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1 [GO] 2023―Jun―02 Ulam-Hyers stability of tuberculosis and COVID-19 co-infection model under Atangana-Baleanu fractal-fractional operator Arunachalam Selvam, Sriramulu Sabarinathan, Beri Venkatachalapathy Senthil Kumar, Haewon Byeon, Kamel Guedri, Sayed M. Eldin, et al. (+2)
2 [GO] 2023―Jun―02 Quality of life and intrinsic capacity in patients with post-acute COVID-19 syndrome is in relation to frailty and resilience phenotypes Giovanni Guaraldi, Jovana Milic, Sara Barbieri, Tommaso Marchiò, Agnese Caselgrandi, Federico Motta, et al. (+17)
3 [GO] 2023―Jun―02 Estimation of mobility and population in Spain during different phases of the COVID-19 pandemic from mobile phone data Joaquín Osorio Arjona, Julia de las Obras-Loscertales Sampériz
4 [GO] 2023―Jun―01 The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on life expectancy in 27 countries Guogui Huang, Fei Guo, Klaus F. Zimmermann, Lihua Liu, Lucy Taksa, Zhiming Cheng, et al. (+2)
5 [GO] 2023―Jun―01 Evaluation of SARS-CoV-2 isolation in cell culture from nasal/nasopharyngeal swabs or saliva specimens of patients with COVID-19 Shunsuke Yazawa, Emiko Yamazaki, Yumiko Saga, Masae Itamochi, Noriko Inasaki, Takahisa Shimada, et al. (+2)
6 [GO] 2023―Jun―01 Electromagnetic deactivation spectroscopy of human coronavirus 229E Hayden Banting, Ian Goode, Carla E. Gallardo Flores, Che C. Colpitts, Carlos E. Saavedra
7 [GO] 2023―Jun―01 3D modelling and simulation of the impact of wearing a mask on the dispersion of particles carrying the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a railway transport coach Patrick Armand, Jérémie Tâche
8 [GO] 2023―May―31 Fear of COVID-19 disease and vaccination as predictors of vaccination status Donya Gilan, Markus Birkenbach, Marius Wossidlo, Philipp Sprengholz, Cornelia Betsch, Omar Hahad, Klaus Lieb
9 [GO] 2023―May―31 Clustering of clinical and echocardiographic phenotypes of covid-19 patients Eran Shpigelman, Aviram Hochstadt, Dan Coster, Ilan Merdler, Eihab Ghantous, Yishay Szekely, et al. (+12)
10 [GO] 2023―May―31 Mother-to-child transmission of SARS-CoV-2 infection in high-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective observational studies Daniela Morniroli, Giulia Vizzari, Martina Tosi, Giorgio Treglia, Antonio Corsello, Paola Marchisio, et al. (+5)
11 [GO] 2023―May―31 Low energy nebulization preserves integrity of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines for respiratory delivery Cees J. M. van Rijn, Killian E. Vlaming, Reinout A. Bem, Rob J. Dekker, Albert Poortinga, Timo Breit, et al. (+6)
12 [GO] 2023―May―31 A sustainable approach for the degradation kinetics study and stability assay of the SARS-CoV-2 oral antiviral drug Molnupiravir Fadwa H. Edrees, Mohammed E. Draz, Ahmed S. Saad, Sherif F. Hammad, Heba M. Mohamed
13 [GO] 2023―May―26 Intermunicipal travel networks of Mexico during the COVID-19 pandemic Oscar Fontanelli, Plinio Guzmán, Amilcar Meneses-Viveros, Alfredo Hernández-Alvarez, Marisol Flores-Garrido, Gabriela Olmedo-Alvarez, et al. (+2)
14 [GO] 2023―May―26 Hospital admissions and deaths due to acute cardiovascular events during the COVID-19 pandemic in residents of long-term care facilities Paul Gellert, Raphael Kohl, Kathrin Jürchott, Betty Noack, Christian Hering, Annabell Gangnus, et al. (+4)
