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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Informa UK (Taylor & Francis)
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1 [GO] Health Care For Women International 2021―Oct―23 Toward creating equity in access to COVID-19 vaccination for female population in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan Muhammad Danyal Khan
2 [GO] Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics 2021―Oct―22 Addressing an urgent global public health need: Strategies to recover routine vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic Anna Larson, Ava Skolnik, Alexandra Bhatti, Rachel Mitrovich
3 [GO] Journal of Loss and Trauma 2021―Oct―21 Social Interaction Within a Trauma-Exposed Population During the Early Phase of COVID-19 Candice L. Hayden, Yvette Z. Szabo, Austen R. Anderson, Sheila B. Frankfurt, Adam P. McGuire
4 [GO] Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy 2021―Oct―21 The Nano-Based Theranostics for Respiratory Complications of COVID-19 Mahsa Ghasemzad, Seyed Mohammad Reza Hashemian, Arash Memarnejadian, Iman Akbarzadeh, Nikoo Hossein-Khannazer, Massoud Vosough
5 [GO] Peace Review 2021―Oct―21 Suicide, Femicide, and COVID-19 Katerina Standish
6 [GO] Peace Review 2021―Oct―21 The Violence of South Africa’s COVID-19 Corruption Vaughn M. John
7 [GO] Space and Polity 2021―Oct―21 Territorializing threats in nationalist populist narratives: an Italian perspective on the migration and Covid-19 crises Anna Casaglia, Raffaella Coletti
8 [GO] The American Journal of Bioethics 2021―Oct―21 Helpful Lessons and Cautionary Tales: How Should COVID-19 Drug Development and Access Inform Approaches to Non-Pandemic Diseases? Holly Fernandez Lynch, Arthur Caplan, Patricia Furlong, Alison Bateman-House
9 [GO] The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse 2021―Oct―21 The impact of relaxation of methadone take-home protocols on treatment outcomes in the COVID-19 era Ofer Amram, Solmaz Amiri, Victoria Panwala, Robert Lutz, Paul J. Joudrey, Eugenia Socias
10 [GO] Peace Review 2021―Oct―21 Misplaced Triumphalism and Politicization of COVID-19 in Kerala John S. Moolakkattu
11 [GO] Current Issues in Tourism 2021―Oct―21 Exploring the role of tourism dependency on COVID-19 induced economic shock in the Small Island Developing States Aruna Gounder, Carmen Cox
12 [GO] Health Marketing Quarterly 2021―Oct―21 COVID-19 information: Does political affiliation impact consumer perceptions of trust in the source and intent to comply? Diana L. Haytko, Enping (Shirley) Mai, Brian J. Taillon
13 [GO] Teachers and Teaching 2021―Oct―21 Surveying and resonating with teacher concerns during COVID-19 pandemic Louise Gwenneth Phillips, Melissa Cain, Jenny Ritchie, Chris Campbell, Susan Davis, Cynthia Brock, et al. (+3)
14 [GO] Peace Review 2021―Oct―21 Humanizing Teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic Maria Hantzopoulos, Jaime L. Del Razo
15 [GO] Peace Review 2021―Oct―21 Double Lockdown in Kashmir during the Covid-19 Pandemic Leoni Connah
16 [GO] Journal of American College Health 2021―Oct―21 Health and education concerns about returning to campus and online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic among US undergraduate STEM majors Lindsay E. Palmer, Sherry L. Pagoto, Deja Workman, Kathrine A. Lewis, Lauren Rudin, Nina De Luna, et al. (+6)
17 [GO] Peace Review 2021―Oct―21 The Covid-19 Pandemic Meets the Pandemic of Covid-1619 C. Neal Keye
18 [GO] Disability and Rehabilitation 2021―Oct―21 Barriers leading to increased disability in neurologically challenged populations during COVID-19 pandemic: a scoping review Jennifer D’souza, Arunima Biswas, Pooja Gada, Jaydip Mangroliya, Manikandan Natarajan
