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1 [GO] Japanese Economic Review 2024―May―15 How serious was it? The impact of preschool closure on mothers’ psychological distress: evidence from the first COVID-19 outbreak Izumi Yokoyama, Reo Takaku
2 [GO] Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing 2024―May―15 Stability switches via endemic bubbles in a COVID-19 model examining the effect of mask usage and saturated treatment with reinfection Arpita Devi, Asish Adak, Praveen Kumar Gupta
3 [GO] Current Psychology 2024―May―15 Supporting grieving students amidst COVID-19: Emotion- and problem-focused coping strategies of teachers who supported grieving children during the COVID-19 pandemic Rivi Frei-Landau, Chani Mirsky, Naama Sabar-Ben-Yehoshua
4 [GO] Journal of Youth and Adolescence 2024―May―15 Longitudinal Changes in Psychosocial Adjustment Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic for Adolescents with Differential Patterns of Solitude and Sociability Meghan E. Borg, Teena Willoughby
5 [GO] Journal of Religion and Health 2024―May―15 The Scientist, the Therapist, and the Conspiracy Theorist: Three Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic Within the Ultra-orthodox Jewish Revival Movement in Israel Asaf Sharabi
6 [GO] Science China Life Sciences 2024―May―15 Missing microbes in infants and children in the COVID-19 pandemic: a study of 1,126 participants in Beijing, China Jiejing Wang, Yuejuan Li, Yu Mu, Kefei Huang, Danyi Li, Canhui Lan, et al. (+2)
7 [GO] Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities 2024―May―15 Utilizing an Intersectional Approach to Examine Experiences of Hunger Among Adolescents During COVID-19: Considering Race/Ethnicity, Sexual Identity, and Employment Disparities in a Nationally Representative Sample Kathryn M. Janda-Thomte, Dale S. Mantey, Catherine Bigbie, Andrew Springer
8 [GO] EcoHealth 2024―May―15 SARS-CoV-2 Surveillance of Wild Mice and Rats in North American Cities Lisa K. F. Lee, Chelsea G. Himsworth, Natalie Prystajecky, Antonia Dibernardo, L. Robbin Lindsay, Theresa M. Albers, et al. (+8)
9 [GO] SN Business & Economics 2024―May―15 The impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on stock market volatility: evidence from a selection of developed and emerging stock markets Muhammad Niaz Khan, Suzanne G. M. Fifield, David M. Power
10 [GO] Environment Development and Sustainability 2024―May―14 Supply chain sustainability: opportunities and challenges after COVID-19 Shahriar Azizi, Maryam Naeli, Sajjad Shokouhyar
11 [GO] Health and Technology 2024―May―14 Unsupervised generative learning-based decision-making system for COVID-19 detection Neeraj Menon, Pooja Yadav, Vinayakumar Ravi, Vasundhara Acharya, V Sowmya
12 [GO] International Journal of Systems Assurance Engineering and Management 2024―May―14 A robust innovative pipeline-based machine learning framework for predicting COVID-19 in Mexican patients Rahman Farnoosh, Karlo Abnoosian
13 [GO] Infectious Diseases and Therapy 2024―May―14 Molnupiravir Use Among Patients with COVID-19 in Real-World Settings: A Systematic Literature Review Julia Richmond DiBello, Valerie T. Raziano, Xinyue Liu, Amy Puenpatom, Kathryn Peebles, Nazleen F. Khan, Deanna D. Hill
14 [GO] Naunyn-Schmiedeberg s Archives of Pharmacology 2024―May―14 Adverse drug reactions associated with COVID-19 management Vivek Chavda, Payal Dodiya, Vasso Apostolopoulos
15 [GO] Journal of Bionic Engineering 2024―May―14 Enhanced Chimp Optimization Algorithm Using Attack Defense Strategy and Golden Update Mechanism for Robust COVID-19 Medical Image Segmentation Amir Hamza, Morad Grimes, Abdelkrim Boukabou, Samira Dib
16 [GO] Archives of Sexual Behavior 2024―May―14 Impact of COVID-19 on Profession and Health of Female Sex Workers: Apprehension, Acquiescence, and Resilience U. C. Samudyatha, J. K. Kosambiya, Manvendra Singh Rathore
17 [GO] European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 2024―May―14 Increase in acute mastoiditis at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic Eva Goldberg-Bockhorn, Clara Hurzlmeier, Julius M. Vahl, Franziska Stupp, Aleš Janda, Heike von Baum, Thomas K. Hoffmann
18 [GO] Die Chirurgie 2024―May―14 Severe cholecystitis during the COVID-19 pandemic","Schwerere Cholezystitiden während der COVID-19-Pandemie Maria Neve Stolberg-Stolberg, Felix Becker, Joachim Gerß, Matthias Brüwer
19 [GO] Journal of General Internal Medicine 2024―May―14 Correction to: Impact of SARS-CoV-2 Infection on Long-Term Depression Symptoms among Veterans Jason I. Chen, David Bui, Theodore J. Iwashyna, Troy A. Shahoumian, Alex Hickok, Megan Shepherd-Banigan, et al. (+13)
20 [GO] Journal of Computers in Education 2024―May―14 The role of contextual and individual factors in successful e-learning experiences during and after the pandemic - a two-year study Cătălin Ioan Maican, Ana Maria Cazan, Elena Cocoradă, Lavinia Dovleac, Radu Constantin Lixăndroiu, Maria Anca Maican, Sorin Alexandru Cocoradă
21 [GO] Current Microbiology 2024―May―13 Homologous and Heterologous Covid-19 Booster Vaccinations Against SARS-CoV-2 Infection in the Elderly Ömer Acer, Yasemin Genç Bahçe, Osman Özüdoğru
