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1 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2021―Oct―16 Additional Value of Non-contrast Chest CT in the Prediction of Adverse Cardiovascular Events in Patients With Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Shuang Li, Xiaojun Wang, Hongyao Hu, Jing Xu, Jian He, Wenjing Yang, et al. (+17)
2 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2021―Oct―16 Neutrophils and Lymphocytes Can Help Distinguish Asymptomatic COVID-19 From Moderate COVID-19 Xuefeng Gu, Ling Sha, Shaofeng Zhang, Duo Shen, Wei Zhao, Yongxiang Yi
3 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2021―Oct―16 Late Cardiac Pathology in Severe Covid-19. A Postmortem Series of 30 Patients Ana Ferrer-Gómez, Héctor Pian-Arias, Irene Carretero-Barrio, Antonia Navarro-Cantero, David Pestaña, Raúl de Pablo, et al. (+5)
4 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Oct―16 Diphtheria And Tetanus Vaccination History Is Associated With Lower Odds of COVID-19 Hospitalization Jennifer Monereo-Sánchez, Jurjen J. Luykx, Justo Pinzón-Espinosa, Geneviève Richard, Ehsan Motazedi, Lars T. Westlye, et al. (+2)
5 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Oct―16 Inequalities in Knowledge About COVID-19 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Omar Zayyan Alsharqi, Ameerah M. N. Qattan, Noor Alshareef, Gowokani Chijere Chirwa, Mohammed Khaled Al-Hanawi
6 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Oct―16 Case Report: Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis and COVID-19 Infection Manasa Anipindi, Amanda Scott, Li Joyce, Salman Wali, Mark Morginstin
7 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Oct―16 First-Time Psychotic Symptoms in a Patient After COVID-19 Infection-A Case Report Kacper Łoś, Joanna Kulikowska, Napoleon Waszkiewicz
8 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―16 The Effect of Fear of the COVID-19 on Depression Among Chinese Outbound Students Studying Online in China Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic Period: The Role of Resilience and Social Support Yikang Chen, Yifan Liu, Yuxuan Zhang, Zheng Li, Tianshu Zhou
9 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Oct―16 Ayurvedic Response to COVID-19 Pandemic in Kerala, India and Its Impact on Quarantined Individuals - A Community Case Study Sharmila Mary Joseph, Divya S. Iyer, Rajmohan Velayudhan Pillai
10 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―16 Identification Performance During Quarantine by COVID-19 Pandemic: Influence of Emotional Variables and Sleep Quality Facundo A. Urreta Benítez, Candela S. Leon, Matías Bonilla, Pablo Ezequiel Flores-Kanter, Cecilia Forcato
11 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Oct―16 Prevalence of and Factors Associated With Depressive Symptoms Among College Students in Wuhan, China During the Normalization Stage of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Jincong Yu, Ziyun Yang, Yuqin Wu, Ming Ge, Xuemei Tang, Hongbo Jiang
12 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―16 COVID-19, Telecommuting, and (Virtual) Sickness Presenteeism: Working From Home While Ill During a Pandemic Sascha Alexander Ruhle, René Schmoll
13 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―16 COVID-19 to Green Entrepreneurial Intention: Role of Green Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy, Optimism, Ecological Values, Social Responsibility, and Green Entrepreneurial Motivation Wenke Wang, Qilin Cao, Chaoyang Zhuo, Yunhan Mou, Zihao Pu, Yunhuan Zhou
14 [GO] Frontiers in Physiology 2021―Oct―16 Diabetes, Heart Failure, and COVID-19: An Update Carleigh Hebbard, Brooke Lee, Rajesh Katare, Venkata Naga Srikanth Garikipati
15 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2021―Oct―16 Symptoms, SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies, and Neutralization Capacity in a Cross Sectional-Population of German Children Otto Laub, Georg Leipold, Antoaneta A. Toncheva, David Peterhoff, Sebastian Einhauser, Patrick Neckermann, et al. (+16)
16 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―16 Psychological Adjustment, Quality of Life and Well-Being in a German and Portuguese Adult Population During COVID-19 Pandemics Crisis Adelinda Candeias, Edgar Galindo, Marcus Stueck, António Portelada, Jessica Knietzsch
17 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2021―Oct―16 Association of Ethnicity With Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children Related to SARS-CoV-2 Infection: An International Case-Referent Study Judith G. Middelburg, Thomas E. M. Crijnen, Lorenzo D'Antiga, Lucio Verdoni, Ashish Chikermane, Padma Garg, et al. (+5)
18 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Oct―15 Changes in Incidence of Notifiable Infectious Diseases in China Under the Prevention and Control Measures of COVID-19 Bizhen Chen, Meiling Wang, Xun Huang, Maokun Xie, Liting Pan, Huiwen Liu, et al. (+2)
19 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―15 The Effect of Using Technology Supported Material in Teaching English to First-Year Primary School Children: On Their Academic Success During COVID-19 Fatma Köprülü
20 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Oct―15 Intermediate- vs. Standard-Dose Prophylactic Anticoagulation in Patients With COVID-19 Admitted in Medical Ward: A Propensity Score-Matched Cohort Study David M. Smadja, Guillaume Bonnet, Nicolas Gendron, Orianne Weizman, Lina Khider, Antonin Trimaille, et al. (+13)
21 [GO] Frontiers in Political Science 2021―Oct―15 Solidarity Through Localization? Humanitarian Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic Charlotte Dany
22 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Oct―15 Commentary: Statistical Modeling for the Prediction of Infectious Disease Dissemination With Special Reference to COVID-19 Spread Hom Nath Dhungana, Saroj Ghimire
23 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Oct―15 Longer Prehospitalization and Preintubation Periods in Intubated Non-survivors and ECMO Patients With COVID-19: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Kenji Funakoshi, Takayoshi Morita, Atsushi Kumanogoh
24 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021―Oct―14 Effect of Prophylactic Use of Intranasal Oil Formulations in the Hamster Model of COVID-19 Zaigham Abbas Rizvi, Manas Ranjan Tripathy, Nishant Sharma, Sandeep Goswami, N Srikanth, J. L. N. Sastry, et al. (+4)
25 [GO] Frontiers in Veterinary Science 2021―Oct―14 Brief Research Report: Veterinary Student Perspective on COVID-19 and Veterinary Medicine Candice B. Limper, Ariana L. Hinckley-Boltax, Casey L. Cazer
26 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―14 COPEWithME: The Role of Parental Ability to Support and Promote Child Resilient Behaviors During the COVID-19 Emergency Isabella Lucia Chiara Mariani Wigley, Eleonora Mascheroni, Francesca Bulletti, Sabrina Bonichini
27 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Oct―14 Psychological Status of High School Students 1 Year After the COVID-19 Emergency Cong Zhou, Rongqin Li, Mingchuan Yang, Shanshan Duan, Chuanming Yang
28 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Oct―14 Impact of the COVID-19 Lockdown in Malaysia: An Examination of the Psychological Well-Being of Parent-Child Dyads and Child Behavior in Families With Children on the Autism Spectrum Hui Xian Fong, Kim Cornish, Hannah Kirk, Kartini Ilias, Mohd Farooq Shaikh, Karen Jennifer Golden
29 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Oct―14 Insights Into Adolescents' Substance Use in a Low-Middle-Income Country During the COVID-19 Pandemic Lee Thung Sen, Kristiana Siste, Enjeline Hanafi, Belinda Julivia Murtani, Hans Christian, Albert Prabowo Limawan, Levina Putri Siswidiani
30 [GO] Frontiers in Surgery 2021―Oct―14 Managing Scarcity: Innovation and Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic Natalie Pozzi, Aaron Zuckerman, Joohee Son, Travis C. Geraci, Stephanie H. Chang, Robert J. Cerfolio
31 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―14 Fear of Nurses During COVID-19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Assessment Mahaman L. Moussa, Fatchima Laouali Moussa, Homood A. Alharbi, Tagwa Omer, Saleh Abdulkarim Khallaf, Hamad Samran Al Harbi, Ahmed Abdullah Albarqi
32 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―14 A Longitudinal Study of Gambling Behaviors During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Sweden Viktor Månsson, Håkan Wall, Anne H. Berman, Nitya Jayaram-Lindström, Ingvar Rosendahl
33 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Oct―14 Editorial: Cognitive, Psychological, and Psychiatric Consequences of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic in the Population of Older Persons With Cognitive Impairment, Dementia, and/or Neuropsychiatric Disorders Katie Palmer, Miia Kivipelto, Walter Gianni, Nerisa Banaj, Gianfranco Spalletta
34 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Oct―14 Role of Gut Microbiome in COVID-19: An Insight Into Pathogenesis and Therapeutic Potential Ikram Hussain, Gabriel Liu Yuan Cher, Muhammad Abbas Abid, Muhammad Bilal Abid
35 [GO] Frontiers in Medical Technology 2021―Oct―14 Powered Respirators Are Effective, Sustainable, and Cost-Effective Personal Protective Equipment for SARS-CoV-2 Alasdair Munro, Jacqui Prieto, Emmanouil Mentzakis, Mohammed Dibas, Nitin Mahobia, Peter Baker, et al. (+13)
36 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Oct―14 Elevated Humoral Immune Response to SARS-CoV-2 at High Altitudes Revealed by an Anti-RBD “In-House” ELISA Rodrigo Hernán Tomas-Grau, Diego Ploper, César Luis Ávila, Esteban Vera Pingitore, Carolina Maldonado Galdeano, Silvina Chaves, et al. (+17)
37 [GO] Frontiers in Oncology 2021―Oct―14 Accurate Triage of Oncological Patients for Safely Continuing Cancer Therapy During the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic Cristina Gurizzan, Rebecca Pedersini, Carla Fornaro, Chiara Sardini, Manuel Zamparini, Sara Monteverdi, et al. (+14)
38 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Oct―14 Sepsis of Patients Infected by SARS-CoV-2: Real-World Experience From the International HOPE-COVID-19-Registry and Validation of HOPE Sepsis Score Mohammad Abumayyaleh, Iván J. Nuñez-Gil, Ibrahim El-Battrawy, Vicente Estrada, Víctor Manuel Becerra-Muñoz, Aitor Uribarri, et al. (+21)
39 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2021―Oct―14 Te Rito Toi in New Zealand: A Caring Response to the Pandemic Peter O’Connor, Marta Estellés
40 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2021―Oct―13 Case Report: Probable Myocarditis After Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine in a Patient With Arrhythmogenic Left Ventricular Cardiomyopathy Edgardo Alania-Torres, Herminio Morillas-Climent, Alexandre García-Escrivá, Paul Vinueza-Buitrón, Inmaculada Poquet-Catalá, Esther Zorio, et al. (+3)
41 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Oct―13 Efficacy of Jinhua Qinggan Granules Combined With Western Medicine in the Treatment of Confirmed and Suspected COVID-19: A Randomized Controlled Trial XueDong An, Xi Xu, MingZhong Xiao, XiaoJun Min, Yi Lyu, JiaXing Tian, et al. (+12)
42 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―13 Prevalence and Risk Factors of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms in Students Aged 8-18 in Wuhan, China 6 Months After the Control of COVID-19 Yue Chen, Zhuohong Zhu, Fei Lei, Shulan Lei, Jing Chen
43 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―13 Similarity Effect and Purchase Behavior of Organic Food Under the Mediating Role of Perceived Values in the Context of COVID-19 Chunnian Liu, Yan Zheng, Dayu Cao
44 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Oct―13 COVID-19 and Hemoglobinopathies: A Systematic Review of Clinical Presentations, Investigations, and Outcomes Jun Xin Lee, Wei Keong Chieng, Sie Chong Doris Lau, Chai Eng Tan
45 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Oct―13 Lack of Evidence of COVID-19 Being a Risk Factor of Alopecia Areata: Results of a National Cohort Study in South Korea Jeehyun Kim, Kwan Hong, Raquel Elizabeth Gómez Gómez, Soojin Kim, Byung Chul Chun
46 [GO] Frontiers in Political Science 2021―Oct―13 Performing COVID-19 Control in Finland: Interpretative Topic Modelling and Discourse Theoretical Reading of the Government Communication and Hashtag Landscape Juha Koljonen, Emilia Palonen
47 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Oct―13 Liver Histopathological Analysis of 24 Postmortem Findings of Patients With COVID-19 in China Huikuan Chu, Li Peng, Lilin Hu, Yixin Zhu, Jinfang Zhao, Hua Su, et al. (+5)
48 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Oct―13 Uneven Use of Remote Work to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in South Korea's Stratified Labor Market Saejung Park, Sanghee Lee, Joonmo Cho
49 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Oct―13 Effect of Anxiety About COVID-19 Infection in the Workplace on the Association Between Job Demands and Psychological Distress Hisashi Eguchi, Ayako Hino, Akiomi Inoue, Mayumi Tsuji, Seiichiro Tateishi, Hajime Ando, et al. (+3)
50 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Oct―13 Immune Response in Severe and Non-Severe Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Infection: A Mechanistic Landscape Kavitha Mukund, Priya Nayak, Chethan Ashokkumar, Sohail Rao, Jose Almeda, Monica M. Betancourt-Garcia, et al. (+2)
51 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―13 The Impact of COVID-19 Instigated Changes on Loneliness of Teachers and Motivation-Engagement of Students: A Psychological Analysis of Education Sector Abir El Telyani, Panteha Farmanesh, Pouya Zargar
52 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―13 #Springwatch #WildMorningswithChris: Engaging With Nature via Social Media and Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Lockdown Shi Xu, George Murrell, Sarah E. Golding, Beth F. T. Brockett, Birgitta Gatersleben, Caroline Scarles, et al. (+3)
53 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2021―Oct―13 The Physical Fitness Level of College Students Before and After Web-Based Physical Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic Wei Xia, Cai-hong Huang, Yu Guo, Min-gang Guo, Ming Hu, Jian Dai, Cheng-hu Deng
54 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2021―Oct―13 What Really Matters: Experiences of Emergency Remote Teaching in University Teaching and Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic Gwen D. Erlam, Nick Garrett, Norina Gasteiger, Kelvin Lau, Kath Hoare, Shivani Agarwal, Ailsa Haxell
55 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Oct―13 Predictors of Alcohol Consumption Among Younger Adults During the First Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic Lasse Brandt, Ricarda Evens, Simon Reiche, Roman M. Marek, Daa Un Moon, Elisa Groß, et al. (+7)
56 [GO] Frontiers in Veterinary Science 2021―Oct―13 Presence of Antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in Domestic Cats in Istanbul, Turkey, Before and After COVID-19 Pandemic Aysun Yilmaz, Abdullah Kayar, Nuri Turan, Onur Iskefli, Alper Bayrakal, Gleyder Roman-Sosa, et al. (+11)
57 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―13 A 6-Month Follow-Up Study on Worry and Its Impact on Well-Being During the First Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic in an Italian Sample Giulia Ongaro, Clizia Cincidda, Valeria Sebri, Lucrezia Savioni, Stefano Triberti, Roberta Ferrucci, et al. (+3)
58 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Oct―13 The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Searching for Health-Related Information and Cyberchondria on the General Population in Italy Matteo Vismara, Daniele Vitella, Roberta Biolcati, Federica Ambrosini, Veronica Pirola, Bernardo Dell'Osso, Roberto Truzoli