19 [GO] Identity 2021―Oct―21 Has COVID-19 Threatened Relational Identity? Risk Representation, Identity Threats, and Perceived Health during Quarantine Tiziana Mancini, Chiara Imperato
20 [GO] Digital Journalism 2021―Oct―21 Digital News Readership and Subscription in the United States during COVID-19: A Longitudinal Analysis of Clickstream and Subscription Data from a Local News Site Su Jung Kim, Xiaohan Wang, Edward C. Malthouse
21 [GO] Art Education 2021―Oct―21 The Battle of COVID-19: Art Teachers as Indestructible Force Sarah Ackermann, Trina Harlow
22 [GO] Open Learning The Journal of Open Distance and e-Learning 2021―Oct―21 Open voices on COVID-19: covid challenges and opportunities driving the research agenda Denise Whitelock, Christothea Herodotou, Simon Cross, Eileen Scanlon
23 [GO] The International Journal for Academic Development 2021―Oct―21 Digital disruption in the time of COVID-19: learning technologists’ accounts of institutional barriers to online learning, teaching and assessment in UK universities Richard Watermeyer, Tom Crick, Cathryn Knight
24 [GO] Art Education 2021―Oct―21 Expressions of Care in an Art Museum Education Course During COVID-19: Moving to an Online Class Format Carissa DiCindio
25 [GO] Peace Review 2021―Oct―21 How Utilitarian Coronavirus Public Health Policies Violate International Human Rights Law Noam Schimmel
26 [GO] Leukemia & Lymphoma 2021―Oct―21 Spanish Society of Hematology and Hemotherapy expert consensus opinion for SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in onco-hematological patients José Luis Piñana, Lourdes Vázquez, Rodrigo Martino, Rafael de la Cámara, Anna Sureda, Rebeca Rodríguez-Veiga, et al. (+25)
27 [GO] Emerging Microbes & Infections 2021―Oct―21 Antibody response elicited by a third boost dose of inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine can neutralize SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern Lei Yue, Jian Zhou, Yanan Zhou, Xiaolei Yang, Tianhong Xie, Mengli Yang, et al. (+12)
28 [GO] Art Education 2021―Oct―21 Portraits Across the Distance: Connecting and Collaborating Through Film and Photography in a Pandemic Jessica Hamlin, Caitlin Gibbons, Alexis Lambrou
29 [GO] Peace Review 2021―Oct―21 No One is an Island at a Time of Pandemic Ana Cristina Zimmermann, W. John Morgan
30 [GO] Peace Review 2021―Oct―21 Social Death in the Times of a Pandemic Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo, Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo
31 [GO] Peace Review 2021―Oct―21 Unmasking the Racial and Gender Politics of the U.S. Pandemic Joane Nagel, David Heath Cooper, Timothy Lee, Trevor S. Lies
32 [GO] Open Learning The Journal of Open Distance and e-Learning 2021―Oct―21 The pandemic and open access publishing Paola Trimarco
33 [GO] Art Education 2021―Oct―21 Wreckage of Pandemic History: Lessons Learned, Communities Built, and Stories Told Ami Kantawala
34 [GO] Educational Review 2021―Oct―21 Pandemic pedagogies, practices and future possibilities: emerging professional adjustments to the working practices of university teacher educators Sue Cronin
35 [GO] Art Education 2021―Oct―21 Pandemic Reflections: Cultivating Authentic Learning Through Reflection in Art Class Amber Tackett
36 [GO] Art Education 2021―Oct―21 Reflections on Distance Learning and Quarantine in Spring 2020: The Oxbow School’s Pandemic Story Megan Broughton, Chris Thorson
37 [GO] Deviant Behavior 2021―Oct―21 The Anxiety of the Pandemic: Binge-watching, Splurging, Sexting, Hooking Up, and Masturbating among College Students Thomas J. Mowen, Amanda Heitkamp
38 [GO] Health Sociology Review 2021―Oct―21 Domestic violence, coercive control and mental health in a pandemic: disenthralling the ecology of the domestic Toni McCallum, Judy Rose