22 [GO] VOLUNTAS International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 2024―May―13 Immigrant Solidarity Amid the COVID-19 Crisis in Italy: Forms of Help, Intergroup Solidarity, and Recognition Maurizio Artero, Maurizio Ambrosini
23 [GO] European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience 2024―May―13 Characterization of cognitive symptoms in post COVID-19 patients Michael Ruzicka, Simone Sachenbacher, Fides Heimkes, Aline Olivia Uebleis, Susanne Karch, Fabienne Grosse-Wentrup, et al. (+15)
24 [GO] Rheumatology International 2024―May―13 IgA vasculitis after COVID-19: a case-based review Dorota Suszek, Anna Grzywa-Celińska, Justyna Emeryk-Maksymiuk, Adam Krusiński, Katarzyna Redestowicz, Jan Siwiec
25 [GO] Journal of Urban Health 2024―May―13 Area-Level Social Vulnerability and Severe COVID-19: A Case-Control Study Using Electronic Health Records from Multiple Health Systems in the Southeastern Pennsylvania Region Pricila H. Mullachery, Usama Bilal, Ran Li, Leslie A. McClure
26 [GO] Drug Safety 2024―May―13 Long-Term Safety Analysis of the BBV152 Coronavirus Vaccine in Adolescents and Adults: Findings from a 1-Year Prospective Study in North India Upinder Kaur, Aakanksha Jaiswal, Ayushi Jaiswal, Kunal Singh, Aditi Pandey, Mayank Chauhan, et al. (+5)
27 [GO] Intensive Care Medicine – Paediatric and Neonatal 2024―May―13 Characteristics and outcomes of children with SARS-CoV-2 respiratory failure: a matched cohort study Ira M. Cheifetz, Onella S. Dawkins-Henry, Michele Kong, Lisa A. Asaro, Natalie Napolitano, Mallory A. Perry-Eaddy, et al. (+23)
28 [GO] VOLUNTAS International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 2024―May―13 Absorptive Philanthropic Governance: The Resilience and Differentiation of Chinese Philanthropic Foundations Amidst the Pandemic Echo Lei Wang, Runya Qiaoan, Jiangang Zhu
29 [GO] Discover Psychology 2024―May―13 The pandemic and working mothers: perspectives from American and South African working mothers Lisa H. Rosen, Shannon R. Scott, Roshni Shukla, Darian Poe, Shazia Ahmed
30 [GO] Current Psychology 2024―May―13 A cross-level analysis about the impact of pandemic-related stressors, online learning satisfaction and coping on elementary school students’ psychological symptoms Chengke Yu, Pengyong Sun, Xiang Zhang, Yiyao Su, Lingling Huang, Taohua Huang, Xiaoshan Li
31 [GO] International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 2024―May―12 Presence, transmission, and management of the SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater: a brief review S. R. Koza, Z. Li
32 [GO] Journal of Nephrology 2024―May―12 Impact of pandemic mobility restrictions on kidney transplant patients’ experience: lessons on quality of care Joan Fernando, Ignacio Revuelta, Eva Palou, Rosario Scandurra, Beatriu Bayés, Joan Escarrabill
33 [GO] Reactions Weekly 2024―May―11 PPI use increases risk of COVID-19 infections after two doses of COVID-19 vaccine
34 [GO] Reactions Weekly 2024―May―11 COVID-19-vaccine-Gamaleya-National-Research-Center-of-Epidemiology-and-Microbiology
35 [GO] Supportive Care in Cancer 2024―May―11 Lessons learned from COVID-19: improving breast cancer care post-pandemic from the patient perspective Charlotte Myers, Kathleen Bennett, Caitriona Cahir
36 [GO] Forensic Science Medicine and Pathology 2024―May―11 Autopsy-based all-cause unnatural mortality during pre-pandemic and pandemic of COVID-19 in Varanasi, India: a retrospective analysis Jyotsana Singh, Ambrish Kumar, Surendra Kumar Pandey
37 [GO] Current Pediatrics Reports 2024―May―11 Early Literature on Adolescent Social Media Use, Substance Use, and Depressive Symptoms During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Scoping Review Miranda L. M. Delawalla, Ruchi Tiwari, Yolanda N. Evans, Isaac C. Rhew, Daniel A. Enquobahrie
38 [GO] Current Psychology 2024―May―11 Family functioning and mental health before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: a two-cohort comparison of emerging adults María del Carmen García-Mendoza, Rocío de la Fuente, Inmaculada Sánchez-Queija, Águeda Parra
39 [GO] Current Microbiology 2024―May―11 An Overview of SARS-CoV-2 Potential Targets, Inhibitors, and Computational Insights to Enrich the Promising Treatment Strategies Pooja Kumawat, Lokesh Kumar Agarwal, Kuldeep Sharma
40 [GO] New Generation Computing 2024―May―10 Nature-Inspired Algorithms-Based Optimal Features Selection Strategy for COVID-19 Detection Using Medical Images Law Kumar Singh, Munish Khanna, Himanshu Monga, Rekha singh, Gaurav Pandey
41 [GO] PharmacoEconomics 2024―May―10 Lessons Learned from Model-based Economic Evaluations of COVID-19 Drug Treatments Under Pandemic Circumstances: Results from a Systematic Review Clazinus Veijer, Marinus H. van Hulst, Benjamin Friedrichson, Maarten J. Postma, Antoinette D.I. van Asselt
42 [GO] Drug Safety 2024―May―10 Use of Sotrovimab in Pregnancy: Experiences from the COVID-19 International Drug Pregnancy Registry Diego F. Wyszynski, Lydia Demetriou, Cheryl Renz, Shirin Aliabadi, Dragutin Rafailovic, Lee P. Shulman, et al. (+2)