59 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2021―Oct―13 Experiences of Honours Research Students and Supervisors During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Pilot Study Framed by Self-Determination Theory Natasha N. Kumar, Elizabeth Summerell, Branka Spehar, Jacquelyn Cranney
60 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2021―Oct―13 Children’s Motivation to Learn at Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights From Indian Parents Matthew H. C. Mak
61 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Oct―13 Bioethical Concerns During the COVID-19 Pandemic: What Did Healthcare Ethics Committees and Institutions State in Spain? Javier Ruiz-Hornillos, Pilar Hernández Suárez, Juana María Marín Martínez, Íñigo de Miguel Beriain, María Auxiliadora Nieves Vázquez, Marta Albert, et al. (+4)
62 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Oct―13 Gastrointestinal Bleeding, but Not Other Gastrointestinal Symptoms, Is Associated With Worse Outcomes in COVID-19 Patients Hongxin Chen, Zhenhua Tong, Zhuang Ma, Li Luo, Yufu Tang, Yue Teng, et al. (+10)
63 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Oct―13 Obesity Correlates With Pronounced Aberrant Innate Immune Responses in Hospitalized Aged COVID-19 Patients Michael Z. Zulu, Suhas Sureshchandra, Amanda N. Pinski, Brianna Doratt, Weining Shen, Ilhem Messaoudi
64 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2021―Oct―13 Microbiome Profiling Using Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing Identified Unique Microorganisms in COVID-19 Patients With Altered Gut Microbiota Sijia Li, Siyuan Yang, Yuzheng Zhou, Cyrollah Disoma, Zijun Dong, Ashuai Du, et al. (+24)
65 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Oct―13 Retrospective Study of Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients With and Without Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support in Wuhan, China Wei Cheng, Xu-Dong Ma, Long-Xiang Su, Yun Long, Da-Wei Liu, Bin Du, et al. (+24)
66 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Oct―13 Can the Cytokine Profile According to ABO Blood Groups Be Related to Worse Outcome in COVID-19 Patients? Yes, They Can Álvaro Tamayo-Velasco, María Jesús Peñarrubia Ponce, Francisco Javier Álvarez, Hugo Gonzalo-Benito, Ignacio de la Fuente, Sonia Pérez-González, et al. (+16)
67 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Oct―13 The Populations' Resilience Toward the Policymaking Discrepancies in the Pandemic Covid-19 Period Hatem H. Alsaqqa
68 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―13 Impact of COVID-19 Related Knowledge and Precautions on Emotional and Behavioral Problems Among Children During the Post-pandemic in China: The Explanatory Value of Emotional Problems Among Caregivers Jingyi Wang, Yun Chen, Xiaoqin Guo, Haijiang Lin, Marcus Richards, Hao Wang, et al. (+2)
69 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Oct―13 No Sex Differences in Psychological Burden and Health Behaviors of Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders Wenli Gu, Xiao Liu, Runlu Sun, Yuan Jiang, Zhengyu Cao, Maoxiong Wu, et al. (+5)
70 [GO] Frontiers in Genetics 2021―Oct―13 Genetic Risk Prediction of COVID-19 Susceptibility and Severity in the Indian Population P. Prakrithi, Priya Lakra, Durai Sundar, Manav Kapoor, Mitali Mukerji, Ishaan Gupta
71 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Oct―13 Efficacy, Immunogenicity and Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Nadim Sharif, Khalid J. Alzahrani, Shamsun Nahar Ahmed, Shuvra Kanti Dey
72 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Oct―13 Parental Attitudes and Hesitancy About COVID-19 vs. Routine Childhood Vaccinations: A National Survey Mohamad-Hani Temsah, Abdullah N. Alhuzaimi, Fadi Aljamaan, Feras Bahkali, Ayman Al-Eyadhy, Abdulkarim Alrabiaah, et al. (+19)
73 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2021―Oct―13 Prevalence of Atrial Fibrillation and Associated Mortality Among Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Zuwei Li, Wen Shao, Jing Zhang, Jianyong Ma, Shanshan Huang, Peng Yu, et al. (+2)
74 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2021―Oct―13 Hypercholesterolemia and COVID-19: Statins for Lowering the Risk of Venous Thromboembolism Alpo Vuorio, Riitta Lassila, Petri T. Kovanen
75 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―13 An Online Experiment During COVID-19: Testing the Influences of Autonomy Support Toward Emotions and Academic Persistence Yurou Wang, Jihong Zhang, Halim Lee
76 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―13 Technostress and Employee Performance Nexus During COVID-19: Training and Creative Self-Efficacy as Moderators Farida Saleem, Muhammad Imran Malik, Saiqa Saddiqa Qureshi, Muhammad Faisal Farid, Sabeen Qamar
77 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―13 Body Image During Pregnancy in the Era of Coronavirus Disease 2019: The Role of Heterogeneous Patterns of Perceived Social Support Małgorzata Piȩta, Marcin Rzeszutek, Michał Lendzion, Monika Grymowicz, Wojciech Piȩta, Agata Kasperowicz, et al. (+3)
78 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Oct―13 The Mucosal and Serological Immune Responses to the Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Vaccines Renee W. Y. Chan, Shaojun Liu, Jonathan Y. Cheung, Joseph G. S. Tsun, Kate C. Chan, Kathy Y. Y. Chan, et al. (+3)
79 [GO] Frontiers in Endocrinology 2021―Oct―13 Medical Significance of Uterine Corpus Endometrial Carcinoma Patients Infected With SARS-CoV-2 and Pharmacological Characteristics of Plumbagin Yongming Li, Songzuo Yu, Yu Li, Xiao Liang, Min Su, Rong Li
80 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2021―Oct―13 Genomic Variations in the Structural Proteins of SARS-CoV-2 and Their Deleterious Impact on Pathogenesis: A Comparative Genomics Approach Taj Mohammad, Arunabh Choudhury, Insan Habib, Purva Asrani, Yash Mathur, Mohd Umair, et al. (+4)
81 [GO] Frontiers in Oncology 2021―Oct―13 SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Cancer Patients: A Population-Based Study Manuel Zorzi, Stefano Guzzinati, Francesco Avossa, Ugo Fedeli, Arianna Calcinotto, Massimo Rugge
82 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Oct―13 Children and Adults in a Household Cohort Study Have Robust Longitudinal Immune Responses Following SARS-CoV-2 Infection or Exposure Melanie R. Neeland, Samantha Bannister, Vanessa Clifford, Jill Nguyen, Kate Dohle, Isabella Overmars, et al. (+18)
83 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2021―Oct―13 Evaluation of Endothelial Dysfunction and Inflammatory Vasculopathy After SARS-CoV-2 Infection-A Cross-Sectional Study Philipp Jud, Paul Gressenberger, Viktoria Muster, Alexander Avian, Andreas Meinitzer, Heimo Strohmaier, et al. (+7)
84 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2021―Oct―13 Strategy and Performance Evaluation of Low-Frequency Variant Calling for SARS-CoV-2 Using Targeted Deep Illumina Sequencing Laura A. E. Van Poelvoorde, Thomas Delcourt, Wim Coucke, Philippe Herman, Sigrid C. J. De Keersmaecker, Xavier Saelens, et al. (+2)
85 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2021―Oct―13 Characterization of SARS-CoV-2 Variants N501Y.V1 and N501Y.V2 Spike on Viral Infectivity Haijun Tang, Long Gao, Zhao Wu, Fang Meng, Xin Zhao, Yun Shao, et al. (+5)
86 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2021―Oct―13 Newer Horizon of Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Based Therapy in the Management of SARS-CoV-2-Associated Mucormycosis: A Safe Hope for Future Medicine Alok Raghav, Syed Ghazanfar Ali, Goo-Bo Jeong, Kirti Amresh Gautam, Shahid Banday, Qazi Noorul Mateen, et al. (+5)
87 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―12 Editorial: Closure and Reopening of Schools and Universities During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Prevention and Control Measures, Support Strategies for Vulnerable Students and Psychosocial Needs Elena Commodari, Valentina Lucia La Rosa, Maria Anna Coniglio, Daniela Conti
88 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Oct―12 The COVID-19 Pandemic Affects Male Patients With Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria More Than Female Patients Huzeyfe Kulu, Mustafa Atasoy, Kemal Özyurt, Marcus Maurer, Atıl Avcı, Muhammet Reşat Akkuş, Ragıp Ertaş
89 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Oct―12 The Societal Influences and Quality of Life Among Healthcare Team Members During the COVID-19 Pandemic Wei-Tsung Kao, Su-Ting Hsu, Frank Huang-Chih Chou, Li-Shiu Chou, Kuan-Ying Hsieh, Dian-Jeng Li, et al. (+4)
90 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Oct―12 The COVID-19 Vaccination Hesitancy Among the People With Inflammatory Bowel Disease in China: A Questionnaire Study Xia Wu, Jue Lin, Heena Buch, Quchen Ding, Faming Zhang, Bota Cui, Guozhong Ji
91 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Oct―12 Distribution Network for the Last Mile of Cross-Border E-business in a Smart City at Emerging Market in Response to COVID-19: A Key Node Analysis Based on a Vision of Fourth Party Logistics Da Huo, Xiaotao Zhang, Yinghui Cai, Ken Hung
92 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Oct―12 SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Fully Vaccinated Individuals of Old Age Strongly Boosts the Humoral Immune Response Lisa Müller, Marcel Andrée, Philipp Niklas Ostermann, Nathalie Jazmati, Greta Flüh, Johannes C. Fischer, et al. (+10)
93 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―11 Impact of Synchronous and Asynchronous Settings of Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education on Students’ Learning Experience During COVID-19 Sabine Fabriz, Julia Mendzheritskaya, Sebastian Stehle
94 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―11 Music in Quarantine: Connections Between Changes in Lifestyle, Psychological States, and Musical Behaviors During COVID-19 Pandemic Hiroko Terasawa, Masaki Matsubara, Visda Goudarzi, Makiko Sadakata
95 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Oct―11 “A Piece of Sanity in the Midst of Insane Times”: Girls on the Run Programming to Promote Physical Activity and Psychosocial Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic Maureen R. Weiss, Lindsay E. Kipp, Allison Riley
96 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―11 Offering Psychological Support to University Students in Poland During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons Learned From an Initial Evaluation Agata Rudnik, Paulina Anikiej-Wiczenbach, Aleksandra Szulman-Wardal, Paul Conway, Mariola Bidzan
97 [GO] Frontiers in Endocrinology 2021―Oct―11 Case Report: Medullary Thyroid Cancer Workup Initiated by Unexpectedly High Procalcitonin Level-Endocrine Training Saves Life in the COVID-19 Unit Livia Sira, Zoltán Balogh, Eszter Vitális, Dávid Kovács, Ferenc Győry, Csaba Molnár, et al. (+2)
98 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2021―Oct―11 Can Salivary Innate Immune Molecules Provide Clue on Taste Dysfunction in COVID-19? Aaron Ermel, Thankam Paul Thyvalikakath, Tatiana Foroud, Babar Khan, Mythily Srinivasan
99 [GO] International Journal of Public Health 2021―Oct―10 The Role of European Schools and University Departments of Public Health in the 2020 COVID-19 Response, European Region, 2020 Ariane Bauernfeind, Anders Foldspang, Alberto Fernandez-Ajuria, Robert Otok, John Middleton
100 [GO] Frontiers in Nutrition 2021―Oct―10 Both Underweight and Obesity Are Associated With an Increased Risk of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Severity Pian Ye, Ran Pang, Ling Li, Hua-Rong Li, Shuang-Lin Liu, Lei Zhao
101 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―10 Polish Emergency Dispatchers During a COVID-19 Pandemic - Burnout Syndrome, Perceived Stress, and Self-Efficacy. Effects of Multidimensional Path Analysis Marta Makara-Studzińska, Maciej Załuski, Katarzyna Adamczyk
102 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Oct―10 Sibling Jealousy and Temperament: The Mediating Effect of Emotion Regulation in China During COVID-19 Pandemic Guoying Qian, Ruonan Li, Wanqi Yang, Ranran Li, Li Tian, Gang Dou
103 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Oct―10 COVID-19 Is a Multi-Organ Aggressor: Epigenetic and Clinical Marks Mankgopo Magdeline Kgatle, Ismaheel Opeyemi Lawal, Gabriel Mashabela, Tebatso Moshoeu Gillian Boshomane, Palesa Caroline Koatale, Phetole Walter Mahasha, et al. (+7)
104 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Oct―10 Removal of COVID-19 Spike Protein, Whole Virus, Exosomes, and Exosomal MicroRNAs by the Hemopurifier® Lectin-Affinity Cartridge in Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19 Infection Dennis E. Amundson, Usman S. Shah, Rosalia de Necochea-Campion, Michael Jacobs, Steven P. LaRosa, Charles J. Fisher
105 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Oct―10 Attitudes of Healthcare Professionals and General Population Toward Vaccines and the Intention to Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19 in Spain Isabel Iguacel, Aurelio Luna Maldonado, Aurelio Luna Ruiz-Cabello, Eva Samatán, Judith Alarcón, María Ángeles Orte, et al. (+2)
106 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―10 The Implementation of Patient-Centered Humanistic Care for COVID-19 Closely Contacted Hemodialysis Patients Under the Hospital-Based Group Medical Quarantine: A Brief Research Report He Zhang, Liangying Gan, Xiaodan Li, Xiaofeng Shao, Li Zuo, Jie Gao, et al. (+9)
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108 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Oct―10 Serum IgG anti-SARS-CoV-2 Binding Antibody Level Is Strongly Associated With IgA and Functional Antibody Levels in Adults Infected With SARS-CoV-2 Xunyan Ye, Laura S. Angelo, Erin G. Nicholson, Obinna P. Iwuchukwu, Wanderson Cabral de Rezende, Anubama Rajan, et al. (+16)
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110 [GO] Frontiers in Chemistry 2021―Oct―10 Inhibition Potencies of Phytochemicals Derived from Sesame Against SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease: A Molecular Docking and Simulation Study Anuj Kumar, Dwijesh Chandra Mishra, Ulavappa Basavanneppa Angadi, Rashmi Yadav, Anil Rai, Dinesh Kumar
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117 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2021―Oct―09 Global Diversification and Distribution of Coronaviruses With Furin Cleavage Sites Xiaotong Liu, Qunfu Wu, Zhigang Zhang
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128 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Oct―08 Middle-Aged and Older African Americans' Information Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Interview Study Lu Tang, Felicia N. York, Wenxue Zou
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130 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Oct―08 Reimagining Community Mental Health Care Services: Case Study of a Need Based Biopsychosocial Response Initiated During Pandemic Poornima Sunder, Anu Sonia Vincent, Meenu K. Saju, Anu S. Moorthy, Godson Paulose, Roshni Robins, et al. (+4)
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135 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Oct―07 A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Inpatient Mortality Associated With Nosocomial and Community COVID-19 Exposes the Vulnerability of Immunosuppressed Adults Mark J. Ponsford, Tom J. C. Ward, Simon M. Stoneham, Clare M. Dallimore, Davina Sham, Khalid Osman, et al. (+4)
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139 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―07 “You Are Not Alone”-Opportunities and Challenges for University Students’ Collaborative Engagement When Dealing With Online Information About COVID-19 Elisabeth Mayweg-Paus, Maria Zimmermann, Claudia Lefke
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182 [GO] Frontiers in Virology 2021―Oct―01 GAPDH, Interferon γ, and Nitric Oxide: Inhibitors of Coronaviruses Aashir Awan
