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1 [GO] 2022―Nov―19 Multiple cranial nerve palsies with small angle exotropia following COVID-19 mRNA vaccination in an adolescent: A case report Heejin Lee, Jun Chul Byun, Won Jae Kim, Min Cheol Chang, Saeyoon Kim
2 [GO] 2022―Nov―19 Case mistaken for leukemia after mRNA COVID-19 vaccine administration: A case report Seul Bi Lee, Chi Young Park, Sang-Gon Park, Hee Jeong Lee
3 [GO] 2022―Nov―01 Insight into appropriate medication prescribing for elderly in the COVID-19 era Amr S Omar, Rasha Kaddoura
4 [GO] 2022―Nov―01 Combined use of lactoferrin and vitamin D as a preventive and therapeutic supplement for SARS-CoV-2 infection: Current evidence Massimiliano Cipriano, Enzo Ruberti, Marcos Roberto Tovani-Palone
5 [GO] 2022―Oct―26 Surgical intervention for acute pancreatitis in the COVID-19 era Yu-Jang Su, Tse-Hao Chen
6 [GO] 2022―Oct―26 Extensive right coronary artery thrombosis in a patient with COVID-19: A case report Clarissa Campo Dall’Orto, Rubens Pierry Ferreira Lopes, Mariana Torres Cancela, Ciria de Sales Padilha, Gilvan Vilella Pinto Filho, Marcos Raphael da Silva
7 [GO] 2022―Oct―26 Efficacy and safety profile of two-dose SARS-CoV-2 vaccines in cancer patients: An observational study in China Sheng-Wei Cai, Jin-Yan Chen, Rong Wan, De-Jian Pan, Wei-Lin Yang, Ren-Gui Zhou
8 [GO] 2022―Oct―19 C-Reactive protein role in assessing COVID-19 deceased geriatrics and survivors of severe and critical illness Wassan Nori
9 [GO] 2022―Sep―26 Comparison of laboratory parameters, clinical symptoms and clinical outcomes of COVID-19 and influenza in pediatric patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis Bang Yu, Hai-Hua Chen, Xiao-Fei Hu, Rui-Zhi Mai, Hai-Yan He
10 [GO] 2022―Sep―26 COVID-19 and the heart Andrew Xanthopoulos, Angeliki Bourazana, Grigorios Giamouzis, Evangelia Skoularigki, Apostolos Dimos, Alexandros Zagouras, et al. (+5)
11 [GO] 2022―Sep―26 Age-adjusted NT-proBNP could help in the early identification and follow-up of children at risk for severe multisystem inflammatory syndrome associated with COVID-19 (MIS-C) Moises Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Ana Castellano-Martinez
12 [GO] 2022―Sep―26 Effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on patients with presumed diagnosis of acute appendicitis Sami Akbulut, Adem Tuncer, Zeki Ogut, Tevfik Tolga Sahin, Cemalettin Koc, Emek Guldogan, et al. (+3)
13 [GO] 2022―Sep―26 Effect of gender on the reliability of COVID-19 rapid antigen test among elderly Wassan Nori, Wisam Akram
14 [GO] 2022―Sep―26 Prevention and management of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination using traditional Korean medicine: An online survey of public health doctors Byungsoo Kang, Hongmin Chu, Bo-Young Youn, Jungtae Leem
15 [GO] 2022―Sep―26 Link between COVID-19 vaccines and myocardial infarction Umema Zafar, Hamna Zafar, Mian Saad Ahmed, Madiha Khattak
16 [GO] 2022―Sep―26 COVID-19-associated disseminated mucormycosis: An autopsy case report Daisuke Kyuno, Terufumi Kubo, Mitsuhiro Tsujiwaki, Shintaro Sugita, Michiko Hosaka, Hazuki Ito, et al. (+9)
17 [GO] 2022―Sep―16 Transition beyond the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic: Need to address the long-term health impacts of COVID-19 Constantinos Tsioutis, Andreas Tofarides, Nikolaos Spernovasilis
18 [GO] 2022―Sep―16 Cardiovascular disease and COVID-19, a deadly combination: A review about direct and indirect impact of a pandemic Rafael Vidal-Perez, Mariana Brandão, Michal Pazdernik, Karl-Patrik Kresoja, Myriam Carpenito, Shingo Maeda, et al. (+5)
19 [GO] 2022―Sep―16 Infant with reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction confirmed COVID-19 and normal chest computed tomography: A case report Guang-Hai Ji, Bo Li, Zu-Chuang Wu, Wei Wang, Hao Xiong
20 [GO] 2022―Sep―16 COVID-19 and the cardiovascular system-current knowledge and future perspectives Dimitrios G Chatzis, Kalliopi Magounaki, Ioannis Pantazopoulos, Sonu Menachem Maimonides Bhaskar
21 [GO] 2022―Sep―16 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare workers’ families Mariana Helou, Nour El Osta, Rola Husni
22 [GO] 2022―Sep―16 Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the ocular surface Ana Marta, Joao Heitor Marques, Daniel Almeida, Diana José, Paulo Sousa, Irene Barbosa
23 [GO] 2022―Sep―16 Transient ischemic attack after mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy: A case report Chi-Han Chang, Sheng-Po Kao, Dah-Ching Ding
24 [GO] 2022―Sep―16 Clinical efficacy analysis of mesenchymal stem cell therapy in patients with COVID-19: A systematic review Jun-Xia Cao, Jia You, Li-Hua Wu, Kai Luo, Zheng-Xu Wang
25 [GO] 2022―Aug―30 Clinical presentation, management, screening and surveillance for colorectal cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic Sami Akbulut, Abdirahman Sakulen Hargura, Ibrahim Umar Garzali, Ali Aloun, Cemil Colak
26 [GO] 2022―Aug―30 Internet of things-based health monitoring system for early detection of cardiovascular events during COVID-19 pandemic Sina Dami
27 [GO] 2022―Aug―30 Assisting individuals with diabetes in the COVID-19 pandemic period: Examining the role of religious factors and faith communities Chiedu Eseadi, Osita Victor Ossai, Charity Neejide Onyishi, Leonard Chidi Ilechukwu
28 [GO] 2022―Aug―30 Resumption of school after lockdown in COVID-19 pandemic: Three case reports Kong-Jian Wang, Yang Cao, Chun-Yang Gao, Zhen-Qi Song, Ming Zeng, Hao-Li Gong, et al. (+2)
29 [GO] 2022―Aug―30 Rapid progressive vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia with cerebral venous thrombosis after ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 (AZD1222) vaccination: A case report Shin-Kuang Jiang, Wei-Liang Chen, Chun Chien, Chi-Syuan Pan, Sheng-Ta Tsai