15 [GO] 2023―May―26 A retrospective cohort study of incidence and risk factors for severe SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infection among fully vaccinated people Tatjana Meister, Anastassia Kolde, Krista Fischer, Heti Pisarev, Raivo Kolde, Ruth Kalda, et al. (+3)
16 [GO] 2023―May―26 Nationwide analysis of hospital admissions and outcomes of patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection in Austria in 2020 and 2021 Paul Zajic, Michael Hiesmayr, Peter Bauer, David M. Baron, Anastasiia Gruber, Michael Joannidis, et al. (+2)
17 [GO] 2023―May―26 Phase I randomized, observer-blinded, placebo-controlled study of a SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine PTX-COVID19-B Natalia Martin-Orozco, Noah Vale, Alan Mihic, Talya Amor, Lawrence Reiter, Yuko Arita, et al. (+6)
18 [GO] 2023―May―25 Learning without forgetting by leveraging transfer learning for detecting COVID-19 infection from CT images Malliga Subramanian, Veerappampalayam Easwaramoorthy Sathishkumar, Jaehyuk Cho, Kogilavani Shanmugavadivel
19 [GO] 2023―May―25 Genetic determination of regional connectivity in modelling the spread of COVID-19 outbreak for more efficient mitigation strategies Leonidas Salichos, Jonathan Warrell, Hannah Cevasco, Alvin Chung, Mark Gerstein
20 [GO] 2023―May―25 COVID-19 vaccination, risk-compensatory behaviours, and contacts in the UK John Buckell, Joel Jones, Philippa C. Matthews, Sir Ian Diamond, Emma Rourke, Ruth Studley, et al. (+61)
21 [GO] 2023―May―24 Unraveling attributes of COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and uptake in the U.S.: a large nationwide study Sean D. McCabe, E. Adrianne Hammershaimb, David Cheng, Andy Shi, Derek Shyr, Shuting Shen, et al. (+9)
22 [GO] 2023―May―24 Coronavirus spike protein-specific antibodies indicate frequent infections and reinfections in infancy and among BNT162b2-vaccinated healthcare workers Pekka Kolehmainen, Moona Huttunen, Alina Iakubovskaia, Sari Maljanen, Sisko Tauriainen, Emrah Yatkin, et al. (+11)
23 [GO] 2023―May―24 Burden of hospital admissions and resulting patient interhospital transports during the 2020/2021 SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in Saxony, Germany Katrin Bender, Felix Waßer, Yacin Keller, Ulrich Pankotsch, Hanns-Christoph Held, Robin R. Weidemann, et al. (+3)
24 [GO] 2023―May―22 Depression and anxiety during and after episodes of COVID-19 in the community Caterina Alacevich, Inna Thalmann, Catia Nicodemo, Simon de Lusignan, Stavros Petrou
25 [GO] 2023―May―22 Disinfection of SARS-CoV-2 by UV-LED 267 nm: comparing different variants Nofar Atari, Hadas Mamane, Alon Silberbush, Neta Zuckerman, Michal Mandelboim, Yoram Gerchman
26 [GO] 2023―May―22 Pandemic elevates sensitivity to moral disgust but not pathogen disgust Dagmar Schwambergová, Šárka Kaňková, Jitka Třebická Fialová, Jana Hlaváčová, Jan Havlíček
27 [GO] 2023―May―20 Anxiety, concerns and emotion regulation in individuals with Williams syndrome and Down syndrome during the COVID-19 outbreak: a global study Vassilis Sideropoulos, Nayla Sokhn, Olympia Palikara, Jo Van Herwegen, Andrea C. Samson
28 [GO] 2023―May―19 The perception of COVID-19, the Light Triad, harmony and ethical sensitivity in late adolescents: The role of meaning-making and stress Dariusz Krok, Beata Zarzycka, Ewa Telka
