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1 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Oct―14 The mental health impact of COVID-19 pandemic in Dhaka Mahfuzul Islam, Shopnil Akash, Farjana Islam Aovi
2 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Oct―04 COVID-19 Pandemic Recession, Policy Response, and Recovery: A Canadian Perspective Nusrate Aziz, Thomas Barber, Marisa Stopes
3 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Oct―02 COVID-19’s Negative Mental Health Impact Goes Well Beyond Standard At-Risk Populations: Action Needs To Be Taken to Combat Long-term Nationwide Emotional Disruption Amer Hamad Issa Abukhalaf, Sharon Cohen
4 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Oct―01 Covid-19 can only be defeated if we collaborate Simona Cristina Pop
5 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―29 Why a basic income, and why is now the time? Field-notes from Ireland during the Covid-19 pandemic Kevin Ryan
6 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―28 Factors affecting non-compliance with Covid-19 prevention measures: Case of Litini neighbourhood, Mozambique Island, 2021 Realito Adamugy Ussene Momade
7 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―27 An Account of Teaching English to Medical Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic Enayat A. Shabani, Jaleh Panahi
8 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―27 The Role of Instagram in Specialty Coffee Marketing during the Pandemic in the United Arab Emirates Kurniawan Arif Maspul
9 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―24 Covid-19 causes price increases and reduced stocks of drugs in Trinidad, West Indies Satish Jankie, Arlene Villarroel Stuart, Saeed Mohammed, Keshav Sewdass, Lexley Pinto Pereira
10 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―22 Detection of SARS-CoV-2 in sewage in the Aosta Valley: results of one year of monitoring Maria Francesca Borney, Florida Daniela Damasco, Maria Cristina Gibellino, Eric Grange
11 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―20 Implications of COVID-19 Pandemic for Journalism Study: A Research Commentary Adamkolo Ibrahim
12 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―17 An Estimation of the Non-pharmaceutical Interventions Efficacy through Awareness to Reduce the COVID-19 Disease Burden Joydip Dhar, Juee Dhar
13 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―15 Assessment of the Level of Sensitization and Awareness on COVID-19 Among Adults in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria Sesan Busayo
14 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―15 Virtualize Control Systems Experiments Using Simulink 3D Matlab for Practicum at Home based on Experiential Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic Yusuf Bilfaqih
15 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―15 How Global Inequality Making The COVID-19 Situation Worse Md Mahbubul Alam
16 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―13 Use of ICTs in Education Systems in the Face of COVID-19 Pandemic Dana Daniel Horowitz, Nicolae Paun
17 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―10 BeCoMe - the best compromise solutions in the ill structured decision making situations like COVID-19 pandemic any many others Ivan Vrana, Jan Tyrychtr, Martin Pelikán
18 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―10 A Rapid Shift: Adopting Gerontechnology during a Pandemic Christine Ganzer, Alan Jacobs
19 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―08 Working from Home: Privacy Concerns arise during COVID-19 Brianna Bedran, Peter Anto Johnson, John Christy Johnson, Kian Isaac, Austin Mardon
20 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―08 Halting Coronavirus Replication Kira Smith
21 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―08 Social work in Azerbaijan during pandemic Altay Karimli
22 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―08 The Pandemic and Education: New Models of Learning Mohathir Sheikh, Peter Johnson, John Johnson, Angela Kazmierczak, Jasrita Singh, Austin Mardon
23 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―07 Technodemic Mask: mean of protection against COVID-19 and other viruses using masks Menna Allah Mohamed, Norhan Mohamed, Arwa Hamdy
24 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―07 THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON GHANA GOVERNMENT’S REFORMS Justice Agyei Ampofo, Isaac Mantey, Amos Amuribadek Adangabe
25 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―07 Online Counseling with Pregnant Women during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Letter to the Editor Forough Mortazavi
26 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―07 COVID-19 vaccine misinformation and its effect on human psychology Goodness Chinazor Joshua Chukwuere
27 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―07 The humanistic-existential psychology of coronavirus Suraj Sood
28 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―06 Personal experience as COVID-19 patient and management in the National Referral Hospital, Kampala, Uganda Lawrence Mugisha
29 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―03 The impacts of Covid-19 on the spiritual area of believers: Case of Assembly of God Evangelical Church, Mozambique Island, 2020 Realito Adamugy Ussene Momade
30 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―03 Mis, Dis, and Mal-Information through Social Media during the Covid 19 Pandemic: A case study of Nigeria Danjuma Saidu
