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1 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―17 Exploring Subway Riders’ Reactions to External Shocks: The Raised Gas Price and The COVID-19 Pandemic in Iran Navid Safahieh, Kowsar Yousefi
2 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―16 The Evolution of China’s Pork Value Chains Under African Swine Fever and COVID-19 Tao Xiong, Wendong Zhang, Jian Li, Gucheng Li, Fangjian Li
3 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―16 The Pandemic, Work from Home, and New Residential Construction Dylan Brewer, Graham Lewis
4 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―16 Beyond Covid: Pandemics and the Economics of Aging and Longevity Holger Strulik, Volker Grossmann
5 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―15 The Impacts of COVID-19 on Female Labor Force Participation in Iran Hai-Anh H. Dang, Djavad Salehi-Isfahani, Minh Do
6 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―14 Counties With Growth in Religiosity Exhibited Greater Labor Market Resilience During Covid-19 Christos Makridis, Byron Johnson
7 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―14 Are Environmental and Socially Responsible Firms More Resilient? Korean Firms during the COVID-19 Crash Chanyang Choo, Dong Beom Choi, Seongjoon Jeong
8 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―14 Pandemics and Contractual Issues Timothy R. Wyatt
9 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―13 Effects of Essential Caregiver Policies on Covid-19 and Non-Covid-19 Deaths in Nursing Homes Mingyu Qi, Nadia Ghazali, R. Tamara Konetzka
10 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―13 Updated Assessment of the Probabilities for a Leading SARS-CoV-2 Origin Narrative Mai He, Lucia F. Dunn
11 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―09 Curing the Ills of the Infodemic: An Overview of Transatlantic Legal Measures and Capacities for Countering COVID-19 Falsehoods and Digital Disinformation Yitzchak Besser
12 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―09 COVID-19 Lockdown, Home Environment, Lifestyles, and Mental Health Among Preschoolers in China Yunting Zhang, Zhangsheng Yu, Guanghai Wang, Jun Zhang, Fan Jiang, Saishuang Wu, et al. (+3)
13 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―09 Responses to COVID-19: The Role of Digital Equity and Government Loan Schemes Shabnam Kazembalaghi, Jerry Coakley, Jose Manuel Linares-Zegarra, Silvio Vismara
14 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―08 Investigating the Role of Neighborhood Development Offices (NDOs) in the Resilience of Deteriorated Urban Neighborhoods against the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Empirical Study of Tehran, Using a Hybrid Balanced-Based Assessment Framework Safiyeh Tayebi, Saeed Esfandi, Sajedeh Bahraini Moqadam, Ayyoob Sharifi
15 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―06 Impact of Covid-19 Vaccinations on UK Stock Market Wojtek Paczos, Chengyue Lu
16 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―06 Covering a Health Crisis as a Military Crisis? The Israeli Media Coverage of the First COVID-19 Wave Crisis Azi Lev-On, Judith Yehezkelly
17 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―06 Public Libraries Revolutionizing and Empowering Societies During the Covid 19 Pandemic Period : With Special Reference to the Covid 19 Pandemic Period : With Special Reference to Valapattanam GP Library, Kerala Valapattanam GP Library, Kerala P. V. Vijesh, Matty Balagopal, Joseph M K
18 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―03 Unintended Consequences of Business Digitalization among MSMEs during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Case of Indonesia Keita Oikawa, Fusanori Iwasaki, Yasuyuki Sawada, Shigehiro Shinozaki
19 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―02 The Impact of Internet Access on COVID-19 Spread in Indonesia Johannes S Kunz, Carol Propper, Trong-Anh Trinh
20 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―02 The Impact of the Pandemic on Tangible and Intangible Heritage: Taking the Case of Phoolwalon Ki Sair, Mehrauli Savar Suri
21 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―May―01 Effectiveness of Covid-19 Vaccines Administered in the 2023 Autumnal Campaigns in Europe: Results from the Vebis Primary Care Test-Negative Design Study, September 2023-January 2024 Charlotte Lanièce Delaunay, Aryse Melo, Marine Maurel, Clara Mazagatos, Luise Goerlitz, Joan O'Donnell, et al. (+24)
22 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―30 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Sustainable European Companies: A Network Approach Yassine Essanaani, Omneya Abdelsalam, Daniel Felix Ahelegbey, Abderrahim Taamouti
23 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―27 Emergencies in the Inter-American Human Rights System: the Example of Ecuador in Times of COVID-19 Christina Binder
24 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―27 Effectiveness of the Targeting System of DSWD on the Livelihood Assistance Grants during the COVID-19 Pandemic from March 2020 to December 2021 Maria Rovena Tiongco
