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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

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1 [GO] Computers in Human Behavior 2021―Sep―18 More collaboration, less seriousness: Investigating new strategies for promoting youth engagement in government-generated videos during the COVID-19 pandemic in China Changyang He, Huan Liu, Lu He, Tun Lu, Bo Li
2 [GO] Neuromuscular Disorders 2021―Sep―18 COVID-19 AND NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASES Z. Alhaswani
3 [GO] Neuromuscular Disorders 2021―Sep―18 COVID-19 AND NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASES S. Delstanche, C. Bernar, L. Buscemi, C. Dubois, M. Duclos, L. Medard, L. Servais
4 [GO] Neuromuscular Disorders 2021―Sep―18 COVID-19 AND NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASES F. Fortunato, M. Farnè, F. Bianchi, M. Neri, G. Siciliano, V. Sansone, et al. (+7)
5 [GO] Neuromuscular Disorders 2021―Sep―18 COVID-19 AND NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASES A. Alaamel, R. Şahin, M. Hashal, T. Taşkınoğlu, T. Özel, N. Şimşek Erdem, H. Uysal
6 [GO] Neuromuscular Disorders 2021―Sep―18 COVID-19 AND NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASES D. Natera-de Benito, S. Aguilera-Albesa, L. Costa-Comellas, M. García-Romero, C. MirandaHerrero, C. Ortez, et al. (+12)
7 [GO] Neuromuscular Disorders 2021―Sep―18 COVID-19 AND NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASES M. James, L. Alfano, K. Rose, L. Lowes, M. Eagle
8 [GO] Critical Care Clinics 2021―Sep―18 The Epidemiology of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Before and After Coronavirus Disease 2019 Kathryn W. Hendrickson, Ithan D. Peltan, Samuel M. Brown
9 [GO] Mayo Clinic Proceedings 2021―Sep―17 Development and validation of a multivariable risk prediction model for COVID-19 mortality in the Southern United States Aashish Gupta, Sergey M. Kachur, Jose D. Tafur, Harsh K. Patel, Divina O. Timme, Farnoosh Shariati, et al. (+3)
10 [GO] Journal of Environmental Psychology 2021―Sep―17 Effects of social position and household affordances on COVID-19 lockdown resilience and coping A. Chesterman, M. de Battista, E. Causse
11 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 EFFECT OF COVID-19 INFECTION ON TESTICULAR FUNCTION Kareim Khalafalla, Ahmad Majzoub, Mohamed Arafa, Haitham Elbardisi, Khalid Al-Rumaihi, Sami Alsaid
12 [GO] American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology MFM 2021―Sep―17 Nosocomial Covid-19 Infection in Women Undergoing Elective Cesarean Sections: A prospective cohort study Aaron Nizam, Michael L. Nimaroff, Andrew W. Menzin, Gary L. Goldberg, Santiago J. Miyara, Ernesto Molmenti
13 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 RATES OF COVID-19 INFECTION IN A FERTILITY TREATMENT POPULATION Leah M. Roberts, Kyle Nguyen Le, Cheri K. Margolis, Nola S. Herlihy, Amber M. Klimczak, Julia G. Kim, et al. (+4)
14 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 FIRST TRIMESTER OUTCOMES OF PATIENTS SEEKING INFERTILITY CARE AFTER COVID-19 INFECTION Kyle Nguyen Le, Leah M. Roberts, Cheri K. Margolis, Amber M. Klimczak, Nola S. Herlihy, Julia G. Kim, et al. (+4)
15 [GO] Revista Clínica Española (English Edition) 2021―Sep―17 Caution with the use of dexamethasone in patients with COVID-19 in its initial phases J.L. Callejas Rubio, I. Aomar Millan, M. Moreno-Higueras, L. Martín Ripoll, E. Yuste Osorio, R. Ríos-Fernández
16 [GO] Pediatric Clinics of North America 2021―Sep―17 Covid-19 in Children Elizabeth Secord, Eric J. McGrath
17 [GO] Pediatric Clinics of North America 2021―Sep―17 Neurological Effects of COVID-19 in Children Tuhina Govil-Dalela, Lalitha Sivaswamy
18 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 CRYOPRESERVED SEMINAL SAMPLES FROM PATIENTS WITH ACUTE COVID-19 HAVE THE WORST POST-THAW QUALITY WHEN COMPARED TO OTHER ANDROLOGICAL DISEASES Juliana Risso Pariz, Heloisa Faquineti, Mayara Rodrigues, Larissa Namie Chiba, Ana Clara Monteiro Barduchi, Felipe Saraiva Bernardes, et al. (+4)