30 [GO] 2022―Aug―25 Ear, nose, and throat manifestations of COVID-19 and its vaccines Raid M. Al-Ani
31 [GO] 2022―Aug―25 Mental health of the Slovak population during COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-sectional survey Maria Kralova, Alexandra Brazinova, Veronika Sivcova, Lubomira Izakova
32 [GO] 2022―Aug―25 Hospital admissions from alcohol-related acute pancreatitis during the COVID-19 pandemic: A single-centre study Wai Kin Mak, Davide Di Mauro, Eleanor Pearce, Laura Karran, Aye Myintmo, Jessica Duckworth, et al. (+5)
33 [GO] 2022―Aug―25 Chlorine poisoning caused by improper mixing of household disinfectants during the COVID-19 pandemic: Case series Guo-Dong Lin, Jie-Yi Wu, Xiao-Bo Peng, Xiao-Xia Lu, Zhong-Ying Liu, Zhi-Guo Pan, et al. (+2)
34 [GO] 2022―Aug―12 Junctional bradycardia in a patient with COVID-19: A case report Abdullah Ibrahim Aedh
35 [GO] 2022―Aug―12 Application of unified protocol as a transdiagnostic treatment for emotional disorders during COVID-19: An internet-delivered randomized controlled trial Kou Yan, Mohammad Hassan Yusufi, Nabi Nazari
36 [GO] 2022―Jul―25 Comparison of demographic features and laboratory parameters between COVID-19 deceased patients and surviving severe and critically ill cases Lei Wang, Yang Gao, Zhao-Jin Zhang, Chang-Kun Pan, Ying Wang, Yu-Cheng Zhu, et al. (+11)
37 [GO] 2022―Jul―25 Beta receptor blocker therapy for the elderly in the COVID-19 era Elpidio Santillo, Monica Migale
38 [GO] 2022―Jul―25 Role of H2 receptor blocker famotidine over the clinical recovery of COVID-19 patients: A randomized controlled trial Abu Taiub Mohammed Mohiuddin Chowdhury, Aktar Kamal, Md. Kafil Uddin Abbas, Md Rezaul Karim, Md. Ahsan Ali, Shubhashis Talukder, et al. (+5)
39 [GO] 2022―Jul―25 Delayed inflammatory response evoked in nasal alloplastic implants after COVID-19 vaccination: A case report Min-Gi Seo, Eun Kyung Choi, Kyu Jin Chung
40 [GO] 2022―Jul―25 Gut microbiota and COVID-19: An intriguing pediatric perspective Maria Sole Valentino, Claudia Esposito, Simone Colosimo, Angela Maria Caprio, Simona Puzone, Stefano Guarino, et al. (+3)
41 [GO] 2022―Jul―22 Predictors of long-term anxiety and depression in discharged COVID-19 patients: A follow-up study Rabia Kevser Boyraz, Ebru Şahan, Muhammed Emin Boylu, İsmet Kırpınar
42 [GO] 2022―Jun―28 Incidental diagnosis of medullary thyroid carcinoma due to persistently elevated procalcitonin in a patient with COVID-19 pneumonia: A case report Amitabha Saha, Madhusha Mukhopadhyay, Souvik Paul, Arnab Bera, Tapas Bandyopadhyay
43 [GO] 2022―Jun―28 Frontiers of COVID-19-related myocarditis as assessed by cardiovascular magnetic resonance Yi Luo, Ben-Tian Liu, Wei-Feng Yuan, Can-Xian Zhao
44 [GO] 2022―Jun―24 Family relationship of nurses in COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative study Melike Yavaş Çelik, Meryem Kiliç
45 [GO] 2022―Jun―24 Field evaluation of COVID-19 rapid antigen test: Are rapid antigen tests less reliable among the elderly? Irena Tabain, Djivo Cucevic, Nikola Skreb, Anna Mrzljak, Ivana Ferencak, Zeljka Hruskar, et al. (+5)
46 [GO] 2022―Jun―24 Pregnancy-related psychopathology: A comparison between pre-COVID-19 and COVID-19-related social restriction periods Daniela Chieffo, Carla Avallone, Annamaria Serio, Georgios Demetrios Kotzalidis, Marta Balocchi, Ilaria De Luca, et al. (+9)
47 [GO] 2022―Jun―16 Stem cells as an option for the treatment of COVID-19 Maria Veronica Cuevas-González, Juan Carlos Cuevas-González
48 [GO] 2022―Jun―08 Ethical review of off-label drugs during the COVID-19 pandemic Qiu-Yu Li, Ye Lv, Zhuo-Yu An, Ni-Ni Dai, Xue Hong, Yu Zhang, Li-Jun Liang
49 [GO] 2022―Jun―02 Practical points that gastrointestinal fellows should know in management of COVID-19 Tevhide Sahin, Cem Simsek, Hatice Yasemin Balaban
50 [GO] 2022―Jun―02 Health care worker occupational experiences during the COVID-19 outbreak: A cross-sectional study Xiao-Fang Li, Xuan-Lin Zhou, Sheng-Xiu Zhao, Yue-Mei Li, Shi-Qin Pan
51 [GO] 2022―May―23 Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on clinicopathological features of transplant recipients with hepatocellular carcinoma: A case-control study Sami Akbulut, Tevfik Tolga Sahin, Volkan Ince, Sezai Yilmaz
52 [GO] 2022―May―23 Bedside ultrasonic localization of the nasogastric tube in a patient with severe COVID-19: A case report Xiao-Ju Zhu, Shui-Xia Liu, Qiu-Tang Li, Yuan-Jing Jiang
53 [GO] 2022―May―23 Management of neurosurgical patients during coronavirus disease 2019 pandemics: The Ljubljana, Slovenia experience Tomaz Velnar, Roman Bosnjak
54 [GO] 2022―May―23 Spontaneous liver rupture following SARS-CoV-2 infection in late pregnancy: A case report Radek Ambrož, Martin Stašek, Ján Molnár, Petr Špička, Dušan Klos, Jozef Hambálek, Daniela Skanderová
55 [GO] 2022―Apr―29 COVID-19 and liver diseases, what we know so far Mohamed Elnaggar, Ahmed Abomhya, Ismail Elkhattib, Nabila Dawoud, Rajkumar Doshi
56 [GO] 2022―Apr―19 Ischemic colitis after receiving the second dose of a COVID-19 inactivated vaccine: A case report Mei-Hua Cui, Xiao-Lin Hou, Jun-Yuan Liu
57 [GO] 2022―Mar―28 Dose-response relationship between risk factors and incidence of COVID-19 in 325 hospitalized patients: A multicenter retrospective cohort study Sheng-Chao Zhao, Xian-Qiang Yu, Xue-Feng Lai, Rui Duan, De-Liang Guo, Qian Zhu
58 [GO] 2022―Mar―10 eHealth, telehealth, and telemedicine in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: Lessons learned and future perspectives Andrea Giacalone, Luca Marin, Massimiliano Febbi, Thomas Franchi, Marcos Roberto Tovani-Palone
59 [GO] 2022―Mar―10 COVID-19 pandemic and nurse teaching: Our experience Juan Carlos Molina Ruiz, Jose Luis Guerrero Orriach, Maria Luisa Bravo Arcas, Angela Montilla Sans, Rocio Escano Gonzalez