25 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―26 COVID-19 and Political Preferences Through Stages of the Pandemic: The Case of the Czech Republic Alena Bičáková, Stepan Jurajda
26 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―26 The Relationship between Covid-19 Entry Restrictions and Immigration Young-ook Jang, Dong-Hee Joe
27 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―26 Force Majeure: The Impact of Force Covid-19 on Commercial Contracts Fatima Idrees
28 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―25 The Influence of Online Distance Learning and Digital Skills on Digital Literacy Among University Students Post Covid-19 Mohammed Fadel Arandas, Syed Arabi Idid, Ali Salman, Yoke Ling Loh, Syaira Nazir, Yuek Li Ker
29 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―25 The Impact of the Countercyclical Capital Buffer on Credit: Evidence From Its Accumulation and Release Before and During Covid-19 Mikel Bedayo, Jorge Galán
30 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―24 COVID-19 and Volatility in the Tourism Sector's Stocks Rupika Khanna, Chandan Sharma
31 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―24 Policy Options for Supporting and Restructuring Firms Hit by the COVID-19 Crisis Emanuel Albin Kopp, Juliana Araujo, José Garrido, Richard Varghese, Weijia Yao
32 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―24 Out of balance? Revisiting Separation of Powers During the Covid-19 Pandemic Konrad Lachmayer
33 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―24 Readability of Online Sources and Newspapers on COVID-19 Vaccination Hiroko Costantini, Rosa Costantini, Rie Fuse
34 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―24 COVID-19’s Impact on Health and Socioeconomics in Brazil Shyam Bharti, Srithanya Satish, ARVIND KUMAR, Raghav Subramaniam, Viha Kedia, Taybah Alam
35 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―24 Evaluating the Aptness of Online Learning Modality During the Pandemic: Establishing a Causal Relationship Between Learning Outcomes and Modality Quality Daisy Obiso
36 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―23 Changing Health Information on COVID-19 Vaccination in Asia: A Two-Year Longitudinal Follow Up Hiroko Costantini, Rosa Costantini, Rie Fuse
37 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―22 The Impact of COVID-19 on Peer Relationships: Insights from Classroom Social Networks Betul Turkum, Yusuf Agus
38 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―22 Clinical Outcomes of COVID-19 Patients with Controlled and Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus¥ Jordesha Hodge, Sirisha Gudlawar, Arvind Cavale, Krunalkumar Patel, Amitkumar Patel, Daniel Tran, et al. (+11)
39 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―22 Pandemic Impact and Women's Resilience in China Xiaoqian Hu, Yanliu Tao, Qichen Zhang
40 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―18 Synergizing Machine Learning and Blockchain for Pioneering Early Disease Detection: A Focused Study on COVID-19 Diagnosis Jayendra Jadhav, Jyoti Deshmukh
41 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―18 How High Public Debt Reduces the Preparedness of European Health Systems to Cope With Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis and Other Systemic Emergencies Mario Coccia, Igor Benati
42 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―17 Remote Work admist the Covid-19 outbreak: Insights from an Ensemble Community-Based Keyword Network Analysis Carlo Drago, Luisa Errichiello
43 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―15 The COVID-19 Crisis: Intellectual Property and Sustainable Development During the Pandemic Muhammad Zaheer Abbas, PhD
44 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―14 Coronavirus: force majeure and the common law doctrine of frustration Akinwumi Akinyemi
45 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―14 The relationship of e-marketing strategies to impulsive behavior of SHS students amidst pandemic Mc Rollyn Vallespin, Janna Kaye Bodiongan, Phoebe Adolfo, Jundel Louise Arpon, Louisse Lexyne Baculio, Hazel Kate Dael, et al. (+4)
46 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―12 Resilience of MSME sector in India & Covid-19 Raj Kishor Pradhan
47 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―11 A Structural Neural Autopilot Analysis of Social Media Use Around the Pandemic Lockdown Yi Xin, Lawrence J. Jin, Jessica Fong, Matthew Shum, Colin F. Camerer
48 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―10 Well-Being Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic in Germany: Gendered Effects of Daycare and School Closures Mathias Huebener, Sevrin Waights, C. Katharina Spiess
49 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―10 Did Covid-19 (Permanently) Raise the Demand for "Teleworkable" Jobs? Massimiliano Bratti, I. Brunetti, A. Corvasce, Agata Maida, Andrea Ricci
50 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―09 The Impact of Mandatory Vaccination Policies on Covid-19 Immunization Rates: An Analysis of Law Efficiency Elisangela Baião dos Reis Póvoa, Julia Ximenes
