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1 [GO] BMJ Global Health 2024―May―17 “I pity the TB patient”: a mixed methods study assessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on TB services in two major Indonesian cities and distilling lessons for the future Yusuf Ari Mashuri, David Boettiger, Siska Dian Wahyuningtias, Srila Nirmithya Salita Negara, Yanri Wijayanti Subronto, Marco Liverani, et al. (+7)
2 [GO] Gut 2024―May―17 SARS-CoV-2 and the liver: clinical and immunological features in chronic liver disease
3 [GO] BMJ 2024―May―17 Sixty seconds on . . . the pandemic treaty Jacqui Wise
4 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―May―17 What is current care for people with Long COVID in England? A qualitative interview study David Sunkersing, Mel Ramasawmy, Nisreen A Alwan, Donna Clutterbuck, Yi Mu, Kim Horstmanshof, et al. (+2)
5 [GO] BMJ Global Health 2024―May―16 Enhancing SARS-CoV-2 surveillance in Malawi using telephone syndromic surveillance from July 2020 to April 2022 Godfrey Woelk, Thulani Maphosa, Rhoderick Machekano, Annie Chauma-Mwale, Lucky Makonokaya, Suzgo B Zimba, et al. (+9)
6 [GO] BMJ 2024―May―16 Australia: Inductions and preterm births fell during early pandemic years Bianca Nogrady
7 [GO] European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy 2024―May―15 An essential component of antimicrobial stewardship during the COVID-19 pandemic in the intensive care unit: de-escalation Aysel Pehlivanli, Cigdem Ozgun, Firdevs Gonca Sasal-Solmaz, Didem Yuksel, Bilgen Basgut, Arif Tanju Ozcelikay, Mustafa Necmettin Unal
8 [GO] BMJ 2024―May―15 What do we know about covid-19’s effects on the brain? Katharine Lang
9 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―May―15 The outcome and related risk factors of unvaccinated patients with end-stage kidney disease during the Omicron pandemic: a multicentre retrospective study Quanchao Zhang, Caibao Lu, Shaofa Wu, Jin He, Han Wang, Jie Li, et al. (+12)
10 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―May―15 Exploring the perceptions and experiences of community rehabilitation for Long COVID from the perspectives of Scottish general practitioners’ and people living with Long COVID: a qualitative study Kay Cooper, Edward Duncan, Erin Hart-Winks, Julie Cowie, Joanna Shim, Emma Stage, et al. (+7)
11 [GO] BMJ Global Health 2024―May―14 Utilisation, out-of-pocket payments and access before and after COVID-19: Thailand’s Universal Health Coverage Scheme Kannika Damrongplasit, Glenn Melnick
12 [GO] BMJ 2024―May―10 Work and vocational rehabilitation for people living with long covid Rory J O’Connor, Amy Parkin, Ghazala Mir, Jordan Mullard, Sareeta Baley, Jenny Ceolta-Smith, Clare Rayner
13 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―May―09 Did COVID-19 ICU patient mortality risk increase as Colorado hospitals filled? A retrospective cohort study David R Johnson, Debashis Ghosh, Brandie D Wagner, Elizabeth J Carlton
14 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―May―09 Understanding associations between the COVID-19 pandemic and menstrual hygiene management among adolescent girls in Ethiopia: findings from a mixed-methods longitudinal study Maureen Murphy, Rebecca Dutton, Kiya Gezahegne, Nicola Jones, Jennifer Seager, Sarah Baird
15 [GO] BMJ Open Respiratory Research 2024―May―09 Psychometric analysis of the modified COVID-19 Yorkshire Rehabilitation Scale (C19-YRSm) in a prospective multicentre study Adam Smith, Darren Greenwood, Mike Horton, Thomas Osborne, Madeline Goodwin, Román Rocha Lawrence, et al. (+4)
16 [GO] BMJ Global Health 2024―May―09 Making the best interests of the child a primary consideration during pandemic preparedness and response Ted Chaiban, Leila Pakkala, Jérôme Pfaffmann Zambruni, Douglas James Noble
