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1 [GO] Academia Medicine 2024―Jan―25 The mental health impact of COVID-19: the need for community interventions and collaboration for recovery Nadarajah Rajeshkannan, Daya Somasundaram, Balachandran Kumarendran, Thirunavukarasu Kumanan, Ivan Dinesh Aloysius, Nalayini Sugirthan, et al. (+2)
2 [GO] Academia Medicine 2023―Oct―31 One Health: potential synergy between infectious and toxic agents. The case of COVID-19 Jorge Herkovits
3 [GO] Academia Medicine 2023―Aug―22 A systematic review of neurological symptoms and brain abnormalities in SARS-CoV-2 infections Daniel Montoya, Jacobo Albert, Sarah Lopez-Martin
4 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jul―06 Does COVID-19 cause diabetes mellitus? Boon How Chew, Yee Lin Lee, Barakatun-Nisak Mohd Yusof, Subashini C. Thambiah
5 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jul―01 Africa should embrace military strategies in fighting pandemics SALOME SIJENYI
6 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―28 Embedding innovation in the pedagogical model for learning computer programming during the covid-19 pandemic christian basil, Chijioke Jonathan
7 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―28 Intellectual pandemics and political philosophy Luis Blaum
9 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―17 Hydroxychloroquine repositioning to fight Covid-19: Evidence of benefit looks speculative while evidence of harm is proven. Haroon Rashid, Rukaya Ahad
10 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―16 Gender inequality and gender-based violence: the hidden realities during the COVID-19 era in Zimbabwe Limkile Mpofu
11 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―16 South Africa Can We Move From “So What” to “Now What”? Lessons From COVID-19! Felix Okoye [PhD]
12 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―16 Pandemics, climate change and other grand challenges: The pivotal role of containing population growth A. Georges L. Romme
13 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―15 COVID-19 Impact on the Economic and Nutritional Status of Indian Informal Economy Workers Anjula Gurtoo, Balaram Vishnu Subramani
14 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―15 The Trekking Conundrum and the Caged Bird syndrome: Impact of injuries and accidents associated with amateur practice, and its relationship with the COVID-19 pandemic Enrique Ortega-Toro, Alejandro Garcia-Mas, Aurelio Olmedilla, Francisco Xavier Ponseti
15 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―12 The role of medical and non-medical volunteers in managing severe pre-hospital COVID-19 cases via mobile applications and local EMS network during the scarcity of hospital beds in Thailand Prangthip Charoenpong, Pranisa Wongwien, Susama Chokesuwattanaskul, Gornmigar Sanpawitayakul, Utchariya Anantamongkol, Emily Trinh
16 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―10 Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and messenger RNA Vaccination in Pregnant Women Paulino VIGIL-DE GRACIA
17 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―10 Social and Educational Inequalities Under Covid-19 Pandemics Bachir Bouhania
18 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―10 Conflict, famine, outbreaks, and a pandemic: a deadly mix Dilshad Jaff
19 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―09 An Overview of the Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Mental Health, Addictions and Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) Mudasir Maqbool, Mehrukh Zehravi, Irfat Ara
20 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―06 Dealing with ‘Cytokine Storms’: A Cultural and Linguistic Translation of Warm Factor Epidemics Wenbing as Seasonal COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia Rey Tiquia
21 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―03 National Molecular Surveillance of Recoveries/Mortalities Rate for COVID-19 in Pakistan-During First and Second Waves of Disease Adil Kalam, Ayesha Sadiqa, Javeria Samad, Muhammad Usman
22 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―03 Why ontology matters? Understanding COVID19 pandemic Miguel Guerrero Fernandez
23 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―03 SOGA GUMMY: A Novel Natural Jelly Candy from Sambiloto and Pectin of Dragon Fruit Peel as Immunomodulator in Children in the Pandemic Era Fahrul Nurkolis, Noor Rezky Fitriani, Reza Sukma Dewi, Dian Aruni Kumalawati, Aldy Rahman Dharma Putra Sanjaya, Yan Nurrezkytaku A, et al. (+3)
24 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jun―02 Interpolation of Reported Empirical Data on Covid-19 Outbreaks and Human Cultural Roots in effect to Immunity Response Mira Sartika
25 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―May―24 Nutrition and Sustainable Development under Covid-19 in Africa: Diagnosis and Strategic Options Joseph Mimbale, Arnold Mondo
26 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―May―21 Increasing COVID-19 Vaccination Rates in the U.S. Josh Bennett
27 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―May―20 Carrot or stick approach to COVID-19 vaccines demand generation? The need for more of the former in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) - The case of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Eta Ngole Mbong, Arsene Baleke Ombeni, Alfred Kongnyu Njamnshi