43 [GO] Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 2024―May―10 A pilot study evaluating stress factors during and after the COVID-19 pandemic in Viennese families who have the suspicion of child maltreatment or abuse Anastasia Pantazidou, Chryssa Grylli, Sophie Klomfar, Eva Mora-Theuer, Johanna Schöggl, Sarah Macura, et al. (+3)
44 [GO] Infectious Diseases and Therapy 2024―May―10 Implementation of AZD7442 (Tixagevimab/Cilgavimab) COVID-19 Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) in the Largest Health Maintenance Organization in Israel: Real-world Uptake and Sociodemographic and Clinical Characteristics Across Immunocompromised Patient Groups Samah Hayek, Joseph Levy, Galit Shaham, Noa Dagan, Danielle Serby, Hadar Duskin-Bitan, et al. (+9)
45 [GO] Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 2024―May―10 Revealing Decision-Making Strategies of Americans in Taking COVID-19 Vaccination Azadeh Aghaeeyan, Pouria Ramazi, Mark A. Lewis
46 [GO] Microchimica Acta 2024―May―10 Optical biosensors for diagnosis of COVID-19: nanomaterial-enabled particle strategies for post pandemic era Yusuf Samil Tekin, Seyda Mihriban Kul, Osman Sagdic, Nadnudda Rodthongkum, Brian Geiss, Tugba Ozer
47 [GO] Environment Development and Sustainability 2024―May―09 Policy impacts in dynamic relation to food, income, learning and security: COVID-19 lockdowns in a Nigerian Agrarian Community Grace Oluwakemi Awosanmi, Ayodeji Fisayo Afolayan, Mia Perry, George Olusola Ajibade, Sunday Adesola Ajayi
48 [GO] Journal of Social and Economic Development 2024―May―09 COVID-19 impact on urban low-income individuals in Bangladesh: a qualitative content analysis Tasin Islam Himel, Sumya Naz, Md. Zakir Hossain, Khan Rubayet Rahaman
49 [GO] Earth Science Informatics 2024―May―09 Modelling the spatial varying relationships between socioeconomic inequalities and COVID-19 mortality in the African subregion Yaw K. Awuah-Mensah, Eric N. Aidoo
50 [GO] Sexuality Research and Social Policy 2024―May―09 Sexual and Mental Health in Healthcare Workers during the COVID-19 Outbreak: Exploring the Role of Meaning-Centered Coping José Antonio Pérez-Escobar, David F. Carreno, Rosalía Pérez-Escobar, Nikolett Eisenbeck
51 [GO] Archives of Microbiology 2024―May―09 Changing patterns of bacterial profile and antimicrobial resistance in high-risk patients during the COVID-19 pandemic at a tertiary oncology hospital Rasha M. Abdel-Hamid, Hadir A. El-Mahallawy, Rasha M. Allam, Mai M. Zafer, Marwa Elswify
52 [GO] Stem Cell Reviews and Reports 2024―May―09 The Onset of Intussusceptive Angiogenesis in COVID-19 Patients Might Come from the Mobilization of Stem Cell Sub-Populations Expressing the Hemangioblast Marker CD143 Lou Soret, Coralie L. Guerin, Guillaume Goudot, Léa Guyonnet, Jean-Luc Diehl, Aurélien Philippe, et al. (+2)
53 [GO] Neurological Sciences 2024―May―09 Multiple sclerosis and COVID-19: a northern China survey Qian Guo, Tianwei Wang, Yusen Huang, Fangruyue Wang, Pingping Hao, Le Fang
54 [GO] Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis 2024―May―09 Protein C and S activities in COVID-19: A systematic review and meta-analysis Zahra Khoshnegah, Payam Siyadat, Mehrdad Rostami, Maryam Sheikhi, Mohammad Ghorbani, Hassan Mansouritorghabeh
55 [GO] Medical Microbiology and Immunology 2024―May―09 Quantitative assay to analyze neutralization and inhibition of authentic Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus Helena Müller-Kräuter, Jolanda Mezzacapo, Michael Klüver, Sara Baumgart, Dirk Becker, Anahita Fathi, et al. (+2)
56 [GO] Medical Science Educator 2024―May―09 Nursing Education During the SARS-COVID-19 Pandemic: The Implementation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Oriette Soto-Luffi, Cristian Villegas, Sharon Viscardi, Elizabeth Maria Ulloa-Inostroza
57 [GO] Operational Research 2024―May―09 Food supply chain network design under uncertainty and pandemic disruption Hanieh Shekarabi, Mohammad Mahdi Vali-Siar, Ashkan Mozdgir
58 [GO] Food Security 2024―May―09 A systematic literature review on coping mechanisms and food security during pandemics Yeni Budiawati, Ronnie S. Natawidjaja, Dhanan Sarwo Utomo, Tomy Perdana, Maman H. Karmana
59 [GO] Asian Journal of Business Ethics 2024―May―08 Drivers of creating shared value (CSV): internal and external triggers in the shadow of COVID-19 Carry Ka Yee Mak
60 [GO] Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 2024―May―08 Markovian Approach for Exploring Competitive Diseases with Heterogeneity-Evidence from COVID-19 and Influenza in China Xingyu Gao, Yuchao Xu
61 [GO] Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications 2024―May―08 Topp-Leone Exponentiated Pareto Distribution: Properties and Application to Covid-19 Data Fabio M. Correa, Braimah J. Odunayo, Ibrahim Sule, Olalekan A. Bello
62 [GO] Journal of Public Health 2024―May―08 An empirical analysis of factors determining changes in physical exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic Susana Pulgar, Cristina Mazas, Sepideh Kaviani, Carolyn Butts-Wilmsmeyer, Maria Fernandez-del-Valle
63 [GO] Biochemical Genetics 2024―May―08 Association of Renin-Angiotensin Pathway Gene Polymorphisms with COVID-19 Susceptibility and Severity in Moroccans: A Case-Control Study Fatima-Zahra El Yousfi, Samia El Hilali, Jihane Belayachi, Khalid Ennibi, Rachid Razine, Redouane Abouqal, Ahmed Bouhouche