17 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―May―08 Frontline health workers’ experiences of providing care for people living with non-communicable diseases during the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana: a qualitative study Leonard Baatiema, Ama de-Graft Aikins, Kwadwo K Koram, Sheba Mary Pognaa Kunfah, Luke N Allen, Seye Abimbola, Margaret Kruk
18 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―May―08 Predictors of somatic symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic: a national longitudinal survey in Japan Norio Sugawara, Takahiro Tabuchi, Keita Tokumitsu, Norio Yasui-Furukori
19 [GO] BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health 2024―May―08 Longitudinal trends in uptake of hormonal long-acting reversible contraception devices throughout the COVID-19 pandemic: an Australian population-based study Tahlee Blade Stevenson, Alice R Rumbold, Vivienne Moore, Kelly Hall, Jenni Ilomaki, Danielle Mazza, et al. (+2)
20 [GO] BMJ Open Respiratory Research 2024―May―08 Association between COVID-19 severity and tobacco smoking status: a retrospective cohort study using propensity score matching weights analysis Musaad A Alshammari, Ahmad Alamer, Lina Al Lehaibi, Mashael Alghamdi, Haneen Alotaibi, Mukhtar Alomar, et al. (+4)
21 [GO] BMJ 2024―May―08 Why WHO changed the definition of “airborne transmission” in the wake of the pandemic Mun-Keat Looi
22 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―May―08 Where does physical activity fit into preschool postpandemic? A qualitative exploration with parents, teachers and administrators Courtney Zulauf-McCurdy, Betelehem Tessema, Rachel Tang, Saniya Almeida, Pooja S. Tandon
23 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―May―08 Study protocol for assessment of the efficacy of calcium dobesilate versus placebo on SARS-CoV-2 viral load in outpatients with COVID-19 (CADOVID study): a randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind, monocentric phase II trial Julien Salamun, Tamara Da Silva, Pilar Ustero, Yvan Gosmain, Idris Guessous, Alexandra Calmy, Herve Spechbach
24 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―May―06 Cohort profile: EFTER-COVID - a Danish nationwide cohort for assessing the long-term health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic Anna Irene Vedel Sørensen, Peter Bager, Nete Munk Nielsen, Anders Koch, Lampros Spiliopoulos, Anders Hviid, Steen Ethelberg
25 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―May―03 Burden of COVID-19 pandemic on tuberculosis hospitalisation patterns at a tertiary care hospital in Rajasthan, India: a retrospective analysis Sumit Rajotiya, Shivang Mishra, Anurag Kumar Singh, Sourav Debnath, Preeti Raj, Pratima Singh, et al. (+7)
26 [GO] BMJ Military Health 2024―May―02 Impact of COVID-19 on the veteran population: evidence from the Trends in Scottish Veterans Health study Beverly P Bergman, D F Mackay, J P Pell
27 [GO] BMJ Open Respiratory Research 2024―May―01 Lack of racial and ethnic disparities in mortality in minority patients hospitalised with COVID-19 in a mid-Atlantic healthcare system Panagis Galiatsatos, Brian Garibaldi, Dapeng Yao, Yanxun Xu, Jamie Perin, Andi Shahu, et al. (+8)
28 [GO] BMJ 2024―May―01 What do we know about covid-19’s effects on the gut? Katharine Lang
29 [GO] BMJ Global Health 2024―Apr―30 The downstream effects of COVID-19 on adolescent girls in the Peruvian Amazon: qualitative findings on how the pandemic affected education and reproductive health Lisa L Woodson, Adriana Garcia Saldivar, Heidi E Brown, Priscilla A Magrath, Nicolas Antunez de Mayolo, Sydney Pettygrove, et al. (+3)
30 [GO] BMJ Open Quality 2024―Apr―30 Relation between pre-existing quality management measures and prevention and containment of COVID-19 outbreaks in 159 nursing homes in Tuscany: a mixed methods study Mircha Poldrugovac, Sara Barsanti, Emiliano Pardini, Niek S Klazinga, Dionne S Kringos