29 [GO] 2023―May―19 Long- COVID and general health status in hospitalized COVID-19 survivors Zahra Mohtasham-Amiri, Fatemeh Keihanian, Enayatollah Homaie Rad, Reza Jafari Shakib, Leila Kanafi Vahed, Leila Kouchakinejad-Eramsadati, et al. (+2)
30 [GO] 2023―May―18 PastoCovac and PastoCovac Plus as protein subunit COVID-19 vaccines led to great humoral immune responses in BBIP-CorV immunized individuals Amitis Ramezani, Rahim Sorouri, Saiedeh Haji Maghsoudi, Sarah Dahmardeh, Delaram Doroud, Mona Sadat Larijani, et al. (+12)
31 [GO] 2023―May―17 Happiness predicts compliance with preventive health behaviours during Covid-19 lockdowns Christian Krekel, Sarah Swanke, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Daisy Fancourt
32 [GO] 2023―May―17 A muti-informant national survey on the impact of COVID-19 on mental health symptoms of parent-child dyads in Canada Jeanna Parsons Leigh, Stephana Julia Moss, Cynthia Sriskandarajah, Eric McArthur, Sofia B. Ahmed, Kathryn Birnie, et al. (+15)
33 [GO] 2023―May―17 A novel insight on SARS-CoV-2 S-derived fragments in the control of the host immunity Thais Sibioni Berti Bastos, André Guilherme Portela de Paula, Rebeca Bosso dos Santos Luz, Anali M. B. Garnique, Marco A. A. Belo, Silas Fernandes Eto, et al. (+27)
34 [GO] 2023―May―17 Face-to-face more important than digital communication for mental health during the pandemic S. Stieger, D. Lewetz, D. Willinger
35 [GO] 2023―May―16 Discovery of interconnected causal drivers of COVID-19 vaccination intentions in the US using a causal Bayesian network Henry Fung, Sema K. Sgaier, Vincent S. Huang
36 [GO] 2023―May―16 Different electrostatic forces drive the binding kinetics of SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-2 and MERS-CoV Envelope proteins with the PDZ2 domain of ZO1 Valeria Pennacchietti, Angelo Toto
37 [GO] 2023―May―16 Cigarette smoke increases susceptibility of alveolar macrophages to SARS-CoV-2 infection through inducing reactive oxygen species-upregulated angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 expression Chin-Wei Kuo, Po-Lan Su, Tang-Hsiu Huang, Chien-Chung Lin, Chian-Wei Chen, Jeng-Shiuan Tsai, et al. (+3)
38 [GO] 2023―May―16 A retrospective analysis of clinical features of patients hospitalized with SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variants BA.1 and BA.2 Cristina Groza, David Totschnig, Christoph Wenisch, Johanna Atamaniuk, Alexander Zoufaly
39 [GO] 2023―May―16 Genomic surveillance identifies potential risk factors for SARS-CoV-2 transmission at a mid-sized university in a small rural town Kimberly R. Andrews, Daniel D. New, Digpal S. Gour, Kane Francetich, Scott A. Minnich, Barrie D. Robison, Carolyn J. Hovde
40 [GO] 2023―May―15 Changes in the epidemiological characteristics of prehospital emergency services before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chengdu, 2016-2021 Bihua Zhang, Wenchao Kang, Shiqiang Xiong, Xia Huang, Pei Chen, Jinmin Huang, et al. (+3)
41 [GO] 2023―May―15 An observational study on factors associated with ICU mortality in Covid-19 patients and critical review of the literature Athina Lavrentieva, Evangelos Kaimakamis, Vassileios Voutsas, Militsa Bitzani
42 [GO] 2023―May―13 Proof of concept of the potential of a machine learning algorithm to extract new information from conventional SARS-CoV-2 rRT-PCR results Jorge Cabrera Alvargonzález, Ana Larrañaga Janeiro, Sonia Pérez Castro, Javier Martínez Torres, Lucía Martínez Lamas, Carlos Daviña Nuñez, et al. (+4)