31 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―02 How have reductions in global carbon dioxide emissions during the COVID-19 pandemic influenced aquatic ecosystems through ocean acidification? Amal Rizvi, Marika Forsythe, Jeremy Steen, Daivat Bhavsar, Austin A. Mardon
32 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―02 Assessing the Perception to the Proposed COVID-19 Vaccination in Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Abuja, Northern Nigeria Isaac Adesina Ol﫞wa, Miracle Adesina, Moyinoluwalogo Joshua Oladoye, Ruth Ifeoluwa Oladele, Toluwase Ayobola Ayorinde, Ayelawa Samuel
33 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―01 The gender-transformative effect of COVID-19 on the economy: A view from Spain Germán Ruiz Pérez
34 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―01 Focusing the lenses on self-medication practices among older adults during a pandemic; Ghana's case in retrospective Anthony Kwame Morgan
35 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―31 Children of the Pandemic Dr. Charles Eproson
36 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―27 A Path Analytic Investigation of Teleworking Challenges During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Qatar Rima Charbaji El-Kassem, Noora Lari, Maryam F. Al-Thani, Buthaina Al-Khelaifi
37 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―27 “Social distancing is a luxury we cannot afford.” A Response towards COVID-19 related prescriptions and policy interventions from the Global South Arslan Waheed
38 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―27 Effect of Corona Virus Pandemic on Community Health Services in Ilorin South Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria. Sesan Busayo
39 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―26 The Role of Laboratory Technicians and the client Public-Private collaboration against COVID-19 Muhammad Nouman, Muhammad Azam
40 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―26 COVID-19 pandemic: uncontrollability and psychological impacts André Luiz, Myenne Mieko Ayres Tsutsumi
41 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―26 Ethical drawbacks of treating doctors as heroes during the COVID pandemic Carlo Bellieni
42 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―25 Are COVID-19 Mortality Statistics Valid? Arnold Cusmariu
43 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―25 Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) - The COVID-19 of the Wild Cats Jimmy Borah, Mohammad Khalid Sayeed Pasha
44 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―25 Communication Accommodation Theory in Covid-19 Pandemic Ali Elhami, Anita Roshan
45 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―25 The Covid-19 Wars: Physician vs Clinician Barbara Lewis, William Lewis
46 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―25 COVID-19: We Are at War, by Analogy, with the Coronavirus Olen R. Brown
47 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―20 What matters in COVID-19 mitigation Ranieri Guerra, Davide Tosi
48 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―20 A Study of the High Acceptance Level of Asian Americans for COVID-19 Vaccination Xiao Li, Hongying Liu
49 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―20 COVID-19 Vaccination Rates and Seafarers: A Marine Re/Insurance Threat Tom Johansmeyer
50 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―20 The Corporate University in the Age of the Coronavirus David Schultz
51 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―20 SARS-COV-2 and maternal/ neonatal implications. A narrative review Georgios N. Katsaras, Suzan Sirak, Panagiota Kalamata, Fani Akritidou, Theodora Papamitsou
52 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―20 Shamanism, Positive Psychology, and Pandemics: Building Resilience at Home Mara Bishop
53 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―19 The Challenges of Teaching and Learning in COVID-19 Pandemic: The Readiness of Pakistan Sarfraz Aslam, Atif Saleem, Huma Akram, BaoHui Zhang
54 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―18 COVID-19 Pandemic Recession, Policy Response, and Recovery: A Canadian Perspective Nusrate Aziz, Thomas Barber, Marisa Stopes
55 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―18 Cardiac rehabilitation care for post COVID-19 survivors Sherldine Tomlinson
56 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―18 Self-nurturing of nature via SARS-CoV-2 Biswaranjan Paital
57 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―18 Reflections on transparency in times of pandemic Nadielli Galvão
58 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―18 “Connected intelligence” for gender equity: Enhancing teaching through research and industry engagements in the pandemic crisis Natalia Grincheva
59 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―18 Development of Online Degree During the Pandemic; Case Study on the Role of International Open University in Indonesia Kurniawan Arif Maspul, Fina Amalia
60 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―17 Macroeconomic Convergence in the CEMAC Zone: Some Stylized Facts Using the Covid-19 Yardstick Elvis Dze Achuo, charles bertin pilag kakeu, Clémence Zite Kouhomou, Manuella Tonga Djakwa
61 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―17 CORONAVIRUS 1 - FOOTBALL 0 “COVID-19 Beats The King“ Marcus Treamer, Daniel C Rosado-Velazquez, Diego S Cano-Porqueres, Ivan Medina-Porqueres