31 [GO] BMJ Neurology Open 2024―Apr―30 Real-world efficacy, roll-out and uptake of intramuscular tixagevimab/cilgavimab as COVID-19 pre-exposure prophylaxis in people with multiple sclerosis and neuroimmunological conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic Louise Rath, Wei Zhen Yeh, Angie Roldan, Robb Wesselingh, Michael Zhong, Tracie Tan, et al. (+8)
32 [GO] Injury Prevention 2024―Apr―29 Hospital-admitted drowning in Victoria, Australia, before and after the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic Janneke Berecki-Gisolf, Bernadette Matthews, Hannah Calverley, Jonathan Abrahams, Amy E Peden
33 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―29 COVID-19 vaccine coverage, determinants and inequity amongst refugees and migrants in Pakistan: a cross-sectional study Zahra Ali Padhani, Abdu R Rahman, Sohail Lakhani, Rahima Yasin, Maryam Hameed Khan, Mushtaque Mirani, et al. (+9)
34 [GO] Tobacco Control 2024―Apr―26 2020 design and methods of the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) study during the COVID-19 pandemic Ralph DiGaetano, Sylvia Dohrmann, Ethel V Taylor, Colm D Everard, Victoria Castleman, Ting Yan, et al. (+20)
35 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―26 Physical activity and mental health in individuals with multimorbidity during COVID-19: an explanatory sequential mixed-method study Leire Ambrosio, James Faulkner, Jacqui H Morris, Beth Stuart, Danielle Lambrick, Eric Compton, Mari Carmen Portillo
36 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―26 Swissped-RECOVERY: masked independent adjudication for the interpretation of non-randomised treatment in a two-arm open-label randomised controlled trial (methylprednisolone vs immunoglobulins) in Paediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome Temporally Associated with SARS-CoV-2 (PIMS-TS) involving 10 secondary and tertiary paediatric hospitals in Switzerland Nina Schöbi, Carlos Sanchez, Tatjana Welzel, Alasdair Bamford, Kate Webb, Pablo Rojo, et al. (+4)
37 [GO] BMJ Innovations 2024―Apr―25 Innovation adoption, use and implementation in emergency departments during the COVID-19 pandemic Shreya S Huilgol, Carl T Berdahl, Nabeel Qureshi, Catherine C Cohen, Peter Mendel, Shira H Fischer
38 [GO] BMJ Open Respiratory Research 2024―Apr―25 Lung volume measurement using chest CT in COVID-19 patients: a cohort study in Japan Shiro Otake, Yusuke Shiraishi, Shotaro Chubachi, Naoya Tanabe, Tomoki Maetani, Takanori Asakura, et al. (+28)
39 [GO] BMJ Global Health 2024―Apr―25 Maintaining essential health services during a pandemic: lessons from Costa Rica’s COVID-19 response Claudio A Mora-García, Andy A Pearson, Andrea M Prado
40 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―24 Risk stratification and prognosis prediction using cardiac biomarkers in COVID-19: a single-centre retrospective cohort study Madoka Sano, Toshiaki Toyota, Takeshi Morimoto, Yu Noguchi, Ryo Shigeno, Ryosuke Murai, et al. (+11)
41 [GO] BMJ Global Health 2024―Apr―23 Comparison of WHO versus national COVID-19 therapeutic guidelines across the world: not exactly a perfect match Mia Cokljat, Cintia Valeria Cruz, Verena Ilona Carrara, Kanoktip Puttaraska, Camila Capriglioni, Sabrina Marcela Insaurralde, et al. (+6)
42 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―23 Estimating the incidence of COVID-19, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus infection in three regions of Queensland, Australia, winter 2022: findings from a novel longitudinal testing-based sentinel surveillance programme Fiona May, Shamila Ginige, Elise Firman, Yee Sum Li, Yudish Kumar Soonarane, Nicolas Smoll, et al. (+12)