60 [GO] 2022―Mar―10 Epidemiological features and dynamic changes in blood biochemical indices for COVID-19 patients in Hebi Xiao-Bo Nie, Bao-Sheng Shi, Lin Zhang, Wei-Li Niu, Ting Xue, Lan-Qing Li, et al. (+4)
61 [GO] 2022―Mar―10 Mortality in patients with COVID-19 requiring extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: A meta-analysis Ye Zhang, Lei Wang, Zhi-Xian Fang, Jing Chen, Jia-Lian Zheng, Ming Yao, Wen-Yu Chen
62 [GO] 2022―Mar―01 Patterns of liver profile disturbance in patients with COVID-19 Hend Ibrahim Shousha, Ahmed Ramadan, Rania Lithy, Mohamed El-Kassas
63 [GO] 2022―Jan―18 COVID-19: Gastrointestinal manifestations, liver injury and recommendations Zulal Ozkurt, Esra Çınar Tanrıverdi
64 [GO] 2022―Jan―18 Surgical treatment of acute cholecystitis in patients with confirmed COVID-19: Ten case reports and review of literature Katya Bozada-Gutiérrez, Mario Trejo-Avila, Fátima Chávez-Hernández, Sara Parraguirre-Martínez, Carlos Valenzuela-Salazar, Jesús Herrera-Esquivel, Mucio Moreno-Portillo
65 [GO] 2022―Jan―15 Clinical features and risk factors of severely and critically ill patients with COVID-19 Xin Chu, Gui-Fang Zhang, Yong-Ke Zheng, Yi-Gang Zhong, Li Wen, Ping Zeng, et al. (+7)
66 [GO] 2022―Jan―15 Craving variations in patients with substance use disorder and gambling during COVID-19 lockdown: The Italian experience Maria Chiara Alessi, Giovanni Martinotti, Domenico De Berardis, Antonella Sociali, Chiara Di Natale, Gianna Sepede, et al. (+6)
67 [GO] 2022―Jan―15 COVID-19 pandemic changed the management and outcomes of acute appendicitis in northern Beijing: A single-center study Peng Zhang, Qian Zhang, Hong-Wei Zhao
68 [GO] 2022―Jan―15 Bullectomy used to treat a patient with pulmonary vesicles related to COVID-19: A case report He-Xiao Tang, Li Zhang, Yan-Hong Wei, Chang-Sheng Li, Bo Hu, Jing-Ping Zhao, et al. (+5)
69 [GO] 2022―Jan―15 Acute myocardial injury in patients with COVID-19: Possible mechanisms and clinical implications Iulia Rusu, Malina Turlacu, Miruna Mihaela Micheu
70 [GO] 2022―Jan―11 5-min mindfulness audio induction alleviates psychological distress and sleep disorders in patients with COVID-19 Jing Li, Yun-Yun Zhang, Xiao-Yin Cong, Shu-Rong Ren, Xiao-Ming Tu, Jin-Feng Wu
71 [GO] 2022―Jan―11 Methylprednisolone accelerate chest computed tomography absorption in COVID-19: A three-centered retrospective case control study from China Lan Lin, Dan Xue, Jin-Hua Chen, Qiong-Ying Wei, Zheng-Hui Huang
72 [GO] 2021―Dec―30 Increased levels of lactate dehydrogenase and hypertension are associated with severe illness of COVID-19 Zhen-Mu Jin, Ji-Chan Shi, Mo Zheng, Que-Lu Chen, Yue-Ying Zhou, Fang Cheng, et al. (+2)
73 [GO] 2021―Dec―30 Omicron variant (B.1.1.529) of SARS-CoV-2: Mutation, infectivity, transmission, and vaccine resistance Shi-Yan Ren, Wen-Biao Wang, Rong-Ding Gao, Ai-Mei Zhou
74 [GO] 2021―Dec―23 Stem cell therapy: A promising treatment for COVID-19 Zhi-Xue Zheng
75 [GO] 2021―Dec―23 COVID-19 pandemic and exacerbation of ulcerative colitis Toshikuni Suda, Morio Takahashi, Yasumi Katayama, Masaya Tamano
76 [GO] 2021―Dec―23 Mucormycosis - resurgence of a deadly opportunist during COVID-19 pandemic: Four case reports Shalini Upadhyay, Tanisha Bharara, Manisha Khandait, Ankit Chawdhry, Bharat Bhushan Sharma
77 [GO] 2021―Dec―23 Clustering cases of Chlamydia psittaci pneumonia mimicking COVID-19 pneumonia Wei Zhao, Lei He, Xing-Zhi Xie, Xuan Liao, De-Jun Tong, Shang-Jie Wu, Jun Liu
78 [GO] 2021―Nov―30 Regulating monocyte infiltration and differentiation: Providing new therapies for colorectal cancer patients with COVID-19 Ling Bai, Wang Yang, Lei Qian, Jiu-Wei Cui
79 [GO] 2021―Nov―22 Did the severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus 2 pandemic cause an endemic Clostridium difficile infection? Camelia Cojocariu, Irina Girleanu, Anca Trifan, Andrei Olteanu, Cristina Maria Muzica, Laura Huiban, et al. (+5)
80 [GO] 2021―Oct―29 Psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Chinese population: An online survey Taif Shah, Zahir Shah, Nafeesa Yasmeen, Zhong-Ren Ma
81 [GO] 2021―Oct―29 Retrospective analysis of influencing factors on the efficacy of mechanical ventilation in severe and critical COVID-19 patients Jia Zeng, Xiao-Xia Qi, Wan-Wan Cai, Ya-Ping Pan, Yi Xie
82 [GO] 2021―Oct―29 Pharmaconutrition strategy to resolve SARS-CoV-2-induced inflammatory cytokine storm in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids Shanmugam M Jeyakumar, Ayyalasomayajula Vajreswari
83 [GO] 2021―Oct―21 “An integrated system, three separated responsibilities”, a new fever clinic management model, in prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia Jian Shen, Qiang He, Ting Shen, Zhi-Qiang Wu, Ming-Ming Tan, Yu-Lan Chen, et al. (+5)
84 [GO] 2021―Oct―14 Healthcare practice strategies for integrating personalized medicine: Management of COVID-19 Wen-Yi Liu, Ching-Wen Chien, Tao-Hsin Tung
85 [GO] 2021―Oct―14 Chronic hepatitis-C infection in COVID-19 patients is associated with in-hospital mortality Diana Ronderos, Alaa Mabrouk Salem Omar, Hafsa Abbas, Jasbir Makker, Ahmed Baiomi, Haozhe Sun, et al. (+6)
86 [GO] 2021―Sep―26 Transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 via fecal-oral: Current knowledge Filipe Antônio França da Silva, Breno Bittencourt de Brito, Maria Luísa Cordeiro Santos, Hanna Santos Marques, Ronaldo Teixeira da Silva Júnior, Lorena Sousa de Carvalho, et al. (+9)
87 [GO] 2021―Sep―26 Diabetes mellitus and COVID-19: Understanding the association in light of current evidence Saikat Sen, Raja Chakraborty, Pratap Kalita, Manash Pratim Pathak
88 [GO] 2021―Sep―26 Validated tool for early prediction of intensive care unit admission in COVID-19 patients Hao-Fan Huang, Yong Liu, Jin-Xiu Li, Hui Dong, Shan Gao, Zheng-Yang Huang, et al. (+7)