64 [GO] Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry 2024―May―08 Analyzing air quality status at India’s heritage sites: Climate, COVID-19 lockdown, and Solutions Mohd Arif, Saloni Sachdeva, Sherry Mangla, Prafulla Kumar Sahoo
65 [GO] Molecular Biology Reports 2024―May―08 Association of the C3953T (rs1143634) variant of the interleukin 1 beta gene with the features of a complicated course of COVID-19-associated pneumonia Valeriy Pokhylko, Yuliia Cherniavska, Liliia Fishchuk, Zoia Rossokha, Olena Popova, Viktoriia Vershyhora, et al. (+4)
66 [GO] SN Computer Science 2024―May―08 Analysis of Digitization Impact on Indian Economy in the Context of COVID Pandemic Raghavendra Mokashi, Vijayalakshmi A. Lepakshi
67 [GO] Current Psychology 2024―May―08 Exploring the psychological dynamics of the flow experience in tourism: a comparative study of the pre- and post-COVID-19 pandemic periods Xuejiao Lin, Jiajun Feng, Qian Yang, Guoqing Guo
68 [GO] Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 2024―May―07 FACNN: fuzzy-based adaptive convolution neural network for classifying COVID-19 in noisy CXR images Suganyadevi S., Seethalakshmi V.
69 [GO] The Indian Journal of Pediatrics 2024―May―07 Long Term Impact of Adeno-tonsillectomy on Immunity Against Respiratory Viral Infections; Evidence Deduced During COVID-19 Pandemic Ramaneeshwaran Murugesan, Prem Sagar, Rajeev Kumar, Sushil Kumar Kabra, Pradeep Kumar Chaturvedi, Maroof Ahmad Khan, et al. (+3)
70 [GO] Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities 2024―May―07 A Latent Profile Analysis of COVID-19 and Influenza Vaccine Hesitancy among Economically Marginalized Hispanic Mothers of Children under Five Years of Age in the US Yea Won Park, Elise Bragard, Purnima Madhivanan, Celia B. Fisher
71 [GO] Updates in Surgery 2024―May―07 Perioperative COVID-19 and surgical outcomes among vaccinated patients: comment Hinpetch Daungsupawong, Viroj Wiwanitkit
72 [GO] Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing 2024―May―07 Stability and complex dynamical analysis of COVID-19 epidemic model with non-singular kernel of Mittag-Leffler law Saba Jamil, Parvaiz Ahmad Naik, Muhammad Farman, Muhammad Umer Saleem, Abdul Hamid Ganie
73 [GO] Digestive Diseases and Sciences 2024―May―07 Impact of COVID-19 Infection on Pancreato-Biliary Diseases Requiring Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography Briette Karanfilian, Amy Tyberg, Avik Sarkar, Haroon M. Shahid, Alexa Simon, Karoline Reinoso, et al. (+20)
74 [GO] Current Addiction Reports 2024―May―07 Betting on Uncertainty: A Review of Changes in Gambling and Substitute Addictive Behaviours During the COVID-19 Pandemic Lindsey A. Snaychuk, Jenna L. Vieira, Sophie G. Coelho, Maya C. Thulin, Aaron Palachi, Eliscia Siu-Lin Liang Sinclair, Hyoun S. Kim
75 [GO] Neurosurgical Review 2024―May―07 The association of COVID-19 pandemic with the increase of sinogenic and otogenic intracranial infections in children: a 10-year retrospective comparative single-center study Mohammed Issa, Vasiliki Kalliri, Sara Euteneuer, Arne Krümpelmann, Angelika Seitz, Olaf Sommerburg, et al. (+9)
76 [GO] Current Psychology 2024―May―07 Exploring the interplay between individual and family functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study Valentina Lucia La Rosa, Miriana Tornatore, Elena Commodari
77 [GO] Naunyn-Schmiedeberg s Archives of Pharmacology 2024―May―07 Thrombocytopenia risks in ARDS COVID-19 patients treated with high-dose linezolid during vvECMO therapy: an observational study Pedja Kovacevic, Dragana Milakovic, Tijana Kovacevic, Vedrana Barisic, Sasa Dragic, Biljana Zlojutro, et al. (+3)
78 [GO] Spatial Information Research 2024―May―07 Advancing COVID-19 poverty estimation with satellite imagery-based deep learning techniques: a systematic review Shruti Mishra, Sandeep Kumar Satapathy, Sung-Bae Cho, Sachi Nandan Mohanty, Sweeti Sah, Shweta Sharma
79 [GO] AIDS and Behavior 2024―May―07 COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance and Hesitancy among People Living with HIV: Review and Meta-Analysis Marcos Pereira, Italo Ricardo Santos Aleluia, Caroline Tianeze de Castro, Tarcio de Almeida Oliveira, Mila Silva Cunha, Laio Magno, et al. (+7)
80 [GO] BioChip Journal 2024―May―07 Electrochemical Detection of S-RBD Protein for Point-of-Care SARS-CoV-2 Monitoring Using Platinum-Black-Based Sensor Array Sathish Panneer Selvam, Jaehwan Park, Sungho Park, Hee-Eun Kim, Sungbo Cho
81 [GO] Management System Engineering 2024―May―06 Predicting the public’s seeking intention of COVID-19 risk information through the comparison of PRISM and expanded PRISM Mei Liu, Danli Xiong, Mengru He
82 [GO] Computational Particle Mechanics 2024―May―06 Retraction Note: Molecular dynamics performance for coronavirus simulation by C, N, O, and S atoms implementation dreiding force field: drug delivery atomic interaction in contact with metallic Fe, Al, and steel Aliakbar Karimipour, Ali Amini, Mohammad Nouri, Annunziata D’Orazio, Roozbeh Sabetvand, Maboud Hekmatifar, et al. (+2)