43 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―23 God protects us from death through faith and science’: a qualitative study on the role of faith leaders in combating the COVID-19 pandemic and in building COVID-19 vaccine trust in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Kalkidan Yibeltal, Firehiwot Workneh, Hanna Melesse, Habtamu Wolde, Workagegnhu Tarekegn Kidane, Yemane Berhane, Sibylle Herzig van Wees
44 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―23 Qualitative interview study of rheumatology patients’ experiences of COVID-19 shielding to explore the physical and psychological impact and identify associated support needs Christine A Silverthorne, Bethan Jones, Mel Brooke, Laura C Coates, Jen Orme, Joanna C Robson, et al. (+2)
45 [GO] BMJ Open Quality 2024―Apr―22 Can hospitalists improve COVID-19 vaccination rates? Nina Yu, Nisha Punatar, Ulfat Shaikh, Garima Agrawal
46 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―20 Community antibiotic prescribing in patients with COVID-19 across three pandemic waves: a population-based study in Scotland, UK Laura Ciaccio, Peter T Donnan, Benjamin J Parcell, Charis A Marwick
47 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―20 Experiences of physical and emotional intimate partner violence during the COVID-19 pandemic: a comparison of prepandemic and pandemic data in a longitudinal study of Australian mothers Kelly M FitzPatrick, Stephanie J Brown, Kelsey Hegarty, Fiona K Mensah, Deirdre Gartland
48 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―20 Impact of an ICU bed capacity optimisation method on the average length of stay and average cost of hospitalisation following implementation of China’s open policy with respect to COVID-19: a difference-in-differences analysis based on information management system data from a tertiary hospital in southwest China Qingyan Zheng, Zhongyi Zeng, Xiumei Tang, Li Ma
49 [GO] BMJ Public Health 2024―Apr―18 Associations between lifestyle factors and COVID-19 infection rates: a cross-sectional analysis in the USA Razaz Shaheen, W Lawrence Beeson, Michael Paalani, Hildemar Dos Santos, Abdullah Alismail, Rhonda K Spencer-Hwang
50 [GO] BMJ Global Health 2024―Apr―18 Making sense of national and international disparities in excess mortality from the COVID-19 pandemic Vladimir M Shkolnikov, Dmitri A Jdanov, Azeem Majeed, Nazrul Islam
51 [GO] BMJ Global Health 2024―Apr―18 Magnitude and determinants of excess total, age-specific and sex-specific all-cause mortality in 24 countries worldwide during 2020 and 2021: results on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic from the C-MOR project Chryso Th. Pallari, Souzana Achilleos, Annalisa Quattrocchi, John Gabel, Elena Critselis, Maria Athanasiadou, et al. (+40)
52 [GO] BMJ evidence-based medicine 2024―Apr―17 Bad news: how the media reported on an observational study about cardiovascular outcomes of COVID-19 Camilla Alderighi, Raffaele Rasoini, Rebecca De Fiore, Fabio Ambrosino, Steven Woloshin
53 [GO] BMJ Case Reports 2024―Apr―17 Long-term cognitive effects of COVID-19 studied with repeated neuropsychological testing Beverly Matthews, Ashima Datey Chakrabarty, Arindam Chakrabarty
54 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―17 COVID-19 vaccine acceptance in the general population and under-resourced communities from high-income countries: realist review Nathalia Gonzalez-Jaramillo, Dominik Abbühl, Zayne Milena Roa-Díaz, Cristopher Kobler-Betancourt, Annika Frahsa
55 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―17 Colchicine for the treatment of patients with COVID-19: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials Huzaifa Ahmad Cheema, Uzair Jafar, Abia Shahid, Waniyah Masood, Muhammad Usman, Alaa Hamza Hermis, et al. (+4)