19 [GO] Clinical Infection in Practice 2021―Sep―17 Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in adults: A key issue in the COVID-19 era Miguel Augusto Martins Pereira, Lygia Marina Mendes da Costa, Suelen Brito Nascimento, Hye Chung Kang, Adelmo Henrique Daumas Gabriel
20 [GO] Energy Policy 2021―Sep―17 Forecasting the COVID-19 Effects on Energy Poverty Across EU Member States Alfonso Carfora, Giuseppe Scandurra, Antonio Thomas
21 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 VIRAL FALLOUT: SEMEN PROTEOME REVEALS THAT COVID-19 DYSREGULATES SEVERAL BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES LINKED TO MALE REPRODUCTIVE FUNCTION Swapneil Parikh, Susmita Ghosh, Mehar Un Nissa, Arup Acharjee, Prashant Makwana, Arundhati Athalye, et al. (+2)
22 [GO] Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 2021―Sep―17 Molecular modelling studies unveil potential binding sites on human serum albumin for selected experimental and in silico COVID-19 drug candidate molecules Arun Bahadur Gurung, Mohammad Ajmal Ali, Joongku Lee, Mohammad Abul Farah, Khalid Mashay Al-Anazi, Hiba Sami
23 [GO] Vaccine 2021―Sep―17 COVID-19 diagnosis in a Senegalese company: a model for COVID-19 vaccination? Jean Michel MANSUY, Asséga Sylvain SAGNA, Michael LAURENT, Jacques IZOPET
24 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 DIAGNOSIS ON FERTILITY-RELATED STRESS AND FERTILITY OUTCOMES IN AN IVF POPULATION Salomeh M. Salari, Rebecca K. Chung, Rhea Chattopadhyay, Heather Tribout, Ashley Brown, Mary Howard, et al. (+2)
25 [GO] Informatics in Medicine Unlocked 2021―Sep―17 COV-VGX: An automated COVID-19 detection system using X-ray images and transfer learning Prottoy Saha, Muhammad Sheikh Sadi, O.F.M. Riaz Rahman Aranya, Sadia Jahan, Ferdib-Al Islam
26 [GO] Journal of Surgical Education 2021―Sep―17 A Survey of the Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Skill Decay Among Surgery and Anesthesia Residents Bailey Roberts, Lyudmyla Demyan, Nipun Sodhi, Danielle DePeralta, Andrea Zimmern, Judith Arohnson, et al. (+3)
27 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 HOW MUCH LONGER? RATES OF ART DELAY OR CANCELLATION DURING THE COVID-19 CRISIS Shannon M. Malloy, Danielle E. Bradley
28 [GO] EBioMedicine 2021―Sep―17 The BNT162b2 vaccine effectiveness against new COVID-19 cases and complications of breakthrough cases: A nation-wide retrospective longitudinal multiple cohort analysis using individualised data Aharona Glatman-Freedman, Michal Bromberg, Rita Dichtiar, Yael Hershkovitz, Lital Keinan-Boker
29 [GO] The Lancet Psychiatry 2021―Sep―17 COVID-19 and UK family carers: policy implications Juliana Onwumere, Cathy Creswell, Gill Livingston, David Shiers, Kate Tchanturia, Tony Charman, et al. (+8)
30 [GO] Transfusion and Apheresis Science 2021―Sep―17 Convalescent plasma therapy in B-cell-depleted and B-cell sufficient patients with life-threatening COVID-19 - a case series Johanna Erber, Johannes R. Wiessner, Christina Huberle, Jochen Schneider, Hrvoje Mijočević, Doris von Bomhard, et al. (+4)
31 [GO] Pediatric Clinics of North America 2021―Sep―17 Pediatric Rheumatologic Effects of COVID-19 Nivine El-Hor, Matthew Adams
32 [GO] Social Science & Medicine 2021―Sep―17 Vaccine uptake and constrained decision making: The case of Covid-19 Leonardo Becchetti, Paolo Candio, Francesco Salustri
33 [GO] Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management 2021―Sep―17 Can we imagine the meal-sharing economy without service providers? The impact of COVID-19 Ozan Atsız, Ibrahim Cifci
34 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 PATIENT SATISFACTION WITH TELEMEDICINE VISITS FOR REPRODUCTIVE ENDOCRINOLOGY PATIENTS IN THE ERA OF COVID-19 Kelsey L. Anderson, Reyan Coskun, Caitlin Elizabeth Martin, Patricia T. Jimenez, Kenan Omurtag