183 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Oct―01 Feeling Anxious Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic: Factors Associated With Anxiety Symptoms Among Nurses in Hong Kong Nelson Chun-yiu Yeung, Eliza Lai-yi Wong, Annie Wai-ling Cheung, Eng-kiong Yeoh, Samuel Yeung-shan Wong
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194 [GO] Frontiers in Genetics 2021―Oct―01 Network-Based Identification and Experimental Validation of Drug Candidates Toward SARS-CoV-2 via Targeting Virus-Host Interactome Jiansong Fang, Qihui Wu, Fei Ye, Chuipu Cai, Lvjie Xu, Yong Gu, et al. (+4)
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214 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Sep―30 Artificial Intelligence for COVID-19: A Systematic Review Lian Wang, Yonggang Zhang, Dongguang Wang, Xiang Tong, Tao Liu, Shijie Zhang, et al. (+5)
215 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2021―Sep―30 Altered Lipid Profile Is a Risk Factor for the Poor Progression of COVID-19: From Two Retrospective Cohorts Hui Jin, Junji He, Chuan Dong, Bin Li, Zhiyue Ma, Bilan Li, et al. (+4)
216 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2021―Sep―30 The Nasopharynx Swab Test for Coronavirus Disease-2019 Is Mild and Will Not Cause Significant Pain and Anxiety: A Cross-Sectional Study Based on Psychiatrists Wei Li, Han Zhou, Qian Guo, Guanjun Li
217 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―30 Corrigendum: Coronavirus Disease-2019 Survival in Mexico: A Cohort Study on the Interaction of the Associated Factors Horacio Márquez-González, Jorge F. Méndez-Galván, Alfonso Reyes-López, Miguel Klünder-Klünder, Rodolfo Jiménez-Juárez, Juan Garduño-Espinosa, Fortino Solórzano-Santos
218 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―30 Cross-Species Transmission of Coronaviruses in Humans and Domestic Mammals, What Are the Ecological Mechanisms Driving Transmission, Spillover, and Disease Emergence? Nicole Nova
219 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Sep―30 Risk Factors for Grade 3 to Grade 4 Adverse Reactions to the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 Vaccine (AZD1222) Against SARS-CoV-2 Sang Won Lee, Hyun Lee, Sun-Kyung Lee, Ji-Yong Moon, SeolHwa Moon, Sung Jun Chung, et al. (+7)
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223 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―30 Don’t Call It Smart: Working From Home During the Pandemic Crisis Barbara Barbieri, Silvia Balia, Isabella Sulis, Ester Cois, Cristina Cabras, Sara Atzara, Silvia De Simone
224 [GO] Frontiers in Global Women s Health 2021―Sep―29 The Global Impact of COVID-19 on the Care of People With Endometriosis Lysia Demetriou, Emma Cox, Claire E. Lunde, Christian M. Becker, Adriana L. Invitti, Beatriz Martínez-Burgo, et al. (+6)
225 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainable Cities 2021―Sep―29 Effect of Lockdown Amid COVID-19 on Ambient Air Quality in 16 Indian Cities Amit Kumar Mishra, Prashant Rajput, Amit Singh, Chander Kumar Singh, Rajesh Kumar Mall
226 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―29 Education as a Predictor Factor for Knowledge of COVID-19 in Portugal Joana Gomes da Silva, Carla Sofia Silva, Bárbara Alexandre, Pedro Morgado
227 [GO] Frontiers in Dental Medicine 2021―Sep―29 A Multi-Disciplinary Review on the Aerobiology of COVID-19 in Dental Settings Darya Dabiri, Samuel Richard Conti, Niloufar Sadoughi Pour, Andrew Chong, Shaahin Dadjoo, Donya Dabiri, et al. (+7)
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229 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―29 Predictors of Persistence of Anxiety, Hyperarousal Stress, and Resilience During the COVID-19 Epidemic: A National Study in Iran Hamid Sharif Nia, Elham Akhlaghi, Samaneh Torkian, Vahid Khosravi, Reza Etesami, Erika Sivarajan Froelicher, Saeed Pahlevan Sharif
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231 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―29 Prevalence of Covid-19 Associated Symptoms, Their Onset and Duration, and Variations Among Different Groups of Patients in Bangladesh Md. Tanzilul Amin, Mahmud Hasan, N. M. Mahmudul Alam Bhuiya
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233 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―29 Late Adulthood, COVID-19-Related Stress Perceptions, Meaning in Life, and Forgiveness as Predictors of Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic Loren Toussaint, Alyssa Cheadle, Jessie Dezutter, David R. Williams
234 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―29 Keeping Meta-Analyses Hygienic During the COVID-19 Pandemic Jordane Boudesseul, Oulmann Zerhouni, Allie Harbert, Clio Rubinos
235 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―29 Virtual Reality Relaxation for Reducing Perceived Stress of Intensive Care Nurses During the COVID-19 Pandemic J. W. H. Mathijs Nijland, Wim Veling, Bart P. Lestestuiver, Catheleine M. G. Van Driel
236 [GO] Frontiers in Political Science 2021―Sep―29 Online Communication of Local Governments During COVID-19 Pandemic in Hungary Nóra Baranyai, Boglárka Barsi, Márta Nárai
237 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Sep―29 Developmental Understanding of Death and Grief Among Children During COVID-19 Pandemic: Application of Bronfenbrenner's Bioecological Model Aisha Sanober Chachar, Sana Younus, Wamiq Ali
238 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainable Cities 2021―Sep―29 Urban Park Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Are Socially Vulnerable Communities Disproportionately Impacted? Lincoln R. Larson, Zhenzhen Zhang, Jae In Oh, Will Beam, S. Scott Ogletree, Jason N. Bocarro, et al. (+7)
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241 [GO] Frontiers in Allergy 2021―Sep―29 Anaphylaxis to Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in a Patient With Clinically Confirmed PEG Allergy Morgan D. McSweeney, Manoj Mohan, Scott P. Commins, Samuel K. Lai
242 [GO] Frontiers in Built Environment 2021―Sep―29 How COVID-19 Will Change Health, Hospitality and Senior Facility Design McCuskey Mardelle Shepley, Heather Kolakowski, Nicolas Ziebarth, Ellie Valenzuela-Mendoza
243 [GO] Frontiers in Endocrinology 2021―Sep―29 COVID-19-Associated Subacute Thyroiditis: Evidence-Based Data From a Systematic Review Pierpaolo Trimboli, Carlo Cappelli, Laura Croce, Lorenzo Scappaticcio, Luca Chiovato, Mario Rotondi
244 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―29 Capturing the Trajectory of Psychological Status and Analyzing Online Public Reactions During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic Through Weibo Posts in China Yi-Chen Chiang, Meijie Chu, Shengnan Lin, Xinlan Cai, Qing Chen, Hongshuai Wang, et al. (+6)
245 [GO] Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 2021―Sep―29 Magnetically Enhanced Liquid SERS for Ultrasensitive Analysis of Bacterial and SARS-CoV-2 Biomarkers Zhang Ji, Chuan Zhang, Yang Ye, Jiali Ji, Hongguang Dong, Erik Forsberg, et al. (+2)
246 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Sep―29 BNT162b2 Vaccination Elicits Strong Serological Immune Responses Against SARS-CoV-2 Including Variants of Concern in Elderly Convalescents Bernd Jahrsdörfer, Dorit Fabricius, Judith Scholz, Carolin Ludwig, Aline Grempels, Ramin Lotfi, et al. (+3)
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248 [GO] Frontiers in Genetics 2021―Sep―29 Theoretical Analysis of S, M and N Structural Proteins by the Protein-RNA Recognition Code Leads to Genes/proteins that Are Relevant to the SARS-CoV-2 Life Cycle and Pathogenesis Jozef Nahalka
249 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Sep―29 Immune Profile and Clinical Outcome of Breakthrough Cases After Vaccination With an Inactivated SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Luisa F. Duarte, Nicolás M. S. Gálvez, Carolina Iturriaga, Felipe Melo-González, Jorge A. Soto, Bárbara M. Schultz, et al. (+23)
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252 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―28 Stochastic Dynamics of the COVID-19 Case-Fatality Ratios in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines: Economic Implications for the Post-COVID-19 Era Zili Shi, Hua Zhang, Ren Zhang, Lili Zhu
253 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Sep―28 Depressive Symptom and Associated Factors Among School Adolescents of Urban, Semi-Urban and Rural Areas in Bangladesh: A Scenario Prior to COVID-19 Afifa Anjum, Sahadat Hossain, M. Tasdik Hasan, Sayma Islam Alin, Md. Elias Uddin, Md. Tajuddin Sikder
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255 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―28 Leading Innovative Work-Behavior in Times of COVID-19: Relationship Between Leadership Style, Innovative Work-Behavior, Work-Related Flow, and IT-Enabled Presence Awareness During the First and Second Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic Martine J. H. Coun, Robin Edelbroek, Pascale Peters, Robert J. Blomme
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258 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―28 Negative Perception of the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Dropping: Evidence From Twitter Posts Alessandro N. Vargas, Alexander Maier, Marcos B. R. Vallim, Juan M. Banda, Victor M. Preciado
259 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―28 Health Information Systems in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Short Survey of Experiences and Lessons Learned From the European Region Elsa Negro-Calduch, Natasha Azzopardi-Muscat, Dorit Nitzan, Richard Pebody, Pernille Jorgensen, David Novillo-Ortiz
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261 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―28 Editorial: Economic Effects of COVID-19 Related Uncertainty Shocks Giray Gozgor, Chi Keung Marco Lau
262 [GO] Frontiers in Physics 2021―Sep―28 COVID-19 Rumor Detection on Social Networks Based on Content Information and User Response Jianliang Yang, Yuchen Pan
263 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―28 Efficacy of COVID-19 Treatments: A Bayesian Network Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Chenyang Zhang, Huaqing Jin, Yi Feng Wen, Guosheng Yin
264 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―28 COVID-19: Pulmonary and Extra Pulmonary Manifestations Islam H. Elrobaa, Karl J. New
265 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2021―Sep―28 ORF3a Protein of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Inhibits Interferon-Activated Janus Kinase/Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription Signaling via Elevating Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling 1 Rong Wang, Xiaofeng Yang, Mingke Chang, Ziyang Xue, Weirong Wang, Liang Bai, et al. (+2)
266 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2021―Sep―28 Coronavirus Nsp1: Immune Response Suppression and Protein Expression Inhibition Shuai Yuan, Shravani Balaji, Ivan B. Lomakin, Yong Xiong
267 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Sep―28 Pneumonia Patients Caused by Co-infection With SARS-CoV-2 and Human Adenovirus in China Shaofu Qiu, Ge Zeng, Peihan Li, Xiaohui Li, Hongbo Liu, Xinying Du, et al. (+14)
268 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Sep―28 MHC Variants Associated With Symptomatic Versus Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Highly Exposed Individuals Erick C. Castelli, Mateus V. de Castro, Michel S. Naslavsky, Marilia O. Scliar, Nayane S. B. Silva, Heloisa S. Andrade, et al. (+23)
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270 [GO] Frontiers in Chemistry 2021―Sep―28 Characterization of Phytochemicals in Ulva intestinalis L. and Their Action Against SARS-CoV-2 Spike Glycoprotein Receptor-Binding Domain Seema A. Kulkarni, Sabari B.B. Krishnan, Bavya Chandrasekhar, Kaushani Banerjee, Honglae Sohn, Thirumurthy Madhavan
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272 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―27 The Negative Impact of COVID-19 on Life Insurers Xun Zhang, Pu Liao, Xiaohua Chen
273 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―27 The Significant Effects of the COVID-19 on Leisure and Hospitality Sectors: Evidence From the Small Businesses in the United States Zhou Lu, Yunfeng Shang, Linchuang Zhu
274 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Sep―27 COVID-19 Lockdown Increased the Risk of Preterm Birth Ting-ting Lin, Chen Zhang, Lei Chen, Li Jin, Xian-hua Lin, Jie-xue Pan, et al. (+4)
275 [GO] Frontiers in Physiology 2021―Sep―27 The Impact of COVID-19 Infection on Oxygen Homeostasis: A Molecular Perspective Abdu I. Alayash
276 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―27 Latent Profile Analysis of Perceptions and Attitudes Towards COVID-19 in a Sample of Chinese People Zhimin Niu, Li Li, Hongying Li, Songli Mei, Hui Jiang, Zhiyong Deng, Jun Xin
277 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―27 Hitting Close to Home: The Effect of COVID-19 Illness in the Social Environment on Psychological Burden in Older Adults Lukas Richter, Theresa Heidinger
278 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―27 Effects of the COVID-19 Health Crisis on Sports Practice, Life Quality, and Emotional Status in Spanish High-Performance Athletes Elena Conde, Luis Manuel Martínez-Aranda, Gema Sanz, Cristina López de Subijana, Antonio Sánchez-Pato, Álvaro Díaz-Aroca, et al. (+4)
279 [GO] Frontiers in Neurology 2021―Sep―27 Mitigating Long-Term COVID-19 Consequences on Brain Health Ryan C. N. D'Arcy, Jagdeep K. Sandhu, Shawn Marshall, Markus Besemann
280 [GO] Frontiers in Digital Health 2021―Sep―27 Digital Health Literacy About COVID-19 as a Factor Mediating the Association Between the Importance of Online Information Search and Subjective Well-Being Among University Students in Vietnam Linh Hoang Thuy Nguyen, Man Thi Hue Vo, Lien Thi Mai Tran, Kevin Dadaczynski, Orkan Okan, Linda Murray, Thang Van Vo
281 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2021―Sep―27 Exhausting T Cells During HIV Infection May Improve the Prognosis of Patients with COVID-19 Hua-Song Lin, Xiao-Hong Lin, Jian-Wen Wang, Dan-Ning Wen, Jie Xiang, Yan-Qing Fan, et al. (+18)
282 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―27 Current Status and Associated Factors of Depression and Anxiety Among the Chinese Residents During the Period of Low Transmission of COVID-19 Xin Shen, Shijiao Yan, Hui Cao, Jing Feng, Zihui Lei, Weixin Zhang, et al. (+2)
283 [GO] Frontiers in Physiology 2021―Sep―27 Editorial: The Tribute of Physiology for the Understanding of COVID-19 Disease Georges Lefthériotis, Susan Wray, Adriana Castello Costa Girardi, Emmanuelle Vidal-Petiot, Matthew A. Bailey, Deborah Schechtman, et al. (+2)
284 [GO] Frontiers in Oncology 2021―Sep―27 The Evolving Clinical Management of Genitourinary Cancers Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic Sudeh Izadmehr, Dara J. Lundon, Nihal Mohamed, Andrew Katims, Vaibhav Patel, Benjamin Eilender, et al. (+10)
285 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainable Cities 2021―Sep―27 Coping With Crisis: Green Space Use in Helsinki Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic Silviya Korpilo, Anna Kajosaari, Tiina Rinne, Kamyar Hasanzadeh, Christopher M. Raymond, Marketta Kyttä
286 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―27 An Inconsistent Canadian Provincial and Territorial Response During the Early COVID-19 Pandemic Amelie Cyr, Prosanta Mondal, Gregory Hansen
287 [GO] Frontiers in Physiology 2021―Sep―27 Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation Protocol in Infertile Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic Fei Li, HuiXia Zhang, WeiYi Shi, YiFang Wu, Ye Tian, YiHong Guo, et al. (+2)
288 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―27 Freedom to Stay-at-Home? Countries Higher in Relational Mobility Showed Decreased Geographic Mobility at the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic Jason D. Freeman, Joanna Schug