51 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―09 Can Crises Affect Citizen Activism? Evidence from a Pandemic Farzana Afridi, Ahana Basistha, Amrita Dhillon, Danila Serra
52 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―09 Redefining Strategic Outlook: An Overview of Strategic Responsiveness of Organizations to Pandemic Crisis Kalyani Kapate, Dr Nilesh Berad
53 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―08 The Determinants of Under-Estimation of Covid-19 Cases Across Africa Qing Han, Ghislain Rutayisire, Maxime Descartes Mbogning Fonkou, Wisdom Avusuglo, Ali Ahmadi, Ali Asgary, et al. (+3)
54 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―06 Casting a Long Shadow: The Effects of Vicarious and Direct Racism on Generalized Trust among Asian Communities in New Zealand during COVID-19 Lynne Soon-Chean Park, Rebekah Jaung, Joohyun Justine Park
55 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―06 Preparing for the Next Health Emergency: Concurrent Management of Pandemic and Non-Pandemic Demand Navid Izady, Sergei Savin, Reza Zanjirani Farahani
56 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―04 Academic Anxiety in Teachers and COVID-19. Case of Higher Education Institutions in Latin America Elias Said-Hung, Beatriz Marcano, Rebeca Garzon-Clemente
57 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―04 Election Communications about Border Control during the COVID-19 Crisis Andriy Kovalenko
58 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―04 Epidemiological and Economic Fallout of COVID-19 in South Asia: a Cross-country Study Ushanthani Subramaniyam
59 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―04 Investigating the Civic Emotion Dynamics during the COVID-19 Lockdown: Evidence from Social Media Qianlong Zhao, Yuhao He, Yuankai Wang, Wenjing Li, Longfeng Wu, Waishan Qiu
60 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―04 CITIZENS’ PARTICIPATION IN INDONESIA’S COVID-19 PANDEMIC: A SYSTEMATIC LITERATURE REVIEW Dewi Sekar Kencono, Achmad Djunaedi, Yuyun Purbokusumo
61 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―03 PACITAN GOVERNMENT'S AGILE GOVERNANCE IN OPTIMIZING DIGITALIZATION OF MSMES POST THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC Muhammad Eko Atmojo, Awang Darumurti, Nita Aribah Hanif, Helen Dian Fridayani
62 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―03 The 2008 Global Financial Crisis and COVID-19 Pandemic: How Safe are the Safe Haven Assets? Muhammad A. Cheema, Robert W. Faff, Kenneth Szulczyk
63 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―01 Remote Work Admist the Covid-19 outbreak: Insights from an Ensemble Community-Based Keyword Network Analysis Carlo Drago, Luisa Errichiello
64 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―01 Steering, Rowing, and Bailing Water: The Role of Government Regulation and Ownership in COVID-19 Outcomes in Nursing Homes Miyeon Song, Anna Amirkhanyan, William Prince, Kenneth J. Meier
65 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―01 Audit Materiality Judgments during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from the United Kingdom Ting Dong, Florian Eugster, Liwei Zhu
66 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Apr―01 Covid-19 is (Probably) Not an Exogenous Shock or Valid Instrument Jeffrey Clement
67 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―30 Tweeting Through a Crisis: The Influence of Presidential Communication and Partisan Bias on Public Covid-19 Responses Junhong Yang, Jie (Michael) Guo, Yeqin Zeng, Shulei Zhu
68 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―29 Consumer Participation in the Credit Market During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond Evangelos Charalambakis, Federica Teppa, Athanasios Tsiortas
69 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―28 Information Resources and Dissemination: Evidence From Different Categories of Insider Trading Before and After Covid-19 Lockdown Yixuan Rui
70 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―28 Gambling for Recovery? Exploring the Credit Risk of European Insurers’ Bond Portfolios during the Covid-19 Market Crash Marcel Beyer
71 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―28 “Empty Shelves and food riots” - a discursive analysis of panic buying in UK newspaper articles during the early Covid-19 pandemic Paige Cassidy
72 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―28 Determinants of bank income smoothing: Cross-country evidence from EEA banks during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis Małgorzata Olszak, Christophe J. Godlewski, Gracjan Bachurewicz
73 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―28 Covid-19: An Analysis of Personal Pronoun Rhetoric in Trump's Tweets About Coronavirus Disease Surendra Pokhrel
74 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―28 Fiscal Origins of the Pandemic Inflation Douglas Carr
75 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―28 The Gendered Impacts of COVID-19 on Labour Market Outcomes in the UK Weiwen Qi