28 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―May―19 Applying the Higher Education in Emergencies Domains (HEED) Framework to Identify Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic Brigid Freeman
29 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―May―02 COVID-19 Anxiety - Location, Refuge, and Loss: A Photo Essay Pam Patterson, Joanna Black, Daniel Payne
30 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Apr―28 Implications of COVID-19 on Gender Sensitive Youth Agripreneurship Resilience in Kenya Barbara Son, Akosa Wambalaba, Francis Wambalaba
31 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Apr―26 Impacts of COVID 19 Pandemic on Gender Equality and Women with Disabilities in Cambodia Tuon Sayvuoy
32 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Apr―22 Descriptive Analysis of Coronavirus Disease Cases Based on Geographical Distribution in Canadian Provinces/Territories: Statistical Investigation into Epidemiological Pattern Mostafa Eissa, Engy Rashed
33 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Apr―20 PROFILE OF WOMEN IN SMEs: STRATEGIES TO SURVIVE IN THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC (Case Study of micro-scale food business in Bandung City - Indonesia) Mulyaningrum Sudibyo, Jaja Suteja
34 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Apr―15 Trust and Covid-19 vaccinations: the case of Sub-Saharan Africa Riccardo Pelizzo, Abel Kinyondo, Byaro Mwoya
35 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Apr―04 Self-service analytics for data-driven decision making during COVID-19 pandemic: An organization's best defense Meraj F. Ansari, Bibhu Dash
36 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Apr―01 Healthcare in the age of Pandemic and Known best practices Wesly Guiteau
37 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Mar―31 Covid-19 and its potential stressful effect: how a multidimensional assessment can detect risk factors for stress-related disorders Sara Guidotti, Carlo Pruneti
38 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Mar―28 Juntos: Changing Knowledge and Prevention of Adverse Childhood Experiences Among Latinos During a Pandemic Irán Barrera, Carmen Mendoza, Marcus Crawford
39 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Mar―22 COVID-19 as a 'Cultural' Identifier Andree' Robinson-Neal
40 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Mar―16 THE WORLD BANK, COVID-19 AND GLOBAL PRODUCTIVITY - REFERENCE PARADIGMS (Critical Assessment) Daniel Linotte
41 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Mar―02 Artificial Intelligence Apps for COVID-19 virus Kashif Akbar
42 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Feb―28 A STUDY ON STEROID THERAPY FOR COVID-19 PATIENTS K. Shailaja Ganesh, Deepika Ganesh, Dorathi Ria Monisha A, Jaya Kumar V, Pavithra A, Vishnu T
43 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Feb―19 The Pandemic & Its Impact on the Oral Health Crisis Piyali Bhattacharyya, Devaki Ghosh-Bhattacharyya, Virgen Rodríguez-Ortiz
45 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Feb―09 Pedagogical Issues and Challenges Faced by Learners and Instructors due to Covid-19 Pandemic Chew Siew Wei
46 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Feb―04 A look at citizen participation during COVID-19 in the city of Pinar del Río Yusmila Adalina Hernández Fernández, Hany Raisely Pérez Bruno
47 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Feb―04 Examining the impact of shore-based welfare facilities and services provision on seafarers' wellbeng in Nigerian seaports, pre and post Maritime Labour Convention 2006 as amended and Coronavirus Disease,2019. Amos Kuje
48 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Feb―02 The problem of teenage suicide in the Kyrgyz Republic: a brief study on psychosocial stressors related to suicidal ideation of adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic Leila Salimova
49 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jan―28 What do cyber- attacks and pandemics have in common? Some lessons from the German medical practices behaviour. Claudia Pitterle
50 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jan―25 Food Insecurity Linkage with COVID-19: A Special Focus on Pakistan Maria Shahzadi, Muhammad Bilal
51 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jan―25 COVID-19 and Inequality in Developing Economies: What Do We Know? Dmitry Pozhidaev
52 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jan―24 Pandemic Equation and Pandemic Evolution Michael Shur
53 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jan―19 Rejuvenate and realign in the pandemic period to support learning in children Nagashree Gollapally
54 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jan―14 COVID-19 disaster, an opportunity for the South African disaster management legislation betterment? Olivia Kunguma
55 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jan―07 Lives and Livelihoods: Potential Health and Economic Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the DC Workforce Jose Funes
56 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jan―07 Rethinking Care Ethics in a Pandemic: The Case for Synchronous Digital Technology in Social Work James E. Willis, III, Ph.D., Viktoria A. Strunk, Ed.D.
