysis Liang Chen, Xiaoting Dai
101 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Apr―29 SARS-CoV-2 strains bearing Omicron BA.1 spike replicate in C57BL/6 mice Patricia P. Ogger, Minerva Garcia Martín, Soyeon Jang, Jie Zhou, Jonathan Brown, Ksenia Sukhova, et al. (+6)
102 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2024―Apr―29 Research progress on the N protein of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus Yajie Zheng, Gan Li, Qin Luo, Huiyang Sha, Hang Zhang, Ruining Wang, et al. (+3)
103 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Apr―26 Corrigendum: Genetic overlap and causality between COVID-19 and multi-site chronic pain: the importance of immunity Yanjing Chen, Ping Liu, Zhiyi Zhang, Yingling Ye, Sijie Yi, Chunhua Fan, et al. (+2)
104 [GO] Frontiers in Epidemiology 2024―Apr―26 Association between SARS-CoV-2 gene specific Ct values and COVID-19 associated in-hospital mortality Mpho L. Sikhosana, Richard Welch, Alfred Musekiwa, Zinhle Makatini, Joy Ebonwu, Lucille Blumberg, Waasila Jassat
105 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―26 K-Track-Covid: interactive web-based dashboard for analyzing geographical and temporal spread of COVID-19 in South Korea Hanbyul Song, Kyulhee Han, Jiwon Park, Zhe Liu, Taewan Goo, Ashok Krishnamurthy, Taesung Park
106 [GO] Frontiers in Epidemiology 2024―Apr―26 Representativeness of a national, probability-based panel survey of COVID-19 isolation practices-United States, 2020-2022 Holly H. Matulewicz, Divya Vohra, Willow Crawford-Crudell, John E. Oeltmann, Patrick K. Moonan, Melanie M. Taylor, et al. (+2)
107 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―26 Ethical implications of COVID-19 management-is freedom a desired aim, or a desired means to an end? Andro Košec, Filip Hergešić, Boris Zdilar, Lucija Svetina, Marko Ćurković
108 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Apr―26 A nomogram to predict severe COVID-19 patients with increased pulmonary lesions in early days Lina Chen, Min Li, Zhenghong Wu, Sibin Liu, Yuanyi Huang
109 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2024―Apr―26 Seroprevalence of the novel swine acute diarrhea syndrome coronavirus in China assessed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay Zuqing Liu, Ya Zhao, Jingyu Yang, Xi Liu, Yun Luo, Lili Zhu, et al. (+4)
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214 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―08 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on access to and delivery of maternal and child healthcare services in low-and middle-income countries: a systematic review of the literature Alina Kuandyk (Sabitova), Miguel-Angel Ortega, Magashi Joseph Ntegwa, Antonio Sarria-Santamera
215 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―Apr―08 A retrospective analysis of the perceived impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on systemic barriers to success for university student parents Khadeejah T. Franklin, Alexa J. Saval, Anne M. Cafer, Dana N. Reinemann
216 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―08 Caring for a child with cancer during COVID-19 pandemic: an assessment of the parents’ perception and stress level Muhamad Aizat Nawi, Sie Chong Doris Lau, Shi Tying Chin, Kok Hoi Teh, Lee Sue Betty Ho, Hamidah Alias
217 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Apr―08 Positive parenting practices support children at neurological risk during COVID-19: a call for accessible parenting interventions Rivka Green, Janaksha Linga-Easwaran, Carly Goodman, Marin Taylor, Giulia F. Fabiano, Steven P. Miller, Tricia S. Williams
218 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Apr―08 Effect of high-dose Spirulina supplementation on hospitalized adults with COVID-19: a randomized controlled trial Mohammad Reza Aghasadeghi, Mohammad Ali Zaheri Birgani, Saeedreza Jamalimoghadamsiyahkali, Hadiseh Hosamirudsari, Ali Moradi, Majid Jafari-Sabet, et al. (+20)
219 [GO] Frontiers in Parasitology 2024―Apr―08 Immunomodulatory properties of Leishmania tarentolae extracellular vesicles containing the Spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 Ana Catalina Medina, Hamlet Acevedo Ospina, Albert Descoteaux
220 [GO] Frontiers in Veterinary Science 2024―Apr―08 FADD promotes type I interferon production to suppress porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus infection Xiaobo Chang, Mengqi Wang, Zhaopeng Li, Lei Wang, Gaiping Zhang, Yafei Chang, Jianhe Hu
221 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―08 What can public health communicators learn from Reddit? A perspective for the next pandemic Irina Bergenfeld
222 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―08 Mental and social wellbeing trajectory during the pandemic for vulnerable populations Andrew Joyce, Thach Tran, Ruby Stocker, Jane Fisher
223 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―Apr―08 Mental health in times of pandemic from the perspective of professors and students Juliana Alvares Duarte Bonini Campos, Lucas Arrais Campos, Maria Antonia Ramos Azevedo, Bianca Gonzalez Martins, Bianca Núbia Souza Silva, João Marôco
224 [GO] Public Health Reviews 2024―Apr―08 An Unwanted but Long-Known Company: Post-Viral Symptoms in the Context of Past Pandemics in Switzerland (and Beyond) Kaspar Staub, Tala Ballouz, Milo Puhan
225 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―Apr―05 Remote teaching as the catalyst for change in teaching values and practices: experiences of instructors within one chemistry department during the COVID-19 pandemic Lyniesha Wright Ward, Julia Hoang, Mitchell P. Croatt, Jerry Walsh, Maia Popova
226 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Apr―05 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mood and family relationships of runners Anna Vilaregut, Sixte Abadia, Sònia Pineda-Hernández, Sònia Torras, Xavier Pujadas
227 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―05 COVID-19 patient satisfaction and associated factors in telemedicine and hybrid system Dagmawit G. Gashaw, Zewdie Aderaw Alemu, Freddy Constanzo, Feben T. Belay, Yakob W. Tadesse, Carla Muñoz, et al. (+2)
228 [GO] Frontiers in Sensors 2024―Apr―05 Erratum: AI-boosted CRISPR-Cas13a and total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy system for SARS-CoV-2 detection
229 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―05 Translating the COVID-19 epidemiological situation into policies and measures: the Belgian experience Géraldine De Muylder, Valeska Laisnez, Giulietta Stefani, Caroline Boulouffe, Christel Faes, Naïma Hammami, et al. (+8)
230 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―05 The mediating effect of subject well-being between physical activity and the internet addiction of college students in China during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study Jinfu Wang, Xue Xu, Qinmei Wu, Chao Zhou, Guan Yang
231 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2024―Apr―05 Effect of anticoagulation on the incidence of venous thromboembolism, major bleeding, and mortality among hospitalized COVID-19 patients: an updated meta-analysis Xinwang Chen, Suyun Zhang, Haiyu Liu, Qianyuan Zhang, Jinghan Chen, Qixian Zheng, et al. (+6)
232 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―05 Commentary: Sleep quality, quality of life, fatigue, and mental health in COVID-19 post-pandemic Türkiye: a cross-sectional study B. Sreya, Ayyagari Lakshmana Rao, Nikhil Kulshrestha, G. Ramakrishnan
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234 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Apr―05 Utilizing noncatalytic ACE2 protein mutant as a competitive inhibitor to treat SARS-CoV-2 infection Shengjiang Liu, Haifeng Chen, Xiangqun Chen, Ningguang Luo, Sameera Peraramelli, Xiaoming Gong, et al. (+2)
235 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Apr―05 Identification and characterization of endogenous retroviruses upon SARS-CoV-2 infection Xuefei Guo, Yang Zhao, Fuping You
236 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Apr―04 Investigating the impact of surgical masks on behavioral reactions to facial emotions in the COVID-19 era Martina Montalti, Giovanni Mirabella
237 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―04 Exploring adolescent mental health during the COVID-19 crisis - strengths and difficulties Johanna K. Loy, Janina Klam, Jörg Dötsch, Julia Frank, Stephan Bender
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239 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―04 Disinfection and hand hygiene knowledge, attitude, and practices among childcare facilities staff during the COVID-19 pandemic in Anhui, China: a cross-sectional study Fang Chen, Qing Hua Xu
240 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―04 What can we learn about stress and sleep from COVID-19 pandemic-perspective from the theory of preventive stress management Fang Liu, Weijie Liang, Hanqi Li, Yuyang Li, Yue Zhang, Lei Ding, et al. (+2)
241 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2024―Apr―04 Mast cell activation triggered by SARS-CoV-2 causes inflammation in brain microvascular endothelial cells and microglia Meng-Li Wu, Chengzuo Xie, Xin Li, Jing Sun, Jincun Zhao, Jian-Hua Wang
242 [GO] Frontiers in Neurology 2024―Apr―04 Long COVID and its association with neurodegenerative diseases: pathogenesis, neuroimaging, and treatment Jinyang Zhao, Fan Xia, Xue Jiao, Xiaohong Lyu
243 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Apr―03 Prevention and treatment strategies for kidney transplant recipients in the context of long-term existence of COVID-19 Zeyuan Zheng, Huimin Sun, Xiaoyan Hu, Zuodong Xuan, Meiling Fu, Yang Bai, et al. (+5)
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245 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Apr―03 Editorial: Impact of COVID-19 on the detection and control of chronic non-communicable diseases: repercussions on the sustainable development agenda Alvaro Francisco Lopes Sousa, Thereza Maria Magalhães Moreira, George Jó Bezerra Sousa
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248 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2024―Apr―03 Decreased incidence of Kawasaki disease in South Korea during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic Kyung Jin Oh, Sang-Yun Lee
249 [GO] Frontiers in Digital Health 2024―Apr―02 Pima County COVID-19 vaccine solutions dashboard project: lessons learned Tina Damalas, Eamon Penney, Theresa Cullen, Aaron Dibner-Dunlap, Cecelia English, Jacob Gomez, et al. (+3)
250 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2024―Apr―02 A novel approach to designing viral precision vaccines applied to SARS-CoV-2 Khaled Trabelsi, Noureddin Ben Khalaf, Ahmed R. Ramadan, Amany Elsharkawy, Dana Ashoor, Sadok Chlif, et al. (+4)
251 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2024―Apr―02 Low rates of myocardial fibrosis and ventricular arrhythmias in recreational athletes after SARS-CoV-2 infection Hielko Miljoen, Kasper Favere, Caroline Van De Heyning, Ben Corteville, Christophe Dausin, Lieven Herbots, et al. (+6)
252 [GO] Experimental Biology and Medicine 2024―Apr―02 Clinical outcomes and immunological response to SARS-CoV-2 infection among people living with HIV Esimebia Adjovi Amegashie, Prince Asamoah, Lawrencia Emefa Ami Ativi, Mildred Adusei-Poku, Evelyn Yayra Bonney, Emmanuel Ayitey Tagoe, et al. (+3)
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255 [GO] Frontiers in Sociology 2024―Apr―02 “It made me feel like a shit parent”: an intersectional analysis of pandemic mothering Holly Thorpe, Nikki Barrett, Mihi Joy Nemani, Grace O'Leary, Nida Ahmad
256 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―28 Knowledge of non-communicable diseases and access to healthcare services among adults before and during COVID-19 pandemic in rural Tanzania Nathanael Sirili, Manase Kilonzi, George Kiwango, Edward Lengai, Ramla Nandala, Dorkasi L. Mwakawanga, et al. (+3)
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259 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Mar―28 Parents’ perceptions of the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on the eating behaviors and routines of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) Mudi H. Alharbi
260 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Mar―28 High frequencies of alpha common cold coronavirus/SARS-CoV-2 cross-reactive functional CD4+ and CD8+ memory T cells are associated with protection from symptomatic and fatal SARS-CoV-2 infections in unvaccinated COVID-19 patients Pierre-Gregoire Coulon, Swayam Prakash, Nisha R. Dhanushkodi, Ruchi Srivastava, Latifa Zayou, Delia F. Tifrea, et al. (+12)
261 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―28 Intelligent diagnosis of the severity of disease conditions in COVID-19 patients based on the LASSO method Zhuo Jiang, Aixiang Yang, Hao Chen, Yiqiu Shi, Xiaojing Li
262 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―Mar―28 The impact of COVID-19 school disruptions on children’s learning Courtney K. Blackwell, Maxwell Mansolf, Sean C. L. Deoni, Jody M. Ganiban, Leslie D. Leve, Amy E. Margolis, et al. (+6)
263 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2024―Mar―28 COVID-19 trends at the University of Tennessee: predictive insights from raw sewage SARS-CoV-2 detection and evaluation and PMMoV as an indicator for human waste Ye Li, Kurt Ash, Isablla Alamilla, Dominique Joyner, Daniel Edward Williams, Peter J. McKay, et al. (+6)
264 [GO] Frontiers in Natural Products 2024―Mar―28 A study of the protease inhibitory activity component of SARS-CoV-2 3CL in Bletilla striata Yuyu Yang, Fei Zhang, Shihan Liu, Wenfang Jin, Qianshan Shao, Chunxiao Li, Baolei Fan
265 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2024―Mar―28 ACE2 and TMPRSS2 expression in patients before, during, and after SARS-CoV-2 infection Henrique Borges da Silva Grisard, Marcos André Schörner, Fernando Hartmann Barazzetti, Julia Kinetz Wachter, Manoela Valmorbida, Glauber Wagner, et al. (+2)
266 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2024―Mar―28 Characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.5 variants in Shanghai after ending the zero-COVID policy in December 2022: a clinical and genomic analysis Pengcheng Liu, Jiehao Cai, He Tian, Jingjing Li, Lijuan Lu, Menghua Xu, et al. (+9)
267 [GO] Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 2024―Mar―28 Electrophysiological properties and structural prediction of the SARS-CoV-2 viroprotein E Salvatore Antonio Maria Cubisino, Stefan Milenkovic, Stefano Conti-Nibali, Nicolò Musso, Paolo Bonacci, Vito De Pinto, et al. (+2)
268 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―Mar―27 Disposition to critical thinking, anxiety due to COVID-19 and academic self-efficacy in university students Carlos D. Abanto-Ramirez, Josué E. Turpo-Chaparro, Abel Apaza, Javier Linkolk López-Gonzales
269 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2024―Mar―27 Case report: Paralytic ileus resulted from nirmatrelvir/ritonavir-tacrolimus drug-drug interaction in a systemic lupus erythematosus patient with COVID-19 Wei Zhang, Xingguo Zhang, Jinming Han, Wen Zhang, Jiarui Xu, Xin Zhang, et al. (+6)
270 [GO] Frontiers in Oncology 2024―Mar―27 Impact of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 pandemic on neoadjuvant chemotherapy use in patients diagnosed with epithelial type ovarian cancer Amrita Mukherjee, Natalie Shammas, Lanfang Xu, Kimberly L. Cannavale, Alec D. Gilfillan, Elizabeth A. Szamreta, et al. (+3)
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274 [GO] Frontiers in Oncology 2024―Mar―27 The impact of the UK COVID-19 lockdown on the screening, diagnostics and incidence of breast, colorectal, lung and prostate cancer in the UK: a population-based cohort study Nicola L. Barclay, Marta Pineda Moncusí, Annika M. Jödicke, Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, Berta Raventós, Danielle Newby, et al. (+4)
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276 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Mar―27 Stress and burnout in the context of workplace psychosocial factors among mental health professionals during the later waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in Hungary László Molnár, Ágnes Zana, Adrienne Stauder
277 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―27 Effectiveness and intention to use a COVID-19 self-management app for epidemiological investigation: a web-based survey study Sihyun Song, Jihwan Park, Mi Jung Rho
278 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Mar―27 A generalizable and easy-to-use COVID-19 stratification model for the next pandemic via immune-phenotyping and machine learning Xinlei He, Xiao Cui, Zhiling Zhao, Rui Wu, Qiang Zhang, Lei Xue, et al. (+3)
279 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―27 Through the eyes of community health workers: what was needed to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake in the Missouri Southeast region Anusha Ban, Ashish Shrestha, Carissa Van den Berk-Clark, Janice Ballard, Richard Logan, Tripp Logan, et al. (+3)
280 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Mar―27 Understanding stigma of dementia during COVID-19: a scoping review Juanita-Dawne R. Bacsu, Raymond J. Spiteri, Kate Nanson, Zahra Rahemi, Claire Webster, Myrna Norman, Chantelle Stone
281 [GO] Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 2024―Mar―27 Modeling of noncovalent inhibitors of the papain-like protease (PLpro) from SARS-CoV-2 considering the protein flexibility by using molecular dynamics and cross-docking Jorge Luis Valdés-Albuernes, Erbio Díaz-Pico, Sergio Alfaro, Julio Caballero
282 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Mar―27 Therapeutic development targeting host heparan sulfate proteoglycan in SARS-CoV-2 infection Qi Zhang, Ivan Pavlinov, Yihong Ye, Wei Zheng