62 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―17 The neuro-invasive potential of SARS-CoV-2; A threat of viral latency Fabiha Qayyum
63 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―13 Industrial Heritage in Covid-19 Aftermath Humberto Morales
64 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―13 PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON FRONTLINE WORKERS Oluwatosin Sidiquat Zubair
65 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―13 How the COVID-19 Quarantine Will End the Breast Cancer Epidemic Sydney Ross Singer
66 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―12 Mother self-efficacy to care a preterm infant and COVID-19 pandemic Claudia silveira viera, Beatiz Rosana Gonçalves de Oliveira Toso, Gicelle Galvan Machineski, Luana Rocha Cecília
67 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―12 Rolling the Dice on CMC in the Time of Covid-19 Niels-Martin Ström Josefsen
68 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―12 Literature Review: A potential detection method for SARS-CoV-2 Ananna Arna, Austin Mardon
69 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―11 A Study on Social Media Addiction of Young People during COVID-19 in Bangladesh Md. Rashedul Hasan
70 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―10 Periodontitis - an overlooked co-morbidity from a COVID-19 perspective in India? Arumugam Gnanamani
71 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―10 Fall risk, a growing burden of physical injury and mental health among Seniors: Pandemic of Fears, Anxieties, and Loneliness in Later life (FALL). Varalakshmi Manchana
72 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―09 Paradox of Stock Market Boom amidst Covid-19 Pandemic: An Indian Perspective in Global Context Shivendra Sanjay Singh, Sanjay Kumar Singh, VijayLakshmi Singh
73 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―06 Effects of covid-19 pandemic on mental well-being of the people of Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria Sesan Busayo
74 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―05 Is there an effective pharmacotherapy for COVID-19? Domina Petric
75 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―04 STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP IN THE VUCA ERA: CHALLENGES FACING COVID-19 Endro Nurbantoro
76 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―04 Exploitation on the Rise: Modern Slavery and COVID-19 Peter Anto Johnson, Madeline Langier, John Christy Johnson, James Fischer, Austin Mardon
77 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―04 Short Communication: Situation of COVID-19 Wave II: Where will Nepal go? Hom Nath Chalise
78 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―03 2020-the year when primatologists postponed fieldwork due to COVID-19 outbreak: what happened to wildlife with focus on African primates' conservation Ulrich Maloueki, Caroline I. Nkoy, Jerry B. Nkenku
79 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―03 COVID-19: Impact on Technology, Economy, & Industry Peter Anto Johnson, Mohathir Sheikh, John Christy Johnson, Jasrita Singh, Austin Mardon
80 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―03 The challenges of agricultural production in the stage of pandemics of the 21st century Moreira Carlos Javier
81 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―30 Adverse Psychological Impacts of COVID-19 on K-12 Education Corie Haylett
82 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―30 Migrant workers in Singapore: Experiences in times of Covid-19 Diotima Chattoraj
83 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―30 Media discourses on migrant contract workers and worker’s rights in German agriculture in times of the Covid-19-Pandemic Carolin Küppers
84 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―30 Global health care system after coronavirus: Who has responsibility to protect Vladimir Popov
85 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―30 Crisis and growth: the importance of tax and fiscal compliance during and post pandemic João Salvador dos Neto
86 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―29 Leveraging Collaborative Mobile Learning Instructional Pedagogy in The Era of COVID-19 Jeremiah Akhigbe
87 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―29 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in chronic pain patients: A brief review Matheus Mariani
88 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―29 Effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Education in India: A Case Study Bhumika Das
89 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―28 2nd Wave of COVID-19: Symptoms, Causes, Effects & Precautions Dr. Debajani palai
90 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―28 Ecosystem Restoration: Only way for the Mitigation and Management of Pandemics Misha Roy
91 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―27 “COVID keepers”: The teaching strategies we should hold onto after the pandemic ends Letitia Basford
92 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―27 ARTIFICIAL LANDSCAPE STRATEGY: A BUSINESS GROWTH RECOVERY PLAN IN THE POST PANDEMIC WORLD Amitab Bhattacharjee, Asghar Afshar Jahanshahi
93 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―26 How Digital Communication Accelerated and Internationalized the MSMEs During Covid-19 Siamuden Pasarly, Dr. Priti Verma
94 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―26 Pandemic in the Era of Liquid Modernity Zübeyde Demircioğlu