83 [GO] Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities 2024―May―06 Learning Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic-A Qualitative Assessment of the Experiences of Pregnant Latinas Infected with COVID-19 and Their Perspectives on Vaccination Marcela Lopez, Jonathan Altamirano, Stephanie Melchor, Susan Perez, Yvonne Maldonado, Natali Aziz, Irogue Igbinosa
84 [GO] International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics 2024―May―06 Study of the Spreading Behavior of the Biological SIR Model of COVID-19 Disease Through a Fast Fibonacci Wavelet-Based Computational Approach Manoj Kumar, Suyash Narayan Mishra
85 [GO] Wireless Personal Communications 2024―May―06 The Readiness of the Technological in Communications for the Effectiveness of online learning amid COVID-19 Pandemic Amaal M. I. Al-Amawi, Alaa H. A. Al-Sarabi, Heba Al-Malahmeh, Yanal M. M. Kilani
86 [GO] European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 2024―May―06 Rise in complications of acute otitis media during and after the COVID-19 pandemic Hannes Hollborn, Christoph Lachmann, Daniel Strüder, Sara M. van Bonn, Robert Mlynski, Sebastian P. Schraven
87 [GO] Journal of Religion and Health 2024―May―06 Urban Churches Show an Increase in Attendance, Donations, and Finances During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the USA: Evidence from the United Methodist Church Anum G. Niazi, Nayab Ahmed, Shandana Kifayat, Shanlina Kifayat, Mohammad Asad Niazi, Muhammad Salar Khan
88 [GO] Intensive Care Medicine 2024―May―06 Characteristics of co-infection and secondary infection amongst critically ill COVID-19 patients in the first two waves of the pandemic Thomas De Corte, Katharina Kohler, Maurizio Cecconi, Jan J. De Waele, Andrew Conway Morris, Jan J. De Waele, et al. (+374)
89 [GO] Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics 2024―May―06 Perinatal outcomes among pregnant patients with peripartum coronavirus disease 2019 infection Alla Saban, Noa Leybovitz Haleluya, Yael Geva, Neta Geva, Reli Hershkovitz
90 [GO] Organisationsberatung Supervision Coaching 2024―May―06 (Selbst-)Coachingprogramm für Long Covid-Betroffene","(Self-)coaching program for those affected by Long Covid Stefanie Nüßlein
91 [GO] Computational Economics 2024―May―05 Stock Market Efficiency of the BRICS Countries Pre-, During, and Post Covid-19 Pandemic: A Multifractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis Syed Moudud-Ul-Huq, Md. Shahriar Rahman
92 [GO] CJEM 2024―May―05 Using quality improvement approaches to increase emergency department provider engagement in research participant enrollment during COVID-19 and opioid overdose public health emergencies Alisha Hussey, Kaela Pozsgay, Carolyn M. L. Crawford, Yueqiao Elle Wang, Anthony Lau, Andrew Kestler, Jessica Moe
93 [GO] Journal of Industrial and Business Economics 2024―May―05 Coping with unforeseen circumstances: the COVID-19 crisis and bus contract renegotiation in Sweden Gunnar Alexandersson, Staffan Hultén, Lars Henriksson
94 [GO] Molecular Genetics and Genomics 2024―May―04 Chromosome-Y haplogroups in Asturias (Northern Spain) and their association with severe COVID-19 Mar González-Fernández, Daniel Vázquez-Coto, Guillermo M. Albaiceta, Laura Amado-Rodríguez, Marta G. Clemente, Lucinda Velázquez-Cuervo, et al. (+3)
95 [GO] Molecular Biotechnology 2024―May―04 Emerging Trends of Gold Nanostructures for Point-of-Care Biosensor-Based Detection of COVID-19 Akhilesh Kumar Yadav, Nagaraj Basavegowda, Saba Shirin, Shiji Raju, Rajkumar Sekar, Prathap Somu, et al. (+2)
96 [GO] Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology 2024―May―04 EEG Correlates of Suicidal Intent in Patients with Depression With and Without COVID-19 A. F. Iznak, E. V. Iznak, E. V. Damyanovich, I. V. Oleichik
97 [GO] Health and Technology 2024―May―04 Digital contact tracing technology in the COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic review Nicole Irwin, Dewi Nur Aisyah, Fauziah Mauly Rahman, Logan Manikam
98 [GO] Current Psychology 2024―May―04 Environmental unpredictability and self-concept clarity in Chinese adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic: the mediating role of depressive symptoms Zhengqian Yang, Yuhan Luo, Fumei Chen, Mengdi Qi, Rui Luo, Yajun Li, Yun Wang
99 [GO] International Journal of Cognitive Therapy 2024―May―04 A Cross-Sectional Survey on the Relationship Between Spirituality and Posttraumatic Growth During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Mediating Role of Emotion Regulation and Self-Compassion Zahra Paeizi, Mehdi Akbari, Shahram Mohammadkhani, Seyed Hamid Reza Faiz, Mark D. Griffiths
100 [GO] Infection 2024―May―04 FURIN, IFNL4, and TLR2 gene polymorphisms in relation to COVID-19 severity: a case-control study in Egyptian patients Gamalat A. Elgedawy, Naglaa S. Elabd, Radwa H. Salem, Samah M. Awad, Amany A. Amer, Mohammad M. Torayah, et al. (+6)
101 [GO] Journal of Neurology 2024―May―04 Cerebellar encephalitis and peripheral neuropathy with an atypical clinical and neuroimaging signature following Covid-19 vaccine: a report of two cases Marin Sicard, Natalia Shor, Vincent Davy, Jean-Jacques Rouby, Bruno Oquendo, Thierry Maisonobe, et al. (+10)