283 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2024―Mar―27 SARS-CoV-2-specific mucosal immune response in vaccinated versus infected children Maria Giulia Conti, Eva Piano Mortari, Raffaella Nenna, Alessandra Pierangeli, Leonardo Sorrentino, Federica Frasca, et al. (+11)
284 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Mar―26 A qualitative internet-based study of parental experiences of adolescents suffering from affective disorders with non-suicidal self-injury during the COVID-19 pandemic Yongna Wang, Xueqiu Chen, Chun Song, Yan Wu, Lihua Liu, Lili Yang, Xuege Hao
285 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―26 Challenges for palliative care in times of COVID-19: a scoping review Marisa Lourenço, Tânia Gomes, Fátima Araujo, Filipa Ventura, Rosa Silva
286 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Mar―26 Seroprevalence of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in the school community in Campo Grande, state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, October 2021-November 2022 Claudia Stutz, Daniel Maximo Correa Alcantara, Camila Maria dos Santos, Jaire Marinho Torres, Rudielle Rodrigues, Glaucia Elisete Barbosa Marcon, et al. (+12)
287 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Mar―26 Expression of concern on: Comparative genomics and characterization of SARS-CoV-2 P.1 (Gamma) variant of concern from Amazonas, Brazil
288 [GO] Transplant International 2024―Mar―26 Adaptative Strategy of Immunosuppressive Drugs Dosage Adjustments When Combined With Nirmatrelvir/Ritonavir in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients With COVID-19 Lidvine Boland, Arnaud Devresse, Caroline Monchaud, Sébastien Briol, Stéphanie Belaiche, Baptiste Giguet, et al. (+8)
289 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Mar―26 Human surfactant protein A inhibits SARS-CoV-2 infectivity and alleviates lung injury in a mouse infection model Ikechukwu B. Jacob, Amanda Gemmiti, Weichuan Xiong, Erin Reynolds, Brian Nicholas, Saravanan Thangamani, et al. (+2)
290 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Mar―26 Computational identification and experimental verification of a novel signature based on SARS-CoV-2-related genes for predicting prognosis, immune microenvironment and therapeutic strategies in lung adenocarcinoma patients Yuzhi Wang, Yunfei Xu, Yuqin Deng, Liqiong Yang, Dengchao Wang, Zhizhen Yang, Yi Zhang
291 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Mar―25 Investigating the structural network underlying brain-immune interactions using combined histopathology and neuroimaging: a critical review for its relevance in acute and long COVID-19 Zora Kikinis, Agustin Castañeyra-Perdomo, José Luis González-Mora, Richard Jarrett Rushmore, Poliana Hartung Toppa, Kayley Haggerty, et al. (+9)
292 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Mar―25 Tracking collective emotions in 16 countries during COVID-19: a novel methodology for identifying major emotional events using Twitter Apurv Chauhan, Vivek Belhekar, Surbhi Sehgal, Himanshu Singh, Jay Prakash
293 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Mar―25 Case report: unprecedented case of infantile cerebral infarction following COVID-19 and favorable outcome Shuhong Zheng, Hairui Chen, Weiwei Xu, Haifeng Li, Zhongyu Chen, Jianhua Li, Enfu Tao
294 [GO] Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences 2024―Mar―25 Alignment of Canada's COVID-19 policy response with barriers and facilitators for coping reported by caregivers of youth with developmental delays, disorders, and disabilities Anna Katalifos, Mayada Elsabbagh, Afiqah Yusuf, Sakiko Yamaguchi, Julie Scorah, Nicola Wright, et al. (+3)
295 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Mar―25 Role of microRNAs in host defense against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus infection: a hidden front line Xuewei Huang, Weiye Liu
296 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―22 Governance, policy, and health systems responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand: a qualitative study Titiporn Tuangratananon, Nattadhanai Rajatanavin, Sarayuth Khuntha, Salisa Rittimanomai, Nima Asgari-Jirhandeh, Viroj Tangcharoensathien
297 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―Mar―22 Building resilience beyond the COVID-19 pandemic: can it work through creative play with digital puzzles? Ranie Damayanti, Mohamad Syarif Sumantri, Yuliani Nurani
298 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―22 Corrigendum: Genomic evolution of BA.5.2 and BF.7.14 derived lineages causing SARS-CoV-2 outbreak at the end of 2022 in China Wentao Zhu, Xiaoxia Wang, Yujin Lin, Lvfen He, Rui Zhang, Chuan Wang, et al. (+3)
299 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―22 Psychosocial risk profiles to address future health emergencies: a country study during the COVID-19 lockdown period in Colombia Martha Milena Bautista-Gomez, Anthony Constant Millán De Lange, Jorge Enrique Palacio Sañudo, Laura Sofia Zuluaga, Daniel Alfonso Bolívar Pimiento, Yesith Guillermo Toloza Perez, et al. (+3)
300 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Mar―22 Risk and protection factors of mental stress among medical staff in the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic Christiane Eichenberg, Raphaela Schneider, Phillip Auvera, Gabor Aranyi, Kurt Huber
301 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2024―Mar―22 Availability and adaption of exercise programs in pediatric oncology during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: a nationwide follow-up survey of providers in Germany Sabine Kesting, Dominik Gaser, Jennifer Queisser, Miriam Götte, Irene von Luettichau, Christiane Peters, et al. (+2)
302 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―22 Evaluating COVID-19 vaccine acceptance among parents in Saudi Arabia: a systematic review examining attitudes, hesitancy, and intentions Anwar A. Sayed
303 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Mar―21 Process evaluation of PsyCovidApp, a digital tool for mobile devices aimed at protecting the mental health of healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic: a mixed method study Maria A. Fiol-deRoque, Maria J. Serrano-Ripoll, Sofia Mira-Martínez, Guadalupe Pastor-Moreno, Carolina Sitges, M. Esther García-Buades, et al. (+4)
304 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―21 COVID-19 vaccine intercountry distribution inequality and its underlying factors: a combined concentration index analysis and multiple linear regression analysis Wafa Abu El Kheir-Mataria, Zeinab Khadr, Hassan El Fawal, Sungsoo Chun
305 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Mar―21 Acupressure: a possible therapeutic strategy for anxiety related to COVID-19: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials Zhihua Peng, Yulin Zheng, Zeyu Yang, Hongxiao Zhang, Zhennan Li, Mingzhu Xu, et al. (+2)
306 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Mar―21 Prevalence and duration of SARS-CoV-2 fecal shedding in breastfeeding dyads following maternal COVID-19 diagnosis Ryan M. Pace, Elana A. King-Nakaoka, Andrew G. Morse, Kelsey J. Pascoe, Anna Winquist, Beatrice Caffé, et al. (+12)
307 [GO] Frontiers in Sociology 2024―Mar―21 Home-schooling and caring for children during the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK: emotional states, systems of support and coping strategies in working mothers Angeliki Kallitsoglou, Pamela-Zoe Topalli
308 [GO] Frontiers in Nutrition 2024―Mar―21 Caregiver perceptions of a pediatric produce prescription program during the COVID-19 pandemic Zhongyu Li, Fang Fang Zhang, Sean B. Cash, Kurt Hager, Leo Trevino, Sara C. Folta
309 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―21 Socioeconomic inequalities in healthcare system efficiency in Japan during COVID-19 pandemic: an analysis of the moderating role of vaccination Yin Tang
310 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―21 The interrelationship between sleep disturbance symptoms and aggression before and after the campus closure of the COVID-19 pandemic: insight from a cross-lagged panel network model Jinhua Zou, Baohua Bian, Min Li, Gang Liu
311 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Mar―21 Clinical and immunologic features of co-infection in COVID-19 patients, along with potential traditional Chinese medicine treatments Guochao Zhang, Junjun Zhang, Qi Gao, Yingying Zhao, Yanjun Lai
312 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Mar―21 Methodological biases in observational hospital studies of COVID-19 treatment effectiveness: pitfalls and potential Oksana Martinuka, Derek Hazard, Hamid Reza Marateb, Marjan Mansourian, Miguel Ángel Mañanas, Sergio Romero, et al. (+2)
313 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2024―Mar―21 SARS-CoV-2 infection of endothelial cells, dependent on flow-induced ACE2 expression, drives hypercytokinemia in a vascularized microphysiological system Christopher J. Hatch, Sebastian D. Piombo, Jennifer S. Fang, Johannes S. Gach, Makena L. Ewald, William K. Van Trigt, et al. (+4)
314 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Mar―21 Influence of experiencing SARS-CoV-2 infection on anxiety levels in Chinese patients undergoing third molar surgery Junfei Zhu, Wenjing Li, Fang Wei, Dan Zhang, Meng Wang, Huiyun Zhang, Ye Zhang
315 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―21 Gender differences in symptomatology, socio-demographic information and quality of life in Spanish population with long COVID condition: a cross-sectional study Irene Marcilla-Toribio, Maria Leopolda Moratalla-Cebrián, Blanca Notario-Pacheco, Miguel Angel Escudero-Lopez, Nagore Morales-Cuenca, Maria Martinez-Andres
316 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―20 Approximation to the economic cost of healthcare for hypertensive patients diagnosed with COVID-19 Jesús Calderón-Moreno, María Jesús Delgado-Rodriguez, Raúl Juárez-Vela, Clara Isabel Tejada-Garrido, Regina Ruiz de Viñaspre-Hernández, Amaya Burgos-Esteban, et al. (+6)
317 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―20 PANDEM-Source, a tool to collect or generate surveillance indicators for pandemic management: a use case with COVID-19 data Francisco Orchard, Charline Clain, William Madie, Jessica S. Hayes, Máire A. Connolly, Etienne Sevin, Alexis Sentís
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330 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 2024―Mar―19 Local food system and household responses to external shocks: the case of sustainable coffee farmers and their cooperatives in Western Honduras during COVID-19 Fernando Rodriguez-Camayo, Mark Lundy, Christian Borgemeister, Julian Ramirez-Villegas, Tina Beuchelt
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332 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Mar―19 Long-term effects of combined mindfulness intervention and app intervention compared to single interventions during the COVID-19 pandemic: a randomized controlled trial Constance Karing
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335 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Mar―18 Diminished neutralizing activity against the XBB1.5 strain in 55.9% of individuals post 6 months COVID-19 mRNA booster vaccination: insights from a pseudovirus assay on 1,353 participants in the Fukushima vaccination community survey, Japan Tianchen Zhao, Yuta Tani, Chieko Makino-Okamura, Morihito Takita, Chika Yamamoto, Eiki Kawahara, et al. (+11)
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338 [GO] Frontiers in Big Data 2024―Mar―18 The impact of comorbidities and economic inequality on COVID-19 mortality in Mexico: a machine learning approach Jorge Méndez-Astudillo
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346 [GO] Frontiers in Physiology 2024―Mar―15 Corrigendum: Fat oxidation rates and cardiorespiratory responses during exercise in different subject populations with post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection: a comparison with normative percentile values Andrea Meloni, Roberto Codella, Daniel Gotti, Simone Di Gennaro, Livio Luzi, Luca Filipas
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368 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―Mar―13 Classroom disruptions in digital teaching during the pandemic - an interview study Pierre Meinokat, Ingo Wagner
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370 [GO] Frontiers in Blockchain 2024―Mar―12 Challenges of user data privacy in self-sovereign identity verifiable credentials for autonomous building access during the COVID-19 pandemic Denver Naicker, Mackaylan Moodley
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401 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Mar―07 Corrigendum: What happened to parents’ views of school success for autistic children during the COVID-19 pandemic? Sheng-Li Cheng, Sanyin Cheng, Shushan Liu, Yun Li
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405 [GO] Frontiers in Sociology 2024―Mar―07 From bare life and necropolitics to a feminist care ethic: ageism in the COVID-19 pandemic and future directions Bethany Simmonds
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427 [GO] Frontiers in Virology 2024―Mar―06 DNA methylation in long COVID Yangfan Xiao, Sten H. Vermund
428 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―05 COVID-19, economic crisis, and food insecurity worsen the double burden of malnutrition in Lebanon Alissar Al Khatib
429 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―05 The impact of social distancing measures (quarantine) policy on tertiary education and medical consultations in China during the COVID-19 pandemic Zhuoer Wang, Shisan Bao
430 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―05 TVET programme and health-related quality of life among low-income populations during the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia Ruhizan Mohammad Yasin, Maw Pin Tan, Mas Ayu Said, Mohd Sattar Rasul, Nithiah Thangiah, Hussein Rizal, et al. (+5)
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432 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2024―Mar―05 Ursodeoxycholic acid does not reduce SARS-CoV-2 infection in newly allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation recipients: a prospective NICHE cohort Hongye Gao, Jiali Wang, Xinhui Zheng, Xiaolei Pei, Yawei Zheng, Weihua Zhai, et al. (+10)
433 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2024―Mar―05 Severe COVID-19 and its cardiopulmonary effects 6 and 18 months after hospital discharge J. H. Niebauer, A. Iscel, S. Schedl, C. Capelle, M. Kahr, S. Schamilow, et al. (+12)
434 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2024―Mar―05 Gut microbiota and metabolites in patients with COVID-19 are altered by the type of SARS-CoV-2 variant Yoshihiro Yokoyama, Tomoko Ichiki, Tsukasa Yamakawa, Yoshihisa Tsuji, Koji Kuronuma, Satoshi Takahashi, et al. (+3)
435 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Mar―04 Anti-synthetase syndrome is associated with a higher risk of hospitalization among patients with idiopathic inflammatory myopathy and COVID-19 Wanlong Wu, Runci Wang, Cuiying Xie, Yi Chen, Xiangyu Teng, Shuhui Sun, et al. (+12)
436 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2024―Mar―04 Influenza and COVID-19 co-infection and vaccine effectiveness against severe cases: a mathematical modeling study Jingyi Liang, Yangqianxi Wang, Zhijie Lin, Wei He, Jiaxi Sun, Qianyin Li, et al. (+8)
437 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―04 Predictors of seasonal influenza and COVID-19 vaccination coverage among adults in Tennessee during the COVID-19 pandemic J. Cunningham-Erves, W. George, M. Sanderson, E. Stewart, S. W. Jin, J. Davis, H. M. Brandt
438 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Mar―04 The knowns and unknowns of long COVID-19: from mechanisms to therapeutical approaches Roxana Gheorghita, Iuliana Soldanescu, Andrei Lobiuc, Olga Adriana Caliman Sturdza, Roxana Filip, Adela Constantinescu - Bercu, et al. (+3)
439 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―04 SARS-CoV-2 presence in recreational seawater and evaluation of intestine permeability: experimental evidence of low impact on public health Clelia Norese, Elena Nicosia, Katia Cortese, Valentina Gentili, Roberta Rizzo, Sabrina Rizzo, et al. (+7)
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441 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2024―Mar―04 Detection of infectious SARS-CoV-2 in ocular samples is linked to viral load in the nasopharynx Janine Kimpel, Annika Rössler, David Bante, Wegene Borena, Dorothee von Laer, Claus Zehetner, et al. (+3)
442 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Mar―04 B-cell-depleted patients with persistent SARS-CoV-2 infection: combination therapy or monotherapy? A real-world experience Alessandra D’Abramo, Serena Vita, Alessia Beccacece, Assunta Navarra, Raffaella Pisapia, Francesco Maria Fusco, et al. (+5)
443 [GO] Acta Virologica 2024―Mar―04 SARS-CoV-2 spike protein increases angiotensin converting enzyme-2 expression and promotes an increase in glucose uptake in endothelial cells Mariana F. Campos, Larissa E. C. Constant, Douglas E. Teixeira, Rodrigo P. Silva-Aguiar, Patrícia R. M. Rocco, Ronaldo Mohana-Borges, et al. (+4)
444 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Mar―02 Changes in substance use among adolescents before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in Guatemala Jose Monzon, Joaquin Barnoya, Sophia Mus, Gustavo Davila, Desirée Vidaña-Pérez, James F. Thrasher
445 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―01 Meta-analysis of KAP toward COVID-19 in Chinese residents Jie Deng, Yu Fang, QiaoLing Wang, Yanyan Tian, Shumin Wang, Yuting Yang, et al. (+2)
446 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―01 Exposure to urban green spaces and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic: evidence from two low and lower-middle-income countries Muhammad Mainuddin Patwary, Mondira Bardhan, Hüseyin Ertan İnan, Matthew H. E. M. Browning, Asma Safia Disha, Md. Zahidul Haque, et al. (+15)