95 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―22 COVID-19 and Glaucoma Satoru Matsuda, Nozomi Nagase, Yuka Ikeda, Ai Tsuji, Yasuko Kitagishi
96 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―22 “They know we need the money”: Violence against prostituted women in Spain during the COVID-19 pandemic Rosa M. Senent
97 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―22 Policing the migrants in times of covid-19 Dr. Haezreena Begum Abdul Hamid
98 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―21 COVID-19 in Africa: A Disease of Human Rights Violation and the Implication for a Rights-Based Approach to Social Work Practice Solomon AMADASUN
99 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―21 Household Finance During the COVID-19 Pandemic Richard Sagor Mitra
100 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―21 Global Variation in the Basic Reproduction Number of COVID-19 Renate Thiede, Nada Abdelatif, Inger Fabris-Rotelli, Raeesa Manjoo-Docrat, Jennifer Holloway, Charl Janse van Rensburg, et al. (+4)
101 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―21 E-Learning among the undergraduates in Malaysia during COVID-19 Abdul Cader Mohamed Nafrees, Mohamed Riyaz Rahfath Aara
102 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―21 Towards an Understanding of ‘Compassion Fatigue’ in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic Terry Hyland, Josephine Lynch
103 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―21 The Impact of COVID-19 to Printing Industry Mae Grace N. Copleting
104 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―21 Emergency Remote Teaching: A brief report on a course for students and university professors regarding teaching during the pandemic Helder Lima Gusso, João Henrique Schuster, Quele de Souza Gomes
105 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―20 Crisis and Creativity - How COVID-19 impacted Social Networks’ uses in the Artistic sector Carmela Milano
106 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―20 Air & Water Pollution during Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic in India Gaurang Rami
107 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―20 What necessitates a new approach to urban planning subsequent to the coronavirus pandemic? Zohreh A. Daneshpour
108 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―20 PANDEMIC Emotional intelligence, poetry, and the fallacy of the uselessness of the humanities Valmir Luis Saldanha da Silva
109 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―20 Measures taken by the government of Ghana to combat COVID-19 Aikins Aglago
110 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―19 Embracing complexity for healthy cities during COVID-19 Lee Sharir, Edna Pasher, Boaz Tadmor, Milka Dunchin
111 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―19 Organization Decision Making - During a Global Pandemic Rafeal Graves
112 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―19 Why COVID-19 Human Challenge Trial Protocol is Provocative and Controversial? ABDUL ROB, ABDUL HOQUE, ASM IFTEKHAR UDDIN, MIAH MD ASADUZZAMAN, AHSAN HABIB, TAHMID ABDULLAH CHOWDHURY
113 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―19 An Analysis of Implications of COVID-19 on Forcible Displaced Persons (FDPs) Emrah Atar
114 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―19 Homeschooling using Technology Enhanced Learning as an adapting learning strategy during COVID-19 Outbreak Ayman Z. Elsamanoudy, Randa Mostafa
115 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―19 Incorrect Disqualification of Lopinavir/ritonavir in SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic Raúl Martín Cruz-Mireles, Ma. de la Paz Mireles-Vieyra, Marlene Rodríguez-Lara
116 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―19 Generation of efficacy data on 60y and older population using SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines Prasanta Ghosh
117 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―18 The risk of COVID19 reinfection, Breakthrough and Escape, how much will be saved from coronavirus infection after vaccination? Mulazim Bukhari
118 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―18 Natural Herd Immunity and CoViD-19 Pandemic: A Peripheral Observation in Southeast Nigeria Samuel Okafor
119 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―18 One of The Things That COVID-19 Remind to Us: The Importance of Crisis Management Şerafettin Erten
120 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―18 Impact of First Wave of COVID-19 on the Indian Economy Tanya Kapoor
121 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―18 Camus, 'the absurd', and the COVID-19 pandemic Connor Leak
122 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―16 Understanding the Determinants of COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance or Refusal Elvis Dze Achuo, Armand Mboutchouang, Clemence Zite Kohoumou, Kakue Charles Pilag
123 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―16 THE EFFECTIVENESS OF TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS IN THE CONTAINMENT OF COVID-19 VIRUS VARIANTS Sam Ianthe Marey David, Gabrielle Louise Angustia, Khallile Cielo Austero, Zhellssa Jean De Ocampo, Dredheart Fermil, Maricris Louise Fernandez, et al. (+3)
124 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―16 National Economic and Health Recovery in the Disruptive Pandemic: A Proposal for Indonesia Juneman Abraham, Pihri Buhaerah, Unggul Purnomo Aji, Sandersan Onie, Surya Dalimunthe