57 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jan―06 Mid-Day Meals during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Study of Three Districts of Gujarat Smruti Bulsari, Kiran Pandya, Yogesh Vansiya
58 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jan―06 US-Mexico Transborder Collaboration: COVID-19 Vaccines in Arms Across Borders Cecilia Rosales, Tina Fingesi, Daniel Derksen
59 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jan―05 COVID-19 and Work climate impact on Health Care Workforce Wellbeing: Moral Resilience and Mental health among nurses for Quality Health Outcomes in Indian Health care settings Varalakshmi Manchana
60 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jan―05 Narrating the COVID-19 Pandemic by Medical Drama: the Case of Grey’s Anatomy Valentina Possenti
61 [GO] Academia Letters 2022―Jan―05 The Notorious Worldwide Wildlife Markets, Selling the Hotspot Zoonotic Reservoir Hosts, are Escalating the Chance of the Next Deadly Viral Pandemic Neloy Kumar Chakroborty, Damanjot Kaur
62 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Dec―30 Stressors of college students during COVID-19 Pandemic Prathibha M V, Ashok H S
63 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Dec―22 COVID-19, War Conflict and Aquatic Biodiversity Muthukumarasamy Arunachalam, Bindhusri Arunachalam, Showget Ahmad Bhatt
64 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Dec―20 Salutogenesis in the time of COVID-19: What coping resources enable people to face the crisis and stay well? International and longitudinal study Adi Mana, Rute Grossi-Milani, Fabiane Dolphine Fuentes Penachiotti, Lisa. J. Hardy, Dolors Juvinyà Canal, Sharon Benheim, et al. (+5)
65 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Dec―17 Ethical Issues in Social Work Practice at the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic Erika Gergerich, Jason Mallonee, Stacy Gherardi, Alexa Copeland
66 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Dec―09 Online learning experiences amid the COVID-19 pandemic: Students’ Perspectives Abdul Qawi Noori
68 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Dec―09 Pandemic Burnout: A Filipino Medical Resident’s Perspective JOHN VINCENT PAGADDU
70 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Dec―01 Reception and Responses to the COVID-19: Cambodian and Laotian Experience in Bayou La Batre, Alabama Hosik Min, Roma Hanks, Denise Lewis, Desiree Seponski
71 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―29 Measuring the Effects of COVID-19 on Women’s Daily Lives and Well-Being: A National Survey’s Preliminary Results Terrell Strayhorn
72 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―22 Sars-Cov-2, evolution and P1 mutation Heslley Silva
73 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―19 Assessment of the Emergency Preparedness, Responses and Attitudes of Primary Health Care Workers Towards COVID-19 Pandemic in Alimosho Local Government Area, Lagos State, Nigeria. Sesan Busayo
75 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―18 The United Kingdom’s Emergency Restrictions on Statutory Demands and other Insolvency Measures during COVID -19 Pandemic: Is there a Balance Between the Rights and Interests of Debtors and Creditors? Gaone Laurel Tlagae
76 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―17 Can a Multi-Epitope Vaccine be a solution for COVID-19 pandemic? Domina Petric
77 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―17 Need for Covid-19 Surveillance for Appropriate Planning for its Prevention and Control Mohan Rao Arasada, Mahesh M Bhagwat
78 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―16 A Snapshot of the Combined Impacts of COVID-19 and Climate Change on Gender in The Bahamas Rhianna Neely
79 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―16 Pandemic death as a mirror of social life Andreia VICENTE DA SILVA
80 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―13 Successful Pandemic and Disaster Mental Health Preparedness Requires Widespread Community Collaboration Amer Hamad Issa Abukhalaf, Sharon Cohen, Deborah von Meding
81 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―12 COVID-19 and the Construction Industries in Dhaka, Bangladesh Shafiqul Islam
82 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―12 Digital modernization of management theory objects in the light of the coronavirus epidemic István Kovács
83 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―10 Covid-19 Associated Risks and Mitigation Strategies relevant for the UK Construction Industry Nimi Dan-Jumbo
84 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―10 Selective Taste Control of Meals to Tackle Problematic Food Intake due to Long-term Dysgeusia after a COVID-19 Infection: A Case Report Bart Geurden, Lobke Van den Wijngaert, Martijn van Gemst, Edwig Goossens, Geertrui Vlaemynck
85 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―09 Covid-19 and Nanotechnology Yarub Al-Douri
86 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―08 The Proliferation of Antimicrobial Resistance Due to COVID-19 Sterilization Practices Jeremy Steen, Paawan Virdi, Alexander Martin, Daivat Bhavsar, Austin Mardon
87 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―05 HIGH POWER RADIOFREQUENCY REHABILITATION IN POST COVID-19 PATIENTS: A CASE STUDY Jesus Rodriguez Lastra, Yasmin Garcia Cardona, Nerea Martin
88 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―02 Vitamin D Correlation to COVID-19 Nidhi Bhasin
89 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Nov―01 Political Discourse on Sex Trafficking during COVID-19 Outbreak Siddhartha Sarkar
90 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Oct―31 Dance creative processes during the Covid-19 pandemic. File 1: social distance in the studio Diego Antonio Marín Bucio
91 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Oct―26 The role of Management Information Systems (MIS) in Pandemic Management. Philip Kiilu
92 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Oct―23 Integration of COVID-19 response services into routine maternal, newborn and child health services at Mulago Specialised Women and Neonatal Hospital - Kampala, Uganda Imelda Namagembe, Henry Kiiza, Suzanne Kiwanuka
93 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Oct―14 The mental health impact of COVID-19 pandemic in Dhaka Mahfuzul Islam, Shopnil Akash, Farjana Islam Aovi
94 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Oct―04 COVID-19 Pandemic Recession, Policy Response, and Recovery: A Canadian Perspective Nusrate Aziz, Thomas Barber, Marisa Stopes
95 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Oct―02 COVID-19’s Negative Mental Health Impact Goes Well Beyond Standard At-Risk Populations: Action Needs To Be Taken to Combat Long-term Nationwide Emotional Disruption Amer Hamad Issa Abukhalaf, Sharon Cohen
96 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Oct―01 Covid-19 can only be defeated if we collaborate Simona Cristina Pop
97 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―29 Why a basic income, and why is now the time? Field-notes from Ireland during the Covid-19 pandemic Kevin Ryan