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448 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Mar―01 Differential change in alcohol consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic: the role of loneliness, socialization, and mental well-being Mohamed S. Mohamed, Gull Rukh, Sofia Vadlin, Susanne Olofsdotter, Cecilia Åslund, Helgi B. Schiöth, Kent W. Nilsson
449 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Mar―01 Attitudes toward COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy and breastfeeding Nesibe Simsekoglu, Enes Akyuz, Rabia Guven, Ozge Pasin
450 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2024―Mar―01 Beyond acute infection: molecular mechanisms underpinning cardiovascular complications in long COVID Roba Hamed Mostafa, Ahmed Moustafa
451 [GO] Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics 2024―Mar―01 Assessment of search strategies in Medline to identify studies on the impact of long COVID on workability Jean-François Gehanno, Isabelle Thaon, Carole Pelissier, Laetitia Rollin
452 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―29 Absence of short-term changes in knowledge and attitudes among household contacts of COVID-19 cases during the post-acute phase of the pandemic in Catalonia and Navarre, Spain Vanessa Bullón-Vela, Diana Toledo, Aitziber Echeverría, Pere Godoy, Manuel García Cenoz, Ignasi Parrón, et al. (+3)
453 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Feb―29 Association between prolonged stress caused by COVID-19 pandemic and earthquakes and quality of life, anxiety, depression, psychoactive substances, and problematic alcohol use in adult Croatian population Zrnka Kovačić Petrović, Tina Peraica, Mirta Blažev, Dragica Kozarić-Kovačić
454 [GO] Frontiers in Reproductive Health 2024―Feb―29 Preterm birth and stillbirth during COVID-19 pandemic in Bihor County/Romania Radu Galis, Paula Trif, Diana Mudura, Romina Murvai, Lucia Georgeta Daina, Florin Szasz, et al. (+6)
455 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―29 Predictive factors of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccination series completion: a one-year longitudinal web-based observational study in Japan Takaomi Kobayashi, Mikiko Tokiya, Akiko Matsumoto, Takashi Nakano, Yoshio Hirota, Megumi Hara
456 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Feb―29 Understanding COVID-19-associated endothelial dysfunction: role of PIEZO1 as a potential therapeutic target Xiaoting Zhang, Jinhai Liu, Xiaoming Deng, Lulong Bo
457 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Feb―29 Role cognition of assigned nurses supporting Hubei Province in the fight against COVID-19 in China: a hermeneutic phenomenological study Xu Zhang, Yaqian Wang, Yuanyuan Chen, Hailing Yang, Xiaorong Luan
458 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―29 Field based research in the era of the pandemic in resource limited settings: challenges and lessons for the future Rubina Mulchandani, Tanica Lyngdoh, Sheetal Gandotra, H. S. Isser, Rajinder K. Dhamija, Ashish Kumar Kakkar
459 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―29 Estimating sectoral COVID-19 economic losses in the Philippines using nighttime light and electricity consumption data Ma. Flordeliza P. Del Castillo, Toshio Fujimi, Hirokazu Tatano
460 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―29 Perceived social support and characteristics of social networks of families with children with special healthcare needs following the COVID-19 pandemic Anne Geweniger, Michael Barth, Anneke Haddad, Henriette Högl, Shrabon Insan, Annette Mund, Thorsten Langer
461 [GO] Frontiers in Health Services 2024―Feb―29 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and COVID vaccination campaign on imaging case volumes and medicolegal aspects Caterina Battaglia, Francesco Manti, Daniela Mazzuca, Antonio Cutruzzolà, Marcello Della Corte, Fiorella Caputo, et al. (+2)
462 [GO] Frontiers in Communication 2024―Feb―29 Unveiling misinformation on YouTube: examining the content of COVID-19 vaccination misinformation videos in Switzerland Edda Humprecht, Sabrina Heike Kessler
463 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Feb―29 Longitudinal rheumatoid factor autoantibody responses after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination or infection Sofie Keijzer, Nienke Oskam, Pleuni Ooijevaar-de Heer, Maurice Steenhuis, Jim B.D. Keijser, Luuk Wieske, et al. (+11)
464 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Feb―29 Meaning-making while staying connected matters in psychological adaptation during pandemic: a longitudinal moderated mediation study Bin-Na Kim, Hyo Shin Kang, Jungkyu Park
465 [GO] Frontiers in Health Services 2024―Feb―29 The role(s) of community health workers in primary health care reform in Kerala, before and during the COVID 19 pandemic: a qualitative study Hari Sankar D, Jaison Joseph, Gloria Benny, Surya Surendran, Santosh Kumar Sharma, Devaki Nambiar
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467 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Feb―28 Corrigendum: Brief research report: impact of vaccination on antibody responses and mortality from severe COVID-19 Bindu Adhikari, Joseph S. Bednash, Jeffrey C. Horowitz, Mark P. Rubinstein, Anastasia N. Vlasova
468 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―28 The spread in time and space of COVID-19 pandemic waves: the Italian experience from mortality data analyses Daniele del Re, Luigi Palla, Paolo Meridiani, Livia Soffi, Michele Tancredi Loiudice, Martina Antinozzi, Maria Sofia Cattaruzza
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470 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―28 Visible minority status and occupation were associated with increased COVID-19 infection in Greater Vancouver British Columbia between June and November 2020: an ecological study Binay Adhikari, Younathan Abdia, Notice Ringa, Felicity Clemens, Sunny Mak, Caren Rose, et al. (+3)
471 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―28 COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and attitudes of subjects with disability and their carers in Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional study Anwar A. Sayed
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474 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Feb―27 Potential marker subset of blood-circulating cytokines on hematopoietic progenitor-to-Th1 pathway in COVID-19 Yasuo Takashima, Tohru Inaba, Tasuku Matsuyama, Kengo Yoshii, Masami Tanaka, Kazumichi Matsumoto, et al. (+10)
475 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―27 The impact of public transportation on the transmission of COVID-19 in Rwanda Brigitte Umutoni, Jean Claude Tumushime, Benjamin Hewins, Jean Claude Udahemuka, Pacifique Ndishimye, David J. Kelvin, Gustavo Sganzerla Martinez
476 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Feb―27 COVID-19 mortality rate and its determinants in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis Temesgen Gebeyehu Wondmeneh, Jemal Abdu Mohammed
477 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―27 Data-driven, cross-disciplinary collaboration: lessons learned at the largest academic health center in Latin America during the COVID-19 pandemic Ana Paula Ritto, Adriana Ladeira de Araujo, Carlos Roberto Ribeiro de Carvalho, Heraldo Possolo De Souza, Patricia Manga e Silva Favaretto, Vivian Renata Boldrim Saboya, et al. (+33)
478 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Feb―27 Prosociality predicts changes in leisure activities during the COVID-19 pandemic Naoki Konishi, Motohiro Kimura, Yuji Takeda
479 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―27 Availability and use of telehealth services among patients with ADRD enrolled in traditional Medicare vs. Medicare advantage during the COVID-19 pandemic Nianyang Wang, Melvin Seale, Jie Chen
480 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―27 The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on air particulate matter exposure and heart attacks: a 5-year retrospective cohort study in Taiwan (2017-2021) Chih-Chien Yen, Po-Jen Hsiao, Chi-Ming Chu, Ping-Ling Chen
481 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―27 Impact of normalized COVID-19 prevention and control measures on lower respiratory tract infection pathogenesis in hospitalized children Yuan Feng, Huaixiao Zhang, Bo Zhang, Yinfei Zhou, Haibin Yuan
482 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―27 Salient beliefs related to secondary distribution of COVID-19 self-test kits within social networks Cedric H. Bien-Gund, Molly Sarbaugh, Lily Perrine, Karen Dugosh, Robert Gross, Jessica Fishman
483 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―27 Pandemic fatigue, behavioral intention and predictors of COVID-19 vaccination among individuals living with HIV in Bench Sheko Zone, in Southern Ethiopia, application of TBP: a facility based cross sectional study Melsew Setegn Alie, Gossa Fetene Abebe, Yilkal Negesse, Desalegn Girma, Amanuel Adugna
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485 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Feb―27 Greater usage and positive mood change for users of a dynamic VR app before and after the COVID-19 pandemic onset Jessica Housand, Allen Cornelius, Karen E. Shackleford
486 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2024―Feb―27 Genome sequence diversity of SARS-CoV-2 in Serbia: insights gained from a 3-year pandemic study Mirjana Novkovic, Bojana Banovic Djeri, Bojan Ristivojevic, Aleksandra Knezevic, Marko Jankovic, Vanja Tanasic, et al. (+8)
487 [GO] Frontiers in Endocrinology 2024―Feb―26 Updates in the pathophysiology of COVID-19 infection in male reproductive and sexual health: a literature review Meshari A. Alzahrani, Khalid O. Alkhani, Abdullah M. Alassaf, Jehad I. Alorainy, Saleh Binsaleh, Raed Almannie
488 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―26 Relationship between workplace violence and mental/physical health of security guards during the COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan Ying-Han Lee, Yun-Hsuan Wu, Chiu-Ying Chen, Patricia Chiao-Tzu Lee, Tzu-Hsien Lin, Chane-Yu Lai
489 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Feb―26 Relationship of autistic traits and the severity of fear of the COVID-19 pandemic in the general population Dominika Bieczek, Adrianna Ściślicka, Agnieszka Bobowska, Filip Tomsia, Krzysztof Maria Wilczyński, Małgorzata Janas-Kozik
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491 [GO] Frontiers in Physiology 2024―Feb―26 Editorial: Male fertility: lessons learnt from the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic Stefan S. Du Plessis, Eva Tvrdá, Walter D. Cardona Maya, Temidayo S. Omolaoye
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493 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―26 Access to health and social protection policies by homeless people during the COVID-19 pandemic: a mixed-methods case study on tailored inter-sector care during a health emergency Ana Luisa Jorge Martins, Anelise Andrade de Souza, Gabriela Drummond Marques da Silva, Ana Carolina de Moraes Teixeira Vilela Dantas, Rafaela Alves Marinho, Luísa da Matta Machado Fernandes, et al. (+3)
494 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―23 The Community Health Response Team: a culturally and linguistically tailored community response to COVID-19 addressing barriers to testing and vaccinations for refugee, immigrant and migrant communities in Atlanta, Georgia Feven Bekele, Kimberly Yu, Sam Archbold, Erin Mann, Elizabeth Dawson-Hahn, Omar Aziz
495 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Feb―23 It isn’t just Mom: Gendered provision of family and home responsibilities among emerging adults during COVID-19 Jessica L. Navarro, Morgan Brown, Todd Jensen, Mariani Weinstein, Michaeline Jensen
496 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Feb―23 Prevalence and associated factors of depression, anxiety and stress among clinical therapists in China in the context of early COVID-19 pandemic Rui Tao, Wenzheng Li, Kaiyuan Min, Daming Mo, Feng Geng, Lei Xia, et al. (+5)
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498 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Feb―23 Potential immune evasion of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 Omicron variants Luyi Chen, Ying He, Hongye Liu, Yongjun Shang, Guoning Guo
499 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2024―Feb―23 Clinical characteristics of 4,520 paediatric patients infected with the SARS-CoV-2 omicron variant, in Xi'an, China Jingwei Yue, Jin Cao, Lin Liu, Li Yin, Mingyue Li
500 [GO] Frontiers in Fungal Biology 2024―Feb―23 Healthcare-associated fungal infections and emerging pathogens during the COVID-19 pandemic Krish Shah, Mukund Deshpande, P. Shah
501 [GO] Frontiers in Ophthalmology 2024―Feb―23 Case report: A case of unilateral combined central retinal vein occlusion, incomplete central retinal artery occlusion, and papillitis following a third dose of COVID-19 vaccination Ami Furukawa, Yukihiko Suzuki, Narumi Nozuki, Naruki Kurosaka, Satomi Kogawa, Shinya Hara, Shinji Ueno
502 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2024―Feb―23 Identifying in-market application of Pelargonium root extract EPs 7630 for the treatment of COVID-19: analysis of pharmacovigilance data Fathi Abdul Malek, Petra Funk
503 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Feb―22 Evaluating the effects of circulating inflammatory proteins as drivers and therapeutic targets for severe COVID-19 Ancha Baranova, Jing Luo, Li Fu, Guanqun Yao, Fuquan Zhang
504 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―22 Willingness to receive the second booster of COVID-19 vaccine among older adults with cancer: a stratified analysis in four provinces of China Liangyuan Zhang, Jianzhou Yang, Rila Su, Xinquan Lan, Moxin Song, Lei Zhang, Junjie Xu
505 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Feb―22 Dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 immunity after vaccination and breakthrough infection in rituximab-treated rheumatoid arthritis patients: a prospective cohort study Hassen Kared, Ingrid Jyssum, Amin Alirezaylavasani, Ingrid M. Egner, Trung The Tran, Lisa Tietze, et al. (+11)
506 [GO] Frontiers in Chemistry 2024―Feb―22 Harnessing Brazilian biodiversity database: identification of flavonoids as potential inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 main protease using computational approaches and all-atom molecular dynamics simulation João Augusto Pereira da Rocha, Renato Araújo da Costa, Andreia do Socorro Silva da Costa, Elaine Cristina Medeiros da Rocha, Anderson José Bahia Gomes, Alencar Kolinski Machado, et al. (+3)
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508 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―22 Corrigendum: Detection of COVID-19 epidemic outbreak using machine learning Giphil Cho, Jeong Rye Park, Yongin Choi, Hyeonjeong Ahn, Hyojung Lee
509 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Feb―22 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the well-being, work conditions, and education of early career psychiatrists in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region: study protocol Seyedeh Reihaneh Hosseini, Ahmad Hajebi, Mohammadreza Shalbafan, Farnaz Ghannadi, Amine Larnaout, Marwa Nofal, et al. (+2)
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512 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―22 A review of the clinical characteristics and management of immunosuppressed patients living with HIV or solid organ transplants infected with SARS-CoV-2 omicron variants Yan Song, Lixin Lou, Kaiyu Zhang
513 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Feb―22 A case of IgG4-related ophthalmic disease after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination: case report and literature review Peixuan Zhang, Qian Wu, Xiao Xu, Minliang Chen
514 [GO] Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 2024―Feb―21 Forests serve vulnerable groups in times of crises: improved mental health of older adults by individual forest walking during the COVID-19 pandemic Kiki Ekiawan Lamatungga, Magdaléna Pichlerová, Kanovská Halamová, Martin Kanovský, Dhanalakshmi Tamatam, Daniela Ježová, Viliam Pichler
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521 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Feb―21 Design and effectiveness of an online group logotherapy intervention on the mental health of Iranian international students in European countries during the COVID-19 pandemic Shirin Rahgozar, Lydia Giménez-Llort
522 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―21 Trend of suicide by self-immolation in a 13-year timeline: was the COVID-19 pandemic a potentially important stressor? Jelena V. Jeremic, Jovan M. Mihaljevic, Ivan L. J. Radosavljevic, Milana M. Jurisic, Branko J. Suđecki, Milan T. Stojicic, et al. (+7)
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528 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2024―Feb―21 Natural products as a source of Coronavirus entry inhibitors Dávid Szabó, Andrew Crowe, Cyril Mamotte, Padraig Strappe
529 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Feb―21 Corrigendum: Experimental validation of immunogenic SARS-CoV-2 T cell epitopes identified by artificial intelligence Lorenzo Federico, Brandon Malone, Simen Tennøe, Viktoriia Chaban, Julie Røkke Osen, Murat Gainullin, et al. (+7)
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531 [GO] Frontiers in Nutrition 2024―Feb―21 Editorial: Long COVID: nutrition and lifestyle changes Germano Guerra, Angela Lucariello, Klara Komici
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647 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―07 Self-managing symptoms of Long COVID: an education and strategies research protocol Julia Rybkina, Nithin Jacob, Brenda Colella, David Gold, Donna E. Stewart, Lesley A. Ruttan, et al. (+4)