289 [GO] Frontiers in Nutrition 2021―Sep―27 Exploring Household Food Dynamics During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Morocco Hamid El Bilali, Tarek Ben Hassen, Chedli Baya Chatti, Aziz Abouabdillah, Si Bennasseur Alaoui
290 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2021―Sep―27 Corrigendum: Patterns of Teachers’ Occupational Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Relations to Experiences of Exhaustion, Recovery, and Interactional Styles of Teaching Sanni Pöysä, Eija Pakarinen, Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen
291 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―27 Let Others Buy First: Identity Fusion Buffers the Effect of COVID-19 Phobia on Panic Buying Behavior From an Economic Perspective Yi-Tai Seih, Vi Thanh Tra, Marketa Lepicovsky, Yi-Ying Chang
292 [GO] Frontiers in Nutrition 2021―Sep―27 Corrigendum: Low Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (Vitamin D) Level Is Associated With Susceptibility to COVID-19, Severity, and Mortality: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Mohammad Rizki Akbar, Arief Wibowo, Raymond Pranata, Budi Setiabudiawan
293 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Sep―27 Potential Effects of Coronaviruses on the Liver: An Update Xinyi Wang, Jianyong Lei, Zhihui Li, Lunan Yan
294 [GO] Frontiers in Plant Science 2021―Sep―27 Impact of Specific N-Glycan Modifications on the Use of Plant-Produced SARS-CoV-2 Antigens in Serological Assays Jennifer Schwestka, Julia König-Beihammer, Yun-Ji Shin, Ulrike Vavra, Nikolaus F. Kienzl, Clemens Grünwald-Gruber, et al. (+17)
295 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Sep―27 Preliminary Evidence for IL-10-Induced ACE2 mRNA Expression in Lung-Derived and Endothelial Cells: Implications for SARS-Cov-2 ARDS Pathogenesis Adriana Albini, Luana Calabrone, Valentina Carlini, Nadia Benedetto, Michele Lombardo, Antonino Bruno, Douglas M. Noonan
296 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―27 Long-Term Course of Humoral and Cellular Immune Responses in Outpatients After SARS-CoV-2 Infection Julia Schiffner, Insa Backhaus, Jens Rimmele, Sören Schulz, Till Möhlenkamp, Julia Maria Klemens, et al. (+3)
297 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2021―Sep―27 New Tetramic Acid Derivatives From the Deep-Sea-Derived Fungus Penicillium sp. SCSIO06868 With SARS-CoV-2 Mpro Inhibitory Activity Evaluation Xiaoyan Pang, Weihao Chen, Xin Wang, Xuefeng Zhou, Bin Yang, Xinpeng Tian, et al. (+3)
298 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Sep―27 SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccines Elicit Different Responses in Immunologically Naïve and Pre-Immune Humans David Forgacs, Hyesun Jang, Rodrigo B. Abreu, Hannah B. Hanley, Jasper L. Gattiker, Alexandria M. Jefferson, Ted M. Ross
299 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―27 Gender Discrepancies in SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic Related Beliefs, Attitudes, and Practices Bethann Mangel Pflugeisen, Jin Mou
300 [GO] Frontiers in Chemistry 2021―Sep―27 Structure-Based Virtual Screening and Identification of Potential Inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 S-RBD and ACE2 Interaction Jiacheng Xiong, Yusen Xiang, Ziming Huang, Xiaohong Liu, Mengge Wang, Guangbo Ge, et al. (+4)
301 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Sep―27 Broadly-Neutralizing Antibodies Against Emerging SARS-CoV-2 Variants Lok Bahadur Shrestha, Nicodemus Tedla, Rowena A. Bull
302 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Sep―27 Multiple Sclerosis and SARS-CoV-2: Has the Interplay Started? Gianmarco Bellucci, Virginia Rinaldi, Maria Chiara Buscarinu, Roberta Reniè, Rachele Bigi, Giulia Pellicciari, et al. (+6)
303 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―27 Personality and Its Partisan Political Correlates Predict U.S. State Differences in Covid-19 Policies and Mask Wearing Percentages Gene M. Heyman
304 [GO] Frontiers in Sports and Active Living 2021―Sep―25 The Potential Benefits of Non-skills Training (Mental Toughness) for Elite Athletes: Coping With the Negative Psychological Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic Neil Dagnall, Kenneth Graham Drinkwater, Andrew Denovan, R. Stephen Walsh
305 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―25 Student's Learning Strategies and Academic Emotions: Their Influence on Learning Satisfaction During the COVID-19 Pandemic Changcheng Wu, Bin Jing, Xue Gong, Ya Mou, Junyi Li
306 [GO] Frontiers in Communication 2021―Sep―25 Psychometric Analysis and Coupling of Emotions Between State Bulletins and Twitter in India During COVID-19 Infodemic Palash Aggrawal, Baani Leen Kaur Jolly, Amogh Gulati, Amarjit Sethi, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, Tavpritesh Sethi
307 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―25 Investigating the Impact of Fear Related to COVID-19 Disease on Situational Humor via Social Networking Sites Ying Xue, Sajid Hassan, Sher Bahader, Shazia Habib
308 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Sep―25 Use of the Internet and Digital Devices Among People With Severe Mental Ill Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions Panagiotis Spanakis, Paul Heron, Lauren Walker, Suzanne Crosland, Ruth Wadman, Elizabeth Newbronner, et al. (+3)
309 [GO] Frontiers in Neurology 2021―Sep―25 Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis, Pulmonary Embolism, and Thrombocytopenia After COVID-19 Vaccination in a Taiwanese Man: A Case Report and Literature Review Wei Lin, Chien-An Ko, Yueh-Feng Sung, Yeu-Chin Chen, Jiunn-Tay Lee, Yun-Qian Lin, Yu-Kai Lin
310 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Sep―25 Heterologous Ad26.COV2.S Prime and mRNA-Based Boost COVID-19 Vaccination Regimens: The SWITCH Trial Protocol Roos S. G. Sablerolles, Abraham Goorhuis, Corine H. GeurtsvanKessel, Rory D. de Vries, Anke L. W. Huckriede, Marion P. G. Koopmans, et al. (+8)
311 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2021―Sep―25 Peptides Derived From S and N Proteins of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Induce T Cell Responses: A Proof of Concept for T Cell Vaccines Yu-Sun Lee, So-Hee Hong, Hyo-Jung Park, Ho-Young Lee, Ji-Yeon Hwang, Seo Yeon Kim, et al. (+8)
312 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Sep―25 Identification of Unique Peptides for SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostics and Vaccine Development by an In Silico Proteomics Approach Veerbhan Kesarwani, Rupal Gupta, Ramesh Raju Vetukuri, Sandeep Kumar Kushwaha, Sonu Gandhi
313 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Sep―25 α-Hemolysin-Aided Oligomerization of the Spike Protein RBD Resulted in Improved Immunogenicity and Neutralization Against SARS-CoV-2 Variants Jintao Zou, Haiming Jing, Xiaoli Zhang, Yiheng Liu, Zhuo Zhao, Lianli Duan, et al. (+9)
314 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2021―Sep―24 Clinical Characteristics of Pediatric Cases of COVID-19 in Hunan, China: A Retrospective, Multi-Center Case Series Lei Wu, Xiao-Fo Zhang, Yong Yang, Xiu-Ying Yi, Xin-Ping Jiang, Hai-Ying Han, et al. (+3)
315 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2021―Sep―24 SARS-CoV-2 and Its Variants: The Pandemic of Unvaccinated Fabrizio Angius, Giuseppe Pala, Aldo Manzin
316 [GO] Frontiers in Chemistry 2021―Sep―24 A Linkage-specific Sialic Acid Labeling Strategy Reveals Different Site-specific Glycosylation Patterns in SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Produced in CHO and HEK Cell Substrates Qiong Wang, Yan Wang, Shuang Yang, Changyi Lin, Lateef Aliyu, Yiqun Chen, et al. (+6)
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450 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―14 Following Health Measures in the Pandemic: A Matter of Values? Carolin Schuster
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539 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―07 Spatial-Temporal Patterns of Air Pollutant Emissions From Landing and Take-Off Cycles in the Yangtze River Delta of China During the COVID-19 Outbreak Danwen Bao, Shijia Tian, Ziqian Zhang, Hao Cheng, Ting Zhu, Nicholas Carpeggiani
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541 [GO] Frontiers in Digital Health 2021―Sep―07 A Real-Time Wearable System for Monitoring Vital Signs of COVID-19 Patients in a Hospital Setting Mauro D. Santos, Cristian Roman, Marco A. F. Pimentel, Sarah Vollam, Carlos Areia, Louise Young, et al. (+2)
542 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Sep―07 Longitudinal Characterization of Cytokine Overproduction: A Case Report in Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients With Hyperinflammation in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Zhen Luo, Chengliang Zhu, Zhihui Ruan, Xianghua Cui, Muhammad Adnan Shereen, Pan Pan, et al. (+5)
543 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Sep―07 Case Report: Pityriasis Rosea-Like Eruption Following COVID-19 Vaccination Kanchana Leerunyakul, Kallapan Pakornphadungsit, Poonkiat Suchonwanit
544 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Sep―07 Corrigendum: COVID-19 Vaccination: Concerns About Its Accessibility, Affordability, and Acceptability Inayat Ali, Shahbaz Ali, Sehar Iqbal
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546 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Sep―07 Endocytosis and Transcytosis of SARS-CoV-2 Across the Intestinal Epithelium and Other Tissue Barriers Evgeny Knyazev, Stepan Nersisyan, Alexander Tonevitsky
547 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2021―Sep―07 Synthetic SARS-CoV-2 Spike-Based DNA Vaccine Elicits Robust and Long-Lasting Th1 Humoral and Cellular Immunity in Mice Sawsan S. Alamri, Khalid A. Alluhaybi, Rowa Y. Alhabbab, Mohammad Basabrain, Abdullah Algaissi, Sarah Almahboub, et al. (+7)
548 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Sep―07 From Infection to Immunity: Understanding the Response to SARS-CoV2 Through In-Silico Modeling Filippo Castiglione, Debashrito Deb, Anurag P. Srivastava, Pietro Liò, Arcangelo Liso
549 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Sep―06 Heterologous Hyperimmune Polyclonal Antibodies Against SARS-CoV-2: A Broad Coverage, Affordable, and Scalable Potential Immunotherapy for COVID-19 Alberto Alape-Girón, Andrés Moreira-Soto, Mauricio Arguedas, Hebleen Brenes, Willem Buján, Eugenia Corrales-Aguilar, et al. (+23)
550 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2021―Sep―06 Autonomy and Community in Learning Languages Online: A Critical Autoethnography of Teaching and Learning in COVID-19 Confinement During 2020 Jacqueline Dutton
551 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2021―Sep―06 COVID-19 Effect on Education in Pediatric Dentistry Sreekanth Kumar Mallineni, Sivakumar Nuvvula, Virinder Goyal, Figen Seymen
552 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021―Sep―06 Yisaipu® Provide AS Patients With an Economical Therapeutic Option While Original Biologicals are More Advantageous in the COVID-19 Epidemic Situation Hongjuan Lu, Yuanqiong Wang, Xiuwen Wang, Xin Wu, Ling Zhou, Li Lin, et al. (+4)
553 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―06 Research on Influencing Factors and Dimensions of Health Literacy in Different Age Groups: Before and After the COVID-19 Era in Chongqing, China Peiying Yang, Yanran Ou, Hailin Yang, Xuyan Pei, Jiarui Li, Yuxing Wang, et al. (+3)
554 [GO] Frontiers in Communication 2021―Sep―06 We Still Have to Eat: Communication Infrastructure and Local Food Organizing as Public Health Responses to COVID-19 in Greensboro, North Carolina Marianne LeGreco, Jasmine Palmer, Marianna Levithan
555 [GO] Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics 2021―Sep―06 Community Readiness for Local COVID-19 Management Riccardo Pozzo, Vania Virgili
556 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainability 2021―Sep―06 Editorial: The Impact of COVID-19 on Sustainable Consumption Krystal M. Perkins, Luis Velazquez, Nora Munguia
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560 [GO] Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 2021―Sep―06 Application of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cellular and Organoid Models for COVID-19 Research Yumei Luo, Mimi Zhang, Yapei Chen, Yaoyong Chen, Detu Zhu
561 [GO] Frontiers in Sports and Active Living 2021―Sep―06 Changes in Motivation, Socialization, Wellness and Mental Health in Youth Long-Distance Runners During COVID-19 Social Distancing Restrictions David M. Bazett-Jones, Micah C. Garcia, Jeffery A. Taylor-Haas, Jason T. Long, Mitchell J. Rauh, Mark V. Paterno, Kevin R. Ford
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563 [GO] Frontiers in Genetics 2021―Sep―06 ACE2 Netlas: In silico Functional Characterization and Drug-Gene Interactions of ACE2 Gene Network to Understand Its Potential Involvement in COVID-19 Susceptibility Gita A. Pathak, Frank R. Wendt, Aranyak Goswami, Dora Koller, Flavio De Angelis, Renato Polimanti
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565 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―06 Prolonged Screen Exposure During COVID-19-The Brain Development and Well-Being Concerns of Our Younger Generation Agnes S. K. Wong
566 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Sep―06 Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy After COVID-19: The Therapeutic Uses of Psilocybin and MDMA for Pandemic-Related Mental Health Problems Elena Argento, Devon Christie, Lindsay Mackay, Cody Callon, Zach Walsh
567 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Sep―06 Cyclosporin A: A Repurposable Drug in the Treatment of COVID-19? Christian A. Devaux, Cléa Melenotte, Marie-Dominique Piercecchi-Marti, Clémence Delteil, Didier Raoult
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576 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2021―Sep―06 Case Report: Endothelial Glycocalyx Damage in Critically ill Patients With SARS-CoV-2-Related Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) Jaime Fernández-Sarmiento, Steffanie Flórez, Laura C. Alarcón-Forero, Lina María Salazar-Peláez, Julio Garcia-Casallas, Hernando Mulett, et al. (+2)
577 [GO] Frontiers in Neuroscience 2021―Sep―06 Nervous System-Systemic Crosstalk in SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19: A Unique Dyshomeostasis Syndrome Harnadar Anand, Victoria Ende, Gurinder Singh, Irfan Qureshi, Tim Q. Duong, Mark F. Mehler
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579 [GO] Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 2021―Sep―06 De Novo Powered Air-Purifying Respirator Design and Fabrication for Pandemic Response Akshay Kothakonda, Lyla Atta, Deborah Plana, Ferrous Ward, Chris Davis, Avilash Cramer, et al. (+14)
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582 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―04 Learning Design for Future Higher Education - Insights From the Time of COVID-19 Daniela Dumulescu, Irina Pop-Păcurar, Constantin Valer Necula
583 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Sep―04 The Binary Model of Chronic Diseases Applied to COVID-19 Zeev Elkoshi
584 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―04 The Influence of L2 Proficiency on Bilinguals' Creativity: The Key Role of Adaptive Emotion Regulation Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic Yilong Yang, Shinian Wu, Jon Andoni Duñabeitia, Kexin Jiang, Yadan Li
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586 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―04 The Humble Charisma of a White-Dressed Man in a Desert Place: Pope Francis’ Communicative Style in the Covid-19 Pandemic Rosa Scardigno, Concetta Papapicco, Valentina Luccarelli, Altomare Enza Zagaria, Giuseppe Mininni, Francesca D’Errico
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588 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―04 Mental Health in Affectionate, Antagonistic, and Ambivalent Relationships During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Latent Profile Analysis Jasmina Mehulić, Željka Kamenov