35 [GO] Clinics and Research in Hepatology and Gastroenterology 2021―Sep―17 ADIPOSE TISSUE DYSFUNCTION AND MAFLD IN OBESITY ON THE SCENE OF COVID-19 Adryana Cordeiro, Amanda Ribamar, Andrea Ramalho
36 [GO] Technology in Society 2021―Sep―17 Applying contextual integrity to digital contact tracing and automated triage for hospitals during COVID-19 Marijn Martens, Ralf De Wolf, Karel Vadendriessche, Tom Evens, Lieven De Marez
37 [GO] Medicina Clínica (English Edition) 2021―Sep―17 Infection and thrombosis associated with COVID-19: Possible role of the ABO blood group Jianghui Cai, Hongxi Zhang, Mi Tang
38 [GO] Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 2021―Sep―17 Challenge and action of improving oral health inequities in the time of COVID-19 pandemic Yung-Kai Huang, Yu-Chao Chang
39 [GO] Journal of the American Medical Directors Association 2021―Sep―17 “Because if I don’t hold his hand then I might as well not be there”: Experiences of Dutch and UK care home visiting during the COVID-19 pandemic Clarissa Giebel, Bram de Boer, Mark Gabbay, Paul Marlow, Annerieke Stoop, Debby Gerritsen, Hilde Verbeek
40 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 EFFECT OF COVID-19 mRNA VACCINES ON SPERM QUALITY Daniel Gonzalez, Daniel E. Nassau, Kajal Khodamoradi, Emad Ibrahim, Ruben Blachman-Braun, Justin M. Dubin, et al. (+2)
41 [GO] The Science of The Total Environment 2021―Sep―17 Impact of COVID-19 on greenhouse gases emissions: A critical review Abhinandan Kumar, Pardeep Singh, Pankaj Raizada, Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain
42 [GO] The Electricity Journal 2021―Sep―17 Impacts of COVID-19 on Kuwait’s Electric Power Grid Yousef M. Al-Abdullah, Mahdi Al-Saffar, Ahmad Al-Azmi, Mostafa Sahraei-Ardakani
43 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 THE ONGOING IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON STRESSORS DURING FERTILITY TREATMENT Sarah Dynia, Jawaria Amir, Caroline Peschansky, Safina Usmani, Lauren Grimm, Royi Lynn, et al. (+6)
44 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 INNOVATIONS IN FERTILITY NURSING: THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON THE DELIVERY OF PATIENT CARE Francesca M. Steyn Mrs, Stefanie Nelson Tyler, Eleanor Stevenson, Susan Perry Ms
45 [GO] Journal of Affective Disorders 2021―Sep―17 The impact of Covid-19 on unemployment across Italy: consequences for those affected by psychiatric conditions Maurizio Pompili, Marco Innamorati, Gaia Sampogna, Umberto Albert, Claudia Carmassi, Giuseppe Carrà, et al. (+9)
46 [GO] International Journal of Surgery 2021―Sep―17 Commentary on “Mucormycosis co-infection in the context of global COVID-19 outbreak: A fatal addition to the pandemic spectrum” (Int J Surg 2021, 92:106031) - A pulmonary perspective Mihir R Gangakhedkar, Rahul Gupta
47 [GO] Transplantation and Cellular Therapy 2021―Sep―17 Return to School Practices for Pediatric Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Recipients During COVID-19 Pandemic Neel S. Bhatt, Christa Meyer, Lih-Wen Mau, Larisa Broglie, Steven Devine, Sung Won Choi, et al. (+2)
48 [GO] Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics 2021―Sep―17 Family Caregiving and Changes in Mental Health Status in Japan During the COVID-19 Pandemic Yuta Taniguchi, Atsushi Miyawaki, Yusuke Tsugawa, Hiroshi Murayama, Nanako Tamiya, Takahiro Tabuchi
49 [GO] International Journal of Nursing Sciences 2021―Sep―17 Utilization of telehealth and the advancement of nursing informatics during COVID-19 pandemic Ying Wu
50 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTRESS IN WOMEN CONSIDERING OR UNDERGOING FERTILITY TREATMENTS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC Luce A. Kassi, Angela K. Lawson, Eve C. Feinberg, Amelia Swanson, Mary Ellen Pavone, Shriya Shah