98 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―28 Factors affecting non-compliance with Covid-19 prevention measures: Case of Litini neighbourhood, Mozambique Island, 2021 Realito Adamugy Ussene Momade
99 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―27 An Account of Teaching English to Medical Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic Enayat A. Shabani, Jaleh Panahi
100 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―27 The Role of Instagram in Specialty Coffee Marketing during the Pandemic in the United Arab Emirates Kurniawan Arif Maspul
101 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―24 Covid-19 causes price increases and reduced stocks of drugs in Trinidad, West Indies Satish Jankie, Arlene Villarroel Stuart, Saeed Mohammed, Keshav Sewdass, Lexley Pinto Pereira
102 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―22 Detection of SARS-CoV-2 in sewage in the Aosta Valley: results of one year of monitoring Maria Francesca Borney, Florida Daniela Damasco, Maria Cristina Gibellino, Eric Grange
103 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―20 Implications of COVID-19 Pandemic for Journalism Study: A Research Commentary Adamkolo Ibrahim
104 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―17 An Estimation of the Non-pharmaceutical Interventions Efficacy through Awareness to Reduce the COVID-19 Disease Burden Joydip Dhar, Juee Dhar
105 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―15 Assessment of the Level of Sensitization and Awareness on COVID-19 Among Adults in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria Sesan Busayo
106 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―15 Virtualize Control Systems Experiments Using Simulink 3D Matlab for Practicum at Home based on Experiential Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic Yusuf Bilfaqih
107 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―15 How Global Inequality Making The COVID-19 Situation Worse Md Mahbubul Alam
108 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―13 Use of ICTs in Education Systems in the Face of COVID-19 Pandemic Dana Daniel Horowitz, Nicolae Paun
109 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―10 BeCoMe - the best compromise solutions in the ill structured decision making situations like COVID-19 pandemic any many others Ivan Vrana, Jan Tyrychtr, Martin Pelikán
110 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―10 A Rapid Shift: Adopting Gerontechnology during a Pandemic Christine Ganzer, Alan Jacobs
111 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―08 Working from Home: Privacy Concerns arise during COVID-19 Brianna Bedran, Peter Anto Johnson, John Christy Johnson, Kian Isaac, Austin Mardon
112 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―08 Halting Coronavirus Replication Kira Smith
113 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―08 Social work in Azerbaijan during pandemic Altay Karimli
114 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―08 The Pandemic and Education: New Models of Learning Mohathir Sheikh, Peter Johnson, John Johnson, Angela Kazmierczak, Jasrita Singh, Austin Mardon
115 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―07 Technodemic Mask: mean of protection against COVID-19 and other viruses using masks Menna Allah Mohamed, Norhan Mohamed, Arwa Hamdy
116 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―07 THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON GHANA GOVERNMENT’S REFORMS Justice Agyei Ampofo, Isaac Mantey, Amos Amuribadek Adangabe
117 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―07 Online Counseling with Pregnant Women during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Letter to the Editor Forough Mortazavi
118 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―07 COVID-19 vaccine misinformation and its effect on human psychology Goodness Chinazor Joshua Chukwuere
119 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―07 The humanistic-existential psychology of coronavirus Suraj Sood
120 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―06 Personal experience as COVID-19 patient and management in the National Referral Hospital, Kampala, Uganda Lawrence Mugisha
121 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―03 The impacts of Covid-19 on the spiritual area of believers: Case of Assembly of God Evangelical Church, Mozambique Island, 2020 Realito Adamugy Ussene Momade
122 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―03 Mis, Dis, and Mal-Information through Social Media during the Covid 19 Pandemic: A case study of Nigeria Danjuma Saidu
123 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―02 How have reductions in global carbon dioxide emissions during the COVID-19 pandemic influenced aquatic ecosystems through ocean acidification? Amal Rizvi, Marika Forsythe, Jeremy Steen, Daivat Bhavsar, Austin A. Mardon
124 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―02 Assessing the Perception to the Proposed COVID-19 Vaccination in Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Abuja, Northern Nigeria Isaac Adesina Ol﫞wa, Miracle Adesina, Moyinoluwalogo Joshua Oladoye, Ruth Ifeoluwa Oladele, Toluwase Ayobola Ayorinde, Ayelawa Samuel
125 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―01 The gender-transformative effect of COVID-19 on the economy: A view from Spain Germán Ruiz Pérez
126 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Sep―01 Focusing the lenses on self-medication practices among older adults during a pandemic; Ghana's case in retrospective Anthony Kwame Morgan
127 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―31 Children of the Pandemic Dr. Charles Eproson
128 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―27 A Path Analytic Investigation of Teleworking Challenges During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Qatar Rima Charbaji El-Kassem, Noora Lari, Maryam F. Al-Thani, Buthaina Al-Khelaifi
129 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―27 “Social distancing is a luxury we cannot afford.” A Response towards COVID-19 related prescriptions and policy interventions from the Global South Arslan Waheed
130 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―27 Effect of Corona Virus Pandemic on Community Health Services in Ilorin South Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria. Sesan Busayo
131 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―26 The Role of Laboratory Technicians and the client Public-Private collaboration against COVID-19 Muhammad Nouman, Muhammad Azam
132 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―26 COVID-19 pandemic: uncontrollability and psychological impacts André Luiz, Myenne Mieko Ayres Tsutsumi
133 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―26 Ethical drawbacks of treating doctors as heroes during the COVID pandemic Carlo Bellieni
134 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―26 Prioritizing Whole School Health: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic Robin McClave, Anastasia Snelling, Melissa Hawkins, Sarah Irvine Belson