589 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―04 The Persistence of Slowed Time Experience During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Two Longitudinal Studies in France Sylvie Droit-Volet, Natalia Martinelli, Johann Chevalère, Clément Belletier, Guillaume Dezecache, Sandrine Gil, Pascal Huguet
590 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021―Sep―04 A Systematic Review and a Meta-Analysis Comparing Prophylactic and Therapeutic Low Molecular Weight Heparins for Mortality Reduction in 32,688 COVID-19 Patients Riccardo Giossi, Danilo Menichelli, Arianna Pani, Elena Tratta, Alessandra Romandini, Rossana Roncato, et al. (+7)
591 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Sep―04 Whole Genome Sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 Strains in COVID-19 Patients From Djibouti Shows Novel Mutations and Clades Replacing Over Time Ikram Omar Osman, Anthony Levasseur, Ludivine Brechard, Iman Abdillahi Hassan, Idil Salah Abdillahi, Zeinab Ali Waberi, et al. (+8)
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593 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021―Sep―04 Clinical Progress on Management of Pneumonia Due to COVID-19 With Chinese Traditional Patent Medicines Ying Wu, Ping Zhong
594 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Sep―04 Chronic Diseases as a Predictor for Severity and Mortality of COVID-19: A Systematic Review With Cumulative Meta-Analysis JinSong Geng, XiaoLan Yu, HaiNi Bao, Zhe Feng, XiaoYu Yuan, JiaYing Zhang, et al. (+4)
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596 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021―Sep―04 Targeting of Protein’s Messenger RNA for Viral Replication, Assembly and Release in SARS-CoV-2 Using Whole Genomic Data From South Africa: Therapeutic Potentials of Cannabis Sativa L Ochuko L. Erukainure, Motlalepula G. Matsabisa, Aliyu Muhammad, Musa M. Abarshi, James F. Amaku, Sanusi B. Katsayal, Adeline Lum Nde
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605 [GO] Frontiers in Sociology 2021―Sep―04 Ways of Being Together During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Support Bubbles and the Legal Construction of Relationships Sarah Trotter
606 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Sep―04 Monitoring Specific IgM and IgG Production Among Severe COVID-19 Patients Using Qualitative and Quantitative Immunodiagnostic Assays: A Retrospective Cohort Study Jamil A. Al-Mughales, Tareq J. Al-Mughales, Omar I. Saadah
607 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Sep―04 Follow-Ups on Persistent Symptoms and Pulmonary Function Among Post-Acute COVID-19 Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Qiuyue Long, Jiwei Li, Xiaoyi Hu, Yangyuyan Bai, Yali Zheng, Zhancheng Gao
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609 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Sep―04 Global Financial Crisis, Smart Lockdown Strategies, and the COVID-19 Spillover Impacts: A Global Perspective Implications From Southeast Asia Chunlei Wang, Dake Wang, Jaffar Abbas, Kaifeng Duan, Riaqa Mubeen
610 [GO] Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 2021―Sep―04 Developing Cytokine Storm-Sensitive Therapeutic Strategy in COVID-19 Using 8P9R Chimeric Peptide and Soluble ACE2 Yasaman Nazerian, Kimia Vakili, Ali Ebrahimi, Hassan Niknejad
611 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―04 Improving the Covid-19 Vaccination Rate in Pakistan-A Multipronged Policy Approach Muhammad Salar Khan
612 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―04 The “Vulnerability” Discourse in Times of Covid-19: Between Abandonment and Protection of Canadian Francophone Older Adults Martine Lagacé, Amélie Doucet, Pascale Dangoisse, Caroline D. Bergeron
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615 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Sep―04 Complication and Sequelae of COVID-19: What Should We Pay Attention to in the Post-Epidemic Era Keda Yang, Guangfu Wen, Jinpeng Wang, Siming Zhou, Wacili Da, Yan Meng, et al. (+2)
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619 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―04 How to Shape Healthy Habits Within Pandemic-Related Constraints? Kamila Anna Dobrenko
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622 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―03 Working Under the Gun: A Theoretical Analysis of Stressors Associated With the Re-negotiation of Norms and Control of Work Tasks During COVID-19 Leo Kant, Elisabeth Norman
623 [GO] Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences 2021―Sep―03 A Mixed Methods Study of Functioning and Rehabilitation Needs Following COVID-19 Tina Backmann, Thomas Maribo, Ann-Dorthe Zwisler, Jesper Rømhild Davidsen, Nina Rottmann
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627 [GO] Frontiers in Chemistry 2021―Sep―03 Editorial: Molecular Studies of Covid-19 Chemistry Domenica Capasso, Sonia Di Gaetano, Chandrabose Selvaraj, Emilia Pedone
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630 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Sep―03 Second Wave of COVID-19 in Bangladesh: An Integrated and Coordinated Set of Actions Is Crucial to Tackle Current Upsurge of Cases and Deaths Razmin Bari, Farhana Sultana
631 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021―Sep―03 Identification of Novel Gene Signatures using Next-Generation Sequencing Data from COVID-19 Infection Models: Focus on Neuro-COVID and Potential Therapeutics Peter Natesan Pushparaj, Angham Abdulrahman Abdulkareem, Muhammad Imran Naseer
632 [GO] Frontiers in Marine Science 2021―Sep―03 Long-Term Trends and Impact of SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 Lockdown on the Primary Productivity of the North Indian Ocean N. Sunanda, J. Kuttippurath, R. Peter, Kunal Chakraborty, A. Chakraborty
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634 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―03 High School Students' Online Learning Ineffectiveness in Experimental Courses During the COVID-19 Pandemic Jon-Chao Hong, Yue Liu, Yinsheng Liu, Li Zhao
635 [GO] Frontiers in Sociology 2021―Sep―03 Gender Differences and Lost Flexibility in Online Freelancing During the COVID-19 Pandemic Michael Dunn, Isabel Munoz, Steve Sawyer
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640 [GO] Frontiers in Sociology 2021―Sep―03 Household Coping Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Chile Julieta Palma, Consuelo Araos
641 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Sep―03 Forced Remote Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Germany: A Mixed-Methods Study on Students' Positive and Negative Expectations Thomas Hoss, Amancay Ancina, Kai Kaspar
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658 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―27 Coping Strategy, Social Support, and Psychological Distress Among University Students in Jakarta, Indonesia During the COVID-19 Pandemic Zarina Akbar, Maratini Shaliha Aisyawati
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664 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―26 Regional COVID-19 Dynamics: Surrogate Synchrony in Case Infection Rates Samantha Robinson
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754 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Aug―19 The Risk of Neuraxial Anesthesia-Related Hypotension in COVID-19 Parturients Undergoing Cesarean Delivery: A Multicenter, Retrospective, Propensity Score Matched Cohort Study Yuan Zhang, Rong Chen, Chen Cao, Yuan Gong, Qin Zhou, Min Wei, et al. (+3)
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756 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2021―Aug―19 Impact of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors and Angiotensin Receptor Blockers on the Inflammatory Response and Viral Clearance in COVID-19 Patients Linna Huang, Ziying Chen, Lan Ni, Lei Chen, Changzhi Zhou, Chang Gao, et al. (+7)
757 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Aug―19 Detection of Anti-SARS-CoV-2-S2 IgG Is More Sensitive Than Anti-RBD IgG in Identifying Asymptomatic COVID-19 Patients Baolin Liao, Zhao Chen, Peiyan Zheng, Linghua Li, Jianfen Zhuo, Fang Li, et al. (+18)
758 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Aug―19 Convalescent COVID-19 Patients Without Comorbidities Display Similar Immunophenotypes Over Time Despite Divergent Disease Severities Chang-Feng Chu, Florian Sabath, Silvia Fibi-Smetana, Shan Sun, Rupert Öllinger, Elfriede Noeßner, et al. (+7)
759 [GO] Frontiers in Nutrition 2021―Aug―19 Protein and Energy Intake Assessment and Their Association With In-Hospital Mortality in Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients: A Prospective Cohort Study Melika Hajimohammadebrahim-Ketabforoush, Zahra Vahdat Shariatpanahi, Maryam Vahdat Shariatpanahi, Erfan Shahbazi, Shaahin Shahbazi
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762 [GO] Frontiers in Communication 2021―Aug―19 Exposure to COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Is as Impactful as Vaccine Misinformation in Inducing a Decline in Vaccination Intentions in New Zealand: Results from Pre-Post Between-Groups Randomized Block Experiment Jagadish Thaker, Arun Subramanian
763 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Aug―19 Metformin in Patients With COVID-19: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Yin Li, Xue Yang, Peijing Yan, Tong Sun, Zhi Zeng, Sheyu Li
764 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Aug―19 The Effect of Self-Disclosure on Loneliness in Adolescents During COVID-19: The Mediating Role of Peer Relationships Li Chen, Rui Cheng, Bo Hu
765 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Aug―19 Development of an Early Warning Model for Predicting the Death Risk of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Based on Data Immediately Available on Admission Hai Wang, Haibo Ai, Yunong Fu, Qinglin Li, Ruixia Cui, Xiaohua Ma, et al. (+7)
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768 [GO] Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2021―Aug―19 Confronting Missing Ecological Data in the Age of Pandemic Lockdown Thomas J. Hossie, Jenilee Gobin, Dennis L. Murray
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772 [GO] Frontiers in Neuroscience 2021―Aug―18 Sleep, Circadian Health and Melatonin for Mitigating COVID-19 and Optimizing Vaccine Efficacy Rachel U. Lee, Gena L. Glickman
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786 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Aug―18 Conspiratorial Thinking During COVID-19: The Roles of Paranoia, Delusion-Proneness, and Intolerance of Uncertainty Emmett M. Larsen, Kayla R. Donaldson, Megan Liew, Aprajita Mohanty
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792 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2021―Aug―18 Perception of Online Learning Among Students From India Set Against the Pandemic Felix Bast
793 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Aug―17 Swab and Sputum SARS-CoV-2 RNA-Negative, CT-Positive, Symptomatic Contacts of COVID-19 Cases: A Hypothesis-Generating Prospective Population-Based Cohort Study of Eight Clusters Lei Huang, Xiuwen Zhang, Lingli Zhang, Jingjing Xu, Zhijian Wei, Yuanhong Xu, et al. (+2)
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795 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainability 2021―Aug―17 Can the COVID-19 Crisis be a Catalyst for Transition to Sustainable Urban Mobility? Assessment of the Medium- and Longer-Term Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Mobility in Brussels Cathy Macharis, Sara Tori, Alice de Séjournet, Imre Keseru, Lieselot Vanhaverbeke
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797 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―17 Daily Social Life of Older Adults and Vulnerabilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic Jen-Hao Chen
798 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Aug―17 Gender Differences in Mental Health Disorder and Substance Abuse of Chinese International College Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic Mingsheng Li, Heng Su, Zhengluan Liao, Yaju Qiu, Yan Chen, Junpeng Zhu, et al. (+4)
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810 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2021―Aug―17 Analysis of the Behaviour of Immunoglobulin G Antibodies in Children and Adults Convalescing From Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus-2 Infection Horacio Márquez-González, Briceida López-Martínez, Israel Parra-Ortega, Daniela de la Rosa-Zamboni, Marcela Salazar-García, Victor Olivar-López, Miguel Klünder-Klünder
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812 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainable Cities 2021―Aug―16 Unemployment in Socially Disadvantaged Communities in Tennessee, US, During the COVID-19 Anzhelika Antipova, Ehsan Momeni
813 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―16 The Impact of Structural Inequities on Older Asian Americans During COVID-19 Kris Pui Kwan Ma, Adrian Matias Bacong, Simona C. Kwon, Stella S. Yi, Lan N. Ðoàn
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816 [GO] Frontiers in Physiology 2021―Aug―16 Possible Role of Corollary Discharge in Lack of Dyspnea in Patients With COVID-19 Disease Eduardo Luis De Vito
817 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―16 Social Capital Changes After COVID-19 Lockdown Among Youths in China: COVID-19 Impact on Lifestyle Change Survey (COINLICS) Bin Yu, Miyang Luo, Meijing Liu, Junmin Zhou, Shujuan Yang, Peng Jia
818 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Aug―16 Association Between Physical Exercise and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak in China: A Nationwide Cross-Sectional Study Yingjun Nie, Yuanyan Ma, Yankong Wu, Jiahui Li, Ting Liu, Ce Zhang, et al. (+2)
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833 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―13 A Path Analysis Model of Protection and Risk Factors for University Academic Stress: Analysis and Psychoeducational Implications for the COVID-19 Emergency Jesús de la Fuente
834 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―13 Investigation of the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Audiology Students in Turkey: A Cross-Sectional Survey Study in the COVID-19 Era Gül Ölçek, İlayda Çelik, Yuşa Başoglu, Mustafa Bülent Serbetçioglu
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843 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―13 Physical Activity and Attitudes Toward Social Media Use of Active Individuals During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia: Cross-Sectional Survey Mezna A. AlMarzooqi
844 [GO] Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 2021―Aug―13 Significance of High-Containment Biological Laboratories Performing Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Biosafety Level-3 and -4 Labs Kenneth B. Yeh, Kairat Tabynov, Falgunee K. Parekh, Illich Mombo, Kyle Parker, Kaissar Tabynov, et al. (+6)
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850 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―13 Challenges and Strategies for Pakistan in the Third Wave of COVID-19: A Mini Review Kashif Kamran, Abid Ali
851 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021―Aug―13 Remdesivir and Cyclosporine Synergistically Inhibit the Human Coronaviruses OC43 and SARS-CoV-2 Hsing-Yu Hsu, Cheng-Wei Yang, Yue-Zhi Lee, Yi-Ling Lin, Sui-Yuan Chang, Ruey-Bing Yang, et al. (+9)
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854 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―13 Screening High-Risk Groups and the General Population for SARS-CoV-2 Nucleic Acids in a Mobile Biosafety Laboratory Zhimin Guo, Lin Li, Yuanyuan Song, Jiancheng Xu, Jing Huang