51 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 THE USE OF ONLINE TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS AS AN ADAPTATION FOR SCIENTIFIC EDUCATION IN ANDROLOGY DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC Renata Finelli, Ashok Agarwal, Damayanthi Durairajanayagam, Kristian Leisegang, Ralf Henkel
52 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY PROCEDURES IN THE US PRIOR TO AND DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC Jennifer Chae-Kim, Tongil TI. Kim, Larisa Gavrilova-Jordan, Gordon Wright Bates
53 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 READY (OR NOT): CHANGES IN CONCEPTION ATTEMPTS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC Shannon M. Malloy, Danielle E. Bradley
54 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 FET OUTCOMES DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC Isaac J. Chamani, David H. McCulloh, Frederick L. Licciardi, James A. Grifo
55 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 TRENDS IN ELECTIVE EGG FREEZING BEFORE AND AFTER THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC Anne E. Martini, Samad Jahandideh, Ali Williams, Kate Devine, Eric A. Widra, Micah J. Hill, et al. (+2)
56 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 FERTILITY PRESERVATION COUNSELING AND FAMILY PLANNING PRIOR TO AND DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC Jennifer Chae-Kim, Larisa Gavrilova-Jordan, Tongil T.I. Kim, Gordon Wright Bates
57 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 REDUCING IVF CYCLE MONITORING TO MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING PRACTISES DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC Salina Kanji, Heather Shapiro, Crystal Chan, Victoria O'Driscoll, Claire Jones
58 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 IVF/OOF OUTCOMES DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC Isaac J. Chamani, David H. McCulloh, James A. Grifo, Frederick L. Licciardi
59 [GO] Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 2021―Sep―17 Nationwide Assessment of SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot State Communication Efforts During the COVID-19 Pandemic Caroline G. Dunn, Calli Bianchi, Sheila Fleischhacker, Sara N. Bleich
60 [GO] Heliyon 2021―Sep―17 Education system of Nepal: impacts and future perspectives of COVID-19 pandemic Khadak Bahadur Pal, Buddha Bahadur Basnet, Ramesh Raj Pant, Kiran Bishwakarma, Kopila Kafle, Namraj Dhami, et al. (+4)
61 [GO] Pediatric Clinics of North America 2021―Sep―17 Child Maltreatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic Ashley Rapp, Gloria Fall, Abigail C. Radomsky, Sara Santarossa
62 [GO] Applied Energy 2021―Sep―17 Spatiotemporal analysis of water-electricity consumption in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic across six socioeconomic sectors in Doha City, Qatar Ammar Abulibdeh
63 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECT OF COVID-19 PANDEMIC AMONG WOMEN UNDERGOING INFERTILITY CARE, A FRENCH COHORT - PSYCOVART Oceane Lablanche, Bruno Salle, Elsa Labrune, Carole langlois-Jacques, Eloise Fraison
66 [GO] Pediatric Clinics of North America 2021―Sep―17 COVID-19 Pandemic, Children, Pediatricians, and the Future Bonita F. Stanton
68 [GO] Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría (English ed ) 2021―Sep―17 Stress Level During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Cuban Medical Sciences Students Emmanuel Zayas Fundora, Melany Maura Padrón González, Diana Esperanza Monet Álvarez, Christian Meijides-Mejias
69 [GO] Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría (English ed ) 2021―Sep―17 Emotional Impact on Health Personnel, Medical Students, and General Population Samples During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Lima, Peru Bruno Pedraz-Petrozzi, Hever Krüger-Malpartida, Martin Arevalo-Flores, Frine Salmavides-Cuba, Victor Anculle-Arauco, Mauricio Dancuart-Mendoza