125 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―16 HIV-TB co-morbidity in a resource-limited setting during covid-19 lockdown: a case report ikechukwu orji
126 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―16 Politics and Diplomacy in COVID Pandemic Rajeev Kunwar
127 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―16 The safety and well-being of employees in the face of COVID-19 in a private university Promise Zvavahera
128 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―16 Strategies to cope with COVID-19 pandemic and priorities for assistance in low testing capacity countries Patrick Milabyo Kyamusugulwa
129 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―16 Everywhere was Home until Now: Understanding the Rejection and Repatriation of the Almajiris amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic in Northern Nigeria Daniel Egerson, Ruth Omu-Ebikaboere
130 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―16 Disasters, pandemic and repetition: a dialogue with Maurice Blanchot's literature Leonardo Mattietto
131 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 The European Union's response to the pandemic crisis: from the NextGenerationEu to the vaccination plan Fernanda Neutel
132 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 Conversation with a Leader: Using Guest Speakers to Highlight COVID-19 Impacts G. Jason Jolley
133 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 Alarming Situation in India due to Second Wave of COVID-19 Arnab Saha
134 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 The mediatization of the infodemic: alternative theories about COVID-19. PhD. Joana Kosho
135 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 The impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on Foreign Direct Investment: The case of ASEAN Nam Phuong Le
137 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 Do we practice what we preach? What universities do and what they recommend during the covid-19 pandemic Igor Valentim
139 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 Ambiguity, Misinformation and the Coronavirus Gerald Gutenschwager
140 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 Inequalities in India after COVID Pandemic A Amarender Reddy
141 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 A network-based computational model showing responses to changing environmental constraints similar to patterns observed in the dynamics of the Covid-19 event PETER KRALL
142 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 The Right to Oxygen: a Universal Right. Theologizing an Experience of COVID-19 from a Latinx Point of View Dempsey Rosales Acosta
143 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 Psycho-social issues of migrants during Covid-19 lockdown- an analysis Mridul Chetia, Priyanka Baruah
145 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 Pediatric Neurosurgery during COVID-19 pandemic: where we are now and future perspectives. Ricardo Santos de Oliveira, Matheus Fernando Manzolli Ballestero
146 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 Lessons from Modelling COVID-19 Scenarios in Kenya and Implications for Policy and Planning Nashon Adero
147 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 Building Resilience to COVID-19 through Solesolevaki Kolaia Raisele
148 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 Life of Tribals during COVID-19 times Sonal Mobar Roy
149 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 COVID-19-Pandemics and Migration in the Context of Canadian Scenario Ananda Majumdar
150 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 Hematology parameters aid to differentiate Indian SARS-CoV-2 positive patients from suspected cases Shanaz Khodaiji, Binu Jacob, Dia Mansukhani
151 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 The sustainable (compact) city: urban density and green space for a (post)pandemic urbanism Ricardo Rocha
152 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 Recording and sharing - a new educational tool, engaging students into nursing study, invented in time of pandemics. Prof. Andrzej Brodziak Brodziak, Andrzej Brodziak, Kinga Rajfur, Anicja Różyk-Myrta
153 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 PANDEMICS AND THE CHURCH AND STATE IN HISTORY Bernard B. Fyanka
154 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 The State of Panic and Pandemics in History Santosh Kumar Rai
155 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―13 Covid-19 and education in civil engineering Hector Levatti
156 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―13 Inhumanity behind Illness with Reference to “Illness as Metaphor” and COVID-19 Pandemic Humyra Anjum Maliha
158 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―13 A brief review of expressive speech acts and their correlations with (im)politeness in COVID-19 era Jean Mathieu Tsoumou
159 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―13 Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and COVID-19. Friend or Foe? Stephen Cherniske
160 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―13 Mental Health and COVID-19 in Canada: What are the Costs of Lockdowns? Jessica C. Henschel, Dr. Austin A. Mardon, Jasrita Singh
161 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―13 Investigating the Impact of COVID-19 on Basic Needs Security among Vulnerable College Students: An Exploratory Study Terrell Strayhorn
162 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―13 An investigation into the origin SARS-CoV-2 Dr. Deepa Revi