89 [GO] 2021―Sep―26 Comparison of the impact of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography between pre-COVID-19 and current COVID-19 outbreaks in South Korea: Retrospective survey Kook Hyun Kim, Sung Bum Kim
90 [GO] 2021―Sep―26 Clinical considerations for critically ill COVID-19 cancer patients: A systematic review Chidambaram Ramasamy, Ajay Kumar Mishra, Kevin John John, Amos Lal
91 [GO] 2021―Sep―26 COVID-19 among African Americans and Hispanics: Does gastrointestinal symptoms impact the outcome? Hassan Ashktorab, Adeleye Folake, Antonio Pizuorno, Gholamreza Oskrochi, Philip Oppong-Twene, Nuri Tamanna, et al. (+31)
92 [GO] 2021―Sep―16 Impact of COVID-19 on liver Yu-Jang Su, Chen-Wang Chang, Ming-Jen Chen, Yen-Chun Lai
93 [GO] 2021―Sep―16 Bell’s palsy after inactivated COVID-19 vaccination in a patient with history of recurrent Bell’s palsy: A case report Bin-Yan Yu, Lu-Sha Cen, Ting Chen, Tian-Hong Yang
94 [GO] 2021―Sep―16 Coronavirus disease 2019 and renal transplantation Mahmoud Nassar, Nso Nso, Jonathan Ariyaratnam, Jasmine Sandhu, Mahmoud Mohamed, Bahaaeldin Baraka, et al. (+8)
95 [GO] 2021―Sep―10 Should people with chronic liver diseases be vaccinated against COVID-19? Li-Ping Chen, Qing-Hong Zeng, Yuan-Feng Gong, Fa-Liang Liang
96 [GO] 2021―Aug―31 Association between COVID-19 and anxiety during social isolation: A systematic review Erlene Roberta Ribeiro dos Santos, Jose Lucas Silva de Paula, Felipe Maia Tardieux, Vânia Nazaré Costa-e-Silva, Amos Lal, Antonio Flaudiano Bem Leite
97 [GO] 2021―Aug―31 Radiation oncology practice during COVID-19 pandemic in developing countries Fawzi Abuhijla, Ramiz Abuhijlih, Issa Mohamad
98 [GO] 2021―Aug―31 Efficacy of arbidol in COVID-19 patients: A retrospective study Shuo Wei, Sha Xu, Yun-Hu Pan
99 [GO] 2021―Aug―24 Multiple immune function impairments in diabetic patients and their effects on COVID-19 Zhong-Hua Lu, Wei-Li Yu, Yun Sun
100 [GO] 2021―Aug―24 Status epilepticus as a complication after COVID-19 mRNA-1273 vaccine: A case report Robin Šín, Denisa Štruncová
101 [GO] 2021―Aug―24 Case series of COVID-19 patients from the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Area in China Ji-Jie Li, Hui-Qiong Zhang, Pei-Jun Li, Zhi-Lan Xin, Ai-Qi Xi, Yue-He Ding, et al. (+2)
102 [GO] 2021―Aug―03 Liver transplantation during global COVID-19 pandemic Mostafa Alfishawy, Nso Nso, Mahmoud Nassar, Jonathan Ariyaratnam, Sakil Bhuiyan, Raheel S Siddiqui, et al. (+8)
103 [GO] 2021―Aug―03 COVID-19 pandemic, as experienced in the surgical service of a district hospital in Spain Francisco Javier Pérez Lara, Maria Belen Jimenez Martinez, Francisco Pozo Muñoz, Andres Fontalba Navas, Rogelio Garcia Cisneros, Maria Jose Garcia Larrosa, et al. (+2)
104 [GO] 2021―Aug―03 What paradigm shifts occurred in the management of acute diverticulitis during the COVID-19 pandemic? A scoping review Gaetano Gallo, Monica Ortenzi, Ugo Grossi, Gian Luca Di Tanna, Francesco Pata, Mario Guerrieri, et al. (+2)
105 [GO] 2021―Aug―03 Theory and reality of antivirals against SARS-CoV-2 Bo Zhao, Teng-Fei Yang, Rui Zheng
106 [GO] 2021―Jul―27 COVID-19 infection and liver injury: Clinical features, biomarkers, potential mechanisms, treatment, and management challenges Gholam Reza Sivandzadeh, Hassan Askari, Ali Reza Safarpour, Fardad Ejtehadi, Ehsan Raeis-Abdollahi, Armaghan Vaez Lari, et al. (+3)
107 [GO] 2021―Jul―21 COVID-19 patient with an incubation period of 27 d: A case report Xue Du, Yang Gao, Kai Kang, Yang Chong, Mei-Ling Zhang, Wei Yang, et al. (+5)
108 [GO] 2021―Jul―21 Awake extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support for a critically ill COVID-19 patient: A case report Jing-Chen Zhang, Tong Li
109 [GO] 2021―Jul―07 Effects of angiotensin receptor blockers and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors on COVID-19 Xiao-Long Li, Tao Li, Qi-Cong Du, Li Yang, Kun-Lun He
110 [GO] 2021―Jul―07 Histopathology and immunophenotyping of late onset cutaneous manifestations of COVID-19 in elderly patients: Three case reports Maria Mazzitelli, Stefano Dastoli, Chiara Mignogna, Luigi Bennardo, Elena Lio, Maria Chiara Pelle, et al. (+4)
111 [GO] 2021―Jul―07 Obesity in people with diabetes in COVID-19 times: Important considerations and precautions to be taken Adriano Alberti, Fabiana Schuelter-Trevisol, Pinto Moehlecke Iser Betine, Eliane Traebert, Viviane Freiberger, Leticia Ventura, et al. (+12)
112 [GO] 2021―Jul―07 COVID-19: Considerations about immune suppression and biologicals at the time of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic Giulia Costanzo, William Cordeddu, Luchino Chessa, Stefano Del Giacco, Davide Firinu
113 [GO] 2021―Jul―07 Exploration of transmission chain and prevention of the recurrence of coronavirus disease 2019 in Heilongjiang Province due to in-hospital transmission Qi Chen, Yang Gao, Chang-Song Wang, Kai Kang, Hong Yu, Ming-Yan Zhao, Kai-Jiang Yu
114 [GO] 2021―Jul―07 Role of gastrointestinal system on transmission and pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2 Cem Simsek, Enes Erul, Hatice Yasemin Balaban
115 [GO] 2021―Jun―23 COVID-19 and gastroenteric manifestations Zhang-Ren Chen, Jing Liu, Zhi-Guo Liao, Jian Zhou, Hong-Wei Peng, Fei Gong, et al. (+2)
116 [GO] 2021―Jun―23 Gastroenterology and liver disease during COVID-19 and in anticipation of post-COVID-19 era: Current practice and future directions Katerina G Oikonomou, Panagiotis Papamichalis, Tilemachos Zafeiridis, Maria Xanthoudaki, Evangelia Papapostolou, Asimina Valsamaki, et al. (+6)
117 [GO] 2021―Jun―23 Controversies’ clarification regarding ribavirin efficacy in measles and coronaviruses: Comprehensive therapeutic approach strictly tailored to COVID-19 disease stages George D Liatsos