102 [GO] Infectious Diseases and Therapy 2024―May―04 Efficacy, Safety, and Pharmacokinetics of AZD7442 (Tixagevimab/Cilgavimab) for Prevention of Symptomatic COVID-19: 15-Month Final Analysis of the PROVENT and STORM CHASER Trials Myron J. Levin, Andrew Ustianowski, Stephane De Wit, Rohini Beavon, Jesse Thissen, Seth Seegobin, et al. (+5)
103 [GO] Plasmonics 2024―May―04 Design and Modelling of Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor Employing BaTiO3 and Graphene Nanostructure for Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Virus K. M. Alaaudeen, Salim Manoharadas, Vigneswaran Dhasarathan, S. Rajeshkannan
104 [GO] Journal of Computational Social Science 2024―May―03 Influence of emotions on coping behaviors in crisis: a computational analysis of the COVID-19 outbreak Hao Xu, Smitha Muthya Sudheendra, Jisu Huh, Aadesh Salecha, Jaideep Srivastava
105 [GO] Journal of Child and Family Studies 2024―May―03 COVID-19 and Child Adjustment: The role of Coparenting Conflict and Child Temperament David Menendez, Zhi Li, Rebecca E. Klapper, Karl. S. Rosengren, Melissa L. Sturge-Apple
106 [GO] Neural Computing and Applications 2024―May―03 Numerical reasoning reading comprehension on Vietnamese COVID-19 news: task, corpus, and challenges Kiet Van Nguyen, Thang Viet Le, Tinh Pham-Phuc Do
107 [GO] Current Psychology 2024―May―03 The impact of loneliness on depression during the COVID-19 pandemic in China: a two-wave follow-up study Linlin Yan, Xu Ding, Yiqun Gan, Naiyi Wang, Jianhui Wu, Hongxia Duan
108 [GO] Population Research and Policy Review 2024―May―03 Gender and Beyond: Employment Patterns during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Italy Elisa Brini, Stefani Scherer, Agnese Vitali
109 [GO] Clinical and Experimental Nephrology 2024―May―03 Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on care of maintenance hemodialysis patients: a multicenter study Yasmine Salah Naga, Ahmed El Keraie, Samar Samy Abd ElHafeez, Rowan Saad Zyada
110 [GO] Internal and Emergency Medicine 2024―May―03 Association between serum levels of GDF-15, suPAR, PIVKA-II, sdLDL and clinical outcomes in hospitalized COVID-19 patients Alessio Molfino, Emanuela Anastasi, Eleonora Assanto, Ludovica Toccini, Giovanni Imbimbo, Antonietta Gigante, et al. (+5)
111 [GO] Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities 2024―May―03 COVID-19 Prevention and Mitigation Decision-Making Processes While Navigating Chronic Disease Care: Perspectives of Black Adults with Heart Failure and Diabetes Leslie C. M. Johnson, Robina Josiah Willock, Sierra Simmons, Sarahna Moyd, Demetrius Geiger, Jalal K. Ghali, Rakale C. Quarells
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327 [GO] Reactions Weekly 2024―Apr―12 COVID-19-vaccine
328 [GO] Reactions Weekly 2024―Apr―12 COVID-19-vaccine
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684 [GO] Zentralblatt für Arbeitsmedizin Arbeitsschutz und Ergonomie 2024―Mar―05 Schlafqualität und Schlafverhalten von Studierenden während der COVID-19-Pandemie","Sleep quality and sleep behavior of students during the COVID-19 pandemic Sophie Nestler, Irina Böckelmann
685 [GO] Infectious Diseases and Therapy 2024―Mar―05 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Incidence of Herpes Zoster: A Narrative Literature Review Raunak Parikh, Mitra Yousefi, Desmond Curran, Robyn Widenmaier
686 [GO] Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities 2024―Mar―05 Addressing COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Uptake Among African Immigrants: Lessons from a Community-Based Outreach Program Emmanuel F. Koku, Nettie Johnson-Yengbeh, Ava Muhr
687 [GO] Medicinal Chemistry Research 2024―Mar―05 Design, synthesis, and biochemical and computational screening of novel oxindole derivatives as inhibitors of Aurora A kinase and SARS-CoV-2 spike/host ACE2 interaction Donatus B. Eni, Joel Cassel, Cyril T. Namba-Nzanguim, Conrad V. Simoben, Ian Tietjen, Ravikumar Akunuri, et al. (+2)
688 [GO] Multimedia Tools and Applications 2024―Mar―05 A noval approach of classification of COVID-19 from chest CT-Scan images using ensemble classifier in combination with cognition based texture features Upendra Kumar
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702 [GO] Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 2024―Mar―01 Jewish Ethics of Inmate Vaccines Against COVID-19 Tsuriel Rashi
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709 [GO] Reactions Weekly 2024―Mar―01 COVID-19-vaccine
710 [GO] Reactions Weekly 2024―Mar―01 COVID-19-vaccines/Prednisone/Valaciclovir
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718 [GO] The Urban Review 2024―Feb―29 Out of a Crisis Comes Resilience: Community School Coordinators Work Through the Pandemic to Generate Social Capital in Baltimore’s Neighborhoods Jessica Shiller
719 [GO] Journal of Economic Growth 2024―Feb―29 Labor scarcity, technology adoption and innovation: evidence from the cholera pandemics in 19th century France Raphaël Franck
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724 [GO] Journal of the Knowledge Economy 2024―Feb―29 Communication as a Transmitter of Trust in Healthcare Network During Pandemic Agata Kocia