135 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―25 Are COVID-19 Mortality Statistics Valid? Arnold Cusmariu
136 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―25 Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) - The COVID-19 of the Wild Cats Jimmy Borah, Mohammad Khalid Sayeed Pasha
137 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―25 Communication Accommodation Theory in Covid-19 Pandemic Ali Elhami, Anita Roshan
138 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―25 The Covid-19 Wars: Physician vs Clinician Barbara Lewis, William Lewis
139 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―25 COVID-19: We Are at War, by Analogy, with the Coronavirus Olen R. Brown
140 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―20 What matters in COVID-19 mitigation Ranieri Guerra, Davide Tosi
141 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―20 A Study of the High Acceptance Level of Asian Americans for COVID-19 Vaccination Xiao Li, Hongying Liu
142 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―20 COVID-19 Vaccination Rates and Seafarers: A Marine Re/Insurance Threat Tom Johansmeyer
143 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―20 The Corporate University in the Age of the Coronavirus David Schultz
144 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―20 SARS-COV-2 and maternal/ neonatal implications. A narrative review Georgios N. Katsaras, Suzan Sirak, Panagiota Kalamata, Fani Akritidou, Theodora Papamitsou
145 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―20 Shamanism, Positive Psychology, and Pandemics: Building Resilience at Home Mara Bishop
146 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―19 The Challenges of Teaching and Learning in COVID-19 Pandemic: The Readiness of Pakistan Sarfraz Aslam, Atif Saleem, Huma Akram, BaoHui Zhang
147 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―18 COVID-19 Pandemic Recession, Policy Response, and Recovery: A Canadian Perspective Nusrate Aziz, Thomas Barber, Marisa Stopes
148 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―18 Cardiac rehabilitation care for post COVID-19 survivors Sherldine Tomlinson
149 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―18 Self-nurturing of nature via SARS-CoV-2 Biswaranjan Paital
150 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―18 Reflections on transparency in times of pandemic Nadielli Galvão
151 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―18 “Connected intelligence” for gender equity: Enhancing teaching through research and industry engagements in the pandemic crisis Natalia Grincheva
152 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―18 Development of Online Degree During the Pandemic; Case Study on the Role of International Open University in Indonesia Kurniawan Arif Maspul, Fina Amalia
153 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―17 Macroeconomic Convergence in the CEMAC Zone: Some Stylized Facts Using the Covid-19 Yardstick Elvis Dze Achuo, charles bertin pilag kakeu, Clémence Zite Kouhomou, Manuella Tonga Djakwa
154 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―17 CORONAVIRUS 1 - FOOTBALL 0 “COVID-19 Beats The King“ Marcus Treamer, Daniel C Rosado-Velazquez, Diego S Cano-Porqueres, Ivan Medina-Porqueres
155 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―17 The neuro-invasive potential of SARS-CoV-2; A threat of viral latency Fabiha Qayyum
156 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―13 Industrial Heritage in Covid-19 Aftermath Humberto Morales
157 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―13 PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON FRONTLINE WORKERS Oluwatosin Sidiquat Zubair
158 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―13 How the COVID-19 Quarantine Will End the Breast Cancer Epidemic Sydney Ross Singer
159 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―12 Mother self-efficacy to care a preterm infant and COVID-19 pandemic Claudia silveira viera, Beatiz Rosana Gonçalves de Oliveira Toso, Gicelle Galvan Machineski, Luana Rocha Cecília
160 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―12 Rolling the Dice on CMC in the Time of Covid-19 Niels-Martin Ström Josefsen
161 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―12 Literature Review: A potential detection method for SARS-CoV-2 Ananna Arna, Austin Mardon
162 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―11 A Study on Social Media Addiction of Young People during COVID-19 in Bangladesh Md. Rashedul Hasan
163 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―10 Periodontitis - an overlooked co-morbidity from a COVID-19 perspective in India? Arumugam Gnanamani
164 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―10 Fall risk, a growing burden of physical injury and mental health among Seniors: Pandemic of Fears, Anxieties, and Loneliness in Later life (FALL). Varalakshmi Manchana
165 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―09 Paradox of Stock Market Boom amidst Covid-19 Pandemic: An Indian Perspective in Global Context Shivendra Sanjay Singh, Sanjay Kumar Singh, VijayLakshmi Singh
166 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―06 Effects of covid-19 pandemic on mental well-being of the people of Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria Sesan Busayo
167 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―05 Is there an effective pharmacotherapy for COVID-19? Domina Petric
168 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―04 STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP IN THE VUCA ERA: CHALLENGES FACING COVID-19 Endro Nurbantoro
169 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―04 Exploitation on the Rise: Modern Slavery and COVID-19 Peter Anto Johnson, Madeline Langier, John Christy Johnson, James Fischer, Austin Mardon
170 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―04 Short Communication: Situation of COVID-19 Wave II: Where will Nepal go? Hom Nath Chalise
171 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―03 2020-the year when primatologists postponed fieldwork due to COVID-19 outbreak: what happened to wildlife with focus on African primates' conservation Ulrich Maloueki, Caroline I. Nkoy, Jerry B. Nkenku
172 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―03 COVID-19: Impact on Technology, Economy, & Industry Peter Anto Johnson, Mohathir Sheikh, John Christy Johnson, Jasrita Singh, Austin Mardon
173 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Aug―03 The challenges of agricultural production in the stage of pandemics of the 21st century Moreira Carlos Javier
174 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―30 Adverse Psychological Impacts of COVID-19 on K-12 Education Corie Haylett
175 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―30 Migrant workers in Singapore: Experiences in times of Covid-19 Diotima Chattoraj
176 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―30 Media discourses on migrant contract workers and worker’s rights in German agriculture in times of the Covid-19-Pandemic Carolin Küppers