648 [GO] Frontiers in Nutrition 2024―Feb―06 An insight into market and non-market alternative food networks in Czechia during Covid-19 and beyond Zdeňka Smutná, Jan Vávra, Barbora Duží
649 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Feb―06 Mental distress, food insecurity and university student dropout during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020: evidence from South Africa Fezile Wagner, Ryan G. Wagner, Lerato P. Makuapane, Mxolisi Masango, Unathi Kolanisi, Francesc Xavier Gómez-Olivé
650 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Feb―06 Successful salvage of a severe COVID-19 patient previously with lung cancer and radiation pneumonitis by mesenchymal stem cells: a case report and literature review Xiaohua Huang, Xin Tan, Xiuwen Xie, Tingshu Jiang, Yang Xiao, Zenghui Liu
651 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2024―Feb―06 Individual ingredients of NP-101 (Thymoquinone formula) inhibit SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirus infection Abdelrahim Maen, Betul Gok Yavuz, Yehia I. Mohamed, Abdullah Esmail, Jianming Lu, Amr Mohamed, et al. (+9)
652 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―Feb―06 Building back better? The role of education sector responses in strengthening or eroding societal resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic Ritesh Shah, Jennifer Flemming, Julie Chinnery, Gwen Heaner
653 [GO] Frontiers in Political Science 2024―Feb―06 A global crisis manager during the COVID-19 pandemic? The OECD and health governance Sooahn Meier, Kerstin Martens
654 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Feb―06 Corrigendum: Heterologous vaccination with inactivated vaccine and mRNA vaccine augments antibodies against both spike and nucleocapsid proteins of SARS-CoV-2: a local study in Macao Hoi Man Ng, Chon Lok Lei, Siyi Fu, Enqin Li, Sek In Leong, Chu Iong Nip, et al. (+5)
655 [GO] Frontiers in Political Science 2024―Feb―06 How national models of solidarity shaped public support for policy responses to the COVID-19 crisis in 2020-2021 Achim Goerres, Mark I. Vail
656 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Feb―06 Editorial: Psychological impact of COVID-19 on individuals: through active choices and passive adaption Wanshan Wu, Haijing Liu, Shanshan Liu, Jianchun Fang, Macro Chi Keung Lau, Cheng Yan
657 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Feb―06 Editorial: The impact of COVID-19 on internet addiction, suicidal behavior, and study behavior in adolescents in various cultural contexts Mao-Sheng Ran, Yunyu Xiao, Hans Rohlof
658 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Feb―05 The context of COVID-19 affected the long-term sleep quality of older adults more than SARS-CoV-2 infection Vanessa Giffoni M. N. P. Peixoto, Lucas Alves Facci, Thiago C. S. Barbalho, Raíssa Nascimento Souza, Alice Mendes Duarte, Katie Moraes Almondes
659 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Feb―05 Depression, anxiety, lower sleep quality and social support in square cabin hospitals during Shanghai’s COVID-19 lockdown, China Li Quan, Shuyu Xu, Hao Xu, Feng Chen, Shengyong Wu, Jiaqi Zhu, et al. (+2)
660 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Feb―05 ‘We are all in the same boat’: a qualitative cross-sectional analysis of COVID-19 pandemic imagery in scientific literature and its use for people working in the German healthcare sector Andreas M. Baranowski, Rebecca Blank, Katja Maus, Simone C. Tüttenberg, Julia-K. Matthias, Anna C. Culmann, et al. (+3)
661 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2024―Feb―05 Antiviral responses versus virus-induced cellular shutoff: a game of thrones between influenza A virus NS1 and SARS-CoV-2 Nsp1 Ahmed Magdy Khalil, Aitor Nogales, Luis Martínez-Sobrido, Ahmed Mostafa
662 [GO] Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 2024―Feb―05 Virus sequencing performance during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: a retrospective analysis of data from multiple rounds of external quality assessment in Austria Jeremy V. Camp, Elisabeth Puchhammer-Stöckl, Stephan W. Aberle, Christoph Buchta
663 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Feb―05 Multifaceted role of SARS-CoV-2 structural proteins in lung injury Guoping Zheng, Guanguan Qiu, Huifeng Qian, Qiang Shu, Jianguo Xu
664 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Feb―05 Modality and terminology changes for behavioral health service delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic review Kimberly S. Elliott, Eman H. Nabulsi, Nicholas Sims-Rhodes, Vandy Dubre, Emily Barena, Nelly Yuen, et al. (+4)
665 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Feb―05 Central nervous system immune-related disorders after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination: a multicenter study Alberto Vogrig, Sara Tartaglia, Marta Dentoni, Martina Fabris, Francesco Bax, Marco Belluzzo, et al. (+13)
666 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Feb―05 Intramuscular vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 transiently induces neutralizing IgG rather than IgA in the saliva Stephan Winklmeier, Heike Rübsamen, Ceren Özdemir, Paul R. Wratil, Gaia Lupoli, Marcel Stern, et al. (+13)
667 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2024―Feb―02 Case Report: COVID-19 exacerbates acute lower limb ischemia in patients with popliteal artery entrapment syndrome Li Bo, Du Xiaojiong
668 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Feb―02 Relationships between psychopathological symptoms, pandemic-related stress, perceived social support, and COVID-19 infection history: a network analysis in Chinese college students Chi Kei Krystal Lee, Kwun Nam Joe Chan, Sau Man Corine Wong, Hou Sem Gabbie Wong, Hiu Ching Janet Lei, Yuen Kiu So, et al. (+7)
669 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―Feb―02 “I have no idea how I will get a stipend”: the impact of COVID-19 on graduate students’ financial security Fubiao Zhen, Taylor Graves-Boswell, Michael S. Rugh, Jake M. Clough
670 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―02 Serological screening in a large-scale municipal survey in Cascais, Portugal, during the first waves of the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons for future pandemic preparedness efforts Sofia G. Seabra, Francisco Merca, Bernardo Pereira, Ivo Fonseca, Ana Cláudia Carvalho, Vera Brito, et al. (+7)
671 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―02 Practice and proficiency of Isha Yoga for better mental health outcomes: insights from a COVID-19 survey Saketh Malipeddi, Seema Mehrotra, John P. John, Bindu M. Kutty
672 [GO] Frontiers in Genetics 2024―Feb―02 Identification of potential therapeutic targets for COVID-19 through a structural-based similarity approach between SARS-CoV-2 and its human host proteins Alvea Tasneem, Armiya Sultan, Prithvi Singh, Hridoy R. Bairagya, Hassan Hussain Almasoudi, Abdulfattah Yahya M. Alhazmi, et al. (+8)
673 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Feb―02 Utility of bronchoalveolar lavage for COVID-19: a perspective from the Dragon consortium Sara Tomassetti, Luca Ciani, Valentina Luzzi, Leonardo Gori, Marco Trigiani, Leonardo Giuntoli, et al. (+27)
674 [GO] Frontiers in Nanotechnology 2024―Feb―02 Synthesis and evaluation of gold nanoparticles conjugated with five antigenic peptides derived from the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 for vaccine development Susan Farfán-Castro, Mariano J. García-Soto, Lourdes Betancourt-Mendiola, Jacquelynne Cervantes, René Segura, Omar González-Ortega, Sergio Rosales-Mendoza
675 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Feb―02 A SARS-CoV-2 RBD vaccine fused to the chemokine MIP-3α elicits sustained murine antibody responses over 12 months and enhanced lung T-cell responses James Tristan Gordy, Yinan Hui, Courtney Schill, Tianyin Wang, Fengyixin Chen, Kaitlyn Fessler, et al. (+10)
676 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―01 Child labor and associated risk factors in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic: a scoping review Rima R. Habib, Moussa El Khayat, Joly Ghanawi, Reem S. Katrib, Layal Hneiny, Dana A. Halwani
677 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Feb―01 Extremism, knowledge, and overconfidence in the covid-19 restriction times Tsuyoshi Hatori, Netra Prakash Bhandary
678 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Feb―01 Factors influencing coping skills of middle-aged adults in COVID-19, South Korea Minkyung Gu, Heeyoung Woo, Sohyune Sok
679 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Feb―01 Perceived stress of COVID-19 pandemic and problematic mobile phone use during quarantine conditions among Chinese adolescents: a mediated moderation model Shuyang Jiang, Lifan Zhang
680 [GO] International Journal of Public Health 2024―Feb―01 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on COPD Patient Mortality: A Nationwide Study in France Jonas Poucineau, Myriam Khlat, Nathanaël Lapidus, Maude Espagnacq, Christos Chouaïd, Tristan Delory, Sophie Le Coeur
681 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Jan―31 The crisis is over, long live the crisis: mental health in emerging adulthood during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic Janine Wirkner, Eva-Lotta Brakemeier
682 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―31 Lonely and scrolling during the COVID-19 pandemic: understanding the problematic social media use and mental health link among university students Leen K. Ghanayem, Holly Shannon, Lida Khodr, Robyn J. McQuaid, Kim G.C. Hellemans
683 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Jan―31 Dynamics of Whole Transcriptome Analysis (WTA) and Surface markers expression (AbSeq) in Immune Cells of COVID-19 Patients and Recovered captured through Single Cell Genomics Jyoti Soni, Partha Chattopadhyay, Priyanka Mehta, Ramakant Mohite, Kishore Tardalkar, Meghnad Joshi, Rajesh Pandey
684 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Jan―31 Digital health for remote home monitoring of patients with COVID-19 requiring oxygen: a cohort study and literature review Johann Chaytee, Aurélien Dinh, Emma D’Anglejan, Frédérique Bouchand, Karim Jaffal, Clara Duran, Catherine Le Gall
685 [GO] Frontiers in Drug Safety and Regulation 2024―Jan―31 Menstrual disorders following COVID-19 vaccination: a review using a systematic search Veerle R. Smaardijk, Rana Jajou, Agnes Kant, Florence P. A. M. van Hunsel
686 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―31 Hospital pharmacists’ mental health during home isolation in the post-pandemic era of COVID-19: influencing factors, coping strategies, and the mediating effect of resilience Zhao Yin, XiangYu Wang, Xiaojing Lu, Hang Fu
687 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―31 Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on epidemiological changes of severe pediatric respiratory syncytial virus infections in Malaysia Chee Mun Chan, Asrul Abdul Wahab, Adli Ali
688 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Jan―31 Corrigendum: Assessment of risk scores to predict mortality of COVID-19 patients admitted to the intensive care unit Matheus Carvalho Alves Nogueira, Vandack Nobre, Magda Carvalho Pires, Lucas Emanuel Ferreira Ramos, Yara Cristina Neves Marques Barbosa Ribeiro, Rubia Laura Oliveira Aguiar, et al. (+36)
689 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―31 China and the WHO pandemic treaty: a dive into stance, underpinnings, and implications Ying Huang, Shisong Jiang, Emmanuel Kumah
690 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―30 Nutritional knowledge, attitudes, and practices among residents in the Northeast areas of China during the COVID-19 epidemic Liyan Hou, Xueyan Xia, Ying Du, Yu Zhang, Shuangshuang Li, Wen Liu, et al. (+4)
691 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Jan―30 Ideological differences in COVID-19 vaccine intention: the effects of trust in the healthcare system, in complementary and alternative medicine, and perceived threat from the disease Monika Lamot, Katja Kerman, Andrej Kirbiš
692 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2024―Jan―30 Questionnaire survey of risk factors for recurrence of ocular inflammation in patients with uveitis after SARS-CoV-2 infection Zonghui Ma, Ying Chi, Chunying Guo, Jing Zhang, Liu Yang
693 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―30 Ethnic and racial differences in self-reported symptoms, health status, activity level, and missed work at 3 and 6 months following SARS-CoV-2 infection Kelli N. O’Laughlin, Robin E. Klabbers, Imtiaz Ebna Mannan, Nicole L. Gentile, Rachel E. Geyer, Zihan Zheng, et al. (+24)
694 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―30 Psoriasis and biological drugs at the time of SARS-CoV-2 infection: a mini review outlining risk of infection, seroprevalence, and safety and efficacy of the BNT162b2 vaccine Janosch Railton, Martina Volonté, Eugenio Isoletta, Alice Bonelli, Stefania Barruscotti, Valeria Brazzelli
695 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―30 Efficacy of sotrovimab on omicron BA.2, BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants of sars-cov-2 vs. other early therapies: a systematic review and meta-analysis of literature data Antonio Russo, Pierantonio Grimaldi, Mariantonietta Pisaturo, Lorenzo Onorato, Nicola Coppola
696 [GO] Frontiers in Endocrinology 2024―Jan―30 Investigating the shared genetic architecture between COVID-19 and obesity: a large-scale genome wide cross-trait analysis Yanjing Chen, Chunhua Fan, Jun Liu
697 [GO] Public Health Reviews 2024―Jan―29 The Intersections of COVID-19 Global Health Governance and Population Health Priorities: Equity-Related Lessons Learned From Canada and Selected G20 Countries Muriel Mac-Seing, Erica Di Ruggiero
698 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―29 Association between love breakup and suicidal ideation in Peruvian medical students: a cross-sectional study during the COVID-19 pandemic Danai Valladares-Garrido, J. Pierre Zila-Velasque, Flor M. Santander-Hernández, Miguel A. Guevara-Morales, Noelia Morocho-Alburqueque, Virgilio E. Failoc-Rojas, et al. (+4)
699 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―29 Exploring refugees’ health care access in times of COVID-19: a quantitative study in the Lisbon region, Portugal Vanessa Portela, Sousan Hamwi, Maria R. Oliveira Martins
700 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―29 An early warning indicator of mortality risk in patients with COVID-19: the neutrophil extracellular traps/neutrophilic segmented granulocyte ratio Qiong Wang, Yu Qin, Jingyun Ma, Kehao Zhou, Guiping Xia, Ya Li, et al. (+6)
701 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―29 Bioinformatic analysis of defective viral genomes in SARS-CoV-2 and its impact on population infection characteristics Zhaobin Xu, Qingzhi Peng, Jian Song, Hongmei Zhang, Dongqing Wei, Jacques Demongeot, Qiangcheng Zeng
702 [GO] Frontiers in Nutrition 2024―Jan―29 Association of major dietary patterns with socioeconomic status, obesity, and contracting COVID-19 among Iranian adults Maryam Maharat, Mehran Rahimlou, Ali Sioofi, Seyedeh Forough Sajjadi, Seyedeh Parisa Moosavian
703 [GO] Frontiers in Endocrinology 2024―Jan―29 Impact of COVID-19 convalescence on pregnancy outcomes in patients undergoing IVF/ICSI during fresh ART cycles: a retrospective cohort study Mingya Cao, Yan Han, Tengfei Feng, Peiyang Lu, Yue Wang, Qingyun Sun, et al. (+2)
704 [GO] Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence 2024―Jan―29 COVID-19 lateral flow test image classification using deep CNN and StyleGAN2 Vishnu Pannipulath Venugopal, Lakshmi Babu Saheer, Mahdi Maktabdar Oghaz
705 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―29 Therapeutic alliance with psychotherapist versus dietician: a pilot study of eating disorder treatment in a multidisciplinary team during the COVID-19 pandemic Roni Elran-Barak, Rinat Grundman-Shem Tov, Eynat Zubery, Yael D. Lewis
706 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Jan―29 Online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic: the wellbeing of Chinese migrant children-a case study in Shanghai Qifan Ding, Qiaobing Wu, Qi Zhou
707 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―29 COVID-19 waves in an urban setting 2020-2022: an electronic medical record analysis Yi-shuan Elaine Chen, Susan H. Gawel, Pankaja Desai, Juan Rojas, Hannah J. Barbian, Nagarjuna Tippireddy, et al. (+5)
708 [GO] Frontiers in Sociology 2024―Jan―26 Experiences and lessons from structural interventions against COVID-19 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Kibur Engdawork, Ezana Amdework, Samuel Assefa, Desta Ayode, Getnet Tadele
709 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―26 Productive art engagement in a hybrid format: effects on emotions of older adults during COVID-19 pandemic Magali Payne, Kevin Galery, Alexandra Plonka, Justine Lemaire, Alexandre Derreumaux, Roxane Fabre, et al. (+7)
710 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―26 The association between Long-COVID symptomology, perceived symptom burden and mental health in COVID-19 patients in Shijiazhuang, China: a population-based health survey Yufei Li, Lawrence T. Lam, Ying Xiao, Zhengqi Qiu, Yanming Zhang
711 [GO] Frontiers in Global Women s Health 2024―Jan―26 Acceptance and hesitancy of COVID-19 vaccination among Saudi pregnant women Sereen Hawsawi, Abeer Orabi, Hend Alnajjar
712 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Jan―26 COVID-19-related retinal microvasculopathy and systemic implications in patients with severe disease: results from the Methuselah study Niccolò Castellino, Antonio Longo, Andrea Russo, Vincenza Bonfiglio, Matteo Fallico, Mario Damiano Toro, et al. (+10)