43 [GO] 2023―May―12 Impaired health-related quality of life in long-COVID syndrome after mild to moderate COVID-19 Stefan Malesevic, Noriane A. Sievi, Patrick Baumgartner, Katharina Roser, Grit Sommer, Dörthe Schmidt, et al. (+4)
44 [GO] 2023―May―11 Refraining from interaction can decrease fear of physical closeness during COVID-19 Katharina Kühne, M. A. Jeglinski-Mende
45 [GO] 2023―May―11 Investigating the epidemiological and economic effects of a third-party certification policy for restaurants with COVID-19 prevention measures Kazuya Hirokawa, Jumpei Hirota, Daiji Kawaguchi, Yusuke Masaki, Chiaki Onita
46 [GO] 2023―May―10 Influence of maternal psychological distress during COVID-19 pandemic on placental morphometry and texture Haleema Saeed, Yuan-Chiao Lu, Nickie Andescavage, Kushal Kapse, Nicole R. Andersen, Catherine Lopez, et al. (+5)
47 [GO] 2023―May―10 Predictors of long-term neutralizing antibody titers following COVID-19 vaccination by three vaccine types: the BOOST study Aric A. Prather, Ethan G. Dutcher, James Robinson, Jue Lin, Elizabeth Blackburn, Frederick M. Hecht, et al. (+7)
48 [GO] 2023―May―10 SARS-CoV-2 viral variants can rapidly be identified for clinical decision making and population surveillance using a high-throughput digital droplet PCR assay Olivier Pernet, Maia Weisenhaus, Chrysovalantis Stafylis, Christopher Williams, Mihaela Campan, Jonas Pettersson, et al. (+31)
49 [GO] 2023―May―08 Author Correction: Based on network pharmacology and bioinformatics to analyze the mechanism of action of Astragalus membranaceus in the treatment of vitiligo and COVID-19 Yaojun Wang, Ming Ding, Jiaoni Chi, Tao Wang, Yue Zhang, Zhimin Li, Qiang Li
50 [GO] 2023―May―08 Pooled RNA-extraction-free testing of saliva for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 Orchid M. Allicock, Devyn Yolda-Carr, John A. Todd, Anne L. Wyllie
51 [GO] 2023―May―08 CoVnita, an end-to-end privacy-preserving framework for SARS-CoV-2 classification Jun Jie Sim, Weizhuang Zhou, Fook Mun Chan, Meenatchi Sundaram Muthu Selva Annamalai, Xiaoxia Deng, Benjamin Hong Meng Tan, Khin Mi Mi Aung
52 [GO] 2023―May―05 Evaluating COVID-19 vaccination intentions and vaccine hesitancy among parents of children with autism spectrum disorder Mohamed Adil Shah Khoodoruth, Widaad Nuzhah Chut-kai Khoodoruth, Abd Alrhem Mohamad Ramadan, Beena Johnson, Shaima Gulistan, Raf Bernard Corvera Deluvio, et al. (+4)
53 [GO] 2023―May―05 Use of machine learning to assess the prognostic utility of radiomic features for in-hospital COVID-19 mortality Yuming Sun, Stephen Salerno, Xinwei He, Ziyang Pan, Eileen Yang, Chinakorn Sujimongkol, et al. (+8)
54 [GO] 2023―May―05 Parallel dynamics in the yield of universal SARS-CoV-2 admission screening and population incidence Peter W. Schreiber, Thomas Scheier, Aline Wolfensberger, Dirk Saleschus, Miriam Vazquez, Roger Kouyos, Walter Zingg
55 [GO] 2023―May―05 SARS-CoV-2 intra-host diversity, antibody response, and disease severity after reinfection by the variant of concern Gamma in Brazil Felipe Gomes Naveca, Valdinete Alves Nascimento, Fernanda Nascimento, Maria Ogrzewalska, Alex Pauvolid-Corrêa, Mia Ferreira Araújo, et al. (+47)
56 [GO] 2023―May―03 A machine learning method for the identification and characterization of novel COVID-19 drug targets Bruce Schultz, Lauren Nicole DeLong, Aliaksandr Masny, Manuel Lentzen, Tamara Raschka, David van Dijk, et al. (+43)