177 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―30 Global health care system after coronavirus: Who has responsibility to protect Vladimir Popov
178 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―30 Crisis and growth: the importance of tax and fiscal compliance during and post pandemic João Salvador dos Neto
179 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―29 Leveraging Collaborative Mobile Learning Instructional Pedagogy in The Era of COVID-19 Jeremiah Akhigbe
180 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―29 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in chronic pain patients: A brief review Matheus Mariani
181 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―29 Effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Education in India: A Case Study Bhumika Das
182 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―28 2nd Wave of COVID-19: Symptoms, Causes, Effects & Precautions Dr. Debajani palai
183 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―28 Ecosystem Restoration: Only way for the Mitigation and Management of Pandemics Misha Roy
184 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―27 “COVID keepers”: The teaching strategies we should hold onto after the pandemic ends Letitia Basford
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189 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―22 “They know we need the money”: Violence against prostituted women in Spain during the COVID-19 pandemic Rosa M. Senent
190 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―22 Policing the migrants in times of covid-19 Dr. Haezreena Begum Abdul Hamid
191 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―21 COVID-19 in Africa: A Disease of Human Rights Violation and the Implication for a Rights-Based Approach to Social Work Practice Solomon AMADASUN
192 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―21 Household Finance During the COVID-19 Pandemic Richard Sagor Mitra
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195 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―21 Towards an Understanding of ‘Compassion Fatigue’ in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic Terry Hyland, Josephine Lynch
196 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―21 The Impact of COVID-19 to Printing Industry Mae Grace N. Copleting
197 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―21 Emergency Remote Teaching: A brief report on a course for students and university professors regarding teaching during the pandemic Helder Lima Gusso, João Henrique Schuster, Quele de Souza Gomes
198 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―20 Crisis and Creativity - How COVID-19 impacted Social Networks’ uses in the Artistic sector Carmela Milano
199 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―20 Air & Water Pollution during Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic in India Gaurang Rami
200 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―20 What necessitates a new approach to urban planning subsequent to the coronavirus pandemic? Zohreh A. Daneshpour
201 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―20 PANDEMIC Emotional intelligence, poetry, and the fallacy of the uselessness of the humanities Valmir Luis Saldanha da Silva
202 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―20 Measures taken by the government of Ghana to combat COVID-19 Aikins Aglago
203 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―19 Embracing complexity for healthy cities during COVID-19 Lee Sharir, Edna Pasher, Boaz Tadmor, Milka Dunchin
204 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―19 Organization Decision Making - During a Global Pandemic Rafeal Graves
205 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―19 Why COVID-19 Human Challenge Trial Protocol is Provocative and Controversial? ABDUL ROB, ABDUL HOQUE, ASM IFTEKHAR UDDIN, MIAH MD ASADUZZAMAN, AHSAN HABIB, TAHMID ABDULLAH CHOWDHURY
206 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―19 An Analysis of Implications of COVID-19 on Forcible Displaced Persons (FDPs) Emrah Atar
207 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―19 Homeschooling using Technology Enhanced Learning as an adapting learning strategy during COVID-19 Outbreak Ayman Z. Elsamanoudy, Randa Mostafa
208 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―19 Incorrect Disqualification of Lopinavir/ritonavir in SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic Raúl Martín Cruz-Mireles, Ma. de la Paz Mireles-Vieyra, Marlene Rodríguez-Lara
209 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―19 Generation of efficacy data on 60y and older population using SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines Prasanta Ghosh
210 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―18 The risk of COVID19 reinfection, Breakthrough and Escape, how much will be saved from coronavirus infection after vaccination? Mulazim Bukhari
211 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―18 Natural Herd Immunity and CoViD-19 Pandemic: A Peripheral Observation in Southeast Nigeria Samuel Okafor
212 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―18 One of The Things That COVID-19 Remind to Us: The Importance of Crisis Management Şerafettin Erten
213 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―18 Impact of First Wave of COVID-19 on the Indian Economy Tanya Kapoor
214 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―18 Camus, 'the absurd', and the COVID-19 pandemic Connor Leak
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218 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―16 HIV-TB co-morbidity in a resource-limited setting during covid-19 lockdown: a case report ikechukwu orji
219 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―16 Politics and Diplomacy in COVID Pandemic Rajeev Kunwar
220 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―16 The safety and well-being of employees in the face of COVID-19 in a private university Promise Zvavahera
221 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―16 Strategies to cope with COVID-19 pandemic and priorities for assistance in low testing capacity countries Patrick Milabyo Kyamusugulwa
222 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―16 Everywhere was Home until Now: Understanding the Rejection and Repatriation of the Almajiris amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic in Northern Nigeria Daniel Egerson, Ruth Omu-Ebikaboere
223 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―16 Disasters, pandemic and repetition: a dialogue with Maurice Blanchot's literature Leonardo Mattietto
224 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 The European Union's response to the pandemic crisis: from the NextGenerationEu to the vaccination plan Fernanda Neutel
225 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 Conversation with a Leader: Using Guest Speakers to Highlight COVID-19 Impacts G. Jason Jolley
226 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 Alarming Situation in India due to Second Wave of COVID-19 Arnab Saha