713 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―26 Low pre-existing endemic human coronavirus (HCoV-NL63)-specific T cell frequencies are associated with impaired SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell responses in people living with HIV Tiza L. Ng’uni, Vernon Musale, Thandeka Nkosi, Jonathan Mandolo, Memory Mvula, Clive Michelo, et al. (+8)
714 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―26 Corrigendum: Antimicrobial resistance in the COVID-19 landscape: is there an opportunity for anti-infective antibodies and antimicrobial peptides? José M. Pérez de la Lastra, Uttpal Anand, Sergio González-Acosta, Manuel R. López, Abhijit Dey, Elza Bontempi, Antonio Morales delaNuez
715 [GO] Frontiers in Digital Health 2024―Jan―25 An investigation of mHealth and digital health literacy among new parents during COVID-19 Lorie Donelle, Brad Hiebert, Jodi Hall
716 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―25 The relationship of social support to posttraumatic growth in COVID-19 among college students after experiencing campus lockdown: the effects of belief in a just world and meaning in life Aoyu Wu
717 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―25 Case report: Ensitrelvir for treatment of persistent COVID-19 in lymphoma patients: a report of two cases Chiho Furuya, Hajime Yasuda, Makoto Hiki, Shuichi Shirane, Tomohito Yamana, Ayana Uchimura, et al. (+4)
718 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―25 A systematic review of studies on stress during the COVID-19 pandemic by visualizing their structure through COOC, VOS viewer, and Cite Space software Liyun Lu, Guiping Liu, Yanhua Xu, Jinxiu Jiang, Zizi Wei
719 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Jan―25 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the psychological aspects and mental health of elite soccer athletes: a systematic review Alexandro Andrade, Anderson D'Oliveira, Henrique Pereira Neiva, Gilberto Gaertner, Whyllerton Mayron da Cruz
720 [GO] Frontiers in Built Environment 2024―Jan―25 Evaluation of an emergency room in operation during the COVID-19 pandemic: diagnoses and recommendations concerning environmental factors Vitória Sanches Lemes Soares, Sheila Walbe Ornstein, Ana Judite Galbiatti Limongi França
721 [GO] Frontiers in Endocrinology 2024―Jan―25 Profiling endogenous adrenal function during veno-venous ECMO support in COVID-19 ARDS: a descriptive analysis Clemens Baumgartner, Peter Wolf, Alexander Hermann, Sebastian König, Mathias Maleczek, Daniel Laxar, et al. (+7)
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724 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―24 Review of Israel’s action and response during the COVID-19 pandemic and tabletop exercise for the evaluation of readiness and resilience-lessons learned 2020-2021 Khitam Muhsen, Dani Cohen, Aharona Glatman-Freedman, Sari Husseini, Saritte Perlman, Carrie McNeil
725 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―24 Increasing and sustaining blood-borne virus screening in Spain and Portugal throughout the COVID-19 pandemic: a multi-center quality improvement intervention Inês Vaz-Pinto, Enrique Ortega, Ivan Chivite, María Butí, Juan Turnes-Vázquez, Vítor Magno-Pereira, et al. (+17)
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728 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Jan―24 SARS-CoV-2 and chronic myeloid leukemia: a systematic review Elrazi A. Ali, Anas Al-Sadi, Qusai Al-maharmeh, Eihab A. Subahi, Amulya Bellamkonda, Madhumati Kalavar, et al. (+3)
729 [GO] Transplant International 2024―Jan―24 COVID-19 Outcomes in Lung Transplant Recipients Following Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis With Tixagevimab-Cilgavimab During the Omicron BA.5 Surge: A Single Center Analysis Saartje Demolder, Veronique Schaevers, Katrien Lagrou, Paul De Munter, Hanne Beeckmans, Geert M. Verleden, et al. (+5)
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733 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Jan―23 The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the diagnosis and prognosis of melanoma 2 years after the pandemic in two Romanian counties Adina Patricia Apostu, Ștefan Cristian Vesa, Simona Frățilă, Gabriela Iancu, Nona Bejinariu, Maximilian Muntean, et al. (+4)
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735 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―23 Prevalence and factors associated with depression and anxiety among COVID-19 survivors in Dhaka city Md. Golam Kibria, Russell Kabir, Ummay Salma Rahman, Shakil Ahmed, SM Sayadat Amin, Md. Mahbubur Rahman, SM Yasir Arafat
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737 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Jan―22 Editorial: Burnout syndrome and PTSD in physicians and their relation after COVID-19 Carlos Aníbal Martínez-Martínez
738 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2024―Jan―22 Unraveling the impact of nitric oxide, almitrine, and their combination in COVID-19 (at the edge of sepsis) patients: a systematic review Ying Wang, Qian Yu, Yuan Tian, Shiying Ren, Liping Liu, Chaojie Wei, et al. (+4)
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740 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―22 Associations of rumination, behavioral activation, and perceived reward with mothers’ postpartum depression during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study Miki Matsunaga, Junko Okajima, Kaichiro Furutani, Noriko Kusakabe, Nanako Nakamura-Taira
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743 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2024―Jan―22 The pediatric gut bacteriome and virome in response to SARS-CoV-2 infection Antonia Piazzesi, Stefania Pane, Federica Del Chierico, Lorenza Romani, Andrea Campana, Paolo Palma, Lorenza Putignani
744 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―22 Early immune factors associated with the development of post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection in hospitalized and non-hospitalized individuals Jacqueline M. Leung, Michelle J. Wu, Pouya Kheradpour, Chen Chen, Katherine A. Drake, Gary Tong, et al. (+18)
745 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2024―Jan―22 An interpretative review of the wastewater-based surveillance of the SARS-CoV-2: where do we stand on its presence and concern? Gayatri Gogoi, Sarangthem Dinamani Singh, Emon Kalyan, Devpratim Koch, Pronami Gogoi, Mrinmoy Kshattry, et al. (+4)
746 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―22 COVID-19 prevention and control measures and experiences during the 14th National Games of China: a qualitative interview study Nan Li, Shike Hou, Yongzhong Zhang, Lulu Yao, Tiantian Li
747 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―22 Cross-protection induced by highly conserved human B, CD4+, and CD8+ T-cell epitopes-based vaccine against severe infection, disease, and death caused by multiple SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern Swayam Prakash, Nisha R. Dhanushkodi, Latifa Zayou, Izabela Coimbra Ibraim, Afshana Quadiri, Pierre Gregoire Coulon, et al. (+13)
748 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―Jan―22 Resilience and self-regulated learning as predictors of student competence gain in times of the COVID 19 pandemic - evidence from a binational sample Margarete Imhof, Debra Worthington, Julian Burger, Henrik Bellhäuser
749 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―22 Prevalence, predictors, and patient-reported outcomes of long COVID in hospitalized and non-hospitalized patients from the city of São Paulo, Brazil Daniel Tavares Malheiro, Sabrina Bernardez-Pereira, Kauê Capellato Junqueira Parreira, João Gabriel Dias Pagliuso, Emerson de Paula Gomes, Daisa de Mesquita Escobosa, et al. (+12)
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753 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―18 Association of perceived stress and sleep quality among medical students: the mediating role of anxiety and depression symptoms during COVID-19 Wanmin Huang, Xueke Wen, Yunjia Li, Chunliu Luo
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755 [GO] Frontiers in Sociology 2024―Jan―18 Multiple disadvantages: class, social capital, and well-being of ethnic minority groups in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic Yaojun Li, Lin Ding
756 [GO] Frontiers in Geochemistry 2024―Jan―18 The perturbation of PAHs on mosses in Aberdeen, Scotland, as a consequence of social restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic Thomas S. Daniya, Stephen A. Bowden
757 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―18 COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy in Australia: a public health issue Minh-Hoang Tran
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773 [GO] Frontiers in Veterinary Science 2024―Jan―16 Editorial: Interdisciplinary approaches in veterinary sciences after COVID-19 Ariel L. Rivas, Stephen D. Smith
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785 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―15 Why do democracies respond differently to COVID-19? A comparison of the United States and South Korea Yexin Mao
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802 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―11 Guiding future research on psychological interventions in people with COVID-19 and post COVID syndrome and comorbid emotional disorders based on a systematic review Verónica Martínez-Borba, Laura Martínez-García, Óscar Peris-Baquero, Jorge Osma, Esther del Corral-Beamonte
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812 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 2024―Jan―11 Research on China’s agricultural product sales transformation: online marketing mix strategy and performance on post pandemic area Yaqiong Zhang
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817 [GO] Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence 2024―Jan―11 Artificial intelligence in healthcare: combining deep learning and Bayesian optimization to forecast COVID-19 confirmed cases Areej Alhhazmi, Ahmad Alferidi, Yahya A. Almutawif, Hatim Makhdoom, Hibah M. Albasri, Ben Slama Sami
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824 [GO] Frontiers in Energy Research 2024―Jan―11 The relationship between electricity consumption, trade, and GDP and the effect of COVID-19: a panel ARDL approach on the Visegrad countries Erginbay Uğurlu, Irena Jindřichovská
825 [GO] Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence 2024―Jan―11 A survey on the role of artificial intelligence in managing Long COVID Ijaz Ahmad, Alessia Amelio, Arcangelo Merla, Francesca Scozzari
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827 [GO] Frontiers in Big Data 2024―Jan―10 Trends of the COVID-19 dynamics in 2022 and 2023 vs. the population age, testing and vaccination levels Igor Nesteruk
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829 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 2024―Jan―10 Effects of the COVID-19 induced cotton crisis on agricultural production and livelihoods of smallholders in southern Mali Arouna Dissa, Maja Slingerland, Ken E. Giller, Katrien Descheemaeker
830 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―10 Exposure to IQOS ads and reduced exposure claims, and association with perceived risk from COVID-19 on IQOS purchase and use intentions: results from a web-based survey Akshika Sharma, Brian Fix, Andrew Hyland, Maansi Bansal-Travers, Amanda Quisenberry, Richard O’Connor
831 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Jan―10 Characteristics of retracted research papers before and during the COVID-19 pandemic Yuki Furuse
832 [GO] Frontiers in Sleep 2024―Jan―10 Impact of COVID-19 pandemic in children using non-invasive ventilation: a thematic analysis of caregivers answers to a survey study Lauren Dobson, Ella Milne, Heather Halperin, Deborah Olmstead, Shannon D. Scott, Maria L. Castro-Codesal
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835 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2024―Jan―10 Case report: Enhancing prognosis in severe COVID-19 through human herpes virus coinfection treatment strategies Ye Lu, Cuihong Wang, Yuan Wang, Yu Chen, Li Zhao, Yu Li
836 [GO] Frontiers in Endocrinology 2024―Jan―10 Interactions between COVID-19 infection and diabetes Hassan M. Heshmati
837 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―10 Otorhinolaryngologic complications after COVID-19 vaccination, vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS) Jieun Shin, Sung Ryul Shim, Jaekwang Lee, Hyon Shik Ryu, Jong-Yeup Kim
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841 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Jan―09 Case reports as early safety signals: learning from the COVID-19 vaccination campaign Michel Goldman, Rebecca E. Chandler
842 [GO] Frontiers in Political Science 2024―Jan―09 Gender roles and political ideology in the pandemic: experimental evidence from Western Europe Christophe Lesschaeve, Josip Glaurdić, Conchita D'Ambrosio, Claus Vögele
843 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―09 Editorial: COVID-19 booster vaccination: increasing immunity against life-threatening infection Ritthideach Yorsaeng, Kamolthip Atsawawaranunt, Abanoub Riad
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846 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―08 A 4-year prospective investigation of predictive effects of prepandemic sexual stigma, affective symptoms, and family support on fear of COVID-19 among lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals Mei-Feng Huang, Yu-Ping Chang, Wen-Jiun Chou, Cheng-Fang Yen
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848 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2024―Jan―08 Assessing the efficacy and safety of Yinqiao powder-maxing Ganshi decoction in the treatment of the major symptoms of mild and moderate COVID-19 by telemedicine-study protocol for a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial Chi Him Sum, Tong Wendy Li, Hongwei Zhang, Hing Yu Hung, Ben Yuk Fai Fong, Wai Ling Lin, et al. (+6)
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851 [GO] Frontiers in Energy Research 2024―Jan―08 Residential load forecasting by a PSO-tuned ANFIS2 method considering the COVID-19 influence S. M. Mahfuz Alam, Mohd. Hasan Ali
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857 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―08 Impact of leisure satisfaction on perceived risk of infectious disease during the COVID-19 pandemic: evidence from new worker classes Young-Jae Kim, Young-Min Ban, Seung-Woo Kang
858 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―08 Continuity of care for patients with dementia during COVID-19 pandemic: flexibility and integration between in-person and remote visits Daniele Emedoli, Elise Houdayer, Pasquale Anthony Della Rosa, Alice Zito, Luigia Brugliera, Paolo Cimino, et al. (+4)
859 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―08 Prevalence of poor sleep quality in COVID-19 patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis Zhen Gui, Yue-Ying Wang, Jia-Xin Li, Xiao-Hong Li, Zhaohui Su, Teris Cheung, et al. (+5)
860 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―08 Prevalence of depressive symptoms and correlates among individuals who self-reported SARS-CoV-2 infection after optimizing the COVID-19 response in China Liangjia Wei, Jiao Qin, Zhifeng Lin, Xinju Huang, Jinfeng He, Dee Yu, et al. (+17)
861 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―08 Effect of the number of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination shots on the occurrence of pneumonia, severe pneumonia, and death in SARS-CoV-2-infected patients Shijun Xin, Wei Chen, Qilin Yu, Li Gao, Genjie Lu
862 [GO] Frontiers in Nutrition 2024―Jan―08 Tomato-made edible COVID-19 vaccine TOMAVAC induces neutralizing IgGs in the blood sera of mice and humans Zabardast T. Buriev, Shukhrat E. Shermatov, Dilshod E. Usmanov, Mukhammadjon K. Mirzakhmedov, Khurshida A. Ubaydullaeva, Venera S. Kamburova, et al. (+16)
863 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―08 The impact of urban spatial environment on COVID-19: a case study in Beijing Zhen Yang, Jiaxuan Li, Yu Li, Xiaowen Huang, Anran Zhang, Yue Lu, et al. (+2)
864 [GO] Frontiers in Neuroscience 2024―Jan―08 The determinants of COVID-induced brain dysfunctions after SARS-CoV-2 infection in hospitalized patients Shahwar Yasir, Yu Jin, Fuleah A. Razzaq, Antonio Caballero-Moreno, Lidice Galán-García, Peng Ren, et al. (+4)
865 [GO] Frontiers in Nutrition 2024―Jan―08 Shedding light on the next pandemic path, from outpatient to ICU, the effect of vitamin D deficiency in the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic F. Celikmen, V. Tunaligil, E. C. Keles, D. S. M. Celikmen, S. Sarikaya
866 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―08 Microfluidic antibody profiling after repeated SARS-CoV-2 vaccination links antibody affinity and concentration to impaired immunity and variant escape in patients on anti-CD20 therapy Ashley Priddey, Michael Xin Hua Chen-Xu, Daniel James Cooper, Serena MacMillan, Georg Meisl, Catherine K. Xu, et al. (+10)
867 [GO] Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence 2024―Jan―08 Commentary: How to have agency in a pandemic Rodney H. Jones
868 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―08 Risk of newly diagnosed interstitial lung disease after COVID-19 and impact of vaccination: a nationwide population-based cohort study Bo-Guen Kim, Hyun Lee, Cho Yun Jeong, Sang Woo Yeom, Dong Won Park, Tai Sun Park, et al. (+6)
869 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―08 Gene crosstalk between COVID-19 and preeclampsia revealed by blood transcriptome analysis Yijing Chu, Min Li, Mingze Sun, Jing Wang, Wan Xin, Lin Xu