56 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―17 Cost of SARS-CoV-2 self-test distribution programmes by different modalities: a micro-costing study in five countries (Brazil, Georgia, Malaysia, Ethiopia and the Philippines) Megan A Hansen, Nkgomeleng A Lekodeba, Joshua M Chevalier, Tom Ockhuisen, Paula del Rey-Puech, Elena Marban-Castro, et al. (+14)
57 [GO] BMJ Case Reports 2024―Apr―16 Immune thrombocytopaenic purpura following COVID-19 infection masquerading as senile purpura Yuka Shichijo, Kohei Horiuchi, Joyce Fogel
58 [GO] BMJ Public Health 2024―Apr―16 Contact patterns between index patients and their close contacts and assessing risk for COVID-19 transmission during different exposure time windows: a large retrospective observational study of 450 770 close contacts in Shanghai Yaxu Zheng, Bo Zheng, Xiaohuan Gong, Hao Pan, Chenyan Jiang, Shenghua Mao, et al. (+7)
59 [GO] BMJ Public Health 2024―Apr―16 Cross-sectional study of personal protective equipment use, training and biosafety preparedness among healthcare workers during the first months of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in Brazil Kerstin Muner, Julia Kilgour, Tatiana Ometto, Ana Pérola Drulla Brandão, Andrea Pires dos Santos, Ana Marcia Sá Guimarães
60 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―16 The impact of delayed diagnosis and treatment due to COVID-19 on Australian thyroid cancer patients: a qualitative interview study Bianka D'souza, Anthony Glover, Claire Bavor, Benjamin Brown, Rachael H Dodd, James C Lee, et al. (+6)
61 [GO] BMJ 2024―Apr―12 Covid-19: Charities question inquiry’s “refusal” to fully examine mental health impact Elisabeth Mahase
62 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―11 SARS-CoV-2 infection by trimester of pregnancy and adverse perinatal outcomes: a Mexican retrospective cohort study Rakesh Ghosh, Juan Pablo Gutierrez, Iván de Jesús Ascencio-Montiel, Arturo Juárez-Flores, Stefano M Bertozzi
63 [GO] BMJ Open Respiratory Research 2024―Apr―10 Effectiveness of nirmatrelvir-ritonavir versus azvudine for adult inpatients with severe or critical COVID-19 Huan Zhang, Tan Xiaojiao, Junjun Chen, Zheng Zhang, Chenxi Wang, Haiqing Shi, et al. (+5)
64 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―10 Can communities be mobilised to build capacity to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic? A qualitative process evaluation Janet Harris, Paulina Ramirez, Frances Arnold, Paul Redgrave
65 [GO] RMD Open 2024―Apr―10 Incidence and outcome of COVID-19 following vaccine and hybrid immunity in patients on immunosuppressive therapy: identification of protective post-immunisation anti-RBD antibody levels in a prospective cohort study Hilde S Ørbo, Kristin H Bjørlykke, Joseph Sexton, Ingrid Jyssum, Anne T Tveter, Ingrid E Christensen, et al. (+12)
66 [GO] BMJ Global Health 2024―Apr―10 Building confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine in a polio-endemic country: strategic communication lessons from Pakistan Zaeem Ul Haq, Soofia Yunus, Naveed Jafri
67 [GO] Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health 2024―Apr―09 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine uptake and risks of severe COVID-19 disease among people prescribed opioid agonist therapy in Scotland Alan Yeung, Max Wilkinson, Jen Bishop, Bob Taylor, Norah Palmateer, Lee Barnsdale, et al. (+6)
68 [GO] Evidence-Based Nursing 2024―Apr―09 Transient decline in abusive head trauma in children during the COVID-19 pandemic provides lessons for prevention Biswadev Mitra, Dianne Crellin
69 [GO] Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2024―Apr―09 Occupational COVID-19: can we claim that compensation is causation? Sara De Matteis
70 [GO] BMJ Open Quality 2024―Apr―08 Quality improvement collaborative approach to COVID-19 pandemic preparedness in long-term care homes: a mixed-methods implementation study Janice Sorensen, Laura Kadowaki, Lucy Kervin, Clayon Hamilton, Annette Berndt, Simran Dhadda, et al. (+3)