70 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 VIRTUAL AND IN-PERSON CARE DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC LED TO EQUIVALENT PATIENT SATISFACTION FOR REPRODUCTIVE ENDOCRINOLOGY AND INFERTILITY (REI) PATIENTS Miriam Andrusier, Demetra H. Hufnagel, Simon Kleiner, Katie E. Aliaga, Maya Inez Davis, Maura Jones, et al. (+5)
72 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 THE EFFECT OF TELEMEDICINE DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC ON IVF TREATMENT Einav kadour-Peero, Ido Feferkorn, Ranit Hizkiyahu, Ezgi Demirtas
73 [GO] American Journal of Infection Control 2021―Sep―17 Impact of Building Closures during the COVID-19 Pandemic on Legionella Infection Risks Jiayu Liang, Clifford S. Swanson, Liang Wang, Qiang He
74 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 ON THE MOVE: THE IMPACT OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC ON MOVEMENT OF CRYOPRESERVED OOCYTES AND EMBRYOS Amelia G. Kelly, Lindsey Roth, Jacquelyn Shaw, Caroline McCaffrey, Amanda L. Atkinson, Jennifer K. Blakemore
75 [GO] Journal of Air Transport Management 2021―Sep―17 Quantifying the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on US airline stock prices Bebonchu Atems, Jules Yimga
76 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 THE PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC ON WOMEN PREGNANT FOLLOWING ART: A LONGITUDINAL STUDY Alice D. Domar, Jaimin S. Shah, Annika D. Gompers, Alison J. Meyers, Michele R. Hacker, Alan S. Penzias, et al. (+3)
77 [GO] Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría (English ed ) 2021―Sep―17 Psychosocial impact on health-related and non-health related university students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Results of an electronic survey Patricio García-Espinosa, Xóchitl Ortiz-Jiménez, Edgar Botello-Hernández, Rebeca Aguayo-Samaniego, Jorge Leija-Herrera, Fernando Góngora-Rivera
78 [GO] Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría (English ed ) 2021―Sep―17 Review of the COVID-19 Pandemic-related Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-10-C) Adalberto Campo-Arias, John Carlos Pedrozo-Pupo, Edwin Herazo
79 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 ANXIETY DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC: PRELIMINARY FINDINGS FROM THE UCSF ASPIRE STUDY Jerrine R. Morris, Eleni Greenwood Jaswa, Amy Kaing, Eduardo Hariton, Miriam Andrusier, Katie E. Aliaga, et al. (+4)
80 [GO] Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría (English ed ) 2021―Sep―17 Perceived Stress by Students of the Medical Sciences in Cuba Toward the COVID-19 Pandemic: Results of an Online Survey Frank Hernández-García, Onelis Góngora Gómez, Victor Ernesto González-Velázquez, Elys María Pedraza-Rodríguez, Rolando Zamora-Fung, Luis Alberto Lazo Herrera
81 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 TELEHEALTH DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC: WHAT YOUR PATIENTS ARE REALLY THINKING Melissa A. Mathes, Valentina A. Bertrand, Stephanie Gustin
82 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 IS THE USE OF A NON INVASIVE MOBILE APPLICATION AN EFFECTIVE WAY TO SCREEN WOMEN FOR ENDOMETRIOSIS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC? Janelle M. Jackman, Shruti Agarwal, Anuj Vaid, Azadeh a. Nezhat, Camran Nezhat
83 [GO] Medicina Intensiva 2021―Sep―17 Hydropneumothorax diagnosed by lung ultrasound in a COVID-19 patient Pablo Blanco, Liliana Figueroa, María Fernanda Menéndez
84 [GO] Patient Education and Counseling 2021―Sep―17 A questionnaire-based study on quality and adequacy of clinical communication between physician and family members of admitted Covid-19 patients Anup Verma, Alka Verma, Om Prakash Sanjeev, Ratender Kumar Singh, Tanmoy Ghatak
85 [GO] Journal of the American Medical Directors Association 2021―Sep―17 Functional outcomes of severe COVID-19 patients after a post-acute care hospitalization Joao Gabriel Rosa Ramos, Larrie Rabelo Laporte, Flaviane Ribeiro de Souza, Lucas Freire de Andrade