870 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Jan―08 Younger age is associated with cardiovascular pathological phenotype of severe COVID-19 at autopsy Fernando R. Giugni, Amaro N. Duarte-Neto, Luiz Fernando F. da Silva, Renata A. A. Monteiro, Thais Mauad, Paulo H. N. Saldiva, Marisa Dolhnikoff
871 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―08 Impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease pandemic on healthy lifestyle behaviors in persons with and without disabilities in Qatar Uma Pandiyan, Brijesh Sathian, Ibin Kariyathankavil, Rafat Saad, Fatma Al Kuwari, Poovathoor Joseph Alexander, et al. (+2)
872 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―08 COVID-19 infection prevention and control for hospital workers in Indonesia Robiana Modjo, Fatma Lestari, Hendra Tanjung, Abdul Kadir, Riskiyana Sukandhi Putra, Meilisa Rahmadani, et al. (+3)
873 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―08 Implementing a provisional overarching intervention for COVID-19 monitoring and control in the Brazil-Colombia-Peru frontier Matilde Contreras, Felipe Gomes Naveca, Jose Joaquin Carvajal-Cortes, Guilherme F. Faviero, Jorge Saavedra, Eduardo Ruback dos Santos, et al. (+9)
874 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Jan―08 Omadacycline for the treatment of severe pneumonia caused by Chlamydia psittaci complicated with acute respiratory distress syndrome during the COVID-19 pandemic Dao-Xin Wang, Ling-Xi Xiao, Xin-Yu Deng, Wang Deng
875 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―Jan―08 Student satisfaction in clinical area subjects during the COVID-19 pandemic in a medical school Anibal Diaz-Lazo, Aldo Alvarez-Risco, Carlo Córdova Rosales, Sandra Cori Rosales, Mely Ruiz-Aquino, Shyla Del-Aguila-Arcentales, et al. (+3)
876 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―08 Regional geographies and public health lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Arctic Sweta Tiwari, Andrey N. Petrov, Nikolay Golosov, Michele Devlin, Mark Welford, John DeGroote, et al. (+2)
877 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 2024―Jan―08 Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on food systems in Manitoba, Canada and ways forward for resilience: a scoping review Kristen Lowitt, Joyce Slater, Evodius Rutta
878 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―08 The impact of nontransparent health communication during the COVID-19 pandemic on vaccine-hesitant people’s perception of vaccines Odette Wegwarth, Ralph Hertwig, Helge Giese, Harvey V. Fineberg
879 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―08 Sociodemographic determinants of depression, anxiety, and stress immediately after the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study among university students in Saudi Arabia Ibrahim Alasqah, Abdullah Alhamdan, Mohammad Alhouri, Mohammed Alfehaid
880 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―08 Prevalence, attitudes and concerns toward telepsychiatry and mobile health self-management tools among patients with mental disorders during and after the COVID-19 pandemic: a nationwide survey in Poland from 2020 to 2023 Monika Dominiak, Adam Gędek, Anna Z. Antosik, Paweł Mierzejewski
881 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―Jan―08 Family quality of life and family-school collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic: perceptions of Swedish parents of adolescents with special educational needs Rano Zakirova-Engstrand, Jenny Wilder
882 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―08 The relationship between the strength of religious faith and spirituality in relation to post-traumatic growth among nurses caring for COVID-19 patients in eastern Poland: a cross-sectional study Grzegorz Józef Nowicki, Daria Schneider-Matyka, Iwona Godlewska, Andrzej Tytuła, Marzena Kotus, Monika Walec, et al. (+2)
883 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―08 ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis and lupus nephritis following COVID-19 vaccination: a case report and literature review Marcos Adriano Garcia Campos, Tiago de Oliveira Valois, Luís Eduardo Magalhães, Lucas Fernandes Vasques, Rafael Goulart de Medeiros, Denise Maria do Nascimento Costa, et al. (+4)
884 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2024―Jan―08 Simultaneous detection of human norovirus GI, GII and SARS-CoV-2 by a quantitative one-step triplex RT-qPCR Hua-Wei Yi, Xian-Mo Wang, Xin Tan, Cai-Zhi Ding, Chang-Li Zhang, Jia-Hao Wu, et al. (+3)
885 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―08 Personal protective measures and settings on the risk of SARS-COV-2 community transmission: a case-control study Aina Huguet-Torres, Enrique Castro-Sánchez, Laura Capitán-Moyano, Cristian Sánchez-Rodríguez, Miquel Bennasar-Veny, Aina M. Yáñez
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887 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―08 Inequalities in health outcomes of SARS-CoV-2 infection by migration status in Barcelona, Spain Valeria Pérez-Muto, Maria Jesús Bertran, Lourdes Barón-Miras, Isabel Torá-Rocamora, Juan José Gualda-Gea, Anna Vilella
888 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―08 Managing the unknown or the art of preventing SARS-CoV-2 infection in workplaces in a context of evolving science, precarious employment, and communication barriers. A qualitative situational analysis in Q and Ontario Daniel Côté, Ellen MacEachen, Ai-Thuy Huynh, Amelia León, Marie Laberge, Samantha Meyer, et al. (+4)
889 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―08 Transmission characteristics and inactivated vaccine effectiveness against transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.2 variant in Shenzhen, China Xiaofeng He, Yuxue Liao, Yuanhao Liang, Jiexin Yu, Wei Gao, Jia Wan, et al. (+4)
890 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―08 Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals characteristics of myeloid cells in post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 patients with persistent respiratory symptoms Hyundong Yoon, Logan S. Dean, Boonyanudh Jiyarom, Vedbar S. Khadka, Youping Deng, Vivek R. Nerurkar, et al. (+5)
891 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2024―Jan―08 Lipid rafts disruption by statins negatively impacts the interaction between SARS-CoV-2 S1 subunit and ACE2 in intestinal epithelial cells Marianne El Khoury, Hassan Y. Naim
892 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―08 The impact of the pandemic on mothers and children, with a focus on syndemic effects on black families: the “Prenatal to Preschool” study protocol Wanjikũ F. M. Njoroge, Tiffany Tieu, Devlin Eckardt, Megan Himes, Christina Alexandre, Waynitra Hall, et al. (+9)
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894 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Jan―05 Editorial: Frailty in older patients during the COVID-19 era Claudio Tana
895 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―05 Impact of two COVID-19 lockdowns on HbA1c levels in patients with type 2 diabetes and associations with patient characteristics: a multicentre, observational cohort study over three years Ingmar Schäfer, Daniel Tajdar, Laura Walther, Lasse Bittner, Dagmar Lühmann, Martin Scherer
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897 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―05 Editorial: Assessing and evaluating the psychosocial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on anxiety and stress: perspectives from East Asia Qiao Zhou, Jingying Wang, Wenjie Duan, Baojuan Ye
898 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―05 Regional differences of physical fitness and overweight and obesity prevalence among college students before and after COVID-19 pandemic since the “double first-class” initiative in China Qing Jiang, Xin Huang, Zuoliang Wang, Xinghong Dai, Rongxuan Li, Di Cui
899 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―05 Latent profile and network analysis of risk perception among a sample of Chinese university students during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional and longitudinal study Zhimin Niu, Ligang Liu, Songli Mei, Li Li
900 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―05 Bridging internalized HIV stigma and depressive symptoms among people living with HIV in China during the COVID-19 pandemic: a network analysis Guangzhe F. Yuan, Shan Qiao, Xiaoming Li
901 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―05 Prevalence of depression, anxiety in China during the COVID-19 pandemic: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis Xiang Bin, Ke-Yi Qu, Yu-Hao Wang, Li Chen, Yan-Jie Xiong, Jin Fu Wen, et al. (+4)
902 [GO] Frontiers in Neurology 2024―Jan―05 Altered metabolites in the periaqueductal gray of COVID-19 patients experiencing headaches: a longitudinal MRS study Ping Jin, Feng Cui, Luping Zhang
903 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―05 Study on the logic and effectiveness of crisis learning in the promotion policy adjustment: an observation based on the adjustment of COVID-19 prevention policy in China Changwei Wei, Jiaxi Xu, Zuying Xu
904 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―05 Determining the nurses’ perception regarding the effectiveness of COVID-19 protocols implemented in Eastern Province: Saudi Arabia Afnan Aljaffary, Tahani Al Elaiwi, Noot AlOtaibi, Fatimah AlAnsari, Arwa Alumran, Khaled F. Salama
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906 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―05 Immunogenicity, safety and consistency of seven lots of an inactivated COVID-19 vaccine in healthy children and adolescents: a randomized, double-blind, controlled, phase IV clinical trial Weijun Hu, Xiaoyu Liu, Xi Lu, Dan Zhang, Shuo Liu, Xianjin Gu, et al. (+8)
907 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―05 Hand hygiene during the spread of COVID-19: a cross-sectional study of awareness and practices among academic institutions in Lebanon Nisreen Alwan, Jihan Safwan, Racha Kerek, Wissam Ghach
908 [GO] Frontiers in Communication 2024―Jan―05 Editorial: COVID-19: risk communication and blame Ayoub Bouguettaya, Rukhsana Ahmed, Audra Diers-Lawson, Mohan Jyoti Dutta, Victoria Team
909 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2024―Jan―05 Corrigendum: Feasibility of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) antigen self-testing in school and summer camp attendees Andreu Colom-Cadena, Hector Martínez-Riveros, Anna Bordas, Lucia Alonso-García, Marcos Montoro-Fernández, Pol Romano-deGea, et al. (+6)
910 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―05 Clinical features of omicron SARS-CoV-2 variants infection associated with co-infection and ICU-acquired infection in ICU patients Dong-Jie Li, Can-Can Zhou, Fang Huang, Fu-Ming Shen, Ying-Chuan Li
911 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―05 Smartphone sensors for evaluating COVID-19 fear in patients with cancer: a prospective study Gabrielė Kasputytė, Gabrielė Jenciūtė, Nerijus Šakinis, Inesa Bunevičienė, Erika Korobeinikova, Domas Vaitiekus, et al. (+7)
912 [GO] Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics 2024―Jan―05 Item response theory to discriminate COVID-19 knowledge and attitudes among university students Ronald Wesonga, M. Mazharul Islam, Iman Al Hasani, Afra Al Manei
913 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―05 Youth perspectives on mental health during COVID-19 lockdown in a Small Island Developing State: implications for emergency response Madhuvanti M. Murphy, Cecile Pemberton, Erica Wheeler, La Donna Gulston, Odessa Kerr-Layne, Ayana John, et al. (+3)
914 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―05 A systematic review and meta-analysis of neuroticism and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic Khishigsuren Zuunnast, Enkhtuvshin Regzedmaa, Mandukhai Ganbat, Munkhzul Sambuunyam, Solongo Tsogoo, Otgonbayar Radnaa, Nasantsengel Lkhagvasuren
915 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―Jan―05 Through teachers’ eyes: adaptability and transformations in their practices and relationship with students during COVID-19 pandemic Nadia Dario, Monica Mollo, Giulia Savarese, Luna Carpinelli
916 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Jan―05 School children’s mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic Kristin Martinsen, Carina Lisøy, Tore Wentzel-Larsen, Simon-Peter Neumer, Lene-Mari Potulski Rasmussen, Frode Adolfsen, et al. (+2)
917 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―Jan―05 Editorial: The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on children and adolescents with disabilities: education, development, and well-being of culturally and linguistically diverse families Kristina Rios, Paul Luelmo, Saury Ramos Torres
918 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―05 Unveiling a novel clinical risk assessment model for identifying non-suicidal self-injury risks in depressed Chinese adolescents amidst the COVID-19 pandemic: insights from low self-esteem, internet use, and sleep disturbance Zhongyi Liu, Yuhuan Wei, Ying Yang, Linghua Kong
919 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Jan―05 Unveiling the future of COVID-19 patient care: groundbreaking prediction models for severe outcomes or mortality in hospitalized cases Nguyen Thi Kim Hien, Feng-Jen Tsai, Yu-Hui Chang, Whitney Burton, Phan Thanh Phuc, Phung-Anh Nguyen, et al. (+9)
920 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―05 Risk communication and community engagement in the context of COVID-19 response in Bangladesh: a qualitative study Mohammed Kamruzzaman, Aminur Rahman, Daniel D. Reidpath, Sadika Akhter
921 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―05 Health teachers’ ethical conflict experiences in the COVID-19 situation: a qualitative content analysis Kyoung Mi Lim, Sohyune Sok
922 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2024―Jan―05 Adaptive aspects of maximizing in times of COVID-19: coping efforts linking maximization to well-being Young Joo Jun, Incheol Choi, Joo Hyun Kim
923 [GO] Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 2024―Jan―05 Design of protein-binding peptides with controlled binding affinity: the case of SARS-CoV-2 receptor binding domain and angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 derived peptides Giacomo Parisi, Roberta Piacentini, Alessio Incocciati, Alessandra Bonamore, Alberto Macone, Jakob Rupert, et al. (+7)
924 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―05 Improving the detection capability and efficiency of SARS-CoV-2 RNA specimens by the specimen turn-around process with multi-department cooperation Chenggui Liu, Wei Shen, Huiqiong Xie, Ying Li, Rong Cui, Rongcheng Wu, et al. (+7)
925 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―05 Social skills training with a tabletop role-playing game, before and during the pandemic of 2020: in-person and online group sessions Germano Henning, Reinaldo Rodrigo de Oliveira, Marcus Túlio Pereira de Andrade, Renato Villela Gallo, Raissa Roberti Benevides, Rodrigo Antonio Fuga Gomes, et al. (+7)
926 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―04 Interventions to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 for people experiencing homelessness and their effectiveness: a systematic review Obianuju Ogbonna, Francesca Bull, Bethany Spinks, Denitza Williams, Ruth Lewis, Adrian Edwards
927 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―04 Reduced monocyte proportions and responsiveness in convalescent COVID-19 patients Eugene V. Ravkov, Elizabeth S. C. P. Williams, Marc Elgort, Adam P. Barker, Vicente Planelles, Adam M. Spivak, et al. (+3)
928 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Jan―04 The clinical course of hospitalized COVID-19 patients and aggravation risk prediction models: a retrospective, multi-center Korean cohort study Min Kyong Moon, Hyeonjung Ham, Soo Min Song, Chanhee Lee, Taewan Goo, Bumjo Oh, et al. (+3)
929 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―04 Changes in chemokine and growth factor levels may be useful biomarkers for monitoring disease severity in COVID-19 patients; a pilot study Blanka Wolszczak-Biedrzycka, Justyna Dorf, Marzena Wojewódzka-Żelezniakowicz, Małgorzata Żendzian-Piotrowska, Violetta Dymicka-Piekarska, Joanna Matowicka-Karna, Mateusz Maciejczyk
930 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―04 Humoral and cellular immune responses after COVID-19 vaccination of lung transplant recipients and patients on the waiting list: a 6-month follow-up Rogier A. S. Hoek, Siqi Liu, Corine H. GeurtsvanKessel, Erik A. M. Verschuuren, Judith M. Vonk, Merel E. Hellemons, et al. (+11)
931 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―04 Corrigendum: Efficacy of umbilical cord mesenchymal stromal cells for COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis Cong-wen Yang, Ru-dong Chen, Qing-run Zhu, Shi-jie Han, Ming-jie Kuang
932 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―04 Addressing mental health need after COVID-19: a systematic review of remote EMDR therapy studies as an emerging option Safa Kemal Kaptan, Zehra Merve Kaya, Ayşe Akan
933 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2024―Jan―04 Editorial: Post COVID-19: the nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (modRNA) platform Luca Roncati, Qun Treen Huo
934 [GO] Acta Virologica 2024―Jan―04 In-silico design of a new multi-epitope vaccine candidate against SARS-CoV-2 Abbas Alibakhshi, Armina Alagheband Bahrami, Elmira Mohammadi, Shahrzad Ahangarzadeh, Meysam Mobasheri
935 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―04 Humoral and cell-mediated immune responses in HIV-vertically infected young patients after three doses of the BNT162b2 mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccine Claudia Vanetti, Marta Stracuzzi, Elisa Crivellaro, Federica Ciciliano, Micaela Garziano, Claudio Fenizia, et al. (+8)