39 [GO] International Journal of Leadership in Education 2021―Oct―21 Academic leadership during COVID-19 in higher education: technology adoption and adaptation for online learning during a pandemic Karima Lalani, Joseph Crawford, Kerryn Butler-Henderson
40 [GO] Communication Teacher 2021―Oct―21 Assessing the use of explanatory journalistic texts for crisis communication education during the COVID-19 pandemic Sibo Chen
41 [GO] Journal of Immunoassay and Immunochemistry 2021―Oct―21 The emergence of Covid-19: evolution from endemic to pandemic Haseeb Ahsan, Amin Arif, Sana Ansari, Fahim Halim Khan
42 [GO] Journal of Hospital Librarianship 2021―Oct―21 Mapping the Research on Coronavirus: A Scientometric Study Baskaran Chinnasamy
43 [GO] Journal of Jewish Education 2021―Oct―21 Beyond Borders: Glimpsing the Underlying Purposes of Day School Education in the Midst of a Pandemic Alex Pomson, Nettie Aharon
44 [GO] Health Communication 2021―Oct―21 The Evolution of Discourse in Online Communities Devoted to a Pandemic Brian C. Britt
45 [GO] World Leisure Journal 2021―Oct―21 Leisure of older adults in Brazil: a look at the period of COVID-19 Gustavo André Pereira de Brito, Ana Paula Evaristo Guizarde Teodoro, Antonio Carlos Bramante
46 [GO] Asia Pacific Journal of Education 2021―Oct―21 Emergency online education policy and public response during the pandemic of COVID-19 in China Chengning Yang, Jiahao Yuan
47 [GO] Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies 2021―Oct―21 Leaders, institutions and people during Covid-19 secret of Asian success Ajit Bhalla, Jing Fang
48 [GO] Managing Sport and Leisure 2021―Oct―21 Returning to sport after a COVID-19 shutdown: understanding the challenges facing community sport clubs Kiera Staley, Erica Randle, Alex Donaldson, Emma Seal, Donna Burnett, Lauren Thorn, et al. (+2)
49 [GO] Psychology Health & Medicine 2021―Oct―20 Resilience of adolescents, though weakened during pandemic-related lockdown, serves as a protection against depression and sleep problems Huangqi Jiang, Wenle Yu, Danhua Lin, Brooke N. Macnamara
50 [GO] Interactive Learning Environments 2021―Oct―20 Еxploring e-learning critical success factors in digitally underdeveloped countries during the first wave of the COVID-19 Sanja Milic, Vlado Simeunovic
51 [GO] Stochastic Analysis and Applications 2021―Oct―20 Analysis of a stochastic coronavirus (COVID-19) Lévy jump model with protective measures Tomás Caraballo, Mohamed El Fatini, Mohamed El Khalifi, Anandaraman Rathinasamy
52 [GO] Anthrozoös 2021―Oct―20 Portrayals of Animals in Covid-19 News Media Jes Hooper, Thomas Aiello, Kristine Hill
53 [GO] International Journal of Mental Health 2021―Oct―20 Mild cognitive impairment in COVID-19 survivors: Measuring the brain fog Arvind Vyas, Vasim Raja Panwar, Vaibhav Mathur, Parth Patel, Surabhi Mathur, Arvind Sharma, et al. (+2)
54 [GO] Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation 2021―Oct―19 Alternative procedures in dependent counting INAR process with application on COVID-19 N. Shamma, M. Mohammadpour
55 [GO] Journal of Nonparametric Statistics 2021―Oct―19 Nonparametric estimation of highest density regions for COVID-19 Paula Saavedra-Nieves
56 [GO] Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings 2021―Oct―19 Covid-19 and the acceleration toward remote cancer care Sophia N. Wix, Jorge J. Nieva
57 [GO] Applied Economics 2021―Oct―19 Financial contagion among COVID-19 concept-related stocks in China Shaen Corbet, Yang (Greg) Hou, Yang Hu, Les Oxley
58 [GO] Traffic Injury Prevention 2021―Oct―19 Driving through a pandemic: A study of speeding and phone use while driving during COVID-19 restrictions Verity Truelove, Natalie Watson-Brown, Emily Parker, James Freeman, Jeremy Davey
59 [GO] Ocular Immunology and Inflammation 2021―Oct―19 Presumed Recurrent MEWDS following Covid-19 Vaccination Yao Xu, Wei Shen