86 [GO] Computers in Biology and Medicine 2021―Sep―17 A Novel Cluster Detection of COVID-19 Patients and Medical Disease Conditions Using Improved Evolutionary Clustering Algorithm Star Bryar A. Hassan, Tarik A. Rashid, Hozan K. Hamarashid
87 [GO] Respiratory Medicine 2021―Sep―17 Candida spp. co-infection in COVID-19 patients with severe pneumonia: Prevalence study and associated risk factors Gonzalo Segrelles-Calvo, Glauber S. Araújo, Estefanía Llopis-Pastor, Javier Carrillo, Marta Hernández-Hernández, Laura Rey, et al. (+6)
88 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 PATIENT SATISFACTION OF IMPLEMENTED COVID-19 PROTOCOLS IN A PRIVATE FERTILITY PRACTICE Lisa P. Rosenthal, Alexandra S.E. Fontaine, Robin Mangieri, Spencer S. Richlin
89 [GO] The New Scientist 2021―Sep―17 Blood test could reveal covid-19 risk
90 [GO] Cell Reports 2021―Sep―17 Single-cell analysis of COVID-19, sepsis, and HIV infection reveals hyperinflammatory and immunosuppressive signatures in monocytes Nianping Liu, Chen Jiang, Pengfei Cai, Zhuoqiao Shen, Wujianan Sun, Hao Xu, et al. (+8)
91 [GO] International Journal of Cardiology 2021―Sep―17 Exercise ventilatory inefficiency may be a relevant CPET-feature in COVID-19 survivors Ernesto Crisafulli, Gianluigi Dorelli, Giulia Sartori, Luca Dalle Carbonare
93 [GO] Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders 2021―Sep―17 Long COVID or post COVID-19 syndrome J. Lechner-Scott, M. Levy, C. Hawkes, A. Yeh, G. Giovannoni
94 [GO] International Dental Journal 2021―Sep―17 The Role of Electronic Periodontal Probing in Preventing the COVID-19 Transmission in Dentistry Darius-Valentin Sandu, Ionuț Luchian, Irina Șufaru, Giorgio Nichitean, Ancuța Goriuc, Alexandra Mârțu, Sorina Solomon
95 [GO] Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders 2021―Sep―17 COVID-19 vaccination among individuals with autism spectrum disorder: A population-based study Orly Weinstein, Israel Krieger, Arnon Dov Cohen, Dana Tzur Bitan
96 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 COVID-19 VACCINATION AMONGST INFERTILITY STAFF: HOW CAN WE DO BETTER? Keri Bergin, Isabelle Kate Levin, Daniel W. Duvall, Alan S. Penzias, Denny Sakkas, Denis A. Vaughan
97 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 EXPOSURE OF OVARIES TO COVID-19 VACCINATION DOES NOT IMPAIR FERTILITY Randy S. Morris, Alexis J. Morris, Naperville IL
98 [GO] Journal of Neuroimmunology 2021―Sep―17 AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine and Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome in Tasmania: A causal link? Wai M. Oo, Pradeep Giri, Aaron De Souza
100 [GO] The Lancet Regional Health - Western Pacific 2021―Sep―17 Shifting COVID-19 Vaccine Intentions in New Zealand: Next Steps in the Vaccination Campaign Jagadish Thaker, Brian Floyd
101 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 OVERALL POSITIVE POSTS AFTER INTRODUCTION OF COVID-19 VACCINE ON FERTILITY-RELATED SOCIAL MEDIA Nicole D. Yoder, Jillian Pecoriello, Meghan B. Smith, Jennifer K. Blakemore
102 [GO] International Immunopharmacology 2021―Sep―17 A focused review on technologies, mechanisms, safety, and efficacy of available COVID-19 vaccines Parisa Ghasemiyeh, Soliman Mohammadi-Samani, Negar Firouzabadi, Ali Dehshahri, Afsaneh Vazin
103 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 MRNA COVID-19 VACCINES DO NOT COMPROMISE IMPLANTATION OF EUPLOID EMBRYOS Devora Aharon, Chelsea M. Canon, William J. Hanley, Joseph A. Lee, Matthew A. Lederman, Daniel E. Stein, Alan B. Copperman
104 [GO] Heliyon 2021―Sep―17 Complete genome sequencing and molecular characterization of SARS-COV-2 from COVID-19 cases in Alborz province in Iran Amir Kaffashi, Jiabin Huang, Amir Bairami, Mohammad Hossein Fallah Mehrabadi, Somayeh Yaslianifard, Mohsen Bashashati, et al. (+8)
105 [GO] Cell 2021―Sep―17 COVID-19 vaccines: Keeping pace with SARS-CoV-2 variants Muge Cevik, Nathan D. Grubaugh, Akiko Iwasaki, Peter Openshaw