57 [GO] 2023―May―03 Underscoring the effect of swab type, workflow, and positive sample order on swab pooling for COVID-19 surveillance testing Maxwell J. Kalinowski, Devon R. Hartigan, Neal M. Lojek, Bryan O. Buchholz, Chiara E. Ghezzi
58 [GO] 2023―May―02 Dreams share phenomenological similarities with task-unrelated thoughts and relate to variation in trait rumination and COVID-19 concern Quentin Raffaelli, Eric S. Andrews, Caitlin C. Cegavske, Freya F. Abraham, Jamie O. Edgin, Jessica R. Andrews-Hanna
59 [GO] 2023―Apr―29 Structural analysis of the coronavirus main protease for the design of pan-variant inhibitors Runchana Rungruangmaitree, Sakao Phoochaijaroen, Aunlika Chimprasit, Patchreenart Saparpakorn, Kusol Pootanakit, Duangrudee Tanramluk
60 [GO] 2023―Apr―28 On-admission and dynamic trend of laboratory profiles as prognostic biomarkers in COVID-19 inpatients Fatemeh Siavoshi, Seyed Amir Ahmad Safavi-Naini, Siavash Shirzadeh Barough, Mehdi Azizmohammad Looha, Hamidreza Hatamabadi, Davood Ommi, et al. (+3)
61 [GO] 2023―Apr―28 MasitinibL shows promise as a drug-like analog of masitinib that elicits comparable SARS-Cov-2 3CLpro inhibition with low kinase preference Olanrewaju Ayodeji Durojaye, Nkwachukwu Oziamara Okoro, Arome Solomon Odiba, Bennett Chima Nwanguma
62 [GO] 2023―Apr―28 Sulfated endospermic nanocellulose crystals prevent the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and HIV-1 Enrique Javier Carvajal-Barriga, Wendy Fitzgerald, Emilios K. Dimitriadis, Leonid Margolis, R. Douglas Fields
63 [GO] 2023―Apr―28 Commercially available SARS-CoV-2 RT-qPCR diagnostic tests need obligatory internal validation Katarzyna Linkowska, Tomasz Bogiel, Katarzyna Lamperska, Andrzej Marszałek, Jarosław Starzyński, Łukasz Szylberg, et al. (+3)
64 [GO] 2023―Apr―28 Minimal requirements for ISO15189 validation and accreditation of three next generation sequencing procedures for SARS-CoV-2 surveillance in clinical setting Céline Maschietto, Gaëtan Otto, Pauline Rouzé, Nicolas Debortoli, Benoît Bihin, Lesly Nyinkeu, et al. (+5)
65 [GO] 2023―Apr―27 Excess mortality in Ukraine during the course of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2021 Aleksandr Shishkin, Pema Lhewa, Chen Yang, Yuriy Gankin, Gerardo Chowell, Michael Norris, et al. (+2)
66 [GO] 2023―Apr―27 Pulmonary computed tomographic manifestations of COVID-19 in vaccinated and non-vaccinated patients Esther Askani, Katharina Mueller-Peltzer, Julian Madrid, Marvin Knoke, Dunja Hasic, Christopher L. Schlett, et al. (+2)
67 [GO] 2023―Apr―26 Author Correction: Machine learning-based analytics of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on alcohol consumption habit changes among United States healthcare workers Mostafa Rezapour, Muhammad Khalid Khan Niazi, Metin Nafi Gurcan
68 [GO] 2023―Apr―26 Transfer-recursive-ensemble learning for multi-day COVID-19 prediction in India using recurrent neural networks Debasrita Chakraborty, Debayan Goswami, Susmita Ghosh, Ashish Ghosh, Jonathan H. Chan, Lipo Wang
69 [GO] 2023―Apr―26 Prospective single-center study of health-related quality of life after COVID-19 in ICU and non-ICU patients Johannes Herrmann, Kerstin Müller, Quirin Notz, Martha Hübsch, Kirsten Haas, Anna Horn, et al. (+10)