118 [GO] 2021―Jun―23 COVID-19 or treatment associated immunosuppression may trigger hepatitis B virus reactivation: A case report Yi-Feng Wu, Wan-Jun Yu, Yu-Hua Jiang, Yin Chen, Bo Zhang, Rui-Bing Zhen, et al. (+6)
119 [GO] 2021―Jun―23 Delayed retroperitoneal hemorrhage during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in COVID-19 patients: A case report and literature review Jing-Chen Zhang, Tong Li
120 [GO] 2021―Jun―23 Remarkable gastrointestinal and liver manifestations of COVID-19: A clinical and radiologic overview Li-Guang Fang, Quan Zhou
121 [GO] 2021―Jun―23 Liver injury in COVID-19: Known and unknown Feng Zhou, Jian Xia, Hai-Xia Yuan, Ying Sun, Ying Zhang
122 [GO] 2021―Jun―23 Enhancing oxygenation of patients with coronavirus disease 2019: Effects on immunity and other health-related conditions Ayman Mohamed, Motaz Alawna
123 [GO] 2021―Jun―23 Insights into the virologic and immunologic features of SARS-COV-2 Ceylan Polat, Koray Ergunay
124 [GO] 2021―Jun―11 Low symptomatic COVID-19 in an elderly patient with follicular lymphoma treated with rituximab-based immunotherapy: A case report Stanisław Łącki, Kinga Wyżgolik, Michał Nicze, Sylwia Georgiew-Nadziakiewicz, Jerzy Chudek, Kamil Wdowiak
125 [GO] 2021―Jun―11 Surgery for pancreatic tumors in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic Hiroyuki Kato, Yukio Asano, Satoshi Arakawa, Masahiro Ito, Norihiko Kawabe, Masahiro Shimura, et al. (+7)
126 [GO] 2021―Jun―11 Clinical characteristics, gastrointestinal manifestations and outcomes of COVID-19 patients in Iran; does the location matters? Pooneh Mokarram, Maryam Mehdipour Dalivand, Antonio Pizuorno, Farnaz Aligolighasemabadi, Mohammadamin Sadeghdoust, Ebtesam Sadeghdoust, et al. (+4)
127 [GO] 2021―Jun―11 Mesenteric ischemia in COVID-19 patients: A review of current literature Asad Ali Kerawala, Bhagwan Das, Ahda Solangi
128 [GO] 2021―Jun―11 Dynamics of host immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 Reza Taherkhani, Sakineh Taherkhani, Fatemeh Farshadpour
129 [GO] 2021―May―26 COVID-19 in gastroenterology and hepatology: Lessons learned and questions to be answered Shao Liu, Mi-Mi Tang, Jie Du, Zhi-Cheng Gong, Shu-Sen Sun
130 [GO] 2021―May―26 Prone position combined with high-flow nasal oxygen could benefit spontaneously breathing, severe COVID-19 patients: A case report Da-Wei Xu, Guang-Liang Li, Jiong-Han Zhang, Fei He
131 [GO] 2021―May―26 Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and COVID-19: An epidemic that begets pandemic Musaab Ahmed, Mohamed H Ahmed
132 [GO] 2021―May―14 COVID-19 and the digestive system: A comprehensive review Ming-Ke Wang, Hai-Yan Yue, Jin Cai, Yu-Jia Zhai, Jian-Hui Peng, Ju-Fen Hui, et al. (+3)
133 [GO] 2021―May―14 COVID-19 impact on the liver Liliana Baroiu, Caterina Dumitru, Alina Iancu, Ana-Cristina Leșe, Miruna Drăgănescu, Nicușor Baroiu, Lucreția Anghel
134 [GO] 2021―May―14 Thymosin as a possible therapeutic drug for COVID-19: A case report Qiong Na Zheng, Mei Yan Xu, Fang Min Gan, Sha Sha Ye, Hui Zhao
135 [GO] 2021―May―11 COVID-19 combined with liver injury: Current challenges and management Man-Ling Deng, Yong-Jun Chen, Mei-Ling Yang, Yi-Wen Liu, Hui Chen, Xiao-Qing Tang, Xue-Feng Yang
136 [GO] 2021―May―11 Combined cesarean delivery and repair of acute aortic dissection at 34 weeks of pregnancy during COVID-19 outbreak: A case report Li-Wei Liu, Lan Luo, Lu Li, Yu Li, Mu Jin, Jun-Ming Zhu
137 [GO] 2021―May―11 Changes in endoscopic patterns before and during COVID-19 outbreak: Experience at a single tertiary center in Korean Kook Hyun Kim, Sung Bum Kim, Tae Nyeun Kim
138 [GO] 2021―May―11 Surgical treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma in the era of COVID-19 pandemic: A comprehensive review of current recommendations Alessandro Fancellu, Valeria Sanna, Fabrizio Scognamillo, Claudio F Feo, Gianpaolo Vidili, Giuseppe Nigri, Alberto Porcu
139 [GO] 2021―May―11 Effectiveness of adjunctive corticosteroid therapy in patients with severe COVID-19: A retrospective cohort study Bin Xiong, Li-Min He, Yuan-Yuan Qin, Hu Du, Zhu Zhan, Yi-Hong Zhou, et al. (+2)
140 [GO] 2021―Apr―29 Almitrine for COVID-19 critically ill patients - a vascular therapy for a pulmonary vascular disease: Three case reports Pierre Huette, Osama Abou Arab, Vincent Jounieaux, Mathieu Guilbart, Mohamed Belhout, Guillaume Haye, et al. (+3)
141 [GO] 2021―Apr―22 Patients with cirrhosis during the COVID-19 pandemic: Current evidence and future perspectives Hung-Yuan Su, Yin-Chou Hsu
142 [GO] 2021―Apr―22 Clinical diagnosis of severe COVID-19: A derivation and validation of a prediction rule Ming Tang, Xia-Xia Yu, Jia Huang, Jun-Ling Gao, Fu-Lan Cen, Qi Xiao, et al. (+8)
143 [GO] 2021―Apr―15 Standardization of critical care management of non-critically ill patients with COVID-19 Chang-Song Wang, Yang Gao, Kai Kang, Dong-Sheng Fei, Xiang-Lin Meng, Hai-Tao Liu, et al. (+6)
144 [GO] 2021―Apr―15 Polycystic ovary syndrome: Pathways and mechanisms for possible increased susceptibility to COVID-19 Ioannis Ilias, Spyridon Goulas, Lina Zabuliene
145 [GO] 2021―Apr―15 Timing of convalescent plasma therapy-tips from curing a 100-year-old COVID-19 patient using convalescent plasma treatment: A case report Bo Liu, Kang-Kang Ren, Nian Wang, Xin-Ping Xu, Jue Wu
146 [GO] 2021―Apr―15 Mediastinal lymphadenopathy in COVID-19: A review of literature Pahnwat Tonya Taweesedt, Salim Surani
147 [GO] 2021―Apr―15 Paradoxical relationship between proton pump inhibitors and COVID-19: A systematic review and meta-analysis Maddalena Zippi, Sirio Fiorino, Roberta Budriesi, Matteo Micucci, Ivan Corazza, Roberta Pica, et al. (+3)