855 [GO] Frontiers in Political Science 2021―Aug―12 Performative Control and Rhetoric in Aotearoa New Zealand’s Response to COVID-19 Claire Gilray
856 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2021―Aug―12 Myoglobin Offers Higher Accuracy Than Other Cardiac-Specific Biomarkers for the Prognosis of COVID-19 Jia-Sheng Yu, Ru-Dong Chen, Ling-Cheng Zeng, Hong-Kuan Yang, Hua Li
857 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―12 Do Positive Emotions Make You More Prosocial? Direct and Indirect Effects of an Intervention Program on Prosociality in Colombian Adolescents During Social Isolation Due to COVID-19 Belén Mesurado, Santiago Resett, Mariana Tezón, Claudia E. Vanney
858 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―12 Depressed and Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Mothers’ Progression Into a Randomized Controlled Mobile Mental Health and Parenting Intervention: A Descriptive Examination Prior to and During COVID-19 Kathleen M. Baggett, Betsy Davis, Elizabeth A. Mosley, Katy Miller, Craig Leve, Edward G. Feil
859 [GO] Frontiers in Big Data 2021―Aug―12 A Policy-Driven Approach to Secure Extraction of COVID-19 Data From Research Papers Lavanya Elluri, Aritran Piplai, Anantaa Kotal, Anupam Joshi, Karuna Pande Joshi
860 [GO] Frontiers in Physics 2021―Aug―12 Analysis and Forecast of the Number of Deaths, Recovered Cases, and Confirmed Cases From COVID-19 for the Top Four Affected Countries Using Kalman Filter Abdullah Ali H. Ahmadini, Muhammad Naeem, Muhammad Aamir, Raimi Dewan, Shokrya Saleh A. Alshqaq, Wali Khan Mashwani
861 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―12 Biases in COVID-19 Medical Resource Dilemmas Georgia Michailidou
862 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―12 The Role of CSR Engagement in Customer-Company Identification and Behavioral Intention During the COVID-19 Pandemic Yanqin Wu, Wenzhong Zhu
863 [GO] Frontiers in Robotics and AI 2021―Aug―12 Applications of Haptic Technology, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence in Medical Training During the COVID-19 Pandemic Mohammad Motaharifar, Alireza Norouzzadeh, Parisa Abdi, Arash Iranfar, Faraz Lotfi, Behzad Moshiri, et al. (+3)
864 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―12 Psychological Distress During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Patients With Mental or Physical Diseases Claudia Oppenauer, Juliane Burghardt, Elmar Kaiser, Friedrich Riffer, Manuel Sprung
865 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―12 Mitigating Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Gorilla Conservation: Lessons From Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, Stephen Rubanga, Alex Ngabirano, Lawrence Zikusoka
866 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―12 Reddit Users' Experiences of Suicidal Thoughts During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Analysis of r/Covid19_support Posts Allie Slemon, Corey McAuliffe, Trevor Goodyear, Liza McGuinness, Elizabeth Shaffer, Emily K. Jenkins
867 [GO] Frontiers in Surgery 2021―Aug―12 Survey Fatigue During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Analysis of Neurosurgery Survey Response Rates Rosaline de Koning, Abdullah Egiz, Jay Kotecha, Ana Catinca Ciuculete, Setthasorn Zhi Yang Ooi, Nourou Dine Adeniran Bankole, et al. (+7)
868 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―12 A Short, Multimodal Activity Break Incorporated Into the Learning Context During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Effects of Physical Activity and Positive Expressive Writing on University Students' Mental Health-Results and Recommendations From a Pilot Study Verena Marschin, Cornelia Herbert
869 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―12 Face-to-Face Clinical Practice Under COVID-19 Pandemic: How Psychotherapists Describe Their Experiences Eugénia Ribeiro, Ângela Ferreira, Cátia Cardoso, Raquel Queiroz, Vânia Silva
870 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2021―Aug―12 Potential Contributors to Increased Pulmonary Embolism Hospitalizations During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights From the German-Wide Helios Hospital Network Daniela Husser, Sven Hohenstein, Vincent Pellissier, Laura Ueberham, Sebastian König, Gerhard Hindricks, et al. (+3)
871 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―12 The Homeless People in China During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Victims of the Strict Pandemic Control Measures of the Government Ying Wang, Lei Hua, Shuyun Zou, Taofeng Deng, Yongqi Chen, Wanying Cao, et al. (+3)
872 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021―Aug―12 Beneficial Treatment Outcomes of Severe COVID-19 Patients Treated Entirely in Primary Care Settings With Dexamethasone Including Regimen-Case Series Report Damir Vukoja, Andrea Jurić, Zdravka Erkapić, Tomislav Pejić, Željko Zovko, Josipa Juričić, et al. (+2)
873 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Aug―12 Nasal Administration of Anti-CD3 Monoclonal Antibody (Foralumab) Reduces Lung Inflammation and Blood Inflammatory Biomarkers in Mild to Moderate COVID-19 Patients: A Pilot Study Thais G. Moreira, Kimble T. F. Matos, Giovana S. De Paula, Thais M. M. Santana, Raquel G. Da Mata, Fernando C. Pansera, et al. (+12)
874 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Aug―12 DAMPening COVID-19 Severity by Attenuating Danger Signals Luis A. Silva-Lagos, Janesh Pillay, Matijs van Meurs, Alexandra Smink, Peter H. J. van der Voort, Paul de Vos
875 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―12 Optimal COVID-19 Vaccine Sharing Between Two Nations That Also Have Extensive Travel Exchanges Chris Huntingford, Thomas Rawson, Michael B. Bonsall
876 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021―Aug―12 Efficacy and Safety of Qingfei Paidu Decoction for Treating COVID-19: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Qi Wang, Hongfei Zhu, Mengting Li, Yafei Liu, Honghao Lai, Qiuyu Yang, et al. (+2)
877 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―12 Mental Health of Nursing Students amid Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic Juan Gao, Fengyun Wang, Shengcun Guo, Fudong Hu
878 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Aug―12 Predictive Biomarkers of Intensive Care Unit and Mechanical Ventilation Duration in Critically-Ill Coronavirus Disease 2019 Patients Sara Taleb, Hadi M. Yassine, Fatiha M. Benslimane, Maria K. Smatti, Sven Schuchardt, Omar Albagha, et al. (+4)
879 [GO] Frontiers in Neurology 2021―Aug―12 Neurological Manifestations of Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Comprehensive Review and Meta-Analysis of the First 6 Months of Pandemic Reporting Samuel F. Huth, Sung-Min Cho, Chiara Robba, David Highton, Denise Battaglini, Judith Bellapart, et al. (+7)
880 [GO] Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 2021―Aug―12 DNA Aptamers Block the Receptor Binding Domain at the Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2 Fabrizio Cleri, Marc F. Lensink, Ralf Blossey
881 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2021―Aug―12 Identification of Natural Inhibitors Against SARS-CoV-2 Drugable Targets Using Molecular Docking, Molecular Dynamics Simulation, and MM-PBSA Approach Prem Prakash Kushwaha, Atul Kumar Singh, Tanya Bansal, Akansha Yadav, Kumari Sunita Prajapati, Mohd Shuaib, Shashank Kumar
882 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2021―Aug―12 Interactions Between Specific Immune Status of Pregnant Women and SARS-CoV-2 Infection Ruirong Chen, Shaofen Zhang, Sheng Su, Haiyan Ye, Haihua Shu
883 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―12 SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination Among Incarcerated People: A Barrier to Overcome Vito Fiore, Andrea De Vito, Giordano Madeddu, Sergio Babudieri
884 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2021―Aug―12 Dynamics of SARS-CoV2 Infection and Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria Superinfection in Patients With Assisted Mechanical Ventilation Annarita Mazzariol, Anna Benini, Ilaria Unali, Riccardo Nocini, Marcello Smania, Anna Bertoncelli, et al. (+5)
885 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Aug―11 Unknown Enemy and Psychopathological Responses: A Cross-Sectional Nationwide Study Assessing the Knowledge About COVID-19 Julian Maciaszek, Marta Lenart, Błazej Misiak, Jolanta Grzebieluch, Paweł Gawłowski, Marta Ciułkowicz, et al. (+3)
886 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―11 An Early Examination: Psychological, Health, and Economic Correlates and Determinants of Social Distancing Amidst COVID-19 Hohjin Im, Christopher Ahn, Peiyi Wang, Chuansheng Chen
887 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021―Aug―11 A Birds-Eye (Re)View of Acid-Suppression Drugs, COVID-19, and the Highly Variable Literature Cameron Mura, Saskia Preissner, Robert Preissner, Philip E. Bourne
888 [GO] Frontiers in Neurology 2021―Aug―11 The Impact of the COVID-19 Epidemic During the Lockdown on Children With the Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANDAS/PANS): The Importance of Environmental Factors on Clinical Conditions Cristiana Alessia Guido, Lorenzo Loffredo, Anna Maria Zicari, Piero Pavone, Salvatore Savasta, Antonella Gagliano, et al. (+4)
889 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Aug―11 Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis Is a Crucial Player for the Poor Outcomes for COVID-19 in Elderly, Diabetic and Hypertensive Patients Nathalia Santos Magalhães, Wilson Savino, Patrícia Machado Rodrigues Silva, Marco Aurélio Martins, Vinicius Frias Carvalho
890 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Aug―11 Anxiety Regarding COVID-19 Is Related to Attentional Control: The Mediating Role of Anxiety Sensitivity Yawen Guo, Haibo Yang, Jon Elhai, Dean McKay
891 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Aug―11 Case Report: Management of Malignancy-Exacerbated Pemphigus Vulgaris During COVID-19 Pandemic Alberto Corrà, Francesca Cammelli, Lavinia Quintarelli, Giuseppe Barbato, Ornella Le Rose, Adele Salemme, et al. (+8)
892 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Aug―11 The Schoolteachers' Version of the Stress and Anxiety to Viral Epidemics-9 (SAVE-9) Scale for Assessing Stress and Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic Soyoung Yoo, Jihoon Lee, Gawon Ju, Sangha Lee, Sooyeon Suh, Seockhoon Chung
893 [GO] Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 2021―Aug―11 Resilience Lessons From the Southeast United States Woody Pellet Supply Chain Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Keith L. Kline, Virginia H. Dale, Erin Rose
894 [GO] Frontiers in Sociology 2021―Aug―11 Fathering Practices in Sweden During the COVID-19: Experiences of Syrian Refugee Fathers Therése Wissö, Margareta Bäck-Wiklund
895 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Aug―11 Pan-Cancer Analysis of Genomic and Prognostic Characteristics Associated With Coronavirus Disease 2019 Regulators Jian Zhang, Huali Jiang, Kunpeng Du, Tao Xie, Baiyao Wang, Chengcong Chen, et al. (+3)
896 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―11 Coronavirus Disease 2019-Related Stigma in China: A Descriptive Study Li Zhao, Zhen Wang, Jian Guan, Panyan Shen, Wen Zhao, Guoguo Zuo
897 [GO] Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 2021―Aug―11 Recurrence, Reactivation, or Inflammatory Rebound of SARS-CoV-2 Infection With Acute Vestibular Symptoms: A Case Report and Revision of Literature Salvatore Zaffina, Paola Lanteri, Francesco Gilardi, Sergio Garbarino, Annapaola Santoro, Maria Rosaria Vinci, et al. (+5)
898 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―11 Time Spent on School-Related Activities at Home During the Pandemic: A Longitudinal Analysis of Social Group Inequality Among Secondary School Students Sabine Zinn, Michael Bayer
899 [GO] Frontiers in Sociology 2021―Aug―10 COVID-19 and Dispositions of the Chilean Healthcare System: Sociomedical Networks in Care Decisions of Chronic Illnesses Nicolás Schöngut-Grollmus, María-Alejandra Energici, Natalia Zuñiga
900 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2021―Aug―10 COVID-19 and Heart Failure: From Epidemiology During the Pandemic to Myocardial Injury, Myocarditis, and Heart Failure Sequelae Leonardo Italia, Daniela Tomasoni, Stefano Bisegna, Edoardo Pancaldi, Lorenzo Stretti, Marianna Adamo, Marco Metra
901 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Aug―10 Triage Modeling for Differential Diagnosis Between COVID-19 and Human Influenza A Pneumonia: Classification and Regression Tree Analysis Anling Xiao, Huijuan Zhao, Jianbing Xia, Ling Zhang, Chao Zhang, Zhuoying Ruan, et al. (+11)
902 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Aug―10 Update Advances on C-Reactive Protein in COVID-19 and Other Viral Infections Ying-yi Luan, Cheng-hong Yin, Yong-ming Yao
903 [GO] Frontiers in Marine Science 2021―Aug―10 Aerosol Induced Changes in Sea Surface Temperature Over the Bay of Bengal Due to COVID-19 Lockdown T. S. Sarin, V. Vinoj, D. Swain, K. Landu, E. Suhas
904 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―10 Public Opinion and Expectations: Development of Public Health Education in China After COVID-19 Pandemic Xin Shen, Jingru Li, Tianyi Dong, Hui Cao, Jing Feng, Zihui Lei, et al. (+4)
905 [GO] Frontiers in Endocrinology 2021―Aug―10 COVID-19 Pandemic and Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes: No Significant Change in Glycemic Control During The Pandemic Lockdown of 2020 Benjamin Udoka Nwosu, Layana Al-Halbouni, Sadichchha Parajuli, Gabrielle Jasmin, Emily Zitek-Morrison, Bruce A. Barton
906 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―10 Social Isolation, Loneliness and Well-Being: The Impact of WeChat Use Intensity During the COVID-19 Pandemic in China Jianfeng Li, Luyang Zhou, Beatrice Van Der Heijden, Shengxiao Li, Hong Tao, Zhiwen Guo
907 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―10 Challenges Faced by Healthcare Professionals During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Inquiry From Bangladesh Shaharior Rahman Razu, Tasnuva Yasmin, Taimia Binte Arif, Md. Shahin Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful Islam, Hailay Abrha Gesesew, Paul Ward
908 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―10 Deep Fractional Max Pooling Neural Network for COVID-19 Recognition Shui-Hua Wang, Suresh Chandra Satapathy, Donovan Anderson, Shi-Xin Chen, Yu-Dong Zhang
909 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2021―Aug―10 Roles of Children and Adolescents in COVID-19 Transmission in the Community: A Retrospective Analysis of Nationwide Data in Japan Tadatsugu Imamura, Mayuko Saito, Yura K. Ko, Takeaki Imamura, Kanako Otani, Hiroki Akaba, et al. (+8)
910 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Aug―10 COVID-19 Vaccination in Fragile Patients: Current Evidence and an Harmonized Transdisease Trial Chiara Agrati, Serena Di Cosimo, Daniela Fenoglio, Giovanni Apolone, Fabio Ciceri, Gennaro Ciliberto, et al. (+12)
911 [GO] Frontiers in Neurology 2021―Aug―10 Severe Multiple Sclerosis Relapse After COVID-19 Vaccination: A Case Report Giorgia T. Maniscalco, Valentino Manzo, Maria E. Di Battista, Simona Salvatore, Ornella Moreggia, Cristina Scavone, Annalisa Capuano
912 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―10 A STEM Course Analysis During COVID-19: A Comparison Study in Performance and Affective Domain of PSTs Between F2F and F2S Flipped Classroom Jin Su Jeong, David González-Gómez
913 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2021―Aug―10 Impact of Prior Infection on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Transmission in Syrian Hamsters Cheng Zhang, Zhendong Guo, Nan Li, Huan Cui, Keyin Meng, Lina Liu, et al. (+6)