70 [GO] 2023―Apr―26 Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on business operations of Taiwan High Speed Rail and 7-Eleven stores Shih-Feng Liu, Hui-Chuan Chang, Yu-Ping Chang, Ho-Chang Kuo, Yuh-Chyn Tsai, Meng-Chih Lin
71 [GO] 2023―Apr―26 Exploring the vaccine-induced immunity against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 in healthcare workers Yong Kwan Lim, Oh Joo Kweon, Yoojeong Choi, Sumi Yoon, Tae-Hyoung Kim, Mi-Kyung Lee
72 [GO] 2023―Apr―26 Early intervention with azelastine nasal spray may reduce viral load in SARS-CoV-2 infected patients Jens Peter Klussmann, Maria Grosheva, Peter Meiser, Clara Lehmann, Eszter Nagy, Valéria Szijártó, et al. (+21)
73 [GO] 2023―Apr―25 Forecasting COVID-19 spreading through an ensemble of classical and machine learning models: Spain’s case study Ignacio Heredia Cacha, Judith Sáinz-Pardo Díaz, María Castrillo, Álvaro López García
74 [GO] 2023―Apr―25 An interpretable hybrid predictive model of COVID-19 cases using autoregressive model and LSTM Yangyi Zhang, Sui Tang, Guo Yu
75 [GO] 2023―Apr―24 Combined effect of early diagnosis and treatment on the case fatality risk of COVID-19 in Japan, 2020 Yuri Amemiya, Hiroshi Nishiura
76 [GO] 2023―Apr―24 SARS-CoV-2 variants and mutational patterns: relationship with risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia in critically ill COVID-19 patients in the era of dexamethasone Keyvan Razazi, Anissa Martins Bexiga, Romain Arrestier, Bastien Peiffer, Guillaume Voiriot, Charles-Edouard Luyt, et al. (+13)
77 [GO] 2023―Apr―24 The burden of incidental SARS-CoV-2 infections in hospitalized patients across pandemic waves in Canada Finlay A. McAlister, Jeffrey P. Hau, Clare Atzema, Andrew D. McRae, Laurie J. Morrison, Lars Grant, et al. (+78)
78 [GO] 2023―Apr―23 A novel CT image de-noising and fusion based deep learning network to screen for disease (COVID-19) Sajid Ullah Khan, Imdad Ullah, Najeeb Ullah, Sajid Shah, Mohammed El Affendi, Bumshik Lee
79 [GO] 2023―Apr―21 Transcriptomics unravels molecular changes associated with cilia and COVID-19 in chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps Åsa Torinsson Naluai, Malin Östensson, Philippa C. Fowler, Sanna Abrahamsson, Björn Andersson, Stina Lassesson, et al. (+5)
80 [GO] 2023―Apr―21 Causal Bayesian machine learning to assess treatment effect heterogeneity by dexamethasone dose for patients with COVID-19 and severe hypoxemia Bryan S. Blette, Anders Granholm, Fan Li, Manu Shankar-Hari, Theis Lange, Marie Warrer Munch, et al. (+3)
81 [GO] 2023―Apr―21 Impairments following COVID-19 infection: manifestations and investigations of related factors Farzaneh Badinlou, David Forsström, Markus Jansson-Fröjmark, Tamar Abzhandadze, Tobias Lundgren
82 [GO] 2023―Apr―21 Risk factors for developing ventilator-associated lower respiratory tract infection in patients with severe COVID-19: a multinational, multicentre study, prospective, observational study Luis Felipe Reyes, Alejandro Rodriguez, Yuli V. Fuentes, Sara Duque, Esteban García-Gallo, Alirio Bastidas, et al. (+309)
83 [GO] 2023―Apr―21 Post-intensive care syndrome and pulmonary fibrosis in patients surviving ARDS-pneumonia of COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 etiologies Jamie L. Sturgill, Kirby P. Mayer, Anna G. Kalema, Kinjal Dave, Stephanie Mora, Alborz Kalantar, et al. (+3)