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734 [GO] Acta Neuropathologica 2024―Feb―27 Disruption of the blood-brain barrier is correlated with spike endocytosis by ACE2 + endothelia in the CNS microvasculature in fatal COVID-19. Scientific commentary on "Detection of blood-brain barrier disruption in brains of patients with COVID-19, but no evidence of brain penetration by SARS-CoV-2” Cynthia Magro, Esmerina Tili, Gerard Nuovo
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742 [GO] In Silico Pharmacology 2024―Feb―27 Steroidal lactones from Withania somnifera effectively target Beta, Gamma, Delta and Omicron variants of SARS-CoV-2 and reveal a decreased susceptibility to viral infection and perpetuation: a polypharmacology approach Aditi Srivastava, Rumana Ahmad, Irshad A. Wani, Sahabjada Siddiqui, Kusum Yadav, Anchal Trivedi, et al. (+4)
743 [GO] Journal of the Knowledge Economy 2024―Feb―27 Pandemic-Resilient Investment: Sustainable Knowledge Infrastructure for Medical AI Zhaoxia Deng
744 [GO] European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience 2024―Feb―27 Serotonin deficiency and psychiatric long COVID: both caused specifically by the virus itself or an adaptive general stress response? Udo Bonnet, Jens Kuhn
745 [GO] Japanese Economic Review 2024―Feb―26 The role of nudge-based messages on the acceptability and download of COVID-19 contact tracing apps: survey experiments Hirofumi Kurokawa, Shusaku Sasaki, Fumio Ohtake
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787 [GO] Reactions Weekly 2024―Feb―22 COVID-19 vaccine
788 [GO] Reactions Weekly 2024―Feb―22 Risks of neonatal AEs after mRNA COVID-19 vaccine exposure
789 [GO] Reactions Weekly 2024―Feb―22 Global COVID-19 vaccine study confirms safety signals
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912 [GO] Bundesgesundheitsblatt - Gesundheitsforschung - Gesundheitsschutz 2024―Feb―09 Social pediatric care situation and needs during the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020 to 2022. What is needed now?","Sozialpädiatrische Versorgungssituation und -bedarfe in Zeiten der COVID-19-Pandemie 2020 bis 2022. Was wird jetzt gebraucht? Elke Peters, Hannah Schmidt, Hannah Baltus, Maike Schnoor, Nina Hartmann, Alexander Katalinic
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915 [GO] Reactions Weekly 2024―Feb―09 COVID-19-vaccine
916 [GO] Reactions Weekly 2024―Feb―09 SARS-COV-2-vaccine-inactivated-Sinovac-Biotech/thiamazole
917 [GO] Environment Development and Sustainability 2024―Feb―08 An experimental study on the effect of disposable COVID-19 face masks on the mechanical properties of cement-stabilized sand Hossein MolaAbasi, Reza Jamshidi Chenari, Meghdad Payan
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949 [GO] Angiogenesis 2024―Feb―06 People with a connective tissue disorder may be especially vulnerable to the endothelial damage that characterizes long COVID due to the fragility of their vasculature and slow wound healing Jeffrey Lubell
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955 [GO] Neuropsychiatrie 2024―Feb―05 COVID-19-related anxiety and obsession levels in stroke patients and family caregivers and their effects on caregiver burden","COVID-19-bedingte Level von Angst und Zwangsgedanken bei Schlaganfallpatienten und pflegenden Angehörigen und ihre Auswirkungen auf die Belastung der Pflegekräfte Yelda Soluk Özdemir, Nurdan Paker, Nazlı Şişmanoğlu Ataç, Derya Buğdaycı, Kadriye Öneş
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957 [GO] Portuguese Economic Journal 2024―Feb―05 The macroeconomic impact of COVID-19 on occupations Xinru Li
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960 [GO] Journal of Mathematical Chemistry 2024―Feb―05 Computational repurposing of drugs for viral diseases and current and future pandemics David A. Winkler
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962 [GO] Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 2024―Feb―03 GIFNet: an effective global infection feature network for automatic COVID-19 lung lesions segmentation Anita Murmu, Piyush Kumar
963 [GO] Aging Clinical and Experimental Research 2024―Feb―03 General self-efficacy, not musculoskeletal health, was associated with social isolation and loneliness in older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic: findings from the Hertfordshire Cohort Study Gregorio Bevilacqua, Leo D. Westbury, Ilse Bloom, Jean Zhang, Wendy T. Lawrence, Mary E. Barker, et al. (+2)
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965 [GO] Inflammation Research 2024―Feb―03 CCL18, CHI3L1, ANG2, IL-6 systemic levels are associated with the extent of lung damage and radiomic features in SARS-CoV-2 infection Ilaria Ferrigno, Laura Verzellesi, Marta Ottone, Martina Bonacini, Alessandro Rossi, Giulia Besutti, et al. (+16)
966 [GO] Skeletal Radiology 2024―Feb―03 The musculoskeletal manifestations of SARS-CoV-2 infections/vaccinations are more diverse than expected Josef Finsterer
967 [GO] Operations Management Research 2024―Feb―03 Role of industry 4.0 in augmenting endurability of agri-food supply chains amidst pandemic: organisation flexibility as a moderator Sudhanshu Joshi, Manu Sharma, Sunil Luthra, Rajeev Agarwal, Rajeev Rathi
968 [GO] Applied Research in Quality of Life 2024―Feb―03 Long Covid: A Syndemics Approach to Understanding and Response Merrill Singer, Nicola Bulled