148 [GO] 2021―Apr―15 Positive reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction assay results in patients recovered from COVID-19: Report of two cases Ke-Xin Huang, Cheng He, Yan-Li Yang, Di Huang, Zhi-Xia Jiang, Bang-Guo Li, Heng Liu
149 [GO] 2021―Apr―15 Management and implementation strategies of pre-screening triage in children during coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic in Guangzhou, China Xuan Shi, Yu-Tao Cai, Xian Cai, Xiu-Lan Wen, Jing-Yan Wang, Wen-Cheng Ma, et al. (+8)
150 [GO] 2021―Mar―30 Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of 65 hospitalized patients with COVID-19 in Liaoning, China Wei Zhang, Yuan Ban, Yun-Hai Wu, Jin-Yang Liu, Xing-Hai Li, Hao Wu, et al. (+4)
151 [GO] 2021―Mar―30 Long-term control of melanoma brain metastases with co-occurring intracranial infection and involuntary drug reduction during COVID-19 pandemic: A case report Yang Wang, Bin Lian, Chuan-Liang Cui
152 [GO] 2021―Mar―30 SARS-CoV-2, surgeons and surgical masks Mohammad Ibrahim Khalil, Gouri Rani Banik, Sarab Mansoor, Amani S Alqahtani, Harunor Rashid
153 [GO] 2021―Mar―05 Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for coronavirus disease 2019-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome: Report of two cases and review of the literature Jun-Lin Wen, Qi-Zhe Sun, Zhou Cheng, Xiao-Zu Liao, Li-Qiang Wang, Yong Yuan, et al. (+7)
154 [GO] 2021―Feb―27 Dynamic monitoring of serum liver function indexes in patients with COVID-19 Hao Lin, Ling-Jie Wu, Shun-Qi Guo, Rui-Lie Chen, Jing-Ru Fan, Bin Ke, Ze-Qun Pan
155 [GO] 2021―Feb―27 Human menstrual blood-derived stem cells as immunoregulatory therapy in COVID-19: A case report and review of the literature Juan Lu, Zhong-Yang Xie, Dan-Hua Zhu, Lan-Juan Li
156 [GO] 2021―Feb―27 Regulation of the expression of proinflammatory cytokines induced by SARS-CoV-2 Xiang-Ning Zhang, Long-Ji Wu, Xia Kong, Bi-Ying Zheng, Zhe Zhang, Zhi-Wei He
157 [GO] 2021―Feb―27 Review of the risk factors for SARS-CoV-2 transmission Xia Li, Wei-Yi Xia, Fang Jiang, Dan-Yong Liu, Shao-Qing Lei, Zheng-Yuan Xia, Qing-Ping Wu
158 [GO] 2021―Feb―06 Unexplained elevation of erythrocyte sedimentation rate in a patient recovering from COVID-19: A case report Sheng-Lan Pu, Xiang-Yan Zhang, Dai-Shun Liu, Ba-Ning Ye, Jian-Quan Li
159 [GO] 2021―Jan―29 Remote nursing training model combined with proceduralization in the intensive care unit dealing with patients with COVID-19 Hui Wang, Kai Kang, Yang Gao, Bo Yang, Jing Li, Lei Wang, et al. (+4)
160 [GO] 2021―Jan―29 Clinical features of SARS-CoV-2-associated encephalitis and meningitis amid COVID-19 pandemic Liang Huo, Kai-Li Xu, Hua Wang
161 [GO] 2021―Jan―29 Bronchoscopy for diagnosis of COVID-19 with respiratory failure: A case report Qing-Yun Chen, Yu-Sheng He, Kai Liu, Jing Cao, Yong-Xing Chen
162 [GO] 2021―Jan―29 Management protocol for Fournier’s gangrene in sanitary regime caused by SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: A case report Agnieszka Grabińska, Łukasz Michalczyk, Beata Banaczyk, Tomasz Syryło, Tomasz Ząbkowski
163 [GO] 2021―Jan―19 Clinical features and potential mechanism of coronavirus disease 2019-associated liver injury Mei-Wen Han, Ming Wang, Meng-Ying Xu, Wei-Peng Qi, Peng Wang, Dong Xi
164 [GO] 2021―Jan―08 Continuity of cancer care in the era of COVID-19 pandemic: Role of social media in low- and middle-income countries Sanjay Kumar Yadav, Nishtha Yadav
165 [GO] 2021―Jan―08 Risk factors associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome in COVID-19 patients outside Wuhan: A double-center retrospective cohort study of 197 cases in Hunan, China Xing-Sheng Hu, Chun-Hong Hu, Ping Zhong, Ya-Jing Wen, Xiang-Yu Chen
166 [GO] 2020―Dec―29 Necessary problems in re-emergence of COVID-19 Si Chen, Lin-Zhu Ren, Hong-Sheng Ouyang, Shen Liu, Li-Ying Zhang
167 [GO] 2020―Dec―29 Comparative profile for COVID-19 cases from China and North America: Clinical symptoms, comorbidities and disease biomarkers Alaa Badawi, Denitsa Vasileva
168 [GO] 2020―Dec―29 Risk of group aggregative behavior during COVID-19 outbreak: A case report Hui Zuo, Zhi-Bing Hu, Feng Zhu
169 [GO] 2020―Dec―29 Angiotensin converting enzymes inhibitors or angiotensin receptor blockers should be continued in COVID-19 patients with hypertension Ci Tian, Nan Li, Yi Bai, Han Xiao, Shu Li, Qing-Gang Ge, et al. (+2)
170 [GO] 2020―Dec―29 COVID-19: An overview and a clinical update Arunkumar Krishnan, James P Hamilton, Saleh A Alqahtani, Tinsay A Woreta
171 [GO] 2020―Dec―19 Virus load and virus shedding of SARS-CoV-2 and their impact on patient outcomes Pei-Fen Chen, Xia-Xia Yu, Yi-Peng Liu, Di Ren, Min Shen, Bing-Sheng Huang, et al. (+10)
172 [GO] 2020―Dec―03 Interpersonal psychotherapy-based psychological intervention for patient suffering from COVID-19: A case report Chan-Chan Hu, Jin-Wen Huang, Ning Wei, Shao-Hua Hu, Jian-Bo Hu, Shu-Guang Li, et al. (+7)
173 [GO] 2020―Dec―03 Symptomatic and optimal supportive care of critical COVID-19: A case report and literature review Qi-Lin Pang, Wen-Cheng He, Jin-Xiu Li, Lei Huang
174 [GO] 2020―Dec―03 Effect of methylprednisolone in severe and critical COVID-19: Analysis of 102 cases Hong-Ming Zhu, Yan Li, Bang-Yi Li, Shuang Yang, Ding Peng, Xiaojiao Yang, et al. (+2)
175 [GO] 2020―Dec―03 Healthy neonate born to a SARS-CoV-2 infected woman: A case report and review of literature Rong-Yue Wang, Ke-Qiong Zheng, Bo-Zhong Xu, Wei Zhang, Jin-Ge Si, Chong-Yong Xu, et al. (+3)
176 [GO] 2020―Dec―03 Suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection with fever and coronary heart disease: A case report Jin-Ru Gong, Jia-Sheng Yang, Yao-Wei He, Kang-Hui Yu, Jia Liu, Rui-Lin Sun
177 [GO] 2020―Dec―02 Interpersonal psychotherapy-based psychological intervention for patient suffering from COVID-19: A case report Chan-Chan Hu, Jin-Wen Huang, Ning Wei, Shao-Hua Hu, Jian-Bo Hu, Shu-Guang Li, et al. (+7)