84 [GO] 2023―Apr―21 Evaluation of the impact of Covid-19 on air traffic volume in Turkish airspace using artificial neural networks and time series Nurullah Gultekin, Sibel Acik Kemaloglu
85 [GO] 2023―Apr―21 Clinical courses of 24,563 hospitalized COVID-19 patients during the first 12 months of the pandemic in the Central City of Iran Seyedeh Mahideh Namayandeh, HamidReza Dehghan, Mohammad Hassan Lotfi, Mohammad Reza Khajehaminian, Saeed Hosseini, Vali Bahrevar, et al. (+2)
86 [GO] 2023―Apr―20 Serum lipid mediator profiles in COVID-19 patients and lung disease severity: a pilot study Pilar Irún, Rafael Gracia, Elena Piazuelo, Julián Pardo, Elena Morte, José Ramon Paño, et al. (+4)
87 [GO] 2023―Apr―20 Author Correction: Differential chromatin accessibility in peripheral blood mononuclear cells underlies COVID-19 disease severity prior to seroconversion Nicholas S. Giroux, Shengli Ding, Micah T. McClain, Thomas W. Burke, Elizabeth Petzold, Hong A. Chung, et al. (+18)
88 [GO] 2023―Apr―20 STEP-COVID: a pilot study of a prenatal intervention for pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemic Nicolas Berthelot, Julia Garon-Bissonnette, Christine Drouin-Maziade, Vanessa Bergeron, Thibaut Sériès
89 [GO] 2023―Apr―20 Publisher Correction: Mortality rates of severe COVID-19-related respiratory failure with and without extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in the Middle Ruhr Region of Germany Assem Aweimer, Lea Petschulat, Birger Jettkant, Roland Köditz, Johannes Finkeldei, Johannes W. Dietrich, et al. (+13)
90 [GO] 2023―Apr―20 Estimation and sensitivity analysis of a COVID-19 model considering the use of face mask and vaccination Zhongtian Bai, Zhihui Ma, Libaihe Jing, Yonghong Li, Shufan Wang, Bin-Guo Wang, et al. (+2)
91 [GO] 2023―Apr―20 Evaluation of infliximab/tocilizumab versus tocilizumab among COVID-19 patients with cytokine storm syndrome Neven Mohamed Sarhan, Ahmed Essam Abou Warda, Haytham Soliman Ghareeb Ibrahim, Mona Farag Schaalan, Shaimaa Mohamed Fathy
92 [GO] 2023―Apr―20 High levels of burnout among health professionals treating COVID-19 patients in two Nile basin countries with limited resources Noha Ahmed EL Dabbah, Yasir Ahmed Mohammed Elhadi
93 [GO] 2023―Apr―20 Comparison of SARS-CoV-2 whole genome sequencing using tiled amplicon enrichment and bait hybridization Anita Koskela von Sydow, Carl Mårten Lindqvist, Naveed Asghar, Magnus Johansson, Martin Sundqvist, Paula Mölling, Bianca Stenmark
94 [GO] 2023―Apr―19 Global prevalence and effect of comorbidities and smoking status on severity and mortality of COVID-19 in association with age and gender: a systematic review, meta-analysis and meta-regression Santenna Chenchula, Kota Vidyasagar, Saman Pathan, Sushil Sharma, Madhav Rao Chavan, Akshaya Srikanth Bhagavathula, et al. (+7)
95 [GO] 2023―Apr―19 Cognitive impairment in young adults with post COVID-19 syndrome Elena Herrera, María del Carmen Pérez-Sánchez, Romina San Miguel-Abella, Arrate Barrenechea, Claudia Blanco, Lucía Solares, et al. (+7)
96 [GO] 2023―Apr―19 The neuropsychology of healthy aging: the positive context of the University of the Third Age during the COVID-19 pandemic Martina Amanzio, Giuseppina Elena Cipriani, Massimo Bartoli, Nicola Canessa, Francesca Borghesi, Alice Chirico, Pietro Cipresso
97 [GO] 2023―Apr―18 The impact of pandemic-related stress on attentional bias and anxiety in alexithymia during the COVID-19 pandemic Shu-Hui Lee, Kuan-Te Lee