71 [GO] BMJ Health & Care Informatics 2024―Apr―08 Impact of a pandemic shock on unmet medical needs of middle-aged and older adults in 10 countries Chao Guo, Dianqi Yuan, Huameng Tang, Xiyuan Hu, Yiyang Lei
72 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―06 Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on people experiencing incarceration: a systematic review Darius Benedict Williams, Bethany Spinks, Denitza Williams, Ruth Lewis, Francesca Bull, Adrian Edwards
73 [GO] BMJ Global Health 2024―Apr―05 Effectiveness and safety of COVID-19 vaccines on maternal and perinatal outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis Silvia Fernández-García, Laura del Campo-Albendea, Dharshini Sambamoorthi, Jameela Sheikh, Karen Lau, Nana Osei-Lah, et al. (+39)
74 [GO] BMJ Global Health 2024―Apr―05 Informing the pandemic response: the role of the WHO’s COVID-19 Weekly Epidemiological Update Juniorcaius Ikejezie, Alessandro Miglietta, Ingrid Hammermeister Nezu, Sandra Adele, Melissa M Higdon, Daniel Feikin, et al. (+46)
75 [GO] BMJ Open Respiratory Research 2024―Apr―05 Unveiling the truth: is COVID-19 reimbursement in Colombia a flawed design? A cost-of-illness analysis for moderate, severe and critical infections Liliana Fernandez-Trujillo, Saveria Sangiovanni, Ana Isabel Castrillon, Lina Hincapie-Zapata, Lina Maria Góez-Mogollón, Marcela Brun Vergara, Sergio I Prada
76 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―05 Predictive value of admission D-dimer levels in patient with acute ischaemic stroke and COVID-19: a second-wave prospective cohort study Al Rasyid, Salim Harris, Mohammad Kurniawan, Taufik Mesiano, Rakhmad Hidayat, Elvan Wiyarta
77 [GO] BMJ Mental Health 2024―Apr―05 Perfect storm: emotionally based school avoidance in the post-COVID-19 pandemic context Kathryn J Lester, Daniel Michelson
78 [GO] BMJ Open Respiratory Research 2024―Apr―04 Comparative effectiveness of sotrovimab versus no treatment in non-hospitalised high-risk COVID-19 patients in north west London: a retrospective cohort study Myriam Drysdale, Evgeniy R Galimov, Marcus James Yarwood, Vishal Patel, Bethany Levick, Daniel C Gibbons, et al. (+8)
79 [GO] Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 2024―Apr―04 Development and evaluation of a text analytics algorithm for automated application of national COVID-19 shielding criteria in rheumatology patients Meghna Jani, Ghada Alfattni, Maksim Belousov, Lynn Laidlaw, Yuanyuan Zhang, Michael Cheng, et al. (+5)
80 [GO] BMJ Paediatrics Open 2024―Apr―04 Universal versus risk-based strategies for vaccinating children against COVID-19: Japan and Korea Seung-Ah Choe, Young June Choe, Isao Miyairi
81 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―03 Mental health inequalities, challenges and support needs during COVID-19: a qualitative study of 14-to-25-year-olds in London Jasmine Lee, Keri Ka-Yee Wong
82 [GO] BMJ Global Health 2024―Apr―03 Effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on HIV, malaria and tuberculosis indicators in Togo: an interrupted time series analysis Yao Rodion Konu, Fall Dogo, Claver Anoumou Dagnra, Tinah Atcha-Oubou, Fifonsi Adjidossi Gbeasor-Komlanvi, Kossivi Agbelenko Afanvi, et al. (+4)
83 [GO] BMJ Case Reports 2024―Apr―03 Atypical presentation of Lemierre’s syndrome caused by penicillin-susceptibleStaphylococcus aureusin a patient with chronic stomatitis and COVID-19 Emma Burgdorf, Janni Jensen, Peter Grimm, Sebastian von Huth
84 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Apr―03 Descriptive study of causes of death and COVID-19-associated morbidities from the New York City electronic death record: first wave of the pandemic March-July 2020 Gil Maduro, Wenhui Li, Mary Huynh, Blanca Bernard-Davila, L Hannah Gould, Gretchen Van Wye