227 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 The mediatization of the infodemic: alternative theories about COVID-19. PhD. Joana Kosho
228 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 The impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on Foreign Direct Investment: The case of ASEAN Nam Phuong Le
230 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 Do we practice what we preach? What universities do and what they recommend during the covid-19 pandemic Igor Valentim
232 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 Ambiguity, Misinformation and the Coronavirus Gerald Gutenschwager
233 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―15 Inequalities in India after COVID Pandemic A Amarender Reddy
234 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 A network-based computational model showing responses to changing environmental constraints similar to patterns observed in the dynamics of the Covid-19 event PETER KRALL
235 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 The Right to Oxygen: a Universal Right. Theologizing an Experience of COVID-19 from a Latinx Point of View Dempsey Rosales Acosta
236 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 Psycho-social issues of migrants during Covid-19 lockdown- an analysis Mridul Chetia, Priyanka Baruah
238 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 Pediatric Neurosurgery during COVID-19 pandemic: where we are now and future perspectives. Ricardo Santos de Oliveira, Matheus Fernando Manzolli Ballestero
239 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 Lessons from Modelling COVID-19 Scenarios in Kenya and Implications for Policy and Planning Nashon Adero
240 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 Building Resilience to COVID-19 through Solesolevaki Kolaia Raisele
241 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 Life of Tribals during COVID-19 times Sonal Mobar Roy
242 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 COVID-19-Pandemics and Migration in the Context of Canadian Scenario Ananda Majumdar
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244 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 The sustainable (compact) city: urban density and green space for a (post)pandemic urbanism Ricardo Rocha
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246 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―14 PANDEMICS AND THE CHURCH AND STATE IN HISTORY Bernard B. Fyanka
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261 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jul―09 Law Science (Forensics) and COVID-19 Olen Brown
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264 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―30 Education Research in the Midst of the Pandemic Sir Dr. Benedict David, KCR, Ph.D, DHC, CA
265 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―28 Revisiting my PhD thesis on study of effectiveness of training and skill development and reflecting on its relevance now during Corona Pandemic in the country. Purushothaman P
266 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―28 Pandemic Movies: What Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys Tells Us About the Future Susanne Kord
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273 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―16 Soft power and European politics of Taiwan and Latvia: problems of recognition and political development after the COVID-19 crisis. Mihails Rodins
274 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―14 Navigating Covid-19 Education Challenge in Abia State Nigeria through Interventionist Educational Broadcasting Samuel Okoronkwo CHUKWU-OKORONKWO
275 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―12 Pandemic Festival Celebration Some Reflections for Buhayani Festival Laurence Beruin
276 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jun―02 Reflections on the New Zealand Experience in Managed Isolation and Quarantine during the SARS-CoV-2 Global Pandemic Lawrence Burke
277 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―28 Music (Education) During the Pandemic of COVID-19 Juan Vega
278 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―28 Choosing a Proper Face Mask during COVID-19 Pandemic - Issues and Challenges Devinder Pal Singh
279 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―19 Social distancing in the time of COVID-19: A case study from Australia Caroline Lipovsky
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281 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―17 Financial System Regulation in a Pandemic: Evidence from Nigeria Godwin Uddin
282 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―14 ‘Online Pre-service Teacher Placements’ during COVID-19: A Compromise or an Opportunity? Jessie Ming Sin Wong, William Ko Wai Tang
283 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―11 Challenges of the Nigeria Health Care System and the Fight Against Coronavirus Rita Okoebor
284 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―01 Shifting from traditional and blended learning approaches to a fully virtual and remote course delivery: Implications from COVID-19 Mark Anthony Camilleri
285 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―May―01 Spotlight on Covid-19 using Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Benjamin Oyelami
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288 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―27 Reflections on the communication during the pandemic. Focus on the academic context Lavinia Suciu
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292 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―17 New Generation Vaccine Strategies against COVID-19 susmita mitra
293 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―16 Homeschooling and the Learning Modalities in the Philippines During COVID-19 Arthelo Palma
294 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―14 Pandemic Citizenship: Will COVID-19 Reinforce Nation-States’ Borders and Liquify Citizens? Igor Calzada
295 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―13 How Individualism Affects the Spread of COVID-19 Frederick Fabella
296 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―13 Contractualism as a justification for the abridgement of freedoms during the pandemic. Connor Leak
297 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―12 Was the COVID-19 pandemic a predictable surprise? A crisis management perspective. Justin Okoli
298 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―11 Hypothesis: The COVID-19 Pandemic is Signaling Humanity’s Global Overshoot Alexander K. Lautensach, Sabina W. Lautensach
299 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―11 A Wake-Up Call in the Pandemic of Education Genella Matthews Spencer
300 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―09 Nicotine as Sign: a Comeback with the COVID-19 robert marty
301 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―07 Justice for 2020 and Public Pandemics- Layers of Burden Jonathan Andrew Perez, Esq.