163 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―13 Medical education amid pandemic: challenges and opportunities Dr.apurba patra
164 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―12 Pulse of Soft Power in India’s Foreign Policy: Exploring the derivative potential of COVID-19 diplomacy Samriddhi Bajpai
165 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―12 A Study of the High Acceptance Level of Asian Americans for COVID-19 Vaccination Xiao Life, Hongying Liu
166 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―12 Remote working during the pandemic and Technostress Sumbul Tahir
167 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―10 The long-term impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Public Health and Economy: The Bangladesh perspective Sorif Hossain, Md Mohsan Khudri
168 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―09 Law Science (Forensics) and COVID-19 Olen Brown
169 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―01 COVID-19 Body Snatching in Indonesia: Ancient Crime in Modern Time Ariesta Wibisono Anditya
170 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―30 Event Ticketing Accounting Information System using RFID within the COVID-19 Fitness Etiquettes Alim Al Ayub Ahmed
171 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―30 Education Research in the Midst of the Pandemic Sir Dr. Benedict David, KCR, Ph.D, DHC, CA
172 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―28 Revisiting my PhD thesis on study of effectiveness of training and skill development and reflecting on its relevance now during Corona Pandemic in the country. Purushothaman P
173 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―28 Pandemic Movies: What Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys Tells Us About the Future Susanne Kord
174 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―25 COVID-19: Progress and Challenges towards Diagnostic Development Sanjay Gupte, Sharvari Ozalkar, Preeti Arora, Sreeja Parthasarathy, Sarjan Shah
176 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―24 Resonant Frequencies May Help to Trace, Delineate, Shatter and Torpedo COVID-19 Physiognomies Aamir Shahzad
177 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―22 Ingestion of Cyanogens from Cassava Generates Disinfectant Hypothiocyanite That May Decrease the Transmissibility of SARS-CoV-2 Jonathan Kaunitz, Angela Leung, Yasutada Akiba
179 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―16 Critical Scientific Literacy in the Era of COVID-19 Martin Braund
180 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―16 Soft power and European politics of Taiwan and Latvia: problems of recognition and political development after the COVID-19 crisis. Mihails Rodins
181 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―14 Navigating Covid-19 Education Challenge in Abia State Nigeria through Interventionist Educational Broadcasting Samuel Okoronkwo CHUKWU-OKORONKWO
182 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―12 Pandemic Festival Celebration Some Reflections for Buhayani Festival Laurence Beruin
183 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―02 Reflections on the New Zealand Experience in Managed Isolation and Quarantine during the SARS-CoV-2 Global Pandemic Lawrence Burke
184 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―28 Music (Education) During the Pandemic of COVID-19 Juan Vega
185 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―28 Choosing a Proper Face Mask during COVID-19 Pandemic - Issues and Challenges Devinder Pal Singh
186 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―19 Social distancing in the time of COVID-19: A case study from Australia Caroline Lipovsky
187 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―18 Educational leadership in vulnerable contexts during the age of COVID-19 Mireia Tintore, Elvira Congosto, Inmaculada Egido, Arturo Galán
188 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―17 Financial System Regulation in a Pandemic: Evidence from Nigeria Godwin Uddin
189 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―14 ‘Online Pre-service Teacher Placements’ during COVID-19: A Compromise or an Opportunity? Jessie Ming Sin Wong, William Ko Wai Tang
190 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―11 Challenges of the Nigeria Health Care System and the Fight Against Coronavirus Rita Okoebor
191 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―01 Shifting from traditional and blended learning approaches to a fully virtual and remote course delivery: Implications from COVID-19 Mark Anthony Camilleri
192 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―01 Spotlight on Covid-19 using Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Benjamin Oyelami
193 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―29 A decision framework for Blended Learning in the Covid-19 Pandemic Johannes Cronje
195 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―27 Reflections on the communication during the pandemic. Focus on the academic context Lavinia Suciu
196 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―27 Unintentional Pediatric Injury and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Data Trends and Prevention Strategies David C. Schwebel, Casie H. Morgan, Kristyn N. Jeffries
197 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―23 The four crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic Luis de Rivera
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