969 [GO] Reactions Weekly 2024―Feb―02 Insufficient evidence to link Long COVID to COVID-19 vaccines
970 [GO] Reactions Weekly 2024―Feb―02 In utero exposure to COVID-19 vaccines has no neurodevelopmental impact
971 [GO] Current Gastroenterology Reports 2024―Feb―02 H. Pylori Treatment in the COVID-19 Era. What Have We Learned So Far? Konstantinos Ekmektzoglou, Theodore Rokkas
972 [GO] Natural Hazards 2024―Feb―02 Surface Urban Heat Islands changes analysis considering the effects of Covid-19 lockdown Mostafa Nojavan, Fatemeh Tabib Mahmoudi
973 [GO] SN Social Sciences 2024―Feb―02 COVID-19 outbreak and housing use: the case of Samsun Alper Bodur
974 [GO] Environment Development and Sustainability 2024―Feb―02 Can leveraging smartphones attain sustainable livelihood? Investigation among urban poor resettled women during COVID-19 pandemic in India S. Suganya, C. Velayutham
975 [GO] International Journal of Applied Positive Psychology 2024―Feb―02 Gratitude in the Time of the Coronavirus: A Thematic Analysis of the Three Good Things in Young Adults Zelda Di Blasi, Megan O’Doherty, Llewellyn E. van Zyl
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983 [GO] Molecular Neurobiology 2024―Feb―01 Association Between COVID-19 and Neurological Diseases: Evidence from Large-Scale Mendelian Randomization Analysis and Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Analysis Lin Huang, Yongheng Wang, Yijie He, Dongyu Huang, Tong Wen, Zhijie Han
984 [GO] Journal of Applied Youth Studies 2024―Feb―01 Political News Monitoring and Questioning the Trustworthiness of News among Turkish University Students in the Infodemic COVID-19 Environment Gökçe Bayındır Goularas, Işıl Zeynep Turkan İpek, Edanur Erözer, Nihan Kocaman Mert, Dionysis Goularas
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986 [GO] Die Kardiologie 2024―Feb―01 Übersterblichkeit im Kontext der COVID-19-Pandemie in Deutschland","Excess mortality in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany Daniel Wollschläger, Sebastian Fückel, Maria Blettner, Emilio Gianicolo
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992 [GO] Current Fungal Infection Reports 2024―Feb―01 Pathogenesis of COVID-19-Associated Mucormycosis: An Updated Evidence-Based Review Rimjhim Kanaujia, Priya Sreenivasan, Shivaprakash M. Rudramurthy
993 [GO] Journal of Management & Governance 2024―Feb―01 Social media platforms’ responses to COVID-19-related mis- and disinformation: the insufficiency of self-governance Lina Warnke, Anna-Lena Maier, Dirk Ulrich Gilbert
994 [GO] SN Computer Science 2024―Feb―01 Mathematical Model and AI Integration for COVID-19: Improving Forecasting and Policy-Making Dev Sourav Panda, Rahul Dixit, Anuja Dixit, Harshitha Dwaracherla, Anupam Shukla
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1001 [GO] Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 2024―Jan―31 Ethical Reflection on the “QR code Dilemma” Faced by Older People During COVID-19 in China J. Han, Z. Xu, Y. Ma
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1012 [GO] Electrical Engineering 2024―Jan―30 The electricity demand forecasting in the UK under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic Youliang Dong, Changshun Yan, Yong Shao
1013 [GO] Infectious Diseases and Therapy 2024―Jan―30 Effect of Bamlanivimab as Monotherapy or in Combination with Etesevimab or Sotrovimab on Persistently High Viral Load in Patients with Mild-to-Moderate COVID-19: A Randomized, Phase 2 BLAZE-4 Trial Russell M. Nichols, Lisa Macpherson, Dipak R. Patel, Wendy W. Yeh, Amanda Peppercorn
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1017 [GO] Standort 2024―Jan―30 Grenzregionen in der COVID-19-Pandemie: Wie der „Grenzschock“ die Oberrheinregion veränderte Tobias Friedlaender, Anna-Lisa Müller
1018 [GO] OPSEARCH 2024―Jan―30 Maintaining effective logistics management during and after COVID-19 pandemic: survey on the importance of artificial intelligence to enhance recovery strategies Hanane Allioui, Azzeddine Allioui, Youssef Mourdi
1019 [GO] InFo Neurologie & Psychiatrie 2024―Jan―29 Mehr Migränetage im Monat nach einer COVID-19-Impfung Hans-Christoph Diener
1020 [GO] Advanced Biotechnology 2024―Jan―29 A human antibody derived from original SARS-CoV-2 infection effectively neutralizes omicron Tingting Li, Bingjie Zhou, Haoyu Dong, Dimitri Lavillette, Dianfan Li
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1023 [GO] Education and Information Technologies 2024―Jan―29 West African online learning spaces security status and students’ cybersecurity awareness level during COVID-19 lockdown Essohanam Djeki, Jules Dégila, Muhtar Hanif Alhassan
1024 [GO] Current Psychology 2024―Jan―29 How does perceived corporate social responsibility affect job performance during the COVID-19 pandemic? The roles of resilience and help exchange dynamics Won-Moo Hur, Tae-Won Moon
1025 [GO] Discover Food 2024―Jan―29 Bio-actives and COVID-19: a production of sustainable fermented ginger beer and probiotic fruit drinks as a plausible approach for boosting the immune system Sanket K. Gaonkar, Zakiya Nadaf, Shruti Nayak, Rasika Desai Gaokar, Sunita Borkar
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