178 [GO] 2020―Dec―02 Symptomatic and optimal supportive care of critical COVID-19: A case report and literature review Qi-Lin Pang, Wen-Cheng He, Jin-Xiu Li, Lei Huang
179 [GO] 2020―Dec―02 Effect of methylprednisolone in severe and critical COVID-19: Analysis of 102 cases Hong-Ming Zhu, Yan Li, Bang-Yi Li, Shuang Yang, Ding Peng, Xiaojiao Yang, et al. (+2)
180 [GO] 2020―Dec―02 Understanding the immunopathogenesis of COVID-19: Its implication for therapeutic strategy Yukihiro Shimizu
181 [GO] 2020―Dec―02 Fourty-nine years old woman co-infected with SARS-COV-2 and Mycoplasma: A case report Zi-Ang Gao, Ling-Bao Gao, Xin-Jie Chen, Yu Xu
182 [GO] 2020―Dec―02 Fourty-nine years old woman co-infected with SARS-COV-2 and Mycoplasma: A case report Zi-Ang Gao, Ling-Bao Gao, Xin-Jie Chen, Yu Xu
183 [GO] 2020―Dec―02 Healthy neonate born to a SARS-CoV-2 infected woman: A case report and review of literature Rong-Yue Wang, Ke-Qiong Zheng, Bo-Zhong Xu, Wei Zhang, Jin-Ge Si, Chong-Yong Xu, et al. (+3)
184 [GO] 2020―Dec―02 Suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection with fever and coronary heart disease: A case report Jin-Ru Gong, Jia-Sheng Yang, Yao-Wei He, Kang-Hui Yu, Jia Liu, Rui-Lin Sun
185 [GO] 2020―Nov―25 No significant association between dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors and adverse outcomes of COVID-19 Jiang-Hua Zhou, Bin Wu, Wen-Xin Wang, Fang Lei, Xu Cheng, Juan-Juan Qin, et al. (+10)
186 [GO] 2020―Nov―25 Holistic care model of time-sharing management for severe and critical COVID-19 patients Bo Yang, Yang Gao, Kai Kang, Jing Li, Lei Wang, Hui Wang, et al. (+4)
187 [GO] 2020―Nov―25 High serum lactate dehydrogenase and dyspnea: Positive predictors of adverse outcome in critical COVID-19 patients in Yichang Xiao-Ting Lv, Yong-Ping Zhu, Ai-Guo Cheng, Yong-Xu Jin, Hai-Bo Ding, Cai-Yun Wang, et al. (+4)
188 [GO] 2020―Nov―25 Is positivity for hepatitis C virus antibody predictive of lower risk of death in COVID-19 patients with cirrhosis? Alessandra Mangia, Giovanni Cenderello, Gabriella Verucchi, Alessia Ciancio, Andrea Fontana, Valeria Piazzolla, et al. (+3)
189 [GO] 2020―Nov―25 Intraoperative care of elderly patients with COVID-19 undergoing double lung transplantation: Two case reports Qi Wu, Ying Wang, Han-Qian Chen, Hui Pan
190 [GO] 2020―Nov―25 COVID-19: A review of what radiologists need to know Lei Tang, Yi Wang, Yun Zhang, Xiao-Yong Zhang, Xian-Chun Zeng, Bin Song
191 [GO] 2020―Nov―06 Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of fifty-six cases of COVID-19 in Liaoning Province, China Jing-Bo Wang, Hai-Tao Wang, Lei-Shi Wang, Lu-Ping Li, Jiao Xv, Chun Xv, et al. (+12)
192 [GO] 2020―Nov―06 Treatment strategies for gastric cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic Wen-Zhe Kang, Yu-Xin Zhong, Fu-Hai Ma, Hao Liu, Shuai Ma, Yang Li, et al. (+3)
193 [GO] 2020―Nov―06 Cardiovascular impact of COVID-19 with a focus on children: A systematic review Moises Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Ana Castellano-Martinez, Helena Maria Cascales-Poyatos, Alvaro Antonio Perez-Reviriego
194 [GO] 2020―Nov―06 Emergency surgical workflow and experience of suspected cases of COVID-19: A case report Di Wu, Tian-Yu Xie, Xue-Hong Sun, Xin-Xin Wang
195 [GO] 2020―Nov―06 Nafamostat mesylate-induced hyperkalemia in critically ill patients with COVID-19: Four case reports Masaki Okajima, Yoshinori Takahashi, Takaaki Kaji, Naohiko Ogawa, Hideyuki Mouri
196 [GO] 2020―Oct―26 Predictive value of serum cystatin C for risk of mortality in severe and critically ill patients with COVID-19 Yan Li, Shuang Yang, Ding Peng, Hong-Ming Zhu, Bang-Yi Li, Xiaojiao Yang, et al. (+2)
197 [GO] 2020―Sep―25 Role of monoclonal antibody drugs in the treatment of COVID-19 Claudio Ucciferri, Jacopo Vecchiet, Katia Falasca
198 [GO] 2020―Sep―25 Global analysis of daily new COVID-19 cases reveals many static-phase countries including the United States potentially with unstoppable epidemic Cheng Long, Xin-Miao Fu, Zhi-Fu Fu
199 [GO] 2020―Sep―25 Managing acute appendicitis during the COVID-19 pandemic in Jiaxing, China Yuan Zhou, Lu-Sha Cen
200 [GO] 2020―Sep―25 Prolonged prothrombin time at admission predicts poor clinical outcome in COVID-19 patients Lang Wang, Wen-Bo He, Xiao-Mei Yu, Da-Long Hu, Hong Jiang
201 [GO] 2020―Sep―25 Liver injury in COVID-19: A minireview Jian-Nan Zhao, Ying Fan, Shuo-Dong Wu
202 [GO] 2020―Sep―25 Clinical application of combined detection of SARS-CoV-2-specific antibody and nucleic acid Qing-Bin Meng, Jing-Jing Peng, Xin Wei, Jia-Yao Yang, Peng-Cheng Li, Zi-Wei Qu, et al. (+5)
203 [GO] 2020―Sep―22 Gastrointestinal insights during the COVID-19 epidemic Kai Nie, Yuan-Yuan Yang, Min-Zi Deng, Xiao-Yan Wang
204 [GO] 2020―Sep―22 Special features of SARS-CoV-2 in daily practice Ioannis A Charitos, Andrea Ballini, Lucrezia Bottalico, Stefania Cantore, Pier Carmine Passarelli, Francesco Inchingolo, et al. (+2)
205 [GO] 2020―Sep―21 One disease, many faces-typical and atypical presentations of SARS-CoV-2 infection-related COVID-19 disease Cyriac Abby Philips, Narain Mohan, Rizwan Ahamed, Sandeep Kumbar, Sasidharan Rajesh, Tom George, et al. (+2)
206 [GO] 2020―Sep―03 Gender medicine: Lessons from COVID-19 and other medical conditions for designing health policy Yossy Machluf, Yoram Chaiter, Orna Tal
207 [GO] 2020―Sep―03 Complexities of diagnosis and management of COVID-19 in autoimmune diseases: Potential benefits and detriments of immunosuppression Tsvetoslav Georgiev, Alexander Krasimirov Angelov
208 [GO] 2020―Sep―03 Emergency surgery in COVID-19 outbreak: Has anything changed? Single center experience Francesco D'Urbano, Nicolò Fabbri, Margherita Koleva Radica, Eleonora Rossin, Paolo Carcoforo