914 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―10 Early Surveillance and Public Health Emergency Responses Between Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Avian Influenza in China: A Case-Comparison Study Tiantian Zhang, Qian Wang, Ying Wang, Ge Bai, Ruiming Dai, Li Luo
915 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Aug―10 SARS-CoV-2 Proteome Harbors Peptides Which Are Able to Trigger Autoimmunity Responses: Implications for Infection, Vaccination, and Population Coverage Mohsen Karami Fath, Abolfazl Jahangiri, Mahmoud Ganji, Fatemeh Sefid, Zahra Payandeh, Zahra Sadat Hashemi, et al. (+6)
916 [GO] Frontiers in Aging 2021―Aug―10 Aging and CMV Infection Affect Pre-existing SARS-CoV-2-Reactive CD8+ T Cells in Unexposed Individuals Norihide Jo, Rui Zhang, Hideki Ueno, Takuya Yamamoto, Daniela Weiskopf, Miki Nagao, et al. (+2)
917 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―09 The Relationship Between Technology Use and Problem Technology Use and Potential Psychosocial Mechanisms: Population-Based Telephone Survey in Community Adults During COVID-19 Xue Yang, Benjamin H. K. Yip, Eric K. P. Lee, Dexing Zhang, Samuel Y. S. Wong
918 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Aug―09 The Immunological Factors Predisposing to Severe Covid-19 Are Already Present in Healthy Elderly and Men Gizem Kilic, Ozlem Bulut, Martin Jaeger, Rob ter Horst, Valerie A. C. M. Koeken, Simone J. C. F. M. Moorlag, et al. (+5)
919 [GO] Frontiers in Communications and Networks 2021―Aug―09 AI-Based Image Processing for COVID-19 Detection in Chest CT Scan Images Hussein Kaheel, Ali Hussein, Ali Chehab
920 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―09 Corrigendum: Factors Influencing Employees' Subjective Wellbeing and Job Performance During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic: The Perspective of Social Cognitive Career Theory Tzai-Chiao Lee, Michael Yao-Ping Peng, Lin Wang, Hao-Kai Hung
921 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2021―Aug―09 A Computational Approach to Evaluate the Combined Effect of SARS-CoV-2 RBD Mutations and ACE2 Receptor Genetic Variants on Infectivity: The COVID-19 Host-Pathogen Nexus Dana Ashoor, Noureddine Ben Khalaf, Maryam Marzouq, Hamdi Jarjanazi, Sadok Chlif, M. Dahmani Fathallah
922 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Aug―09 Risk Factors for Development and Severity of COVID-19 in COPD Patients Matteo Bonato, Umberto Semenzato, Mariaenrica Tinè, Erica Bazzan, Marco Damin, Davide Biondini, et al. (+6)
923 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―09 Preexisting Mental Disorders Increase the Risk of COVID-19 Infection and Associated Mortality Yongjun Wang, Yang Yang, Lina Ren, Yuan Shao, Weiqun Tao, Xi-jian Dai
924 [GO] Frontiers in Genetics 2021―Aug―09 The Interferon-Induced Transmembrane Protein 3 -rs12252 Allele May Predict COVID-19 Severity Among Ethnic Minorities Fahad S. Mohammed, Yahya Nauman Farooqi, Suneel Mohammed
925 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―09 California's COVID-19 Virtual Training Academy: Rapid Scale-Up of a Statewide Contact Tracing and Case Investigation Workforce Training Program Debbie B. Brickley, Maeve Forster, Amelia Alonis, Elizabeth Antonyan, Lisa Chen, Alicia DiGiammarino, et al. (+14)
926 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021―Aug―09 Case Report: Can Inhaled Adenosine Attenuate COVID-19? Bruce D. Spiess, Michael Sitkovsky, Pierpaolo Correale, Nikolaus Gravenstein, Cynthia Garvan, Timothy E. Morey, et al. (+7)
927 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2021―Aug―09 Acute Kidney Injury in Pediatric Acute SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C): Is There a Difference? Manpreet K. Grewal, Melissa J. Gregory, Amrish Jain, Dunya Mohammad, Katherine Cashen, Jocelyn Y. Ang, et al. (+2)
928 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―06 Religious Affiliation, Daily Spirituals, and Private Religious Factors Promote Marital Commitment Among Married Couples: Does Religiosity Help People Amid the COVID-19 Crisis? Jaffar Aman, Jaffar Abbas, Umi Lela, Guoqing Shi
929 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―06 Compliance With Protective Behavioral Recommendations in the Outbreak of COVID-19 Among People Working in the Urban-Based Informal Economy in Southern Ethiopia Bewunetu Zewude, Belayneh Melese, Tewodros Habtegiorgis, Mihret Tadele, Weynishet Solomon
930 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021―Aug―06 Efficacy and Safety of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Heping Wang, Bowen Xu, Ying Zhang, Yuanyuan Duan, Ruike Gao, Haoqiang He, et al. (+2)
931 [GO] Frontiers in Nutrition 2021―Aug―06 The Food Bank and Food Pantries Help Food Insecure Participants Maintain Fruit and Vegetable Intake During COVID-19 Farryl Bertmann, Katherine Rogomentich, Emily H. Belarmino, Meredith T. Niles
932 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Aug―06 Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Clinical Correlates of Insomnia in China College Student During the COVID-19 Chang Yu, Xingxing Li, Gangqiao Qi, Liang Yang, Wenbo Fu, Qin Yao, et al. (+4)
933 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―06 Financial and Mental Health Concerns of Impoverished Urban-Dwelling Bangladeshi People During COVID-19 Md. Saiful Islam, Md. Estiar Rahman, Rajon Banik, Md. Galib Ishraq Emran, Noshin Saiara, Sahadat Hossain, et al. (+4)
934 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2021―Aug―06 Clinical Implications of IL-32, IL-34 and IL-37 in Atherosclerosis: Speculative Role in Cardiovascular Manifestations of COVID-19 Ching Chee Law, Rajesh Puranik, Jingchun Fan, Jian Fei, Brett D. Hambly, Shisan Bao
935 [GO] Pathology & Oncology Research 2021―Aug―06 Pathological Features in 100 Deceased Patients With COVID-19 in Correlation With Clinical and Laboratory Data L. M. Mikhaleva, A. L. Cherniaev, M. V. Samsonova, O. V. Zayratyants, L. V. Kakturskiy, O. A. Vasyukova, et al. (+4)
936 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―06 Work-Life Balance of the Employed Population During the Emergency Situation of COVID-19 in Latvia Jelena Lonska, Iveta Mietule, Lienite Litavniece, Iluta Arbidane, Ivars Vanadzins, Linda Matisane, Linda Paegle
937 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―06 Supporting Team Reflexivity During the COVID-19 Lockdown: A Qualitative Study of Multi-Vision Groups In-person and Online Santa Parrello, Elisabetta Fenizia, Rosa Gentile, Ilaria Iorio, Clara Sartini, Massimiliano Sommantico
938 [GO] Frontiers in Sociology 2021―Aug―06 Editorial: Patriarchy and Populism During the COVID-19 Pandemic Carol C. Gould
939 [GO] Frontiers in Digital Health 2021―Aug―06 Data and Digital Solutions to Support Surveillance Strategies in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic Patty Kostkova, Francesc Saigí-Rubió, Hans Eguia, Damian Borbolla, Marieke Verschuuren, Clayton Hamilton, et al. (+2)
940 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Aug―06 COVID-19 Syndemic, Government, and Impact on Mental Health: A Brazilian Reality Estelita Lima Cândido, Jucier Gonçalves Júnior
941 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021―Aug―06 Heart Muscle Microphysiological System for Cardiac Liability Prediction of Repurposed COVID-19 Therapeutics Bérénice Charrez, Verena Charwat, Brian A. Siemons, Ishan Goswami, Courtney Sakolish, Yu-Syuan Luo, et al. (+5)
942 [GO] Frontiers in Neurology 2021―Aug―06 COVID-19 Vaccination Attitudes With Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders: Vaccine Hesitancy and Coping Style Yafang Xu, Yanpei Cao, Yue Ma, Yan Zhao, Hong Jiang, Jiahong Lu, et al. (+2)
943 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―06 COVID-19 Vaccination in Lower-Middle Income Countries: National Stakeholder Views on Challenges, Barriers, and Potential Solutions Eunice Twumwaa Tagoe, Nurnabi Sheikh, Alec Morton, Justice Nonvignon, Abdur Razzaque Sarker, Lynn Williams, Itamar Megiddo
944 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―06 COVID-19-Fear Affects Current Safety Behavior Mediated by Neuroticism-Results of a Large Cross-Sectional Study in Germany Madeleine Fink, Alexander Bäuerle, Kira Schmidt, Nadine Rheindorf, Venja Musche, Hannah Dinse, et al. (+5)
945 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―06 Age-Adjusted Associations Between Comorbidity and Outcomes of COVID-19: A Review of the Evidence From the Early Stages of the Pandemic Kate E. Mason, Gillian Maudsley, Philip McHale, Andy Pennington, Jennifer Day, Ben Barr
946 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―06 Effects of Coronavirus Fears on Anxiety and Depressive Disorder Symptoms in Clinical and Subclinical Adolescents: The Role of Negative Affect, Intolerance of Uncertainty, and Emotion Regulation Strategies Bonifacio Sandín, Victoria Espinosa, Rosa M. Valiente, Julia García-Escalera, Julia C. Schmitt, Sandra Arnáez, Paloma Chorot
947 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2021―Aug―06 Case Report: Dilated Cardiomyopathy in a Newborn, a Potential Association With SARS-COV-2 Estela Azeka, Adam Arshad, Cristiane Martins, Anna Claudia Dominguez, Adailson Siqueira, Andre Silveira Loss, et al. (+2)
948 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021―Aug―06 The Hyperlipidaemic Drug Fenofibrate Significantly Reduces Infection by SARS-CoV-2 in Cell Culture Models Scott P. Davies, Courtney J. Mycroft-West, Isabel Pagani, Harriet J. Hill, Yen-Hsi Chen, Richard Karlsson, et al. (+10)
949 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Aug―06 Association of Ocular Surface Diseases With SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Six Districts of China: An Observational Cohort Study Shengjie Li, Yichao Qiu, Li Tang, Zhujian Wang, Wenjun Cao, Xingtao Zhou, Xinghuai Sun
950 [GO] Frontiers in Plant Science 2021―Aug―06 Opinionated Views on Genome-Assisted Inference and Prediction During a Pandemic Daniel Gianola
951 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Aug―06 Beyond the Pandemic: Leveraging Rapid Expansions in U.S. Telemental Health and Digital Platforms to Address Disparities and Resolve the Digital Divide Haley Grieco-Page, Candace J. Black, Jenna M. Berent, Bhuwan Gautam, Theresa S. Betancourt
952 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Aug―05 Case Report: Prolonged VV-ECMO (111 Days) Support in a Patient With Severe COVID-19 Zhiheng Xu, Yonghao Xu, Dongdong Liu, Xuesong Liu, Liang Zhou, Yongbo Huang, et al. (+2)
953 [GO] Frontiers in Physics 2021―Aug―05 Editorial: Mathematical Modelling of the Pandemic of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Patterns, Dynamics, Prediction, and Control Hui-Jia Li, Lin Wang, Zhen Wang, Zhanwei Du, Chengyi Xia, Aristides Moustakas, Sen Pei
954 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainable Cities 2021―Aug―05 Smart Management of Healthcare Professionals Involved in COVID-19 Contrast With SWAPS Paolo Bellavista, Marco Torello, Antonio Corradi, Luca Foschini
955 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―05 Adjusting Reported COVID-19 Deaths for the Prevailing Routine Death Surveillance in India Hemant Deepak Shewade, Giridara Gopal Parameswaran, Archisman Mazumder, Mohak Gupta
956 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―05 The Relationship Between Perceived Stress and Subjective Cognitive Decline During the COVID-19 Epidemic Anja Podlesek, Luka Komidar, Voyko Kavcic
957 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2021―Aug―05 A Brief Research Report on the Perception and Satisfaction of Italian University Students With Disabilities and Specific Learning Disabilities at the Emergency Remote Teaching During the COVID-19 Lockdown Luna Carpinelli, Giorgia Bruno, Giulia Savarese
958 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―05 Gender Differences in Fear and Risk Perception During the COVID-19 Pandemic Abdelaziz Alsharawy, Ross Spoon, Alec Smith, Sheryl Ball
959 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―05 Depression, Anxiety, and Suicidal Ideation in Chinese University Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic Shuang-Jiang Zhou, Lei-Lei Wang, Meng Qi, Xing-Jie Yang, Lan Gao, Suo-Yuan Zhang, et al. (+3)
960 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―05 “It All Makes Us Feel Together”: Young People's Experiences of Virtual Group Music-Making During the COVID-19 Pandemic Maruša Levstek, Rubie Mai Barnby, Katherine L. Pocock, Robin Banerjee
961 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―05 Perception of the Sports Social Environment After the Development and Implementation of an Identification Tool for Contagious Risk Situations in Sports During the COVID-19 Pandemic José Ramón Lete-Lasa, Rafael Martin-Acero, Javier Rico-Diaz, Joaquín Gomez-Varela, Dan Rio-Rodriguez
962 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Aug―05 The Impact of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Pandemic on International Dermatology Conferences in 2020 Eun Seo Ha, Ji Yeon Hong, Sophie Soyeon Lim, H. Peter Soyer, Je-Ho Mun
963 [GO] Frontiers in Neuroscience 2021―Aug―05 Commentary: Management of Intractable Pain in Patients With Implanted Spinal Cord Stimulation Devices During the COVID-19 Pandemic Using a Remote and Wireless Programming System Alessandro Dario, Giovanni Frigerio
964 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2021―Aug―05 Disappearance of Seasonal Respiratory Viruses in Children Under Two Years Old During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Monocentric Retrospective Study in Milan, Italy Giulio Ippolito, Adriano La Vecchia, Giulia Umbrello, Giada Di Pietro, Patrizia Bono, Stefano Scalia, et al. (+5)
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969 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Aug―05 BCG Vaccine Derived Peptides Induce SARS-CoV-2 T Cell Cross-Reactivity Peter J. Eggenhuizen, Boaz H. Ng, Janet Chang, Ashleigh L. Fell, Rachel M. Y. Cheong, Wey Y. Wong, et al. (+3)
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975 [GO] Frontiers in Marine Science 2021―Aug―04 Placing the COVID-19 Pandemic in a Marine Ecological Context: Potential Risks for Conservation of Marine Air-Breathing Animals and Future Zoonotic Outbreaks Carolina Johnstone, José Carlos Báez
976 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Aug―04 Preparing for Future Adversities: Lessons From the COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia for Promoting Relational Resilience in Families Ebony J. Biden, Christopher J. Greenwood, Jacqui A. Macdonald, Elizabeth A. Spry, Primrose Letcher, Delyse Hutchinson, et al. (+3)
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982 [GO] Frontiers in Neurology 2021―Aug―04 Auditory Disturbances and SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Brain Inflammation or Cochlear Affection? Systematic Review and Discussion of Potential Pathogenesis Pietro De Luca, Alfonso Scarpa, Massimo Ralli, Domenico Tassone, Matteo Simone, Luca De Campora, et al. (+2)
983 [GO] Frontiers in Genetics 2021―Aug―04 Host Genetics of Response to Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome in Sows: Antibody Response as an Indicator Trait for Improved Reproductive Performance Felipe M. W. Hickmann, José Braccini Neto, Luke M. Kramer, Yijian Huang, Kent A. Gray, Jack C. M. Dekkers, et al. (+2)
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986 [GO] Frontiers in Physiology 2021―Aug―03 Rarely Recognized Antibody Diversification in Covid-19 Evolution to Counteract Advanced SARS-CoV-2 Evasion Strategies, and Implications for Prophylactic Treatment Siguna Mueller
987 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2021―Aug―03 Prevalence of Smell or Taste Dysfunction Among Children With COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Qingzi Yan, Dan Qiu, Xiang Liu, Xiaolan Guo, Yixiang Hu
988 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2021―Aug―03 Lockdown Learning: Changes in Online Foreign-Language Study Activity and Performance of Dutch Secondary School Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic Maarten van der Velde, Florian Sense, Rinske Spijkers, Martijn Meeter, Hedderik van Rijn