60 [GO] Oxford Review of Education 2021―Oct―19 Virtue as a response to pandemic and crisis Daniel Moulin-Stożek, Nomisha Kurian, Afrodita Nikolova
61 [GO] Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja 2021―Oct―19 Factors influencing student transition to online education in the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown: evidence from Romania Tudor Edu, Costel Negricea, Razvan Zaharia, Rodica Milena Zaharia
62 [GO] Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management 2021―Oct―19 Resilience of higher education academics in the time of 21st century pandemics: a narrative review Elizer Jay de los Reyes, Joanne Blannin, Caroline Cohrssen, Marian Mahat
63 [GO] Culture Health & Sexuality 2021―Oct―18 Virality, desire and health assemblages: mapping (dis)continuities in the response to and management of HIV and COVID-19 Adrian Guta, Peter A. Newman
64 [GO] South European Society & Politics 2021―Oct―18 A Portuguese Miracle: the Politics of the First Phase of Covid-19 in Portugal Patrícia Silva, Edna Costa, João Moniz
65 [GO] Expert Review of Gastroenterology & Hepatology 2021―Oct―17 Cross-Talk between Immune System and Microbiota in COVID-19 Shaghayegh Baradaran Ghavami, Mahsa Pourhamzeh, Maryam Farmani, Hediye Keshavarz, Shabnam Shahrokh, Anastasia Shpichka, et al. (+5)
66 [GO] Minimally Invasive Therapy & Allied Technologies 2021―Oct―17 The impact of Covid-19 on simulation-based learning of gynecology and obstetrics skills David Lukanović, Antonio Simone Laganà
67 [GO] Regional Studies Regional Science 2021―Oct―17 A regional exploration of retail visits during the COVID-19 pandemic Patrick Ballantyne, Alex Singleton, Les Dolega
68 [GO] Deviant Behavior 2021―Oct―17 A COVID-19 Public Health Silver Lining? Reductions in Driving under the Influence Arrests and Crashes in Miami-Dade County Alex R. Piquero, Justin Kurland, Nicole Leeper Piquero, Stephen K. Talpins
69 [GO] International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications 2021―Oct―17 Present and future trends of supply chain management in the presence of COVID-19: a structured literature review Xiaoran Shi, Weihua Liu, Jiahui Zhang
70 [GO] Critical Studies on Security 2021―Oct―17 Ontological (in)security and Covid-19: reimagining crisis leadership in UK higher education Katharine A. M. Wright, Toni Haastrup, Roberta Guerrina
71 [GO] Aging & Mental Health 2021―Oct―17 Inflammatory and blood gas markers of COVID-19 delirium compared to non-COVID-19 delirium: a cross-sectional study Aman Saini, Tae Hyun Oh, Dory Anthony Ghanem, Megan Castro, Matthew Butler, Chun Chiang Sin Fai Lam, et al. (+4)
72 [GO] Home Health Care Services Quarterly 2021―Oct―17 Effects of activity tracker-based counselling and live-web exercise on breast cancer survivors’ sleep and waking time during Italy’s COVID-19 lockdown Andrea Di Blasio, Teresa Morano, Federica Lancia, Gianluca Viscioni, Angelo Di Iorio, Simona Grossi, et al. (+10)
73 [GO] Journalism Studies 2021―Oct―17 WINDOW, WATCHDOG, INSPECTOR: The Eclecticism of Journalistic Roles During the COVID-19 Lockdown Igor Vobič
74 [GO] Science and Medicine in Football 2021―Oct―17 Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on professional soccer players’ match physical activities Ermanno Rampinini, Marco Martin, Andrea Bosio, Federico Donghi, Domenico Carlomagno, Marco Riggio, Aaron J Coutts
75 [GO] Pedagogy Culture and Society 2021―Oct―17 Teachers’ agency during the Covid-19 lockdown: A new materialist perspective M. Heikkilä, V. Mankki
76 [GO] Emerging Microbes & Infections 2021―Oct―17 One dose of COVID-19 nanoparticle vaccine REVC-128 provides protection against SARS-CoV-2 challenge at two weeks post immunization Maggie Gu, Jonathan L. Torres, Yijia Li, Alex Van Ry, Jack Greenhouse, Shannon Wallace, et al. (+8)