98 [GO] 2023―Apr―18 The epidemiological features of respiratory tract infection using the multiplex panels detection during COVID-19 pandemic in Shandong province, China Jie Zhang, Tao Yang, Mingjin Zou, Lili Wang, Lintao Sai
99 [GO] 2023―Apr―17 An investigation into epidemiological situations of COVID-19 with fuzzy K-means and K-prototype clustering methods Ozge Pasin, Senem Gonenc
100 [GO] 2023―Apr―17 Circulating proteins to predict COVID-19 severity Chen-Yang Su, Sirui Zhou, Edgar Gonzalez-Kozlova, Guillaume Butler-Laporte, Elsa Brunet-Ratnasingham, Tomoko Nakanishi, et al. (+59)
101 [GO] 2023―Apr―15 A new data integration framework for Covid-19 social media information Lauren Ansell, Luciana Dalla Valle
102 [GO] 2023―Apr―15 Trends in SARS-CoV-2 cycle threshold values in the Czech Republic from April 2020 to April 2022 Dita Musalkova, Lenka Piherova, Ondrej Kwasny, Zuzana Dindova, Lubor Stancik, Hana Hartmannova, et al. (+9)
103 [GO] 2023―Apr―14 A machine learning approach to predict self-protecting behaviors during the early wave of the COVID-19 pandemic Alemayehu D. Taye, Liyousew G. Borga, Samuel Greiff, Claus Vögele, Conchita D’Ambrosio
104 [GO] 2023―Apr―14 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on young people with and without pre-existing mental health problems Ronja Kleine, Artur Galimov, Reiner Hanewinkel, Jennifer Unger, Steve Sussman, Julia Hansen
105 [GO] 2023―Apr―13 Prevalence of long COVID complaints in persons with and without COVID-19 Karin Magnusson, Aleksandra Turkiewicz, Signe Agnes Flottorp, Martin Englund
106 [GO] 2023―Apr―13 Coping styles mediate the relation between mindset and academic resilience in adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic: a randomized controlled trial T. W. P. Janssen, N. van Atteveldt
107 [GO] 2023―Apr―13 Sex and age affect acute and persisting COVID-19 illness Anna Vasilevskaya, Asma Mushtaque, Michelle Y. Tsang, Batoul Alwazan, Margaret Herridge, Angela M. Cheung, Maria Carmela Tartaglia
108 [GO] 2023―Apr―12 Machine learning-based analytics of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on alcohol consumption habit changes among United States healthcare workers Mostafa Rezapour, Muhammad Khalid Khan Niazi, Metin Nafi Gurcan
109 [GO] 2023―Apr―12 Long COVID and risk of erectile dysfunction in recovered patients from mild to moderate COVID-19 Hayder M. Al-kuraishy, Ali I. Al-Gareeb, Sumaiah J. Alarfaj, Rasha Khalifah Al-Akeel, Hani Faidah, Maisra M. El-Bouseary, et al. (+4)
110 [GO] 2023―Apr―12 Association between soluble angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 in saliva and SARS-CoV-2 infection: a cross-sectional study Samuel Bru, Pedro Brotons, Iolanda Jordan, Laia Alsina, Desiree Henares, Reyes Carballar, et al. (+11)
111 [GO] 2023―Apr―11 Disrupted chromatin architecture in olfactory sensory neurons: looking for the link from COVID-19 infection to anosmia Zhen Wah Tan, Ping Jing Toong, Enrico Guarnera, Igor N. Berezovsky
112 [GO] 2023―Apr―11 Obesity and COVID-19 mortality are correlated Bernard Arulanandam, Hamid Beladi, Avik Chakrabarti
113 [GO] 2023―Apr―11 Greater traditionalism predicts COVID-19 precautionary behaviors across 27 societies Theodore Samore, Daniel M. T. Fessler, Adam Maxwell Sparks, Colin Holbrook, Lene Aarøe, Carmen Gloria Baeza, et al. (+43)
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