989 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―03 To Procrastinate or Not to Procrastinate: A Retrospective Study of the Optimal Timing of Containing the Global Spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic Jun Li, Lingjian Ye, Yimin Zhou, Joy Y. Zhang, Zhuo Chen
990 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Aug―03 Stress and Anxiety to Viral Epidemics-6 for Medical Students: Psychometric Properties of the Anxiety Measure for the COVID-19 Pandemic Junseok Ahn, Jukab Lee, Youjin Hong, Jangho Park, Seockhoon Chung
991 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Aug―03 Suicidality and Its Associated Factors Among Students in Rural China During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Comparative Study of Left-Behind and Non-Left-Behind Children Tianya Hou, Xiaofei Mao, Xiaoqin Shao, Fen Liu, Wei Dong, Wenpeng Cai
992 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2021―Aug―03 Elevated Plasma Fibrinogen Is Associated With Excessive Inflammation and Disease Severity in COVID-19 Patients Jingrui Sui, Denis F. Noubouossie, Sheetal Gandotra, Liyun Cao
993 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Aug―03 Downregulation of CD45 Signaling in COVID-19 Patients Is Reversed by C24D, a Novel CD45 Targeting Peptide Danny Alon, Yossi Paitan, Eyal Robinson, Nirit Ganor, Julia Lipovetsky, Rinat Yerushalmi, et al. (+2)
994 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―03 Coordinated Management of COVID-19 Response: Lessons From Whole-of-Society and Whole-of-Health Strategies in Wuhan, China Shanquan Chen, Pan Zhang, Yun Zhang, Hong Fung, Yong Han, Chi Kin Law, Zhiqiang Li
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996 [GO] Frontiers in Oncology 2021―Aug―03 Interference of COVID-19 Vaccination With PET/CT Leads to Unnecessary Additional Imaging in a Patient With Metastatic Cutaneous Melanoma-Case Report Rafał Czepczyński, Jolanta Szczurek, Jacek Mackiewicz, Marek Ruchała
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998 [GO] Frontiers in Digital Health 2021―Aug―03 Integrated Care in the Era of COVID-19: Turning Vision Into Reality With Digital Health Angelina Kouroubali, Haridimos Kondylakis, Dimitrios G. Katehakis
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1003 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainability 2021―Aug―03 Development of Online Needs-Based Workshop Support System in a Pandemic Hidenori Murata, Seisuke Horio, Hideki Kobayashi
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1009 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Aug―02 Conflicts Between Women's Religiosity and Sense of Free Will in the Context of Elective Abortion: A Qualitative Study in the Worst Period of Italy's COVID-19 Crisis Ines Testoni, Nicoletta Finco, Shoshi Keisari, Hod Orkibi, Bracha Azoulay
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1011 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―02 The Empirical Study of College Students’ E-Learning Effectiveness and Its Antecedents Toward the COVID-19 Epidemic Environment Cai-Yu Wang, Yuan-Yuan Zhang, Shih-Chih Chen
1012 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Aug―02 Sense of Coherence and Burnout in Healthcare Professionals in the COVID-19 Era Kristina Stoyanova, Drozdstoy Stoyanov Stoyanov
1013 [GO] Frontiers in Marine Science 2021―Aug―02 Rapid Assessment of Seabed Habitats Around Pitcairn Island in Aid of Activity Management During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic Simeon Archer-Rand, Paul Whomersley, Joey O’Connor, Abbie Dosell
1014 [GO] Frontiers in Communication 2021―Aug―02 Assessing the Quality and Reliability of COVID-19 Information on Patient Organization Websites Erin E. Brown
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1022 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2021―Aug―02 Chronic SARS-CoV-2, a Cause of Post-acute COVID-19 Sequelae (Long-COVID)? Jake S. O’Donnell, Keith J. Chappell
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1025 [GO] Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 2021―Aug―02 Age-Associated Neurological Complications of COVID-19: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Brianne N. Sullivan, Tracy Fischer
1026 [GO] Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics 2021―Aug―02 Learners Demographics Classification on MOOCs During the COVID-19: Author Profiling via Deep Learning Based on Semantic and Syntactic Representations Tahani Aljohani, Alexandra I. Cristea
1027 [GO] Frontiers in Pediatrics 2021―Aug―02 Case Report: Remdesivir and Convalescent Plasma in a Newly Acute B Lymphoblastic Leukemia Diagnosis With Concomitant Sars-CoV-2 Infection Giovanni Battista Dell'Isola, Matteo Felicioni, Luigi Ferraro, Ilaria Capolsini, Carla Cerri, Grazia Gurdo, et al. (+10)
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1029 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Aug―02 The Interactive Management of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus: The Social Cohesion Index, a Methodological-Operational Proposal Gian Piero Turchi, Marta Silvia Dalla Riva, Caterina Ciloni, Christian Moro, Luisa Orré
1030 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Aug―02 Self-Harm in Aviation Medicine-A Complex Challenge During a Pandemic Alpo Vuorio, Robert Bor
1031 [GO] Frontiers in Environmental Science 2021―Jul―30 Risk Assessment and Prediction of COVID-19 Based on Epidemiological Data From Spatiotemporal Geography Xiong He, Chunshan Zhou, Yuqu Wang, Xiaodie Yuan
1032 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Jul―30 Single-Cell Transcriptomic Profiling of MAIT Cells in Patients With COVID-19 Jijing Shi, Jianglin Zhou, Xiaochang Zhang, Wei Hu, Jin-Fang Zhao, Shengqi Wang, et al. (+2)
1033 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Jul―30 Parental Social Comparison Related to Tutoring Anxiety, and Guided Approaches to Assisting Their Children's Home Online Learning During the COVID-19 Lockdown Qiuyue Yang, Jianjun Gu, Jon-Chao Hong
1034 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Jul―30 Distress, Appraisal, and Coping Among the Frontline Healthcare Provider Redeployed to the Epicenter in China During COVID-19 Pandemic Zhongliang Ji, Wei Han, Zhe Deng, Kailin Lu
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1040 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Jul―30 What Do Therapist Defense Mechanisms Have to Do With Their Experience of Professional Self-Doubt and Vicarious Trauma During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Katie Aafjes-Van Doorn, Vera Békés, Xiaochen Luo, Tracy A. Prout, Leon Hoffman
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1043 [GO] Frontiers in Nutrition 2021―Jul―30 Inverse Association Between the Mediterranean Diet and COVID-19 Risk in Lebanon: A Case-Control Study Christine N. El Khoury, Sofi G. Julien
1044 [GO] Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2021―Jul―30 Combination Treatment With Remdesivir and Ivermectin Exerts Highly Synergistic and Potent Antiviral Activity Against Murine Coronavirus Infection Yu Ling Tan, Kevin S. W. Tan, Justin Jang Hann Chu, Vincent T. Chow
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1048 [GO] Frontiers in Global Women s Health 2021―Jul―29 A Psychosocial Exploration of Body Dissatisfaction: A Narrative Review With a Focus on India During COVID-19 Kanika K. Ahuja, Debanjan Banerjee
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1050 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Jul―29 Between Action and Emotional Survival During the COVID-19 era: Sensorimotor Pathways as Control Systems of Transdiagnostic Anxiety-Related Intolerance to Uncertainty Sari Goldstein Ferber, Gal Shoval, Gil Zalsman, Mario Mikulincer, Aron Weller
1051 [GO] Frontiers in Education 2021―Jul―29 COVID-19 Impacts on Teaching and Learning: A Collaborative Autoethnography by Two Higher Education Lecturers Kathleen Ann Godber, Denise Robyn Atkins
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1054 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Jul―29 Insights Into Excess Mortality During the First Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic From a Rural, Demographic Surveillance Site in Bangladesh Syed Manzoor Ahmed Hanifi, Sayed Saidul Alam, Sanjida Siddiqua Shuma, Daniel D. Reidpath
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1057 [GO] Frontiers in Global Women s Health 2021―Jul―29 COVID-19 Pandemic Worsening Gender Inequalities for Women and Girls in Sub-Saharan Africa Bright Opoku Ahinkorah, John Elvis Hagan, Edward Kwabena Ameyaw, Abdul-Aziz Seidu, Thomas Schack
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1062 [GO] Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2021―Jul―29 Case Report: An Unusual Case of Biventricular Thrombosis in a COVID-19 Patient With Ischemic Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Assessment of Mass Mobility and Embolic Risk by Tissue Doppler Imaging Andrea Sonaglioni, Adriana Albini, Gian Luigi Nicolosi, Elisabetta Rigamonti, Douglas M. Noonan, Michele Lombardo
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1066 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Jul―29 Commentary: Strategies to Address COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Mitigate Health Disparities in Minority Populations Jason Teo
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1068 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Jul―29 Combination of a Sindbis-SARS-CoV-2 Spike Vaccine and αOX40 Antibody Elicits Protective Immunity Against SARS-CoV-2 Induced Disease and Potentiates Long-Term SARS-CoV-2-Specific Humoral and T-Cell Immunity Antonella Scaglione, Silvana Opp, Alicia Hurtado, Ziyan Lin, Christine Pampeno, Maria G. Noval, et al. (+3)
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1073 [GO] Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021―Jul―28 Expert-Augmented Computational Drug Repurposing Identified Baricitinib as a Treatment for COVID-19 Daniel P. Smith, Olly Oechsle, Michael J. Rawling, Ed Savory, Alix M.B. Lacoste, Peter John Richardson
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1080 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Jul―28 Community Transmission via Indirect Media-To-Person Route: A Missing Link in the Rapid Spread of COVID-19 Qunfang Hu, Lei He, Ying Zhang
1081 [GO] Frontiers in Medicine 2021―Jul―28 Remote Management of Prosthodontic Emergencies in the Geriatric Population During the Pandemic Outbreak of COVID-19 Sami Aldhuwayhi, Saquib Ahmed Shaikh, Amar Ashok Thakare, Mohammed Zia�n Mustafa, Sreekanth Kumar Mallineni
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1084 [GO] Frontiers in Genetics 2021―Jul―28 poreCov-An Easy to Use, Fast, and Robust Workflow for SARS-CoV-2 Genome Reconstruction via Nanopore Sequencing Christian Brandt, Sebastian Krautwurst, Riccardo Spott, Mara Lohde, Mateusz Jundzill, Mike Marquet, Martin Hölzer
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1086 [GO] Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 2021―Jul―28 SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Extrapolation for COVID Diagnosis and Vaccine Development Yashpal S. Malik, Prashant Kumar, Mohd Ikram Ansari, Maged G. Hemida, Mohamed E. El Zowalaty, Ahmed S. Abdel-Moneim, et al. (+11)
1087 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Jul―28 Swine Dendritic Cell Response to Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus: An Update Jesús Hernández, Yanli Li, Enric Mateu
1088 [GO] Frontiers in Political Science 2021―Jul―28 A Political Ontology of the Pandemic: Sovereign Power and the Management of Affects through the Political Ontology of War Mattias Lehtinen, Tuukka Brunila
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1090 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Jul―28 The Advent of the COVID-19 Epidemic Did Not Affect Americans’ Endorsement of Moral Foundations Irina Vartanova, Kimmo Eriksson, Zeynep Melis Kirgil, Pontus Strimling
1091 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Jul―28 The Impact of Switching Intention of Telelearning in COVID-19 Epidemic's Era: The Perspective of Push-Pull-Mooring Theory Xin Lin, Shih-Wen Chien, Chung-Wen Hung, Shih-Chih Chen, Athapol Ruangkanjanases
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1101 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Jul―27 Has COVID-19 Changed the Hedge Effectiveness of Bitcoin? Yinpeng Zhang, Panpan Zhu, Yingying Xu
1102 [GO] Frontiers in Psychology 2021―Jul―27 Autogenic Training Improves the Subjective Perception of Physical and Psychological Health and of Interpersonal Relational Abilities: An Electronic Field Survey During the COVID-19 Crisis in Spain Luis de Rivera, Naiara Ozamiz-Etxebarria, María Dosil-Santamaría, Leonor de Rivera-Monterrey
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1113 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Jul―27 Pandemic Risk Management for Public Health Care Schemes Zhengqiao Liu, Yang-Che Wu, Mei-Chih Wang, Yue Ding, Tien-Trung Nguyen
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1117 [GO] Frontiers in Sociology 2021―Jul―26 COVID-19, Inter-household Contact and Mental Well-Being Among Older Adults in the US and the UK Yang Hu, Yue Qian
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1119 [GO] Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021―Jul―26 Gambling-Like Day Trading During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Need for Research on a Pandemic-Related Risk of Indebtedness and Mental Health Impact Anders Håkansson, Fernando Fernández-Aranda, Susana Jiménez-Murcia
1120 [GO] Frontiers in Global Women s Health 2021―Jul―26 Telehealth for Addressing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond: A Hybrid Telemedicine-Community Accompaniment Model for Abortion and Contraception Services in Pakistan Irum Shaikh, Stephanie Andrea Küng, Hina Aziz, Samina Sabir, Ghulam Shabbir, Mukhtar Ahmed, Rasha Dabash
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1124 [GO] Frontiers in Marine Science 2021―Jul―26 Slower Ship Speed in the Bahamas Due to COVID-19 Produces a Dramatic Reduction in Ocean Sound Levels Charlotte Dunn, James Theriault, Leigh Hickmott, Diane Claridge
1125 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Jul―26 Smartphone Use Among University Students During COVID-19 Quarantine: An Ethical Trigger Heba Saadeh, Reem Q. Al Fayez, Assem Al Refaei, Nour Shewaikani, Hamzah Khawaldah, Sobuh Abu-Shanab, Maysa Al-Hussaini
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1128 [GO] Frontiers in Sustainable Cities 2021―Jul―26 Streetscapes as Surrogate Greenspaces During COVID-19? Leonie K. Fischer, Divya Gopal
1129 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Jul―26 Structural Basis for SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid Protein Recognition by Single-Domain Antibodies Qiaozhen Ye, Shan Lu, Kevin D. Corbett
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1134 [GO] Frontiers in Sociology 2021―Jul―23 The English Government Hits Limits: Knowledge Politics and Covid-19 Tim May
1135 [GO] Frontiers in Immunology 2021―Jul―23 Interleukin-18 Is a Potential Biomarker to Discriminate Active Adult-Onset Still’s Disease From COVID-19 Po-Ku Chen, Joung-Liang Lan, Po-Hao Huang, Jye-Lin Hsu, Ching-Kun Chang, Ni Tien, et al. (+2)
1136 [GO] Frontiers in Genetics 2021―Jul―23 Metabolomics in the Diagnosis and Prognosis of COVID-19 Mohammad Rubayet Hasan, Mohammed Suleiman, Andrés Pérez-López
1137 [GO] Frontiers in Microbiology 2021―Jul―23 Differential Association of Viral Dynamics With Disease Severity Depending on Patients’ Age Group in COVID-19 Yuri Kim, Shinhyea Cheon, Hyeongseok Jeong, Uni Park, Na-Young Ha, Jooyeon Lee, et al. (+3)
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1140 [GO] Frontiers in Public Health 2021―Jul―23 Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices Associated W