85 [GO] BMJ 2024―Apr―03 NHS hospital capacity during covid-19: overstretched staff, space, systems, and stuff Kevin J Fong, Charlotte Summers, Tim M Cook
86 [GO] International Journal of Gynecological Cancer 2024―Apr―03 Progesterone-releasing intrauterine device in the fight against the endometrial cancer pandemic-not the only solution Janneke T Wolswinkel, Louis J M van der Putten, Johanna M A Pijnenborg
87 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Mar―30 Pre-COVID-19 hospital quality and hospital response to COVID-19: examining associations between risk-adjusted mortality for patients hospitalised with COVID-19 and pre-COVID-19 hospital quality Doris Peter, Shu-Xia Li, Yongfei Wang, Jing Zhang, Jacqueline Grady, Kerry McDowell, et al. (+8)
88 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Mar―30 Mixed-methods study exploring health service access and social support linkage to the mental well-being of Canadian Indigenous pregnant persons during the COVID-19 pandemic Meghan Mollons, Sydney Levasseur-Puhach, Jasleen Kaur, Jennifer Doyle, Gerald Giesbrecht, Catherine A Lebel, et al. (+3)
89 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Mar―30 Influence of COVID-19 pandemic in India on coronary artery disease clinical presentation, angiography, interventions and in-hospital outcomes: a single centre prospective registry-based observational study Rajeev Gupta, Krishnakumar Sharma, Raghubir Singh Khedar, Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Jitender Singh Makkar, Vishnu Natani, et al. (+2)
90 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Mar―30 Decision to self-isolate during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK: a rapid scoping review Claire Marriott Keene, Sophie Dickinson, Reshania Naidoo, Billie Andersen-Waine, Angus Ferguson-Lewis, Anastasia Polner, et al. (+4)
91 [GO] BMJ Leader 2024―Mar―29 ‘You just don’t feel like your work goes recognised’: healthcare worker experiences of tension related to public discourse around the COVID-19 pandemic George Thomas Timmins, Julia I Bandini, Sangeeta C Ahluwalia, Armenda Bialas, Lisa S Meredith, Courtney Gidengil
92 [GO] BMJ Global Health 2024―Mar―28 Turning crisis into opportunity: sustaining COVID-19 gains in resource-constrained and fragile settings Sundus Haji-Jama, Ann Moen, Wasiq Khan, Abdinasir Abubakar, Richard Brennan
93 [GO] BMJ Public Health 2024―Mar―28 Can real-time surveillance systems of suspected suicide accurately reflect national suicide rates? Age-specific and sex-specific findings from the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic in England: an observational study Pauline Turnbull, Saied Ibrahim, Su-Gwan Tham, Cathryn Rodway, Nav Kapur, Louis Appleby
94 [GO] BMJ Global Health 2024―Mar―28 Reviewing essential public health functions in the Eastern Mediterranean Region post COVID-19 pandemic: a foundation for system resilience Olaa Mohamed-Ahmed, Hala Aboutaleb, Samia Latif, Hannah L Watson, Rachel Handley, Emily Humphreys, et al. (+8)
95 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Mar―28 Prevalence and impact of SARS-CoV-2 infection among patients with acute ischaemic stroke: a nationwide register-based cohort study in Denmark Janne Kaergaard Mortensen, Rolf Ankerlund Blauenfeldt, Jakob Nebeling Hedegaard, Christian Morberg Wejse, Søren Paaske Johnsen, Grethe Andersen, Claus Ziegler Simonsen
96 [GO] Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 2024―Mar―28 T cell activation markers CD38 and HLA-DR indicative of non-seroconversion in anti-CD20-treated patients with multiple sclerosis following SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination Niels J M Verstegen, Ruth R Hagen, Christine Kreher, Lisan H Kuijper, Jet van den Dijssel, Thomas Ashhurst, et al. (+23)