77 [GO] Social Work in Public Health 2021―Oct―17 The relationship between Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak related perceptions and health anxiety Taner Artan, Fatih Cebeci, Merve Karaman, Irmak Atak
78 [GO] Journal of Aging and Environment 2021―Oct―17 Older Adult Residents in Cohousing Communities: Impact and Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Jeanne M. Koller, B. Lynn Hutchings, Joelle Zabotka
79 [GO] Journal of Nonparametric Statistics 2021―Oct―17 Truncation data analysis for the under-reporting probability in COVID-19 pandemic Wei Liang, Hongsheng Dai, Marialuisa Restaino
80 [GO] Journal of International Communication 2021―Oct―17 How the Central Sydney independent musicians use pre-established ‘online DIY’ to sustain their networking during the COVID-19 pandemic Shams Bin Quader
81 [GO] European Journal of Higher Education 2021―Oct―17 German HEI students’ trust in political institutions to properly deal with the Covid-19 pandemic - emphasis on the specific role of intercultural experience Hendrik Schirmer
82 [GO] CRANIO® 2021―Oct―17 COVID-19 pandemic and the psyche, bruxism, temporomandibular disorders triangle Anna Colonna, Luca Guarda-Nardini, Marco Ferrari, Daniele Manfredini
83 [GO] Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change 2021―Oct―17 Striving for a new normal after the Covid-19 pandemic: taking small businesses at Bangsaen Beach as an example Rungnapha Khamung, Po Siu Hsu
84 [GO] Anxiety Stress & Coping 2021―Oct―17 Perceived social support in the social distancing era: the association between circles of potential support and COVID-19 reactive psychopathology Sari Goldstein Ferber, Aron Weller, Rotem Maor, Yuval Feldman, Yossi Harel-Fisch, Mario Mikulincer
85 [GO] The Teacher Educator 2021―Oct―17 Teacher Well-Being and Perceived School Climate during COVID-19 School Closure: The Case of Physical Education in Switzerland Valérian Cece, Emma Guillet-Descas, Vanessa Lentillon-Kaestner
86 [GO] Applied Artificial Intelligence 2021―Oct―17 A Comparative Study of Protein Sequences Classification-Based Machine Learning Methods for COVID-19 Virus against HIV-1 Heba M. Afify, Muhammad S. Zanaty
87 [GO] Health Marketing Quarterly 2021―Oct―17 Communicating bad news of COVID-19: An empirical study of patients’ preferences in India Sakhhi Chhabra, Smitha Girija
88 [GO] Emerging Microbes & Infections 2021―Oct―17 SPIKE PROTEIN EVOLUTION IN THE SARS-CoV-2 DELTA VARIANT OF CONCERN: A CASE SERIES FROM NORTHERN LOMBARDY Andreina Baj, Federica Novazzi, Francesca Drago Ferrante, Angelo Genoni, Elena Tettamanzi, Giuseppe Catanoso, et al. (+4)
89 [GO] Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings 2021―Oct―17 Utilization of a SARS-CoV-2-positive donor for liver transplantation Anji E. Wall, Gregory J. McKenna, Nicholas Onaca, Richard Ruiz, Johanna Bayer, Hoylan Fernandez, et al. (+5)
90 [GO] Ocular Immunology and Inflammation 2021―Oct―16 COVID-19 and the Eye: Ocular Manifestations, Treatment and Protection Measures Arif Ülkü Yener
91 [GO] Health Marketing Quarterly 2021―Oct―16 How do attitudes toward Covid-19 vaccine impact intentions to vaccinate in an emerging economy? The moderating effect of risk perception and Covid-19 anxiety Abhijit Mohanty, Pranati Dash, Diptiman Banerji
92 [GO] Journal of Chemotherapy 2021―Oct―16 Drugs and liver injury: a not to be overlooked binomial in COVID-19 M. Vitrone, F. Mele, E. Durante-Mangoni, R. Zampino
93 [GO] The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine 2021―Oct―16 Breastfeeding supportive practices in European hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic Anne Merewood, Riccardo Davanzo, Maetal Haas-Kogan, Giulia Vertecchi, Camilla Gizzi, Fabio Mosca, et al. (+2)