106 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 THE NEW NORMAL: PATIENT PROGRESSION TO FERTILITY TREATMENT IN A COVID-19 WORLD Edward Hsyeh, Yishin Yang, Joseph A. Lee, Janet Choi, Alan B. Copperman
107 [GO] Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management 2021―Sep―17 COVID-19-related government interventions and travel and leisure stock Ying Wang, Hongwei Zhang, Wang Gao, Cai Yang
108 [GO] Research in Transportation Economics 2021―Sep―17 Examining COVID-19-triggered changes in spatial connectivity patterns in the European air transport network up to June 2021 Falko Mueller
110 [GO] Academic Radiology 2021―Sep―17 Diagnostic test accuracy of deep learning detection of COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis Temitope Emmanuel Komolafe, Yuzhu Cao, Benedictor Alexander Nguchu, Patrice Monkam, Ebenezer Obaloluwa Olaniyi, Haotian Sun, et al. (+2)
111 [GO] The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology In Practice 2021―Sep―17 Corticosteroid Protection Against COVID-19: Begin with the Nose Brian J. Lipworth, Rory Chan, Tara Carr
112 [GO] Journal of Affective Disorders Reports 2021―Sep―17 Caregiver wellbeing during Covid-19: does being hopeful play a role? Juliana Onwumere, Elizabeth Kuipers, Emilie Wildman, Ava Mason, Daniel Stahl
113 [GO] Comprehensive Psychiatry 2021―Sep―17 Family functioning as a moderator in the relation between perceived stress and psychotic-like experiences among adolescents during COVID-19 Zhipeng Wu, Zhulin Zou, Feiwen Wang, Zhibiao Xiang, Mengran Zhu, Yicheng Long, et al. (+3)
114 [GO] Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 2021―Sep―17 How can I Be as attractive as a Fitness YouTuber in the era of COVID-19? The impact of digital attributes on flow experience, satisfaction, and behavioral intention Minseong Kim
115 [GO] The New Scientist 2021―Sep―17 The changing coronavirus Michael Le Page
116 [GO] Pediatric Clinics of North America 2021―Sep―17 Health Disparities and Their Effects on Children and Their Caregivers During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic Lynn C. Smitherman, William Christopher Golden, Jennifer R. Walton
117 [GO] Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases 2021―Sep―17 Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome in Patients with Coronavirus Disease: A Multicenter Case Series Kristine Arandela, Shilpa Samudrala, Mohamad Abdalkader, Pria Anand, Ali Daneshmand, Hormuzdiyar Dasenbrock, et al. (+17)
118 [GO] The Lancet 2021―Sep―17 An appeal for an objective, open, and transparent scientific debate about the origin of SARS-CoV-2 Jacques van Helden, Colin D Butler, Guillaume Achaz, Bruno Canard, Didier Casane, Jean-Michel Claverie, et al. (+10)
119 [GO] International Journal of Infectious Diseases 2021―Sep―17 Longitudinal clinico-serological analysis of anti-nucleocapsid and anti-receptor binding domain of spike protein antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 Gururaj Rao Desphande, Ojas Kaduskar, Ketki Deshpande, Vaishali Bhatt, Pragya Yadav, Yogesh Gurav, et al. (+16)
120 [GO] Fertility and Sterility 2021―Sep―17 FEMALE GAMETE AND HUMAN EMBRYO SUSCEPTIBILITY TO SARS-COV-2 Frida Entezami, Delphine Haouzi, Sophie Brouillet, Fatima Barry, Anna Gala, Samir Hamamah
121 [GO] International Dental Journal 2021―Sep―17 Knowledge and Awareness of Specialists, General Dentists and Assistants Regarding SARS-CoV-2 Hafsa Qabool, Rashna Sukhia
122 [GO] The Lancet 2021―Sep―17 An appeal for an objective, open, and transparent scientific debate about the origin of SARS-CoV-2 - Authors' reply Gerald T Keusch, Sai Kit Lam, John S Mackenzie, Linda Saif, Michael Turner
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124 [GO] European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2021―Sep―17 Inhibition of the RNA-dependent RNA Polymerase of the SARS-CoV-2 by Short Peptide Inhibitors Suyash Pant, N.R. Jena
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