76 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―28 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Female Labour Market Outcomes: An Intersectional Analysis Weiwen Qi
77 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―28 How Global Supply Chain Disruptions Unevenly Impact ASEAN 3 Economies During the Pandemic? Liyang Tang
78 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―27 Effects of COVID-19 Shutdowns on Domestic Violence in the U.S Yutong Chen, Amalia R. Miller, Carmit Segal, Melissa Spencer
79 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―26 Young Adults’ Use of Debt and Credit During the Pandemic: Racial Disparities and the Effectiveness of State Initiatives to Protect Young Adults Living in Communities of Color Kassandra Martinchek
80 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―25 Pandemic Incident Management for Vaccine Safety Challenges: Victoria’s Alert Advisory Group Experience Hazel Clothier, Michelle Wolthuizen, Ingrid L. Laemmle-Ruff, Georgina Lewis, Catherine Radkowski, Jim Buttery, Nigel W. Crawford
81 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―23 The COVID-19 Pandemic's Temporary Environmental Impact and the Potential Consequences of Increased HVAC Usage Censura Ghana
82 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―21 The Impact of Online Education on Primary and Secondary Students’ Academic Performance and Mental Health During the Covid-19 Yueqin Wang, Chuanchuan Zhang, Junsen Zhang
83 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―21 Strategy of Medical Ventilators to Be Prepared for Next Pandemics of Airborne Diseases Similar to COVID-19 Mario Coccia
84 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―21 Lessons from China's fiscal policy during the COVID-19 pandemic Tianlei Huang
85 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―20 Herding in Cryptocurrency Market and Covid-19: Spillover Effects and Fundamental Information Daeyoung Jeon, Changeun Kim, Jongho Park, Bong-Gyu Jang
86 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―19 »Hybride« Zukunft auch für Gottesdienste? Ausgewählte Ergebnisse der Befragungsstudie »Rezipienten-Typologie evangelischer (Online-Gottesdienstbesucher*innen während und nach der Corona-Krise (ReTeOG)« (“Hybrid” Future for Divine Worship as well? Selected Results of the Survey “Typology of recipients of Evangelic Online-Worshippers during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic”) Ralf Peter Reimann, Holger Sievert
87 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―18 The Impact of Municipal Broadband Restrictions on COVID-19 Labor Market Outcomes Saket Hegde, Jessica Van Parys
88 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―17 Comments on Article 12: Pathogen Access and Benefit Sharing (PABS) of the REVISED Draft of the negotiating text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement, 13th March 2024 Stephanie Switzer, Mark Eccleston-Turner, Michelle Rourke, Abbie Rose Hampton
89 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―15 Firms’ climate risks, ESG policy, and bank lending: Evidence from the COVID-19 crisis Masayo Shikimi
90 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―14 Firms’ Climate Risks, ESG Policy, and Bank Lending: Evidence from the Covid-19 Crisis Masayo Shikimi
91 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―14 Consumer participation in the credit market during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond Evangelos Charalambakis, Federica Teppa, Athanasios Tsiortas
92 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―14 Bibliometric Analysis of COVID-19-based Models of India Ameet ., Chhavi Rana
93 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―14 Price Gouging or Market Forces? Fairness Perceptions of Price Hikes in the Pandemic Avichai Snir, Daniel Levy, Dudi Levy, Haipeng (Allan) Chen
94 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―14 Justice for All and the Public Health Emergency | Justice in a Pandemic series | Briefing 1 David Steven, Maaike de Langen, Mark Weston
95 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―14 Events Sequence Beyond mRNA Spike (S) Protein Vaccine and Long COVID: Simply Targeting Brain? Marcos Altable
96 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―13 Public Guarantees, Private Banks’ Incentives, and Corporate Outcomes: Evidence from the COVID-19 Crisis Gabriel Jimenez, Luc A. Laeven, David Martinez Miera, Jose-Luis Peydro
97 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―13 The Impact of Covid-19 on Hotel Efficiency in Spain: the Case of Barcelona Mariam Sargsyan, Vicente Sabater Sempere, Luis Moreno Izquierdo, Gevorg Sargsyan
98 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―12 The Effectiveness of the COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign in 2021: Inconsistency in Key Studies Konstantin AVILOV, LI WEN, Yanji Zhao, Weiming Wang, Lewi Stone, Daihai He
99 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―11 COVID-19 and the Rise in Global Inequalities Iram Javeed
100 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―11 How Stakeholder Influence Corrupted Public Leadership in Tackling the COVID-19 Outbreak in Ischgl Jessica Geyer, Stefan Schembera