209 [GO] 2020―Sep―03 Autoimmunity as the comet tail of COVID-19 pandemic Rossella Talotta, Erle Robertson
210 [GO] 2020―Sep―03 Clinical efficacy of tocilizumab treatment in severe and critical COVID-19 patients Jia Zeng, Ming-Hui Xie, Jing Yang, Sheng-Wu Chao, Er-Li Xu
211 [GO] 2020―Sep―03 Diagnosis and treatment of an elderly patient with 2019-nCoV pneumonia and acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Gansu Province: A case report Tian-Peng He, Dong-Liang Wang, Jing Zhao, Xiao-Ying Jiang, Jin He, Jian-Ke Feng, Yuan Yuan
212 [GO] 2020―Aug―25 Home quarantine compliance is low in children with fever during COVID-19 epidemic Qing Lou, De-Quan Su, Sun-Qin Wang, E Gao, Lian-Qiao Li, Zhi-Qiang Zhuo
213 [GO] 2020―Aug―25 Management of cancer patients during COVID-19 pandemic at developing countries Jaime González-Montero, Guillermo Valenzuela, Mónica Ahumada, Olga Barajas, Luis Villanueva
214 [GO] 2020―Aug―25 Spontaneous pneumomediastinum in an elderly COVID-19 patient: A case report Ning Kong, Chen Gao, Mao-Sheng Xu, Yuan-Liang Xie, Chang-Yu Zhou
215 [GO] 2020―Aug―25 Liver in the limelight in the corona (COVID-19) time Harleen Kaur Chela, Syed Bilal Pasha, Omer Basar, Ebubekir Daglilar, Veysel Tahan
216 [GO] 2020―Aug―05 Typical and atypical COVID-19 computed tomography findings Damiano Caruso, Tiziano Polidori, Gisella Guido, Matteo Nicolai, Benedetta Bracci, Antonio Cremona, et al. (+9)
217 [GO] 2020―Aug―05 Review of possible psychological impacts of COVID-19 on frontline medical staff and reduction strategies Xiao-Wei Fu, Li-Na Wu, Ling Shan
218 [GO] 2020―Aug―05 Medical research during the COVID-19 pandemic Khalid AlNaamani, Siham AlSinani, Alan N Barkun
219 [GO] 2020―Aug―05 Impacts and challenges of United States medical students during the COVID-19 pandemic Stacey Rolak, Alexis M Keefe, Emily L Davidson, Prabesh Aryal, Sandesh Parajuli
220 [GO] 2020―Aug―05 Two mechanically ventilated cases of COVID-19 successfully managed with a sequential ventilation weaning protocol: Two case reports Mian Peng, Di Ren, Yong-Feng Liu, Xi Meng, Ming Wu, Rong-Lin Chen, et al. (+4)
221 [GO] 2020―Aug―05 COVID-19 with asthma: A case report Ai-Ling Liu, Ning Xu, Ai-Jun Li
222 [GO] 2020―Jul―24 Effects of policies and containment measures on control of COVID-19 epidemic in Chongqing Xiao-Hua Liang, Xian Tang, Ye-Tao Luo, Min Zhang, Ze-Pei Feng
223 [GO] 2020―Jul―24 Recommendations for perinatal and neonatal surgical management during the COVID-19 pandemic Li-Shuang Ma, Yun-Long Zhao, Yan-Dong Wei, Chao Liu
224 [GO] 2020―Jul―24 Clinical characteristics of patients with coronavirus disease 2019 presenting with gastrointestinal symptoms as initial symptoms: Retrospective case series Tuo-Yun Yang, Yuan-Chao Li, Si-Cong Wang, Qing-Qing Dai, Xue-Song Jiang, Shu Zuo, et al. (+3)
225 [GO] 2020―Jul―04 Minimizing the risk of community spread of COVID-19 via institutional quarantine of high-risk travelers with serial viral RNA testing: A successful experience from Macao SAR, China Chon Fu Lio, Hou Hon Cheong, Chin Ion Lei, Iek Long Lo, Chong Lam, Iek Hou Leong
226 [GO] 2020―Jun―24 Low-grade fever during COVID-19 convalescence: A report of 3 cases Shu-Fan Zhuang, Jia Hu, Nan Qiao, Zhi-Hui Lan, Jun-Yu Lai, Jian-Guang Wu, Xiao-Yong Wu
227 [GO] 2020―Jun―24 Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of COVID-19 patients in Hengyang, Hunan Province, China Zhe-Feng Zhong, Jia Huang, Xia Yang, Jin-Ling Peng, Xiao-Yan Zhang, Yang Hu, et al. (+16)
228 [GO] 2020―Jun―04 Serial computed tomographic findings and specific clinical features of pediatric COVID-19 pneumonia: A case report Xing Chen, Xiao-Jie Zou, Zhen Xu
229 [GO] 2020―Jun―04 Clinical characteristics, diagnosis, and treatment of COVID-19: A case report Yan-Fei He, Shi-Jie Lian, Yu-Chao Dong
230 [GO] 2020―May―25 French Spine Surgery Society guidelines for management of spinal surgeries during COVID-19 pandemic Solène Prost, Yann Philippe Charles, Jérôme Allain, Jean-Luc Barat, Henri d'Astorg, Manuel Delhaye, et al. (+14)
231 [GO] 2020―May―25 Appendectomy in patient with suspected COVID-19 with negative COVID-19 results: A case report Changho Kim, Jong Kun Kim, In Hwan Yeo, Jae Young Choe, Jeong Eun Lee, So Jeong Kang, et al. (+3)
232 [GO] 2020―May―25 Needs and concerns of patients in isolation care units - learnings from COVID-19: A reflection Peijin Esther Monica Fan, Aloweni Fazila, Shu Hui Lim, Shin Yuh Ang, Perera Karen, Aik Huan Quek, et al. (+2)
233 [GO] 2020―Apr―30 COVID-19 managed with early non-invasive ventilation and a bundle pharmacotherapy: A case report Mian Peng, Di Ren, Xue-Yan Liu, Jin-Xiu Li, Rong-Lin Chen, Bao-Jun Yu, et al. (+3)
234 [GO] 2020―Apr―24 Prevention program for the COVID-19 in a children’s digestive endoscopy center Xiao-Peng Ma, Huan Wang, Da-Ming Bai, Yu Zou, Shao-Ming Zhou, Fei-Qiu Wen, Dong-Ling Dai
235 [GO] 2020―Apr―24 Pulmonary contusion mimicking COVID-19: A case report Li-Ru Chen, Zheng-Xin Chen, Yang-Chun Liu, Lei Peng, Ye Zhang, Quan Xu, et al. (+5)
236 [GO] 2020―Apr―24 Stability and infectivity of coronaviruses in inanimate environments Shi-Yan Ren, Wen-Biao Wang, Ya-Guang Hao, Hao-Ran Zhang, Zhi-Chao Wang, Ye-Lin Chen, Rong-Ding Gao
237 [GO] 2020―Apr―24 Hypertransaminasemia in the course of infection with SARS-CoV-2: Incidence and pathogenetic hypothesis Maddalena Zippi, Sirio Fiorino, Giuseppe Occhigrossi, Wandong Hong
238 [GO] 2020―Apr―06 Atypical presentation of SARS-CoV-2 infection: A case report Rui-Lin Li, Shu-Guang Chu, Yu Luo, Zhen-Hao Huang, Ying Hao, Cheng-Hui Fan
239 [GO] 2020―Feb―25 Fear can be more harmful than the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 in controlling the corona virus disease 2019 epidemic Shi-Yan Ren, Rong-Ding Gao, Ye-Lin Chen

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