94 [GO] Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology 2021―Oct―16 Purinergic receptor ligands: the cytokine storm attenuators, potential therapeutic agents for the treatment of COVID-19 Malek Zarei, Navideh Sahebi Vaighan, Seyed Ali Ziai
95 [GO] Environmental Communication 2021―Oct―16 We Are (Not) the Virus: Competing Online Discourses of Human-Environment Interaction in the Era of COVID-19 Julia C. Fine, Jessica Love-Nichols
96 [GO] Behaviour and Information Technology 2021―Oct―16 XR in the era of COVID-19 Konstantinos Koumaditis, Christos Mousas, Francesco Chinello
97 [GO] Health Marketing Quarterly 2021―Oct―16 Telemedicine acceptance during the COVID-19 pandemic: User satisfaction and strategic healthcare marketing considerations Md. Mahiuddin Sabbir, Khan Md Raziuddin Taufique, Marzia Nomi
98 [GO] The Professional Geographer 2021―Oct―16 Assessment of the Effects of Human Mobility Restrictions on COVID-19 Prevalence in the Global South Ammar Abulibdeh, Shawky Mansour
99 [GO] Health Communication 2021―Oct―16 “The Part Played by People” in Times of COVID-19: Interpersonal Communication about Media Coverage in a Pandemic Crisis Anna Wagner, Doreen Reifegerste
100 [GO] The Professional Geographer 2021―Oct―16 Disruption, Discovery, and Field Courses: A Case Study of Student Engagement during a Global Pandemic Cerian Gibbes, Emily Skop
101 [GO] Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 2021―Oct―16 Therapeutic strategies for Covid-19 based on molecular docking and dynamic studies to the ACE-2 receptors, Furin, and viral spike proteins Essam S. A. E. H. Khattab, Ahmed Ragab, Mahmoud A. Abol-Ftouh, Ahmed A. Elhenawy
102 [GO] Critical Discourse Studies 2021―Oct―16 Modeling public perception in times of crisis: discursive strategies in Trump’s COVID-19 discourse Alena Chepurnaya
103 [GO] Journal of Hospital Librarianship 2021―Oct―16 Librarians’ Management of COVID-19 Information Glut on Social Media: A Study of Information Censorship, Evaluation, Use and Dissemination in Ogun State, Nigeria Oluyemi Folorunso Ayanbode, Niran Adetoro
104 [GO] Journal of Human Rights 2021―Oct―16 Socioeconomic rights in the age of pandemics: Covid-19 large-scale lockdowns have exposed the weakness of the right to work Ciprian N. Radavoi, Ottavio Quirico
105 [GO] Health Care For Women International 2021―Oct―16 Use of modern contraceptives in Lagos Nigeria during the COVID-19 pandemic Kikelomo Ololade Wright, Onipede Wusu, Modupe Akinyinka, Bisola Adebayo, Funmilade Adepoju, Khadija Bashir, et al. (+3)
106 [GO] International Journal of Production Research 2021―Oct―16 Forecasting the impact of epidemic outbreaks on the supply chain: modelling asymptomatic cases of the COVID-19 pandemic Pradeep K. Jha, Suvadip Ghorai, Rakhi Jha, Rajul Datt, Gowrishankar Sulapu, Surya Prakash Singh
107 [GO] Victims & Offenders 2021―Oct―16 Generalized Hate: Bias Victimization against Non-Asian Racial/Ethnic Minorities during the COVID-19 Pandemic Marin R. Wenger, Brendan Lantz
108 [GO] Mental Health Religion & Culture 2021―Oct―16 Tibetan Buddhist Pilgrims and the covid-19 pandemic Carol Teuton Benoit, Patricia A. Thomas, Theodore P. Remley
109 [GO] Issues in Mental Health Nursing 2021―Oct―16 Psychological Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health Nurses Marie King, Aoife Farrington, Gráinne Donohue, Edward McCann
110 [GO] Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics 2021―Oct―16 Tracking the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on routine infant vaccinations in the Dominican Republic Manuel Colomé-Hidalgo, Juan Donado Campos, Ángel Gil de Miguel
111 [GO] Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja 2021―Oct―16 Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on stock price performance of blockchain-based companies Arash Kordestani, Natallia Pashkevich, Pejvak Oghazi, Maziar Sahamkhadam, Vahid Sohrabpour