936 [GO] Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics 2024―Jan―04 Pneumonia and COVID-19 co-infection modeling with optimal control analysis Beza Zeleke Aga, Temesgen Duressa Keno, Debela Etefa Terfasa, Hailay Weldegiorgis Berhe
937 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2024―Jan―04 Three years of COVID-19 in children that attend the Mexican Social Security Institute's 1,350 child day-care centers, 2020-2023 Libny Martínez-Valdez, Vesta L. Richardson, Aurora Bautista-Márquez, Martín Alejandro Camacho Franco, Vicente Cruz Cruz, Mauricio Hernández Ávila
938 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―04 Corrigendum: Chain mediations of perceived social support and emotional regulation efficacy between role stress and compassion fatigue: insights from the COVID-19 pandemic Yuan Zhang, Huijuan He, Chongming Yang, Xiangrong Wang, Jiang'an Luo, Jie Xiao, et al. (+3)
939 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2024―Jan―04 Corrigendum: Acceptability, feasibility, and user satisfaction of a virtual reality relaxation intervention in a psychiatric outpatient setting during the COVID-19 pandemic Annika Humbert, Elisabeth Kohls, Sabrina Baldofski, Carola Epple, Christine Rummel-Kluge
940 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―04 Spatial co-location patterns between early COVID-19 risk and urban facilities: a case study of Wuhan, China Guoqing Zhi, Bin Meng, Hui Lin, Xin Zhang, Min Xu, Siyu Chen, Juan Wang
941 [GO] Frontiers in Plant Science 2024―Jan―04 Performance of plant-produced RBDs as SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic reagents: a tale of two plant platforms Mattia Santoni, Noemi Gutierrez-Valdes, Denise Pivotto, Elena Zanichelli, Anthony Rosa, Guillermo Sobrino-Mengual, et al. (+8)
942 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2024―Jan―04 Exploring internet inclusivity and effectiveness of e-learning initiatives during the pandemic - a comparative analysis Muhammad Mubashir Ehsan, Esmat Zaidan
943 [GO] Frontiers in Tropical Diseases 2024―Jan―03 Editorial: The intersection of COVID-19 and tropical diseases Emanuele Nicastri, Edwin Michael, Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales
944 [GO] Frontiers in Physiology 2024―Jan―03 COVID-19 impairs oxygen delivery by altering red blood cell hematological, hemorheological, and oxygen transport properties Stephen C. Rogers, Mary Brummet, Zohreh Safari, Qihong Wang, Tobi Rowden, Tori Boyer, Allan Doctor
945 [GO] Frontiers in Endocrinology 2024―Jan―03 Spatiotemporal association between COVID-19 incidence and type 1 diabetes incidence among children and adolescents: a register-based ecological study in Germany Joachim Rosenbauer, Anna Stahl-Pehe, Christina Baechle, Stefanie Lanzinger, Clemens Kamrath, Oliver Kuß, Reinhard W. Holl
946 [GO] Frontiers in Endocrinology 2024―Jan―03 Impact of lockdown on the growth of children in China aged 3-6 years during the COVID-19 pandemic Peiling Cai, Yuxuan Liu, Zhen Yang, Yueyao Luo, Yanqiong Zhang, Peng Ye, et al. (+6)
947 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―03 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the adaptability and resiliency of school food programs across Canada Mavra Ahmed, Alana Richardson, Jessica Riad, Chelsea McPherson, Daniel W. Sellen, Vasanti S. Malik
948 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―03 Exploring the relationship of cognitive function with and without COVID-19 recovered schizophrenic patients Anam Mehmood, Ali Madi Almajwal, Abdullah Addas, Falak Zeb, Iftikhar Alam, Bismillah Sehar
949 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―03 Novel antioxidant protein target therapy to counter the prevalence and severity of SARS-CoV-2 Priyajit Kaur, Akash Dey, Kartik Rawat, Sharmistha Dey
950 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2024―Jan―03 T4 apoptosis in the acute phase of SARS-CoV-2 infection predicts long COVID Renaud Cezar, Lucy Kundura, Sonia André, Claire Lozano, Thierry Vincent, Laurent Muller, et al. (+9)
951 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2024―Jan―03 Klotho-derived peptide KP1 ameliorates SARS-CoV-2-associated acute kidney injury Jie Xu, Enqing Lin, Xue Hong, Li Li, Jun Gu, Jinghong Zhao, Youhua Liu
952 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―03 COVID-19 pneumonia assessed at a private hospital, a field hospital, and a public-referral hospital: population analysis, chest computed tomography findings, and outcomes Patrícia Yokoo, Adham do Amaral e Castro, Eduardo Kaiser Ururahy Nunes Fonseca, Rodrigo Caruso Chate, Gustavo Borges da Silva Teles, Marcos Roberto Gomes de Queiroz, Gilberto Szarf
953 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―03 Retraction: PSCNN: PatchShuffle convolutional neural network for COVID-19 explainable diagnosis
954 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2024―Jan―03 Retraction: Deep fractional max pooling neural network for COVID-19 recognition
955 [GO] Frontiers in Environmental Science 2024―Jan―03 Retraction: The impact of geopolitical and pandemic risks on tourist inflows: evidence from Asia-pacific region
956 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―29 Telepresence robots as facilitators of physical exercise during COVID-19: a feasibility and acceptance study Abdullah Addas
957 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―28 Clinical and laboratory considerations: determining an antibody-based composite correlate of risk for reinfection with SARS-CoV-2 or severe COVID-19 Stefan Holdenrieder, Carlos Eduardo Dos Santos Ferreira, Jacques Izopet, Elitza S. Theel, Andreas Wieser
958 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―28 Headache-related clinical features in teleworkers and their association with coping strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic Mariève Houle, Julien Ducas, Arnaud Lardon, Martin Descarreaux, Andrée-Anne Marchand, Jacques Abboud
959 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2023―Dec―27 The relative effect of job demands, resources, and personal resources on teaching quality and students’ engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic Žan Lep, Eva Klemenčič Mirazchiyski, Plamen V. Mirazchiyski
960 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―27 National cross-sectional survey on psychological impact on French nursing homes of the first lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic as observed by psychologists, psychomotor, and occupational therapists Anne-Julie Vaillant-Ciszewicz, Bérengère Couturier, Lauriane Segaux, Florence Canouï-Poitrine, Olivier Guérin, Sylvie Bonin-Guillaume
961 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―27 Evaluating the sensitivity of droplet digital PCR for the quantification of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater Magali de la Cruz Barron, David Kneis, Michael Geissler, Roger Dumke, Alexander Dalpke, Thomas U. Berendonk
962 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2023―Dec―23 Protective and risk factors associated with substance use coping among healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic Vaughn E. Bryant, Michael J. Sorna, Audrey Dana, Kalie G. Leon, Andrea D. Guastello, Nicola Sambuco, et al. (+5)
963 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2023―Dec―22 The metaproteome of the gut microbiota in pediatric patients affected by COVID-19 Valeria Marzano, Stefano Levi Mortera, Chiara Marangelo, Antonia Piazzesi, Federica Rapisarda, Stefania Pane, et al. (+6)
964 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2023―Dec―22 Where I am from matters: factors influencing behavioral and emotional changes in autistic individuals during COVID-19 in Latin America María Cecilia Montenegro, Ana C. Ramírez, Juventino Hernandez Rodriguez, Bianca T. Villalobos, Gabriela Garrido, Cecilia Amigo, et al. (+9)
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966 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2023―Dec―22 Digital technology and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic: a narrative review with a focus on depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma Paul C. Guest, Veronika Vasilevska, Ayoub Al-Hamadi, Julia Eder, Peter Falkai, Johann Steiner
967 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2023―Dec―22 Identification of oral therapeutics using an AI platform against the virus responsible for COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 Adam Bess, Frej Berglind, Supratik Mukhopadhyay, Michal Brylinski, Chris Alvin, Fanan Fattah, Kishor M. Wasan
968 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2023―Dec―22 Regional moderate hyperthermia for mild-to-moderate COVID-19 (TherMoCoV study): a randomized controlled trial Javier Mancilla-Galindo, Ashuin Kammar-García, María de Lourdes Mendoza-Gertrudis, Javier Michael García Acosta, Yanira Saralee Nava Serrano, Oscar Santiago, et al. (+9)
969 [GO] Frontiers in Neurology 2023―Dec―22 Neuropathological findings in COVID-19 vs. non-COVID-19 acute respiratory distress syndrome-A case-control study Mariyam Humayun, Lucy Zhang, Thomas D. Zaikos, Nivedha Kannapadi, Jose I. Suarez, David N. Hager, et al. (+2)
970 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2023―Dec―22 Safety of multiple intravenous infusions of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells for hospitalized cases of COVID-19: a randomized controlled trial Constanza de Dios, Ridhima Vij, Hosu Kim, Hyeonggeun Park, Donna Chang
971 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2023―Dec―22 Allergic diseases aggravate the symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection in China Huishan Zhang, Jilei Lin, Jinhong Wu, Jing Zhang, Lei Zhang, Shuhua Yuan, et al. (+12)
972 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2023―Dec―22 Immune response and severity of Omicron BA.5 reinfection among individuals previously infected with different SARS-CoV-2 variants Lu Li, Zhiwei Xie, Youxia Li, Minhan Luo, Lieguang Zhang, Chengqian Feng, et al. (+15)
973 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―22 Exploring spatiotemporal pattern in the association between short-term exposure to fine particulate matter and COVID-19 incidence in the continental United States: a Leroux-conditional-autoregression-based strategy Shiyi Liu, Shuming Ji, Jianjun Xu, Yujing Zhang, Han Zhang, Jiahe Liu, Donghao Lu
974 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―22 Predicting the transmission dynamics of novel coronavirus infection in Shanxi province after the implementation of the “Class B infectious disease Class B management” policy Yifei Ma, Shujun Xu, Yuxin Luo, Junlin Peng, Jiaming Guo, Ali Dong, et al. (+7)
975 [GO] Frontiers in Virology 2023―Dec―22 Characterization of the evolutionary and virological aspects of mutations in the receptor binding motif of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein Yuuka Masuda, Hesham Nasser, Jiri Zahradnik, Shuya Mitoma, Ryo Shimizu, Kayoko Nagata, et al. (+7)
976 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―22 Addressing stigma in infectious disease outbreaks: a crucial step in pandemic preparedness Amy Paterson, Piero L. Olliaro, Amanda Rojek
977 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2023―Dec―22 Mitochondrial oxidative stress, mitochondrial ROS storms in long COVID pathogenesis Kunwadee Noonong, Moragot Chatatikun, Sirirat Surinkaew, Manas Kotepui, Rahni Hossain, Kingkan Bunluepuech, et al. (+17)
978 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2023―Dec―22 Factors associated with long COVID syndrome in a Colombian cohort María Camila Martínez-Ayala, Nadia Juliana Proaños, Julian Cala-Duran, Alvaro Jose Lora-Mantilla, Catalina Cáceres-Ramírez, Silvia Juliana Villabona-Flórez, Paul Anthony Camacho-López
979 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―21 Physical exercise/sports ameliorate the internet addiction from college students during the pandemic of COVID-19 in China Peiling Cai, Junren Wang, Peng Ye, Xiaoming Feng, Gaoqiang Yang, Chao Huang, et al. (+4)
980 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2023―Dec―21 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the trend of prescribing long-acting injections of paliperidone and risperidone in Central Serbia Milena Stojkovic, Marija Sekulic, Mirjana Jovanovic, Aleksandar Kocovic, Danijela Djokovic, Natasa Minic, et al. (+9)
981 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2023―Dec―21 Lived experience of Iranian pre-hospital medical staff during the COVID-19 pandemic: a descriptive phenomenological study Mehdi Jafari-Oori, Manigeh Dehi, Abbas Ebadi, Seyed Tayeb Moradian, Hajar Sadeghi, Mojtaba Jafari
982 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―21 Burnout, emotional distress and sleep quality among Chinese psychiatric healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic: a follow-up study Na-na Xiong, Teng-teng Fan, Qi Liu, Kurt Fritzsche, Rainer Leonhart, Barbara Stein, et al. (+2)
983 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―21 Sleep quality among non-hospitalized COVID-19 survivors: a national cross-sectional study Huong Thi Xuan Hoang, Wing Fai Yeung, Quyen Thi Mai Truong, Cuc Thi Le, Anh Thi My Bui, Quang Vinh Bui, et al. (+2)
984 [GO] Frontiers in Veterinary Science 2023―Dec―21 Physiological changes in captive elephants in Northern Thailand as a result of the COVID-19 tourism ban - muscle, liver, metabolic function, and body condition Jarawee Supanta, Janine L. Brown, Pakkanut Bansiddhi, Chatchote Thitaram, Veerasak Punyapornwithaya, Khanittha Punturee, et al. (+3)
985 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―21 Prevalence and associated risk factors for mental health problems among young adults in Fiji Island during COVID-19: a cross-sectional study Mohammad G. M. Khan, Muhammad Mainuddin Patwary, Kabir A. Mamum, Aneesh A. Chand, Kaamil Edward, Kushal A. Prasad, et al. (+3)
986 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―21 Navigating misinformation and political polarization of COVID-19: interviews with Milwaukee, Wisconsin county public health officials Garrett Bates, Mohammad Titi, Julia Dickson-Gomez, Staci Young, Aliyah Keval, John Meurer
987 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2023―Dec―21 Social support, health literacy and anxiety among pregnant women during coronavirus 2019 pandemic in Thailand Piangkhuan Phutong, Suparp Thaithae
988 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2023―Dec―21 Signaling network analysis reveals fostamatinib as a potential drug to control platelet hyperactivation during SARS-CoV-2 infection Özge Osmanoglu, Shishir K. Gupta, Anna Almasi, Seray Yagci, Mugdha Srivastava, Gabriel H. M. Araujo, et al. (+3)
989 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2023―Dec―21 Protective role of N-acetylcysteine and Sulodexide on endothelial cells exposed on patients’ serum after SARS-CoV-2 infection Justyna Rajewska-Tabor, Patrycja Sosińska-Zawierucha, Malgorzata Pyda, Maciej Lesiak, Andrzej Bręborowicz
990 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2023―Dec―21 The impact of prior SARS-CoV-2 infection on host inflammatory cytokine profiles in patients with TB or other respiratory diseases Annabelle Cottam, Ismaila L. Manneh, Awa Gindeh, Abdou K. Sillah, Ousainou Cham, Joseph Mendy, et al. (+9)
991 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2023―Dec―21 An overview on viral interference during SARS-CoV-2 pandemic Luigi Matera, Sara Manti, Laura Petrarca, Alessandra Pierangeli, Maria Giulia Conti, Enrica Mancino, et al. (+3)
992 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―21 Interrogating the lack of diversity of thought in the pandemic response that led to mistakes - holistic evidence-based approach to deal with future pandemics Colleen Aldous, Hendrik G. Kruger
993 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2023―Dec―21 Sarcoidosis-related autoimmune inflammation in COVID-19 convalescent patients Artem Rubinstein, Igor Kudryavtsev, Annа Malkova, Jennet Mammedova, Dmitry Isakov, Irina Isakova-Sivak, et al. (+2)
994 [GO] Frontiers in Oncology 2023―Dec―21 Decrease in the number of new cancer diagnoses during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic - cohort study of 3.5 million individuals in western Poland Maciej Trojanowski, Piotr Radomyski, Witold Kycler, Irmina Maria Michalek
995 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 2023―Dec―20 The double burden of COVID-19 and a major volcanic eruption on local food production and food security in a Small Island Developing State Eden Augustus, Madhuvanti M. Murphy, Cornelia Guell, Karyn Morrissey, Dan Ramdath, Mark Woodward, et al. (+2)
996 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2023―Dec―20 Appearance of tolerance-induction and non-inflammatory SARS-CoV-2 spike-specific IgG4 antibodies after COVID-19 booster vaccinations Marjahan Akhtar, Md. Rashedul Islam, Fatema Khaton, Umma Hany Soltana, Syeda Anoushka Jafrin, Sadia Isfat Ara Rahman, et al. (+25)
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999 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―20 Access and efficacy of university mental health services during the COVID-19 pandemic Beverly Wagner, Yaser Snoubar, Yousif S. Mahdi
1000 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―20 Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 infection and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in avocado farmworkers from Mexico Cynthia Armendáriz-Arnez, Marcela Tamayo-Ortiz, Francisco Mora-Ardila, María Esther Rodríguez-Barrena, David Barros-Sierra, Federico Castillo, et al. (+5)
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1002 [GO] Frontiers in Oncology 2023―Dec―20 Case report: A case of fulminant type 1 diabetes mellitus after COVID-19 vaccination during treatment of advanced gastric cancer: pitfall in managing immune-related adverse events Toshimitsu Tanaka, Sachiko Nagasu, Takuya Furuta, Mizuki Gobaru, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Yasutaka Shimotsuura, et al. (+5)