101 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―10 Leadership Approaches, Strategic Human Resource Management, Change Management Amidst COVID-19 and its Effect on Stakeholders. Doreen Mukunde
102 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―10 Post-Earnings Announcement Drift, Systemic Shock, and Limited Attention: Evidence from COVID-19 Pandemic Dong-Jie Fang
103 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―08 Impact of COVID-19 on Chinese Consumers’ Shopping Channels Choice for Daily Necessaries: Evidence from an Online Survey Jia Shao, Xiaochen Zhao, Martino Luis
104 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―08 Effects of Covid-19 on international trade and cross-border e-commerce live streaming: Evidence from China Arthur William Fodouop Kouam
105 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―08 Do US States’ Responses to COVID-19 Restore Investor Sentiment? Evidence from S&P 500 Financial Institutions Kaouther Chebbi, Aymen Ammari, Seyed Alireza Athari, Kashif Abbass
106 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―08 From Uncertainty to Opportunity: Analyzing the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on IPO’s in India Srilekha Nalukurthi, Purvi Ranjan, mrudula Bhimavarapu, Neha Parashar
107 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―06 Board Gender Diversity and Firm Value in Times of Crisis: Evidence from the Covid-19 Pandemic Farida Akhtar, Madhu Veeraraghavan, Leon Zolotoy
108 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―06 Learning Loss and Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review of Evidence Nina Ashley Dela Cruz, Ann Jillian Adona, Rhea Molato-Gayares, Albert Park
109 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―05 COVID-19 and European Contract Law Mahnoor Ali
110 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―05 Social Media Communication Analysis of Covid-19 Infodemic by Medical Practitioners in China Teng Zuo, Lingfeng He, Yanhua Zheng, Zelin Xu, Zezheng Lin, Yuan Zheng, Ning Li
111 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―05 The COVID-19 Pandemic Era Impact on the Incidence of the Custodial Death, Due to Illness in 36 States and Union Territories of India - A Comparison Study (2017-2022) Piyush Kumar, Advocate Anupama
112 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―05 COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance and Hesitancy among Healthcare Workers at a Teaching Hospital in Zambia: Findings and Implications Steward Mudenda, Banji Moonga, Maisa Kasanga, Victor Daka, Ngoni Veddie Muzondo, Ruth Lindizyani Mfune, et al. (+3)
113 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―05 Post Pandemic Employment and Inflation in the Philippines: An In-depth Analysis Aaron James Guanio, Reyes Regin, Marmelo V. Abante, Ma. Lydia Cagang, Florinda Vigonte
114 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―02 What Do States Do With Fiscal Windfalls? Evidence from the Pandemic Jeffrey P. Clemens, Oliver Giesecke, Joshua D. Rauh, Stan Veuger
115 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―02 Replicating the Bangladeshi CSR Framework to Mitigate the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Developing Countries Umar Habibu Umar
116 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Mar―01 COVID-19 and the Fragmentation of the European Interbank Market Melissa Pala
117 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―29 Overloaded and Overwhelmed: Weakened Partner Aspirations of Women Public Accountants during the COVID-19 Pandemic Beau Grant Barnes, Marc Cussatt, Derek W. Dalton, Nancy Harp
118 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―29 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Policy Support on Productivity Tibor Lalinsky, Marianthi Anastasatou, Sofia Anyfantaki, Konstantins Benkovskis, Antonin Bergeaud, Maurice Bun, et al. (+23)
119 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―29 Fiscal Stimulus or Debt Relief: The Effect of Federal Pandemic Aid on State and Local Pensions Grace Brang, Sewin Chan, Travis St. Clair
120 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―28 Navigating the Financial Fog: The Impact of Pandemic Priming on Economic Choices and Future Valuations Ya'akov Bayer, Offer Shapir, Michal Shapir Tidhar, Ze'ev Shtudiner
121 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―27 Getting Monetary Policy Right: What Should the Federal Reserve Have Learned from Its Pandemic Response? Robert L. Hetzel
122 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―26 Agreement or Other International Instrument on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response Submitted to Dept of Health & Human Resources Srividhya Ragavan
123 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―22 The socio-economic ramifications resulting from the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) Benjamin Koch
124 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―22 The Economic effects of Covid-19 Bledar Hoda