97 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Mar―28 Constitution of Long COVID illness, patienthood and recovery: a critical synthesis of qualitative studies Mia Harrison, Tim Rhodes, Kari Lancaster
98 [GO] BMJ 2024―Mar―27 Covid-19: Pfizer vaccine to be available privately at pharmacy chain Boots from April Elisabeth Mahase
99 [GO] BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care 2024―Mar―27 Hospital end-of-life care aggressiveness in adult solid tumour patients pre and post COVID-19: retrospective multicentre cohort study Tanya Cassam Chenai, Mohamed El Mejdani, Ariel Cohen, Sonia Priou, Gilles Chatellier, Rémi Flicoteaux, et al. (+4)
100 [GO] BMJ Public Health 2024―Mar―26 COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Skåne county, Sweden, in relation to individual-level and area-level sociodemographic factors: a register-based cross-sectional analysis Adam Mitchell, Malin Inghammar, Louise Bennet, Per-Olof Östergren, Mahnaz Moghaddassi, Jonas Björk
101 [GO] BMJ Public Health 2024―Mar―26 How do clinicians use post-COVID syndrome diagnosis? Analysis of clinical features in a Swedish COVID-19 cohort with 18 months’ follow-up: a national observational cohort and matched cohort study Hanna M Ollila, Osvaldo Fonseca-Rodríguez, Ida Henriette Caspersen, Sebastian Kalucza, Johan Normark, Lill Trogstad, et al. (+5)
102 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Mar―26 Policies for type 2 diabetes and non-communicable disease management during the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya and Tanzania: a desk review and views of decision-makers Shukri F Mohamed, Lyagamula Kisia, Irene Mashiashi, Frances Mair, Jennifer P Wisdom, Christopher Bunn, et al. (+7)
103 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Mar―26 Community health workers for health systems resilience during COVID-19: protocol for qualitative evidence synthesis Neha Adsul, Jyoti Tyagi, Soumyadeep Bhaumik
104 [GO] BMJ 2024―Mar―25 Global leaders call for negotiators to push through pandemic accord ahead of May deadline Luke Taylor
105 [GO] Thorax 2024―Mar―21 Improved pulmonary function and exercise tolerance despite persistent pulmonary fibrosis over 1 year after severe COVID-19 infection Claire F McGroder, Mary M Salvatore, Belinda M D'Souza, Eric A Hoffman, Matthew R Baldwin, Christine Kim Garcia
106 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Mar―20 Evolution of the data and methods in real-world COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness studies on mortality: ascopingreview protocol Paulina Stehlik, Caroline Dowsett, Ximena Camacho, Michael O Falster, Renly Lim, Sharifa Nasreen, et al. (+3)
107 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Mar―20 Temporal trends of ambulance time intervals for suspected stroke/transient ischaemic attack (TIA) before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in Ireland: a quasi-experimental study Edel Burton, Rory Quinn, Kieran Crosbie-Staunton, Conor Deasy, Siobhan Masterson, Cathal O'Donnell, et al. (+5)
108 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Mar―20 SCALE-UP II: protocol for a pragmatic randomised trial examining population health management interventions to increase the uptake of at-home COVID-19 testing in community health centres Guilherme Del Fiol, Brian Orleans, Tatyana V Kuzmenko, Jonathan Chipman, Tom Greene, Anna Martinez, et al. (+19)
109 [GO] BMJ Open 2024―Mar―20 Health-related quality of life after 12 months post discharge in patients hospitalised with COVID-19-related severe acute respiratory infection (SARI): a prospective analysis of SF-36 data and correlation with retrospective admission data on age, disease severity, and frailty Gavin Wright, Keerthi Senthil, Amir Zadeh-Kochek, Jonathan Heung-san Au, Jufen Zhang, Jiawei Huang, et al. (+7)
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