112 [GO] Aging & Mental Health 2021―Oct―16 Informal caregiving during the COVID-19 pandemic: findings from a representative, population-based study during the second wave of the pandemic in Germany Larissa Zwar, Hans-Helmut König, André Hajek
113 [GO] Geocarto International 2021―Oct―16 COVID-19 slowdown induced improvement in Air quality in India - Rapid assessment using Sentinel-5P TROPOMI data Mukunda D. Behera, Sujoy Mudi, Parthiva Shome, Pringale K. Das, Sudhanshu Kumar, Akash Joshi, et al. (+10)
114 [GO] Prehospital Emergency Care 2021―Oct―16 COVID-19 Vaccinations in EMS Professionals: Prevalence and Predictors Megan E. Gregory, Jonathan R. Powell, Sarah R. MacEwan, Jordan D. Kurth, Eben Kenah, Ashish R. Panchal, Ann Scheck McAlearney
115 [GO] Art Therapy 2021―Oct―16 Online Self-Help Art Therapy-Based Tasks During COVID-19: Qualitative Study Zsuzsanna Geréb Valachiné, Szilvia A. Karsai, Adél Dancsik, Raissa de Oliveira Negrão, Michelle M. Fitos, Renáta Cserjési
116 [GO] Ocular Immunology and Inflammation 2021―Oct―16 Ophthalmological Findings in Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Infection Examined at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases - INI/Fiocruz Bárbara Vilela Giampietro, Sulamita Dutra, Raquel De Vasconcellos Carvalhaes De Oliveira, Ana Luiza Biancardi, Valdiléa Veloso, André Luiz Land Curi
117 [GO] Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 2021―Oct―16 Identifying the natural compound Catechin from tropical mangrove plants as a potential lead candidate against 3CLpro from SARS-CoV-2: An integrated in silico approach Rajat Kumar Jha, Rameez Jabeer Khan, A. Parthiban, Ekampreet Singh, Monika Jain, Gizachew Muluneh Amera, et al. (+6)
118 [GO] The International Journal for Academic Development 2021―Oct―16 On holistic academic development in a pandemic (in verse) Stewart Manley
119 [GO] Change The Magazine of Higher Learning 2021―Oct―16 Global Health Programming: The Pandemic’s Accelerating Effects on Curriculum Development and Building New Relationships Jennifer J. Dugan
120 [GO] Psychology Health & Medicine 2021―Oct―16 Pandemic-related factors predicting physician burnout beyond established organizational factors: cross-sectional results from the COPING survey Jonathan G. Bailey, Michael Wong, Kristen Bailey, Jillian C. Banfield, Garrett Barry, Allana Munro, et al. (+2)
121 [GO] Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy 2021―Oct―15 Novel therapeutic drug strategies to tackle immune-oncological challenges faced by cancer patients during COVID-19 Anwar Ali, Hafsa Mughal, Nazir Ahmad, Quratulain Babar, Ayesha Saeed, Waseem Khalid, et al. (+2)
122 [GO] Anatolia 2021―Oct―15 The effect of the COVID-19 outbreak on hospitality and tourism stock returns in Thailand Surachai Chancharat, Supawat Meeprom
123 [GO] Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics 2021―Oct―15 The effect of health literacy on vaccine hesitancy among Italian anticoagulated population during COVID-19 pandemic: the moderating role of health engagement Arianna Magon, Cristina Arrigoni, Guendalina Graffigna, Serena Barello, Marco Moia, Gualtiero Palareti, Rosario Caruso
124 [GO] Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics 2021―Oct―15 BCG vaccination at birth and COVID-19: a case-control study among U.S. military Veterans Michael N. Bates, Timothy J. Herron, Sandy J. Lwi, Juliana V. Baldo
125 [GO] SCHOLE A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education 2021―Oct―15 Increasing Student Access: Pivots and Lessons Learned during COVID-19 Claire McWilliams, Eric Legg
126 [GO] Australian Social Work 2021―Oct―15 Community Reintegration of Long-Stay Hospitalised Mental Health Consumers During COVID-19 Pandemic Srinivasan Tirupati, Karen Webster, Kylie Gifford