302 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―07 Covid-19 pandemic: an agenda for school curricular review towards Physical education and health promotion. Cecil G.S Tafireyi
303 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―05 COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy and the Rural-Urban Divide: A Preliminary Analysis Valerie Gray Hardcastle, Xiaoni Zhang, Thuong Ho
305 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Apr―02 Lessons from the GDPR in the COVID-19 era Omer Rana, Jose Llanos, Madeline Carr
306 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Mar―31 The Show Must Go On! Bringing Back Live Theatre After COVID-19 Closed the Curtain Nanci Carr
307 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Mar―31 Parenting and Schooling in a Pandemic Jacqueline Getfield
308 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Mar―30 Tactical Responses to COVID-19 in a Long-Term Care Facility Thomas Higgins, Bonnie Geld, Laurie Signorelli
309 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Mar―30 COVID-19 infodemic and misinfodemic: A tale of India Vysakh C, Dr. Rajendra Babu H
310 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Mar―27 Creating a student identity through memes and Instagram reel during COVID-19 Katyayani Singh
311 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Mar―27 Beyond health and wealth: the impact of COVID-19 and anti-COVID-19 measures on the narrative dimension of human life Marcos Alonso Fernández
312 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Mar―25 Beliefs in COVID-19 myths and conspiracies: an urgent call to action Miguel Landa-Blanco, Elizabeth Andino Rodriguez, David Agurcia
313 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Mar―22 COVID-19 and the Digitalization Pace Fernando Almeida
314 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Mar―20 COVID-19 and Remote Teaching Mahyar Arefi
315 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Mar―05 Social distancing is also necessary for our pets in the COVID-19 era. Cristina Castillo
316 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Feb―19 Reflections Occasioned by a Pandemic Paul Schollmeier
317 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Feb―19 Corporate Social Responsibility in Time of COVID-19: What should Researchers Focus on During and After the Pandemic? Asegid Woldeamanuel, Yilma Geletu, Tsegaye Mathewos
318 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Feb―15 Politics Over Public Safety: Deciding the Value of Each Life Behind Bars During the Covid-19 Pandemic Taryn VanderPyl
319 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Feb―10 Keep calm and carry on: responding to higher public debt after the pandemic Malcolm Sawyer
320 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Feb―10 Digitizing Teacher Education and Professional Development during the COVID-19 Pandemic Ahmed Abdelhafez
321 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Feb―09 Origami as a General Education Math course: Before and During a Pandemic Jeanine Meyer
322 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Feb―09 Faculty as Nonpersons at Pandemic U Roscoe Scarborough
324 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Feb―07 Seeking asylum in Australia during the COVID-19 Pandemic Brandy Cochrane
325 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Feb―04 A letter from the IR pandemic “zoomroom” Vendulka Kubalkova
326 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Feb―02 Consequences of illegal COVID-19 waste scavenging and recycling Masum Patwary, Mohammad Rafiul Azam Khan, Md. Masud Ul Hasan, Md. Zahid Hossain, Mohammad Azizur Rahman
327 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Feb―01 Drinking our Problems Away: The Lesser-Known Effects of COVID-19 on Substance Use Arnavi Patel
328 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jan―28 Perceived Isolation and Health: Does isolation and feeling of loneliness pose a risk for severe SARS-CoV-2 infection? Lina Lombo, Jasrita Singh, Peter A. Johnson, John C. Johnson, Austin A. Mardon
329 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jan―27 Neighbours, Stigma, and Covid-19 Vaibhav Saria
330 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jan―27 Reflections on Educational Practice: COVID-19 Influences Andree' Robinson-Neal
331 [GO] Academia Letters 2021―Jan―05 Educational Leadership and the Pandemic David Gurr
332 [GO] Academia Letters 2020―Dec―29 Government leadership and social mobilisation for crises planning: From wartime mobilisation to pandemic response to climate action Laurence Delina
333 [GO] Academia Letters 2020―Dec―08 Two Cases of COVID-19 in Adults who Vape Angela Cheung

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