125 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―22 The Nexus between Digitalization, Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Quality, and Economic Resilience A Cross-Country Analysis during the COVID-19 Pandemic Erkko Autio, Gemma Bolotaulo Estrada, Donghyun Park, Gazi Salah Uddin, Yeng-May Tan
126 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―21 Covid-19 Impacts on Brazilian and Columbian Airlines: An Event Study Carlos Henrique Rocha, Francisco Gildemir Ferreira Da Silva
127 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―16 Lessons learned from COVID-19 for racially equitable decarceration Sandhya Kajeepeta
128 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―16 Uncertainty and Corporate Investment Plan: The Case of COVID-19 John Robert Graham, Naoshi Ikeda, Kotaro Inoue, Takashi Yamasaki
129 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―15 Foreclosures, Evictions, and Utility Cutoffs: The Fair Housing Impact of Covid-19 on Black Communities Jason Bailey, Coty Montag
130 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―15 Position on Reopening and Operating Schools During the Covid-19 Pandemic Hamida Labi, Monique Lin-Luse, Kesha Moore
131 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―15 Outcome of Managing COVID-19 Patients Without Impacting non-COVID Healthcare Services: a Tertiary Care Experience From India Manu Chopra, Ajith Nilakantan, Sukant Pathak, Ankit Singhal, Meenakshi Chopra
132 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―15 Protecting Black Workers During the Covid-19 Recession Algernon Austin
133 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―15 Foreclosures, Evictions, and Utility Cutoffs: Expiring Protections for People Facing Hardship During the Pandemic Jason Bailey, Coty Montag
134 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―15 Foreclosures, Evictions and Utility Cutoffs: Expiring Protections for People Facing Hardship During the Pandemic Jason Bailey, Coty Montag
135 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―15 Evictions and Housing Instability During the Pandemic Kesha Moore
136 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―13 COVID-19 Risk Factors and Boilerplate Disclosure Stephen J. Choi, Mitu Gulati, Xuan Liu, Adam C. Pritchard
137 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―12 Insights into COVID-19 Data Collection and Management in Malawi: Exploring Processes, Perceptions, and Data Discrepancies Amelia Taylor, Thokozani Liwewe, Jim Todd, Chisomo Kankhwali, Annie Chauma Mwale, Sylvia Muyingo
138 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―08 Unmasking the Pandemic’s Pollution - How COVID-19 Negatively Affected the Environment Mohsin Khan
139 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―06 COVID-19 and Crowdfunding Robert S. Reardon
140 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―06 How Stock Markets Reacted to the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Initial Pandemic Era? Weiwen Qi
141 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―06 Digitalisation and Resilience in the Initial Stage of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from European Countries Weiwen Qi
142 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―06 Did Hard Facts or Journalistic Opinion Predict Stock Prices During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Tomasz Piotr Wisniewski, Emma Shaker
143 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―05 The Growth Rate of COVID-19 Cases in Spring 2020 Was Associated With Individual Mobility and County-level Political Leaning Chris Parker, Jorge Mejia, Franco Pestilli
144 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―05 Nursing Before and after Covid-19: Outflows, Inflows and Self-Employment Guyonne R.J. Kalb, Jordy Meekes
145 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―05 Whatever-it-Takes Policymaking During the Pandemic Kathryn M.E. Dominguez, Andrea Foschi
146 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―03 Voting in the Stock Market - Retail Investor Preference during COVID-19 Anil Gautam, Grace Lepone
147 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―02 The Social and Psychological Impact of Covid-19 in India: A Search Anuradha Parasar, Suresh Kashinath Ghatge
148 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―02 Tracking social determinants of health during the COVID-19 pandemic in India: A study Anuradha Parasar, Suresh Kashinath Ghatge
149 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―02 State and Territorial Mobilisation: The Case of Socio-Territorial Movements during the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown in Shanghai, China Zihan Wang
150 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―02 Smart ICU Bed Allocation System - SMARTS Predictive Analytics for Risk Profiling and Triaging COVID-19 Patients Sammy Ghansah
151 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―02 Population Density and COVID-19 Spread: a Review of Empirical Studies Fancisco Benita, Long Phan-Hoang
152 [GO] SSRN Electronic Journal 2024―Feb―01 Government support of female employee-dominated firms: lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic Ruoran Zhao, Wenxuan Hou, Klaus F. Zimmermann
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