127 [GO] African Security 2021―Oct―15 African Regional and Inter-Regional Health Governance: Early Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic by ECOWAS and the African Union Ulf Engel, Jens Herpolsheimer
128 [GO] Technology Analysis and Strategic Management 2021―Oct―15 The application of digital technologies in company responses to COVID-19: an integrative framework Alessandro Margherita, Mina Nasiri, Thanos Papadopoulos
129 [GO] Technology Analysis and Strategic Management 2021―Oct―15 Contactless technologies adoption during the coronavirus pandemic: a combined technology acceptance and health belief perspective Xue Li, Kum Fai Yuen, Xueqin Wang, Yiik Diew Wong
130 [GO] Internet Reference Services Quarterly 2021―Oct―15 Are We in-Sync? Students’ Virtual Instructional Experience and Perceived Information Literacy Skills in Time of Pandemic Joseph Marmol Yap, April Ramos Manabat
131 [GO] SCHOLE A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education 2021―Oct―15 Pandemic Pivots for the Internship Game Preston J. Tanner
132 [GO] International Journal of Spa and Wellness 2021―Oct―14 Does individual coping mechanism build relational resilience among romantic partners? Understanding resilience in the age of COVID-19 Kayode Kolawole Eluwole, Abdulgaffar Olawale Arikewuyo, Taiwo Temitope Lasisi, Halima Oluwaseyi Arikewuyo, Halimat Kofoworola Adeyemi
133 [GO] Japan Forum 2021―Oct―14 Overcoming political distrust: the role of ‘self-restraint’ in Japan’s public health response to COVID-19 James Wright
134 [GO] Journal of Interprofessional Care 2021―Oct―14 Advancing health care resilience through a systems-based collaborative approach: Lessons learned from COVID-19 Hossein Khalili, Dean Lising, Giray Kolcu, Jill Thistlethwaite, John Gilbert, Sylvia Langlois, et al. (+8)
135 [GO] International Journal of Spa and Wellness 2021―Oct―14 Distance to distrust: the dilemma for internal stakeholders in post COVID-19 hospitality Smitha Vasudevan, F. J. Peter Kumar
136 [GO] Clinical Gerontologist 2021―Oct―14 National Survey on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Health of Australian Residential Aged Care Residents and Staff Aida Brydon, Sunil Bhar, Colleen Doyle, Frances Batchelor, Harry Lovelock, Helen Almond, et al. (+4)
137 [GO] International Journal of Spa and Wellness 2021―Oct―14 Impact of COVID-19 on wellness and spa industry Bushra Choudhary, Abdul Qadir
138 [GO] Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine 2021―Oct―14 “What I thought was so important isn’t really that important”: international perspectives on making meaning during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic Irina Todorova, Liesemarie Albers, Nicole Aronson, Adriana Baban, Yael Benyamini, Sabrina Cipolletta, et al. (+37)
139 [GO] Eating Disorders 2021―Oct―14 Longitudinal experiences and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic among people with past or current eating disorders in Sweden Andreas Birgegård, Afrouz Abbaspour, Stina Borg, David Clinton, Emma Forsén Mantilla, Androula Savva, et al. (+2)
140 [GO] Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 2021―Oct―14 Mutational profile confers increased stability of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in Brazilian isolates Felipe Rocha da Silva Santos, Marcela Santiago Pacheco de Azevedo, Monica Bielavsky, Hernan Hermes Monteiro da Costa, Daniela Gomes Ribeiro, Gleidson Guedes do Nascimento, et al. (+4)
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142 [GO] Annals of the American Association of Geographers 2021―Oct―14 What Is Essential Travel? Socioeconomic Differences in Travel Demand in Columbus, Ohio, during the COVID-19 Lockdown Armita Kar, Huyen T. K. Le, Harvey J. Miller
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