1003 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2023―Dec―20 Pediatric humoral immune responses and infection risk after severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection and two-dose vaccination during SARS-CoV-2 omicron BA.5 and BN.1 variants predominance in South Korea Hyun-Woo Choi, Chiara Achangwa, Joonhong Park, Sun Min Lee, Nan Young Lee, Chae-Hyeon Jeon, et al. (+7)
1004 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2023―Dec―20 The domestication of SARS-CoV-2 into a seasonal infection by viral variants Ryley D. McClelland, Yi-Chan James Lin, Tyce N. Culp, Ryan Noyce, David Evans, Tom C. Hobman, et al. (+2)
1005 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―20 SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence in pregnant women in Kilifi, Kenya from March 2020 to March 2022 Angela Koech, Geoffrey Omuse, Alex G. Mugo, Isaac G. Mwaniki, Joseph M. Mutunga, Moses W. Mukhanya, et al. (+7)
1006 [GO] Frontiers in Endocrinology 2023―Dec―19 Combining bioinformatics and machine learning algorithms to identify and analyze shared biomarkers and pathways in COVID-19 convalescence and diabetes mellitus Jinru Shen, Yaolou Wang, Xijin Deng, Si Ri Gu Leng Sana
1007 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2023―Dec―19 Analysis of associations between the TLR3 SNPs rs3775291 and rs3775290 and COVID-19 in a cohort of professionals of Belém-PA, Brazil Marcos Jessé Abrahão Silva, Marcelo Cleyton da Silva Vieira, Alex Brito Souza, Everaldina Cordeiro dos Santos, Beatriz dos Reis Marcelino, Samir Mansour Moraes Casseb, et al. (+2)
1008 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―19 Multicenter study on the prevalence of colonization due to carbapenem-resistant Enterobacterales strains before and during the first year of COVID-19, Italy 2018-2020 Teresa Fasciana, Alberto Antonelli, Gabriele Bianco, Donatella Lombardo, Giulia Codda, Emanuela Roscetto, et al. (+20)
1009 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―19 Stress, resilience, and moral distress among health care providers in oncology during the COVID-19 pandemic Waleed Alrjoub, Ghadeer Alarjeh, Khawlah Ammar, Abedalrahman Shamieh, Richard Harding, Christopher Booth, et al. (+4)
1010 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2023―Dec―19 Family support during childhood as a predictor of mate retention and kin care in adults during the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil: an exploratory study Natália de Araújo Miranda Tasso, Felipe Nalon Castro
1011 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―19 The combined impact of social networks and connectedness on anxiety, stress, and depression during COVID-19 quarantine: a retrospective observational study Huiting Luo, Dan Luo, Qiao Tang, Zhiang Niu, Jiajun Xu, Jing Li
1012 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2023―Dec―19 Catching up after COVID-19: do school programs for remediating pandemic-related learning loss work? Anne G. M. de Bruijn, Martijn Meeter
1013 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2023―Dec―19 A novel assay based on DNA melting temperature for multiplexed identification of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza A/B viruses Peng Gao, Yanyan Fan, Xiaomu Kong, Rui Zhang, Lida Chen, Yongwei Jiang, et al. (+5)
1014 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―19 Molecular epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 in Northern South Africa: wastewater surveillance from January 2021 to May 2022 Lisa Arrah Mbang Tambe, Phindulo Mathobo, Nontokozo D. Matume, Mukhethwa Munzhedzi, Joshua Nosa Edokpayi, Amsha Viraragavan, et al. (+7)
1015 [GO] Frontiers in Oral Health 2023―Dec―18 A reflection on COVID-19 and oral mucosal lesion: a systematic review Wai Ying Kot, Jing Wen Li, Alice Kit Ying Chan, Li Wu Zheng
1016 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―18 Association between perceived stress and history of intimate partner violence throughout life and during the COVID-19 pandemic Loys Lene da Costa Siqueira, Karla de Melo Batista, Franciéle Marabotti Costa Leite
1017 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2023―Dec―18 Depressive symptoms among people under COVID-19 quarantine or self-isolation in Korea: a propensity score matching analysis Hyeon Sik Chu, Kounseok Lee
1018 [GO] Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 2023―Dec―18 Neuropsychological, plasma marker, and functional connectivity changes in Alzheimer’s disease patients infected with COVID-19 Shouzi Zhang, Li Zhang, Li Ma, Haiyan Wu, Lixin Liu, Xuelin He, et al. (+2)
1019 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―18 Detection of COVID-19 epidemic outbreak using machine learning Giphil Cho, Jeong Rye Park, Yongin Choi, Hyeonjeong Ahn, Hyojung Lee
1020 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2023―Dec―18 COVID-19 impact on the assessment methodology of undergraduate medical students: a systematic review of the lessons learned Maria Helena Machado, Sílvia Paredes, Laura Ribeiro
1021 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2023―Dec―18 What helps the helpers? Resilience and risk factors for general and profession-specific mental health problems in psychotherapists during the COVID-19 pandemic Matthias Zerban, Lara Marie Christine Puhlmann, Dana Lassri, Peter Fonagy, P. Read Montague, Natalia Kiselnikova, et al. (+4)
1022 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―18 A longitudinal study of the association between depression, anxiety and stress symptoms of university students in Serbia with excessive social media use before and during COVID-19 pandemic Aleksandar Višnjić, Kıvanç Kök, Jovana Višnjić, Tamara Jovanović, Roberta Marković
1023 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―18 Trends in outpatient and inpatient visits for separate ambulatory-care-sensitive conditions during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic: a province-based study Tetyana Kendzerska, David T. Zhu, Michael Pugliese, Douglas Manuel, Mohsen Sadatsafavi, Marcus Povitz, et al. (+9)
1024 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―18 Environmental factors of obesity before and after COVID-19 pandemic: a review Irena Anna Wolińska, Krzysztof Kraik, Rafał Poręba, Paweł Gać, Małgorzata Poręba
1025 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―18 Drug prescription patterns and their association with mortality and hospitalization duration in COVID-19 patients: insights from big data Reza Mehrizi, Ali Golestani, Mohammad-Reza Malekpour, Hossein Karami, Mohammad Mahdi Nasehi, Mohammad Effatpanah, et al. (+4)
1026 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2023―Dec―18 Effects of novel coronavirus Omicron variant infection on pregnancy outcomes: a retrospective cohort study from Guangzhou Huanshun Xiao, Cheng Chen, Shan Huang, Wenni Zhang, Shuangming Cai, Xiangling Hou, et al. (+2)
1027 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―17 Intention and practice on personal preventive measures against COVID-19 among older adults in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: an epidemiological study using the Theory of Planned Behaviour Reem S. AlOmar, Amal S. AlHarbi, Layla A. Abu Abdullah, Sarah M. Almuqbil, Zahra S. Albahrani, Hawra M. Aldar, et al. (+6)
1028 [GO] Acta Virologica 2023―Dec―15 Virtual screening and molecular dynamics simulation to identify potential SARS-CoV-2 3CLpro inhibitors from a natural product compounds library Chunchun Gan, Xiaopu Jia, Shuai Fan, Shuqing Wang, Weikai Jing, Xiaopeng Wei
1029 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2023―Dec―15 Discovering common pathogenetic processes between COVID-19 and tuberculosis by bioinformatics and system biology approach Tengda Huang, Jinyi He, Xinyi Zhou, Hongyuan Pan, Fang He, Ao Du, et al. (+5)
1030 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2023―Dec―15 Changes in substance use and engagement in gaming/gambling in persons with severe mental illness during the COVID-19 pandemic and earthquakes: a community study in two points Sara Medved, Irena Rojnić Palavra, Josefina Gerlach, Sarah Levaj, Laura Shields-Zeeman, Felix Bolinski, et al. (+4)
1031 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―15 Cross-sectional analysis reveals COVID-19 pandemic community lockdown was linked to dysregulated cortisol and salivary alpha amylase in children Katherine M. Lloyd, Laurel Gabard-Durnam, Kayleigh Beaudry, Michael De Lisio, Lauren B. Raine, Ysabeau Bernard-Willis, et al. (+4)
1032 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―15 Nurses’ perception of work and life under COVID-19 pandemic conditions: a qualitative study Esmail Maghsoodi, Zohreh Vanaki, Eesa Mohammadi
1033 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―15 Depressive and anxiety symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic in the oldest-old population and the role of psychosocial factors: a multivariate and multi-wave analysis Sina K. Gerhards, Alexander Pabst, Melanie Luppa, Steffi G. Riedel-Heller
1034 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―15 Predicting COVID-19 pandemic waves including vaccination data with deep learning Ahmed Begga, Òscar Garibo-i-Orts, Sergi de María-García, Francisco Escolano, Miguel A. Lozano, Nuria Oliver, J. Alberto Conejero
1035 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2023―Dec―15 Association of eosinopenia with worsening prognosis in hospitalized Azvudine-treated COVID-19 patients: a retrospective cohort study Xiaomin Wang, Yating Dian, Qian Zhou, Guangtong Deng, Rui Wei, Furong Zeng
1036 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2023―Dec―15 COVID-19 vaccination and corneal allograft rejection- a review Natalie E. Allen, Jie Zhang, Charles N. J. McGhee
1037 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2023―Dec―15 IFN-γ-mediated control of SARS-CoV-2 infection through nitric oxide Bruno J. de Andrade Silva, Paul A. Krogstad, Rosane M. B. Teles, Priscila R. Andrade, Jacob Rajfer, Monica G. Ferrini, et al. (+3)
1038 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2023―Dec―15 Characterization of young and aged ferrets as animal models for SARS-CoV-2 infection with focus on neutrophil extracellular traps Veronika Pilchová, Ingo Gerhauser, Federico Armando, Katrin Wirz, Tom Schreiner, Nicole de Buhr, et al. (+7)
1039 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―15 The increase in SARS-CoV-2 lineages during 2020-2022 in a state in the Brazilian Northeast is associated with a number of cases Moises Thiago de Souza Freitas, Ludmila Oliveira Carvalho Sena, Kiyoshi Ferreira Fukutani, Cliomar Alves dos Santos, Francisco das Chagas Barros Neto, Julienne Sousa Ribeiro, et al. (+6)
1040 [GO] Frontiers in Health Services 2023―Dec―15 Virtual collaborative creative engagement in a pandemic world: creative connection for older adults with lived experience of dementia Julia Henderson, Colleen Reid
1041 [GO] Frontiers in Environmental Science 2023―Dec―15 Retraction: The effects of financial development and pandemics prevalence on forests: evidence from Asia-Pacific region
1042 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―14 Validity and reliability of the Arabic version of knowledge, attitudes, and practices toward COVID-19 preventative behaviors (KAP COVID-19) Eman Bajamal, Mona Alanazi
1043 [GO] International Journal of Public Health 2023―Dec―14 Hospital-Level COVID-19 Preparedness and Crisis Management in Czechia Petr Michenka, David Marx
1044 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2023―Dec―14 Development and management of gastrointestinal symptoms in long-term COVID-19 Kai-Yue He, Xin-Yuan Lei, Lei Zhang, Dan-Hui Wu, Jun-Qi Li, Li-Yuan Lu, et al. (+4)
1045 [GO] Frontiers in Sociology 2023―Dec―14 “if we don’t regroup, hunger will kill us…”: a qualitative study on measures of physical distancing during covid-19 among internally displaced persons in Burkina Faso Kadidiatou Kadio, Antarou Ly, Adidjata Ouédraogo, Mohamed Ali Ag Ahmed, Sanni Yaya, Marie-Pierre Gagnon
1046 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2023―Dec―14 Causal relationship between COVID-19 and myocarditis or pericarditis risk: a bidirectional Mendelian randomization study Guihong Liu, Tao Chen, Xin Zhang, Binbin Hu, Huashan Shi
1047 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2023―Dec―14 Vibroacoustic therapy in the treatment of patients with COVID-19 complicated by respiratory failure: a pilot randomized controlled trial Aidos Konkayev, Assema Bekniyazova
1048 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2023―Dec―14 Editorial: The heart lung disease: a need for novel definitions and understanding of pathological overlaps in the COVID-19 era and beyond Alaa Mabrouk Salem Omar, Sridhar Chilimuri, Jonathan N. Bella
1049 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―14 Inactivated vaccine effectiveness against symptomatic COVID-19 in Fujian, China during the Omicron BA.2 outbreak Wenjing Ye, Kangguo Li, Zeyu Zhao, Shenggen Wu, Huimin Qu, Yichao Guo, et al. (+11)
1050 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―14 Daily fluctuations in COVID-19 infection rates under Tokyo’s epidemic prevention measures - new evidence from adaptive Fourier decomposition Guibin Lu, Zifeng Yang, Wei Qu, Tao Qian, Zige Liu, Wei He, et al. (+2)
1051 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―14 The impact of COVID-19 on pulmonary, neurological, and cardiac outcomes: evidence from a Mendelian randomization study Pooja U. Shenoy, Hrushikesh Udupa, Jyothika KS, Sangeetha Babu, Nikshita K, Neha Jain, et al. (+2)
1052 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―14 Editorial: A moving target: exploring if, when, how, and why promoting quality of life counts among children and adolescents during COVID-19 pandemic Yuan Hao, Xixi Sun, Wenjie Duan, Daniel Y. T. Fong, Xuejing Jin
1053 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2023―Dec―14 Perceptions and experiences of community-based healthcare professionals in the state of Qatar having do not attempt resuscitation discussions during the COVID-19 pandemic Audrey Fitzgerald, Conor Fitzgerald, Louise Anderson, Ammar Ali Hussain, Guillaume Alinier
1054 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2023―Dec―14 Cross-sectional study on the dissociation of decision-making capacity for antipsychotic treatment and COVID-19 vaccination in individuals with schizophrenia Stéphane Raffard, Sophie Bayard, Philippe Tattard, Yasmine Laraki, Delphine Capdevielle
1055 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―14 Cross-sectional study of factors related to COVID-19 vaccination uptake among university healthcare students Akiko Kondo, Renaguli Abuliezi, Erika Ota, Tomomi Oki, Kazuko Naruse
1056 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2023―Dec―14 An updated review of epidemiological characteristics, immune escape, and therapeutic advances of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron XBB.1.5 and other mutants Zongming Liu, Jiaxuan Li, Shanshan Pei, Ying Lu, Chaonan Li, Jiajie Zhu, et al. (+4)
1057 [GO] Frontiers in Physics 2023―Dec―14 Forecasting infections with spatio-temporal graph neural networks: a case study of the Dutch SARS-CoV-2 spread V. Maxime Croft, Senna C. J. L. van Iersel, Cosimo Della Santina
1058 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2023―Dec―14 Epidemiological investigation of lower respiratory tract infections during influenza A (H1N1) pdm09 virus pandemic based on targeted next-generation sequencing Xiaodan Li, Yang Liu, Minzhe Li, Jing Bian, Demei Song, Chaoying Liu
1059 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―13 Is it the public health system? The VOICE model for inclusiveness in universal (national) health systems - lessons from COVID-19 Gillie Gabay
1060 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2023―Dec―13 Development of an eLearning intervention for enhancing health professionals’ skills for addressing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy Sophia Papadakis, Marilena Anastasaki, Maria Gamaletsou, Xenia Papagiannopoulou, Eftychios Aligizakis, Christos Lionis
1061 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2023―Dec―13 SARS-CoV-2 decreases malaria severity in co-infected rodent models Ana Fraga, Andreia F. Mósca, Diana Moita, J. Pedro Simas, Helena Nunes-Cabaço, Miguel Prudêncio
1062 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2023―Dec―13 Taming the SARS-CoV-2-mediated proinflammatory response with BromAc® Geovane Marques Ferreira, Felipe Alves Clarindo, Ágata Lopes Ribeiro, Letícia Gomes-de-Pontes, Luciana Debortoli de Carvalho, Olindo Assis Martins-Filho, et al. (+7)
1063 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―13 Erratum: Effects of media exposure on PTSD symptoms in college students during the COVID-19 outbreak
1064 [GO] Frontiers in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 2023―Dec―13 The impact of routines on emotional and behavioural difficulties in children and on parental anxiety during COVID-19 Vera Lees, Rosie Hay, Helen Bould, Alex S. F. Kwong, Daniel Major-Smith, Daphne Kounali, Rebecca M. Pearson
1065 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―13 Comparison of healthcare workers and non-healthcare workers in terms of obsessive-compulsive and depressive symptoms during COVID-19 pandemic: a longitudinal case-controlled study Betul Uyar, Suleyman Donmezdil
1066 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2023―Dec―13 Deployment-related quarantining-a risk or resilience factor for German military service members? A prospective analysis during the third-fifth waves of COVID-19 Antje H. Bühler, Gerd-Dieter Willmund
1067 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2023―Dec―13 High level of psychological stress in COVID-19 recovered individuals: role of copeptin as a potential biomarker Phibakordor Lyngdoh Nonglait, Sri Venkata Madhu, Nishant Raizada, Amitesh Aggarwal, Rafat Ahmed, Mohammad Aslam
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